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  • by Richard Norris

    Paul Oakenfold has sold over 5 million records, has played to over 50 million people and is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the most successful DJ in the world.Now, in Paul Oakenfold - The Authorised Biography, Richard Norris reveals the fascinating story of Paul's rise from South London soul boy to Hollywood superstar. Spanning more than two decades, Norris follows the twists and turns of Paul's career and, with it, the rise of the multi-million-pound industry that is club culture.As we near the end of the first decade of the New Millennium, Paul's star is still in the ascendant. With two Grammy nominations under his belt, he continues to work with the biggest names in music - Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg to name but a few.Packed full of revealing interviews with the movers and shakers of the music industry, and based on two years of in-depth intervies with Oakenfold himself, this book tells the extraordinary story of a man whose life defines dance music.

  • by Ronald Smith, Nigel Holt, Michael Vliek, et al.

    EBOOK: Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, 4e

  • by Justin D. Edwards

    This Guide analyses the criticism of English-language literature from the major regions of the postcolonial world. Criticism on works by writers such as Jean Rhys, V.S. Naipaul and Salman Rushdie, is discussed to illustrate the themes and concepts essential to an understanding of postcolonial literature and the development of criticism in the field

  • - War, Climate Change, & Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century
    by Geoffrey Parker

    The acclaimed historian demonstrates a link between climate change and social unrest across the globe during the mid-17th century.Revolutions, droughts, famines, invasions, wars, regicides, government collapsesthe calamities of the mid-seventeenth century were unprecedented in both frequency and severity. The effects ofwhat historians call the General Crisis extended from England to Japan and from the Russian Empire to sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.In this meticulously researched volume, historian Geoffrey Parker presents the firsthand testimony of men and women who experienced the many political, economic, and social crises that occurred between 1618 to the late 1680s. He also incorporates the scientific evidence of climate change during this period into the narrative, offering a strikingly new understanding of the General Crisis. Changes in weather patterns, especially longer winters and cooler and wetter summers, disrupted growing seasons and destroyed harvests. This in turn brought hunger, malnutrition, and disease; and as material conditions worsened, wars, rebellions, and revolutions rocked the world.

  • by Jaco Fouche

    Jaco Diehl, a writer, lives in Hermanus. He becomes witness to an attempted murder of his neighbour, and gradually he is implicated in other violent episodes: first in Hermanus, then Somerset-West and also Bellville. His life is disintegrating, and he doesn't seem to care. Who is responsible for these murders, and what is the truth? Or perhaps the truth is also transformed into fiction, and like the main character, is not to be trusted.

  • by Miguel David Rojas, Julie Patricia Perez & Luis Miguel Jimenez

    Actualmente en las organizaciones y sus cadenas de suministro pasan de preocuparse solamente de los flujos de productos e informacion generados desde sus proveedores hasta el cliente final, para satisfacer sus necesidades, para atender y recuperar los productos, una vez sean utilizados y desechados por dichos clientes. Esta recuperacion en algunas industrias y sectores se ha convertido en obligatoria para proteger el medioambiente, mientras que en otros es observada como una oportunidad para la generacion de valor y beneficios economicos, esta actividad se llama logistica inversa (Gomez, 2010).

  • by Wesley R. Browne

    The renowned Oxford Chemistry Primers series, which provides focused introductions to a range of important topics in chemistry, has been refreshed and updated to suit the needs of today's students, lecturers, and postgraduate researchers. The rigorous, yet accessible, treatment of each subject area is ideal for those wanting a primer in a given topic to prepare them for more advanced study or research. Moreover, cutting-edge examples and applications throughout thetexts show the relevance of the chemistry being described to current research and industry. The learning features provided, including questions at the end of every chapter and online multiple-choice questions, encourage active learning and promote understanding. Furthermore, frequent diagrams, margin notes, further reading, and glossary definitions all help to enhance a student's understanding of these essential areas of chemistry. This brand new addition to the series provides the most accessible first introduction to electrochemistry, combining explanation of the fundamental concepts with practical examples of how they are applied in a range of real-world situations. Online resourcesThe online resources that accompany Electrochemistry include:For students:- Multiple-choice questions for self-directed learning- Online tutorials to explain difficult conceptsFor registered adopters of the text:- Figures from the book available to download

  • - World of Warcraft
    by Aaron Rosenberg

    After killing the corrupt Warchief Blackhand, Orgrim Doomhammer was quick to seize control over the Orcish Horde. Now he is determined to conquer the rest of Azeroth so that his people will once again have a home of their own in the... WORLD OF WARCRAFT Anduin Lothar, former Champion of Stormwind, has left his shattered homeland behind and led his people across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. There, with the aid of the noble King Terenas, he forges a mighty Alliance with the other human nations. But even that may not be enough to stop the Horde's merciless onslaught. Elves, dwarves, and trolls enter the fray as the two emerging factions vie for dominance. Will the valiant Alliance prevail, or will the Horde's tide of darkness consume the last vestiges of freedom on Azeroth?

