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  • - The Designs of StudioIlse
    by Edwin Heathcote & Ilse Crawford

    The renowned designer and style guru Ilse Crawford showcases her body of influential, holistic work for the first time, articulating her ground-breaking philosophies for design and living.

  • by Edwin Heathcote & Laura Moffatt

    The last decade has seen the emergence of a whole new generation of church designs. Covering buildings across the world, Contemporary Church Architecture aims to appeal not only to architects and clergy involved directly in ecclesiastical architecture but also other practitioners and those with a broader interest in cutting-edge design.

  • by Edwin Heathcote

    We are so familiar with the features of our homes, the myriad little decorative details, that we have forgotten how to see them. We might look at a church, read a book or watch a film and attempt to understand its symbolism and its references, but we rarely look at our homes in the same light. Yet from the most ordinary apartment to the most extravagant mansion, every home is a deep well of echoes. Windows to wardrobes, fireplaces to door knockers, Edwin Heathcote attempts to fathom the elements of our everyday domestic lives.The Meaning of Home explores how we build our houses on the souls of our ancestors: how ritual and symbolic elements transmute over time into practical features, and how often this symbolic charge ensures that those features last long after their practical uses are forgotten. After reading this scintillating book, home will never look quite the same again.

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