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  • - 28 essays on the european crisis
    by Christoffer Emil Bruun

    The European Fall is an anthology that charts the mental consequences of the economic and political crisis that Europe is going through. It consists of 28 essays - one from each EU-country, written by leading intellectuals of the continent.Agnes Heller (Hungary), Gazmend Kapplani (Greece), Marlene Streeruwitz (Austria), Jose-Ignacio Torresblanca (Spain), Varia Vike-Freiberga (Latvia), Tariq Ali (GB), Slavenka Draculic (Kroatia), Stefano Benni (Italy), Martin Simecka (Slovakia), Olga Tocarczuk (Poland), Marju Lauristin (Estonia), Landsbergis (Lithuania), Janne Teller (Denmark), Tuomas Nevanlinna (Finland), Nina Bjørk (Sweeden), Stojan Pelko (Slovenia), Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria), Geert van Istendael (Belgium), Christine Ockrant (France), Claude Frisoni (Luxembourg), Colm Tobin (Ireland), Andreas Theophanous (Cypres), Vanni Xuereb (Malta), Claes Vreese (Holland), Ioana Pavulescu (Rumania), Radka Danimarkova (Czech Republic), Almeida Faria (Portugal)

  • by Steen Thomsen & Martin Conyon

    Corporate Governance and Board Decisions takes the reader on an exciting journey through the principles and practice of corporate governance. Written by two internationally respected experts, this book explains how corporate governance contributes to value creation for both business and society, and how transparency, checks and balances, incentive alignment, and stewardship are essential when trying to reduce decision errors and opportunism.This advanced introduction is aimed at master’s level courses in corporate governance. It addresses students who wish to understand both corporate governance and the directors who practice it. It combines academic rigor with practical recommendations in an informal style.Corporate Governance and Board Decisions is a thoroughly revised and updated replacement of Corporate Governance: Mechanisms and Systems (2012). Steen Thomsen is Professor of Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School. He specializes in corporate governance as a teacher, researcher, director and commentator. His main research focus is foundation ownership of business companies.Martin Conyon is a Trustee Professor at Bentley University. He is also a Senior Fellow and Lecturer at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His main research focus is board effectiveness, executive compensation, and incentives.

  • - A guide to therapy and self-treatment
    by Anne Marie Jensen

    Why does muscle tension, pain, scar tissue and reduced joint mobility decrease your chances of becoming pregnant? How is your stress level, working posture, stance, and exercise routines affecting your fertility? Do you exercise too little or maybe too much? Why is laser therapy particularly effective in treating age-related infertility and low sperm count? ”Fertility and Physical Therapy offers a ground-breaking ap- proach to treating infertility that provides the reader with natural ways to help “cultivate the soil” and optimize their fertility, whether they are trying to conceive naturally or using assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF.” Dr. Lorne BrownB.Sc., CPA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHtClinical Director, Acubalance Wellness Centre Vancouver BC, Canada This book is first and foremost dedicated to all the women and couples who are struggling to conceive. It provides a thorough instruction on how you can more than triple your chances of conceiving and carrying your pregnancy to full term by following simple physical exercise and treatment protocols. The book includes an exercise program, a massage program for self-treatment of scar tissue, as well as guidelines to daily exercise routines most beneficial for your fertility. It also offers new insight into why and how laser therapy can increase your pregnancy chances.The content of the book is based on extensive scientific research, as well as the author’s own clinical experience with treating more than 300 women. On that background, it can serve as clinical inspiration for healthcare professionals, who work with couples struggling to conceive.

  • by Robert Ibsen

    Good negotiation skills are increasingly relevant and important in all types of positions and professions including sales and marketing, purchasing, project management, HRM activities, supply chain management, service management, and much more.Real Negotiations focuses on must-have competences and knowledge, such as:selecting the right negotiation strategy and what drives that choicetactics at the negotiation table a hands-on approach to the negotiation processintercultural and communication issuesthe role of personality and cognitive biasesethics and trust as value driverstools for preparing and evaluating negotiations Real Negotiations is written with students in mind, but is equally useful for current professionals

  • - An Introduction for Future Knowledge Workers
    by Andreas Beck Holm

    Philosophy of Science tager afsæt i de studerendes fremtid som vidensarbejdere.Bogen kombinerer en grundig gennemgang af videnskabsteoretiske positioner og problemstillinger med en perspektivering til vidensarbejdernes udfordringer i virksomheder og organisationer og til, hvordan de studerende selv kan arbejde med teorierne. Stoffet præsenteres tilgængeligt og overskueligt, bl.a. gennem opsummerende kapitler, fremhævning af nøglebegreber, samt arbejds- og refleksionsspørgsmål. Bogens findes også i en dansk paralleludgave.