  • - Modern, Symbolic, and Postmodern Perspectives
    by Mary Jo Hatch

    Organization Theory offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to the study of organizations and organizing processes. Through the unique three-perspective approach, students are challenged to explain, explore, and evaluate organizational theory, drawing on their own experiences as well as the book's diverse practical examples. The fourth edition includes a host of new learning features, which examine the practicality of theorizing and encourage students to broaden their intellectual reach. 'Theory to Practice' boxes and case studies highlight organizing processes in a range of settings, either through real-life, business examples or through exercises that encourage students to apply the theory to organizations they know or organizing experiences of their own. 'Think like a Theorist' and 'Exercise Those Perspectives'boxes then encourage students to actively theorize and evaluate, developing essential critical thinking skills and a greater understanding of the complex knowledge with which organization theorists grapple. By taking theory off the page, students can learn through doing and adopt a reflexive stanceto the world around them. Mary Jo Hatch draws on her extensive experience in the field to produce a trusted and accessible introduction to the subject that provides academic depth, engaging pedagogy, and a practical focus. This book is accompanied by a collection of online resources:For students:Multiple-choice questionsFor lecturers:PowerPoint slidesFigures and tables from the bookLecturers' guideAdditional case studies

  • - God's Care Through God's People
    by Bob Kellemen

    As people face addictions, deal with loss and grief, and seek help in restoring broken relationships, where can they turn for counsel and assistance? The local church has been uniquely blessed with the gift of the gospel and is able to offer hope and counsel that no other institution on earth can.In Biblical Counseling and the Church, Bob Kellemen and Kevin Carson have assembled over twenty respected ministry leaders who examine the relationship between counseling and the church. This comprehensive resource, part of the Biblical Counseling Coalition series, helps leaders and counselors develop a vision that goes beyond being a church with a biblical counseling ministry to becoming a church of biblical counselinga church culture that is saturated by ';one-another' ministry.Divided into five parts, Biblical Counseling and the Church will help church leaders: Unite the pulpit ministry of preaching the Word with the personal ministry of the Word in counselingOffer practical and theological training to equip counselorsLaunch and lead a counseling ministry, regardless of the size of your churchBring together the relational focus of small group ministry with the ministry of care and counselingBetter understand the relationship between biblical counseling, church discipline, and conflict resolutionLearn how to use counseling in outreach through ';missional' biblical counselingmoving biblical counseling beyond the doors of the church and into the world

  • by Robert B. Marks

    Since the beginning of time, the angelic hosts of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in a struggle for the fate of all creation. That struggle has now come to the mortal realm...and neither Man nor Demon nor Angel will be left unscathed.... What was to have been a victorious last stand against the demonic invasion of Entsteig has instead become a massacre. Only Siggard remains, a warrior unable to remember the final hours of the battle, driven by the carnage he experienced and the void in his mind to avenge those slain by the army of darkness. As he hunts the demon lord who butchered everything dear to him, Siggard also pieces together the truth of that terrible battle...and finds that his nightmare is only just beginning. An original tale of swords, sorcery, and timeless struggle based on the bestselling, award-winning M-rated electronic game from Blizzard Entertainment. Intended for mature readers.

  • by Hans-Gunter Heumann

    A great repertoire resource, outside of what one finds in piano methods and standard classical repertoire, this book provides both young and adult beginners a fresh collection of modern compositions. These pieces are simply fun to play, relaxing and are sure to be received by any audience. Fantasy Piano contains 20 imaginative, easy-to-play, and catchy piano pieces such as Regenbogen-Fee [Rainbow Fairy], Drachenreiter [Dragon Rider] and Traumfanger [Dream Catcher].

  • - A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions
    by Jason Hickel

    ________________As seen on Sky News All Out Politics There s no understanding global inequality without understanding its history. In The Divide, Jason Hickel brilliantly lays it out, layer upon layer, until you are left reeling with the outrage of it all. - Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics The richest eight people control more wealth than the poorest half of the world combined. Today, 60 per cent of the world s population lives on less than $5 a day. Though global real GDP has nearly tripled since 1980, 1.1 billion more people are now living in poverty.For decades we have been told a story: that development is working, that poverty is a natural phenomenon and will be eradicated through aid by 2030. But just because it is a comforting tale doesn t make it true. Poor countries are poor because they are integrated into the global economic system on unequal terms, and aid only helps to hide this. Drawing on pioneering research and years of first-hand experience, The Divide tracks the evolution of global inequality from the expeditions of Christopher Columbus to the present day offering revelatory answers to some of humanity s greatest problems. It is a provocative, urgent and ultimately uplifting account of how the world works, and how it can change for the better.

  • - Inspiration for the Netflix film 22 July - from the bestselling author of The Bookseller of Kabul
    by Asne Seierstad

    THE STORY OF ANDERS BREIVIK AND THE INSPIRATION FOR THE NETFLIX FILM 22 JULY, FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE BOOKSELLER OF KABULOn 22 July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 of his fellow Norwegians in a terrorist atrocity that shocked the world. One of Us is the definitive account of the massacres and the subsequent trial. But more than that, it is the compelling story of Anders Breivik and a select group of his victims. As we follow the path to their inevitable collision, it becomes clear just what was lost in that one day.SHORTLISTED FOR THE CWA NON-FICTION DAGGER 2015A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

  • - The Present Condition of the Balkans and of European Responsibilities
    by Luigi Villari

    Whilst the greatest effort has been made to ensure the quality of this text, due to the historical nature of this content, in some rare cases there may be minor issues with legibility. The condition of the Turkish Empire, a matter which formerly affected only the neighbouring States of Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Russia, has now for a century or more become an important factor in the general politics of Europe, and a source of great concern to Great Britain. Once, in 1853, it dragged us into a war to defend the Turks against Russia. Since that time it has thrice - in 1876 (at the time of the Bulgarian massacres), in 1885 (when Eastern Rumelia insisted on uniting herself to Bulgaria), and in 1895 (when nearly Armenians were massacred in Asia Minor) - become a menace to the peace of Europe. Yet, often as the attention of Englishmen has been called to the misdeeds of the Turk and the miseries of his subjects, few Englishmen understand those.

  • - A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice
    by Donald L. Carveth

    A video of Don Carveth discussing the book and its subject matter can be accessed using the following web URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW7tGq0uEtUSince the classical Freudian and ego psychology paradigms lost their position of dominance in the late 1950s, psychoanalysis became a multi-paradigm science with those working in the different frameworks increasingly engaging only with those in the same or related intellectual "e;silos."e; Beginning with Freud's theory of human nature and civilization, Psychoanalytic Thinking: A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice proceeds to review and critically evaluate a series of major post-Freudian contributions to psychoanalytic thought.In response to the defects, blind spots and biases in Freud's work, Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion, Jacques Lacan, Erich Fromm, Donald Winnicott, Heinz Kohut, Heinrich Racker, Ernest Becker amongst others offered useful correctives and innovations that are, nevertheless, themselves in need of remediation for their own forms of one-sidedness. Through Carveth's comparative exploration, readers will acquire a sense of what is enduringly valuable in these diverse psychoanalytic contributions, as well as exposure to the dialectically deconstructive method of critique that Carveth sees as central to psychoanalytic thinking at its best. Carveth violates the taboo against speaking of the Imaginary, Symbolic and the Real unless one is a Lacanian, or the paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions unless one is a Kleinian, or id, ego, superego, ego-ideal and conscience unless one is a Freudian ego psychologist, and so on.Out of dialogue and mutual critique, psychoanalysis can over time separate the wheat from the chaff, collect the wheat, and approach an ever-evolving synthesis. Psychoanalytic Thinking: A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice will be of great interest to psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists and, more broadly, to readers in philosophy, social science and critical social theory.