  • - IEC 61131-3 and best practice ST programming
    by Tom Mejer Antonsen

    This book gives an introduction to the programming language Structured Text (ST) which is used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).The book can be used for all types of PLC brands including Siemens Structured Control Language (SCL) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC).This 3rd edition has been updated and expanded with many of the suggestions and questions that readers and students have come up with, including the desire for many more illustrations and program examples.CONTENTS:- Background, benefits and challenges of ST programming- Syntax, data types, best practice and basic ST programming- IF-THEN-ELSE, CASE, FOR, CTU, TON, STRUCT, ENUM, ARRAY, STRING- Guide for best practice naming, troubleshooting, test and program structure- Sequencer and code split-up into functions and function blocks- FIFO, RND, sorting, scaling, toggle, simulation signals and digital filter- Tank controls, conveyor belts, adaptive pump algorithm and robot control- PLC program structure for pumping stations, 3D car park and car wash - Examples: From Ladder Diagram to ST programmingThe book contains more than 150 PLC code examples with a focus on learning how to write robust, readable, and structured code.The book systematically describes basic programming, including advice and practical examples based on the author´s extensive industrial experience.The author is Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.E.E.) and has 25 years´ experience in specification, development, programming and supplying complex control solutions and supervision systems. The author is Assistant Professor and teaches PLC programming at Dania Academy, a higher education institution in Randers, Denmark.

  • - A Business Model for Medical Technologies and Medical Devices
    by Marianne Rosager & Charlotte Bruun Piester

    MedTech Marketing is for anyone who wants to make a difference within the MedTech industry(MedTech is short for medical devices and medical technologies).“What does it take to be successful in the MedTech industry?” Seeking to answer this question, the book presents a business model, theory, concrete action plans, real-life case stories, best-in-class examples, alongside viewpoints from industry experts.MedTech Marketing is a new discipline, but a highly necessary one. Time to market, sales curves and staying ahead of the competition are all becoming more challenging and complex, due to: increased regulatory demands and changing payer structures pressure on healthcare expenditures and reimbursement the need for highly specialised competencies and value-based evidence the need for optimal digital and analogue considerations in the marketing mix universal and intense competition.All of these are costly elements that require strict focus and careful prioritisation.If you are looking for a clear, straightforward, cost-efficient and structured process, this book offers a new MedTech model that addresses the industry’s challenges by guiding you all the way from idea generation to market success.“The unique feature of this book is the complete presentation of how MedTech products come to life, from idea to design, development, testing, documentation and through to marketing and success.” Henrik Harboe, entrepreneur and medical doctor“The book puts MedTech in the spotlight, contributing to the creation of a common language that the industry in general lacks ... Case studies throughout the book put the many topics into context in a constructive way.” Niels Ole Andersen, regulatory expert

  • - An Introduction
    by Thomas Harboe

    Method and Project Writing giver en bred introduktion til de metoder, som bruges i de samfundsvidenskabelige fag og discipliner. Thomas Harboe præsenterer og forklarer de begreber, fremgangsmåder og værktøjer, der er vigtige, når man laver undersøgelser og skriver rapporter og opgaver.Bogen giver grundig vejledning i, hvordan man som studerende laver en problemformulering, vælger mellem kvantitative og kvalitative metoder, foretager dataindsamling, laver informationssøgning, vælger mellem spørgeteknikker, sammensætter spørgeskemaer, får struktur på sin arbejds- og skriveproces og meget mere.Metode og projektskrivning er en afløser for Harboes tidligere studiebestseller Indføring i samfundsvidenskabelig metode (2006).Bogen findes også i en dansk udgave: Metode og projektskrivning.

  • - A guide to international business negotiation
    by Richard Pooley & Søren Hilligsøe

    ‘Why doesn’t he use a spoon?’ is a guide on how to negotiate successfully in international business in the 21st century. Books on commercial negotiation are either written by academics keen to promulgate the results of their latest research or by business people who want to recount their ‘war stories’ from the negotiation battlefield. This book takes the research which is relevant to the international negotiator and adds the authors’ own negotiating experience.What are the main messages of this book?·         Win-win is not the same as let’s compromise. As a negotiator you should be trying to get the best possible deal for your side. ·         Always look for creative solutions, rather than just sticking to your original position.·         Prepare yourself thoroughly and keep testing your assumptions by asking questions, a much underrated and underused skill.·         Adapt your negotiation strategy, your behaviour and your communication style to suit the people you are dealing with and the culture they come from.·         Negotiating can be fun.Between them over the last 35 years, the authors have been on either the sales or buying side of the negotiating table in more than 30 different countries on five continents. For much of that time, they have also worked as trainers of negotiation skills to suppliers and buyers from a wide range of international companies. Throughout the book, the authors refer to examples of real business negotiations, as well as a realistic, though made-up, negotiation between two fictional companies.

  • by Bent Iversen & Lars Lindencrone Petersen

    This book provides a general introduction to a number of central areas in Danish business law. The title aims at enabling foreign readers – whether seeking information on Danish law for practical purposes, in study contexts or for other purposes – to get a broad insight into various parts of Danish law of particular relevance to the business community by means of one single exposition in the field. The account comprises both areas of purely national (Danish) law and areas in which an international influence has affected the Danish legal position. The foreign reader is likely to come across treatments of rules or sets of rules which are identical, in part or in full, with the rules in force in his/her own country.»Business law« is a term denoting the legal rules of particular relevance to the exercise of business enterprise. Thus, the contents of the subject are primarily determined by practical needs of providing a comprehensive account of the rules governing legal relationships of business entities.This book is an english translation of the Danish title: "Dansk Erhvervsret".

  • - A Handbook for Writing Papers in Higher Education
    by Peter Stray Jørgensen, Lotte Rienecker & Signe Skov

    The good paper is written for students who must independently formulate a research question and search for literature for their Bachelor theses, research papers, projects at all levels of project oriented education and Master and diploma theses.The book is focused towards 5 fundamental guiding elements which can be illustrated by the pentagon model:1. Research question2. Purpose3. Data, materials and phenomena4. Theories, concepts and methods5. Research designThe book includes a numerous annotated examples of good papers from a great number of university educations and professional bachelor programmes.It also includes activities along with explanations: How do you write a good paper?The good paper is also available in Danish: Den gode opgave.

  • by Lars Bolvig Hansen, Ole Schifter Rasmussen & Ulrich Fredberg

    Textbook on Musculoskeletal Ultrasound er en praksisbetonet lærebog. Bogen indledes med et mindre afsnit om ultralydsteknik, hvorefter ultralydsundersøgelse af alle kroppens led beskrives. For hvert led vises 5-6 projektioner af hhv. normalanatomien og almindelige patologiske tilstande, og hvert foto ledsages af en beskrivende tekst. Indholdet dækker kompetencekravene i uddannelsen til speciallæge i reumatologi, og målgruppen er primært reumatologer, fysioterapeuter, kiropraktorer og billeddiagnostiske afdelinger. Diagnostic ultrasound and MR has revolutionized musculoskeletal imaging. The focus has been on MR-imaging, but modern, high resolution ultrasound can produce similar results, and in many applications perform even better than MR. Today, ultrasound is the “extended finger” of the clinicians, and the continuous, rapid advances in technology will make the modality even more interesting in the future. The aim of this book is to give an introduction to practical musculoskeletal ultrasound. In pictorial form the book presents ultrasound appearances of normal musculoskeletal structures followed by commonly encountered abnormalities in well-defined standard projections.

  • - How to work together with Danes and others not like you
    by Dennis Nørmark

    Regardless of whether we want to deal with the Chinese, integrate staff from India or work with various different regions in the same country, cultural habits are there to trip us up. Conventional thinking and lack of cultural intelligence constantly wreck masses of opportunities. And if you are one of those expats here in the Kingdom of Denmark, then you have bigger challenges than most.According to studies around a third of highly skilled people who move to Denmark get negatively surprised by the cultural differences. Butthat’s not very surprising. In the social sciences it’s nothing new that Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia are significantly culturally differentfrom a lot of other places in the world.You can’t find a country with more trust, less religiousness, a greater emphasis on equality but also a significant tendency to social reclusivenessand much more. But why are they so different and how do you crack the code of Danish society?Dennis Nørmark has written an easy-to-read and practical book. With specific examples, funny anecdotes and thorough research, he givesus a solid tool for collaboration and co-existence. First and foremost about encounters with Danes, but he also gives examples from the whole world in this easy-to-read handbook about how we can take control of our most primitive instincts and turn cultural problems into opportunities.The book is also available in Danish.