  • by Friedrich Schlegel

    Diese Auswahl konzentriert sich auf die im weitesten Sinne fruhromantische Epoche der Entwicklung von 1795 bis 1805, die Schlegel im Anschlu an Kant, der seine Zeit als "e;Zeitalter der Kritik"e; charakterisierte, als Epoche der Kritischen Philosophie verstand. In Rezensionen, Kritiken, Essays, Fragmenten und Arbeitsnotizen entwirft Schlegel eine Philosophie, die radikal historisch denkt und - trotz aller Bezugnahmen auf Fichte - nicht von obersten Prinzipien ausgeht. Die "e;Historisierung des Transzendentalen"e; erfolgt durch eine "e;Totalisation von unten herauf"e; in einem hermeneutisch-kritischen Prozess, der in eine durch das Konzept der Ironie charakterisierte transzendentalphilosophische Dialektik mndet. Schlegel ist nicht nur der Begrnder der frhromantischen Hermeneutik und Kritik, sondern auch Urheber der ersten Konzeption von Dialektik in der nachkantischen Philosophie. Die von Schlegel verffentlichten Texte werden im Wortlaut des Originals abgedruckt und erstmals eingehend kommentiert. Eine ausfhrliche Einleitung der Herausgeber erschliet die Entwicklung und die Grundbegriffe der frhromantischen Philosophie Schlegels und gibt Hinweise zum Verstndnis der einzelnen Texte. Friedrich Schlegel steht als Philosoph noch immer im Schatten seiner Zeitgenossen. Dies liegt nicht nur an tradierten Vorurteilen, sondern auch an der scheinbar unsystematischen, essayistisch-aphoristischen Form der einschlgigen Texte, in denen zudem vielfach die Grenzen zwischen Poesie und Philosophie nivelliert werden.

  • by Hattori Harumi Hattori

    This volume is an introductory level textbook for partial differential equations (PDE's) and suitable for a one-semester undergraduate level or two-semester graduate level course in PDE's or applied mathematics. Chapters One to Five are organized according to the equations and the basic PDE's are introduced in an easy to understand manner. They include the first-order equations and the three fundamental second-order equations, i.e. the heat, wave and Laplace equations. Through these equations we learn the types of problems, how we pose the problems, and the methods of solutions such as the separation of variables and the method of characteristics. The modeling aspects are explained as well. The methods introduced in earlier chapters are developed further in Chapters Six to Twelve. They include the Fourier series, the Fourier and the Laplace transforms, and the Green's functions. The equations in higher dimensions are also discussed in detail.This volume is application-oriented and rich in examples. Going through these examples, the reader is able to easily grasp the basics of PDE's.

  • - A Guide for the Supervisee
    by Mary Creaner

    Getting the Best Out of Supervision in Counselling & Psychotherapy does exactly what it says on the tin! Supervision is an essential part of counselling training and ensuring you know exactly how to get the very most out of supervision is important, whatever their level of study. Exploring how to begin, maintain and end a supervisory learning relationship in the context of existing theory and best practice guidelines, the author will introduce your trainees to: Models and forms of supervision The skills informing good supervision What to expect from supervision Key professional issues in supervision ? Written in a lively and engaging style, this book will enable both supervisors and supervisees to get the best they can from the supervisory experience.

  • by Chris Metzen

    A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

  • by Laura Requena Espada

    El libro Principios generales de Criminologia del Desarrollo y las carreras criminales recopila las principales teorias cuya pretension es explicar la inclusion de los individuos en el mundo criminal, asi como, el desarrollo de la conducta delictiva a lo largo de las etapas de la vida. Principalmente, la autora se centra en este sentido en exponer las propuestas de David Farrington, John Sampson y Robert Laub y, Terry Moffit. El libro finaliza con un capitulo dedicado a la explicacion de dos casos particulares de delincuencia protagonizada por sujetos en la etapa adulta: los delitos de cuello blanco y el crimen organizado, perfiles de individuos que no se ajustan a las teorias criminologicas previas sobre el inicio y el abandono del patron delictivo.

  • - IEC 61131-3 and best practice ST programming

    This book gives an introduction to the programming language Structured Text (ST) which is used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).The book can be used for all types of PLC brands including Siemens Structured Control Language (SCL) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC).This 3rd edition has been updated and expanded with many of the suggestions and questions that readers and students have come up with, including the desire for many more illustrations and program examples.CONTENTS:- Background, benefits and challenges of ST programming- Syntax, data types, best practice and basic ST programming- IF-THEN-ELSE, CASE, FOR, CTU, TON, STRUCT, ENUM, ARRAY, STRING- Guide for best practice naming, troubleshooting, test and program structure- Sequencer and code split-up into functions and function blocks- FIFO, RND, sorting, scaling, toggle, simulation signals and digital filter- Tank controls, conveyor belts, adaptive pump algorithm and robot control- PLC program structure for pumping stations, 3D car park and car wash - Examples: From Ladder Diagram to ST programmingThe book contains more than 150 PLC code examples with a focus on learning how to write robust, readable, and structured code.The book systematically describes basic programming, including advice and practical examples based on the author´s extensive industrial experience.The author is Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.E.E.) and has 25 years´ experience in specification, development, programming and supplying complex control solutions and supervision systems. The author is Assistant Professor and teaches PLC programming at Dania Academy, a higher education institution in Randers, Denmark.