  • - Rajahens diamanter
    by Ponson Du Terrail

    Populær krimi-romanserie fra slutningen af 1800-tallet. Forløberen for den moderne trivial-krimi.

  • by Anne Schjoldager, Henrik Gottlieb & Ida Klitgård

    The aim of this book is to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of translation and to provide you with a conceptual framework for the analysis of various aspects of translation. Intended readers are students of translation and languages, especially those working with Danish and English, but it will also be relevant for other people who are interested in the theory and practice of translation. The book is designed as a textbook for introductory courses on translation studies - including the theory and practice of interpreting, literary translation and screen translation. It may also function as a handbook and should allow readers to zoom in on aspects and topics that are of particular interest.

  • - The Global Declaration of Interdependence
    by Kåre Nissen

    In 70,000 years, we have reshaped Earth's biology twice. First, we killed all the megafauna on the planet, and then we planted and domesticated everything, including ourselves. We upgraded ourselves from believing to knowing, dethroned God, and did put ourselves on the throne, inherited the earth, and a responsibility that we and our closest ancestors have never taken seriously. We have enough to eat and no one eats us anymore. Our only enemy is our own lack of knowledge of who and what we and our neighbors really are. We need a revolution so that we can learn that there is space and need for everyone and that there is really nothing to be afraid of. We need an educational revolution.

  • by Peter C. Gøtzsche

    This book will help you navigate in the bewildering and often contradictory flood of information about vaccines. There is substantial misinformation about vaccines on the Internet, particularly from those who reject all vaccines, but also from official sources, which are expected to be neutral and objective. The book is based on the best available evidence, and Professor Gøtzsche explains when and why we should not have confidence in the science and official recommendations. Some vaccines are so beneficial - and have saved millions of lives – that we should all get them; some are so poor that many healthcare professionals do not use them for themselves or their families; and some are in-between. We must evaluate carefully each vaccine, one by one, assessing the balance between its benefits and harms, just as we do for other drugs, and then form an opinion about whether we think the vaccine is worth getting or recommending to other people. The book focuses on measles, influenza and HPV but discusses also childhood vaccination programmes and whether mandatory vaccination can be justified. Raising critical questions to vaccines is essential because there are still many unresolved issues. For example, we know virtually nothing about what happens when we use many vaccines and what the long-term effects are on the immune system.

  • by Wilbur Smith

    Wilbur Smiths to mest magtfulde familier mødes igen i denne længeventede selvstændige fortsættelse til bestselleren Solens sejr.Penrod Ballantyne og hans forlovede, Amber Benbrook, går gennem Cairos gader i 1888. De er lykkelige og opfyldt af drømme om deres fælles fremtid, men drømmene knuses, da en jaloux ekskæreste kommer imellem dem.Amber rejser til Abessinien sammen med sin tvillingesøster, Saffron, og hendes eventyrlystne mand, Ryder Courtney, på jagt efter lykken. De begiver sig ud på en farefuld færd til Addis Ababa, hvor de bydes velkommen af den magtfulde hersker Menelik II, Kongernes konge. Men Italien har planer for Abessinien, og der florerer rygter om en invasion. Tilbage i Cairo søger en knust Penrod trøst i byens opiumhuler. Han reddes af sin gamle ven, Lorenzo, som nu er i den italienske hær, og da Lorenzo tilbyder ham at slutte sig til den militære indsats, slår Penrod til.En storm er på vej, og Penrod og Amber befinder sig på hver deres side af invasionen - kan de nogensinde finde deres vej tilbage til hinanden mod alle disse odds?

  • - How to save the media and democracy with journalism of tomorrow
    by Ulrik Haagerup

    Negative stories make the news. Drama and conflicts, victims and villains are our modern world. Or are they?This revised second edtion on constructive news challenges the traditional concepts and thinking of the news media. It shows the consequences media negativity has on the audience, public discourse, the press and democracy as a whole.The book also explores ways to change old news habits and provides hands-on guidelines on how to do so. Moreover, the book presents numerous examples from the author's ten-year tenure as executive director of news at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation where he led a successful paradigm shift in news production."Constructive News" is a wake-up call for a media world that struggles for a future, as well as an inspirational handbook on the next megatrend in journalism.

  • by Iben Jensen

    "It does not belong to our culture", "Ethnic minorities must integrate into the labour market", "We are heading for a multicultural society". We often meet these statements in newspapers, in political debates or among friends when political issues about integration or multiculturalism are discussed at various levels. But the discussions often lack a qualified foundation. If one were to discuss the economy, one would not make authoritative claims without some knowledge about central concepts, but in the field of intercultural relation it is free-for-all. The result is that decisions are often made on the basis of individual or political notions about "the Other". Introduction to Cultural Understanding offers a number of analytical tools for understanding communication across cultures.How does our view of culture affect the way we understand each other? Is it possible to develop awareness of cultural identity? How can the development of a multicultural society be seen from a theoretical perspective? How is language implicated in the way we understand each other?

  • by Niels Ahrengot, Mette Lindegaard Attrup & John Ryding Olsson

    Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios is the best-selling Danish project management book. It highlights the immensely successful Scandinavian approach to leadership within project management, and takes a more holistic approach to project work and project management. This authoritative book deals with both classic project management disciplines, agile methods and focuses on the essential link between strategic priorities, any program´s impact and a project’s powerful execution. It takes an in depth look at areas such as change management, change communication, benefit tracking, program management and portfolio management.This book offers you a large number of practical tools within projects management and leadership with on-line access to concrete and easy-to-use practical tools and templates. Recent years have seen a pronounced increase in the need for professional project managementand the careful handling of associated portfolios. This success is essential as key projects become ever more vital for the development and survival of organizations. It is no longer enough for projects to ‘just’ produce a set of deliverables. They are expected to make a genuine difference within the organization and effect that organization’s role in the wider world. Consequently, project management is not just about project managers, it’s about how senior management handle crucial portfolios successfully too. Such active project management requires power, strength, drive and energy not only within the individual project itself but also within the organization’s programs and entire project portfolio. It places new demands on both the project manager and their seniormanagement.

  • - How to Use Behavioural Design to Create Change in the Real World
    by Morten Münster

    With more than 50,000 copies sold in Denmark, this book has been on the bestseller list since its publication in 2017. Barack Obama used a secret competitive advantage to win two elections. Companies such as Google, Amazon and Novo Nordisk use the same insight to stir up innovation, increase compliance, improve the work environment and sell more products. And successful management groups in the C20 index have started using it as their preferred strategy. But what kind of insight are we talking about here? The answer is – behavioural design. Because people in the real world don’t actually behave like the people we build all our usual strategies for. We are opposing human biology and psychology when we insist that good arguments, burning platforms, classic change management, pamphlets, campaigns, and joint meetings are the way to go. Obama, Google and all the rest have instead opted to use an evidence-based approach to change behaviour, and when you’ve read I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day, you can adopt this approach as well. In his book, Morten Münster has converted 40 years of research in human behaviour into an easily accessible method composed of four steps – a helping hand to all managers and employees who are thirsting for alternatives to conventional means.

  • - Knowledge Aesthetics and The Business of Human Science in a Danish Consultancy
    by Lise Røjskjær Pedersen

    PhD Dissertation from Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • - A Compact Guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
    by Joseph Lookofsky

    The 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) regulates the rights of buyers and sellers in international sales. The Convention is the first sales law treaty to win acceptance on a worldwide scale, and the impressive list of some 85 CISG ‘Contracting States’ already accounts for more than three-fourths of all world trade. The importance of the CISG in the international arena is underlined by thousands of reported decisions where the CISG has been held to apply, thus evidencing the conduct of countless international traders who – by default or by express choice – regularly subject their sales contracts to the Convention. The CISG has also impacted on sales legislation at national and regional (e.g., EU) levels.The CISG treaty demands an international interpretation, and this fully updated Fifth (Worldwide) Edition draws upon the full range of primary as well as secondary sources of CISG law, including worldwide case law and scholarly opinion. Concrete examples are provided throughout.With this book as their guide, lawyers and students who need to understand international sales contracts and sales contract disputes will confidently navigate topic areas such as the following:• determining when the CISG applies;• freedom of contract under Article 6;• interpretation of the Convention and of CISG contracts;• sales contract formation, validity, defenses to enforcement;• obligations of the parties, including conforming delivery and payment;• remedies for breach, including specific performance, damages and avoidance;• liability exemptions; and• key reservations under Articles 92–96.Co-published by Wolters Kluwer.

  • by Jane Corry

    Tænk, hvis hele dit liv byggede på en løgn. Ed og Lily er nygifte, de bor i en lejlighed i London og har lige taget hul på deres liv sammen. Men snart bryder de begge deres løfte om altid at fortælle hinanden sandheden. Lily er nyuddannet advokat og tiltrækkes voldsomt af sin første klient, Joe Thomas, en karismatisk mand tiltalt for at have myrdet en ung kvinde. Ed kæmper for at slå igennem som billedkunstner, og han gemmer på mørke hemmeligheder om sin familie, og om det forhold han har haft til en anden kvinde. Den uafvendelige kædereaktion af begivenheder tager sin begyndelse, da Ed beslutter sig for at male et portræt af naboens datter, Carla. Min mands hustru er en parforholdsthriller om hemmeligheder, der løber løbsk og løgne, der får frit spil

  • by Nordahl Grieg

    Vår ære og vår makt er et skuespill av den norske forfatteren Nordahl Grieg; utgitt i 1935, og uroppført på Den nationale Scene samme år.

  • by Birger Andersen

    Gode kommunikative evner afhænger blandt andet af en grundlæggende indsigt i det pågældende sprogs grammatik. Basic English Grammar er en grundlæggende indføring i det engelske sprogs grammatik - såvel den basale sætningsanalyse som de fundamentale aspekter af de væsentligste ordklasser. Hertil kommer afsnit om væsentlige sprogbrugsproblemer. Denne 2. udgave er opdateret og suppleret med et indeks over grammatiske termer. Bogen er velegnet som grundbog på introducerende kurser i engelsk grammatik på handelsskoler, seminarier, universiteter og handelshøjskoler, men den kan også bruges til selvstudium.

  • by Kirsten Ahlburg

    Mia elsker søndage, for her har hun tid til sin hest. I dag vil hun ride en tur i det dejlige solskin. Hun rider ud i skoven.Hun hører en lyd. Mon det er en kat? En ræv? Eller noget helt andet? Det lyder nærmest som én, der græder. Inde mellem træerne får hun øje på en kasse. Det er her, lyden kommer fra. Mia er lidt bange, hjertet hamrer i brystet, hun er jo helt alene. Alligevel går hun hen og åbner kassen.Cafe-serien er niveaumæssigt opdelt i en rød (lix 8-10) og en lidt sværere blå (lix 12-15) serie. Indholdsmæssigt er bøgerne til en vis grad opdelt i tøse- og knejteemner med temaer hentet fra de unges hverdag: fester, pc, chat, mobiler osv.

  • - Your Online Identity Is Worth Gold. Guide to Digital Selfdefense
    by Pernille Tranberg & Steffan Heuer

    Do you ever think about who knows what about you? That whenever you are online, on the web or using apps, your behaviour can affect your chances of landing a great job or losing it, being accepted at the school of your dreams, or receiving the best price for your insurance policy or a simple airline ticket?At home, at work, at school. Where you’re jogging or dating, shopping or searching, streaming music or simply reading something. You are constantly tracked - most often without you noticing or knowing about it. When Google, Facebook, Twitter and Co. let you find information, stay in touch and entertain yourself it is by no means free. You pay with your personal data - today’s oil. Companies feast on your digital identity. They mine, store and sell information about your interests, tastes, religion, age, political belief, health, sexual orientation, even your friends. And they make billions scraping together the pieces of your identity. Fake It guides you through the maze and madness of oversharing. How to take care of your identity and reputation online. Who keeps an eye on you and why. What happens to your data, and which tools can you use, such as blocking cookies and trackers, disconnecting social buttons and - most importantly - using more identities, hiding behind pseudonyms and aliases. Your privacy is more important than the terms of service dictated by for-profit entities.

  • - The Essential Guide to Statistical Textbooks
    by Erik M. Boye

    As the title states, this little book is meant to be a companion to any student who has to learn statistics. The bookis a pedagogic helping hand for new students who often are frightened by their bricklike textbook in statistics.There exist a lot of auxiliary materials to textbooks in statistics – often in the shape of compendiums. TheStatistics Companion is not a compendium – it is a book that has• 134 pages + statistical tables• pedagogic explanations of the most important concepts and subjects in statistics• 60 illustrative graphs and drawings• examples of standard exercises – with solutions – at the rear of the chapterThe author has 30 years of experience teaching statistics and descriptive economics at universities in Denmarkand 25 years of experience in writing pedagogical textbooks.Statistics Companion is a translation of a Danish book that has given many responses from relieved studentswho claim that the book has saved their study.FOR SHORT COURCES IN STATISTICS THE "STATISTICS COMPANION" COULD BE the TEXTBOOK

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