  • by Marguerite Osler

    Take a Step into a New World with The Art of Walking The Art of Walking offers a perspective of balance in these fast-moving times of change and stress and a refocus on Walking, not as extreme exercise, but as an art and life skill. The author, Marguerite Osler rolls, out a path of knowledge, inspiration and gentle, careful exercises as steps in a journey transforming an ordinary, daily, activity into a rich resource of extraordinary vitality, lightness, and intelligence. The Art of Walking is a guide to building and restoring the perfect, natural, 'mechanical' aspects of our human design, self-carriage and engineering.... a way to integrate the consciousness and awareness qualities of meditative, contemplative, reflective, walking with scientific, psychological and practical aspects. The deeper dimensions of walking wellness such as balance, meaning, harmony, pace - move 'just walking' into The Art of Walking.Sales points: Extreamly well researched Alexandra Technique coffee table (like) book, with lovely colour pictures.

  • - The Memoirs of Hitler's Photographer
    by Heinrich Hoffmann

    ';Here's Adolf Hitler in a series of bizarre photographs which he kept hidden from the world . . . They have now been published in this memoir.'Daily Express Heinrich Hoffman was a key part in the making of the Hitler legend, the photographer who carefully crafted the image of the Fuhrer as a godlike figure. Hoffmann published his first book of photographs in 1919, following his work as an official photographer for the German army. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, and his association with Hitler began. He became Hitler's official photographer and traveled with him extensively. He took over two million photographs of Hitler, and they were distributed widely, including on postage stamps, an enterprise that proved very profitable for both men. Hoffmann published several books on Hitler in the 1930s, including The Hitler Nobody Knows (1933). Hoffmann and Hitler were very close, and he acted not only as a personal confidantehis memoirs include rare details of the Fuhrerbut also as a matchmaker; it is Hoffmann who introduced Eva Braun, his studio assistant, to Hitler. At the end of the war, Hoffmann was arrested by the US military, who also seized his photographic archive, and was sentenced to imprisonment for Nazi profiteering. This edition of a classic book includes photographs by Hoffmann and a new introduction by Roger Moorhouse. ';An extraordinary new book of photographs of Adolf Hitler includes one that so embarrassed him he banned it from being published. It shows the Fuhrer in his lederhosen, striking an absurdly camp pose as he leans against a tree.'The Times

  • - Pass your test and know what is essential to become a safe, competent AMT from the most trusted source in aviation training

    Rely on the most trusted source in aviation training with ASA's Fast-Track Test Guides to prepare for your FAA AMT Knowledge Exams. Test questions are supported with answers, thorough and succinct explanations, and references for further study.Questions, answers, and explanations are arranged in the Fast-Track method to accelerate learning and encourage retentionFAA test figures are included near the question and explanation for easy referenceFree updates (online or email service) keep you current with changes made to the testsPlus...test tips and instructions, an Oral & Practical Study Guide, and 5 online practice tests at no additional cost!Use the Airframe Test Guide for the AMP Aviation Mechanic-Powerplant Knowledge Exam.


    Essays om hunde og katte, præster og kunstudstillinger. Indfald, betragtninger, skitser og humoresker.

  • by Petronela Rotar

    Am fost un om zdrobit, intors spre moarte, nu inspre viata. La 30 de ani, ma imaginam traind doar inca citiva ani, la fel de zbuciumat cum am trait mereu. Apoi, murind devreme. Cu un ochi priveam spre moarte, iar cu celalalt spre copiii mei, opintindu-ma sa mai traiesc o vreme, cit sa vad fetele suficient de mari ca sa se descurce singure. Este un miracol ca nu am murit, traind atit de sinucigas, fara macar sa-mi dau seama. Am trecut razant pe linga moarte, nu doar fiindca am fost ingropata sub o avalansa, ci fiindca am trait fiecare zi ca sa mor. Am facut intoarcerea spre viata in ziua in care am decis sa ma vindec. Nu stiam atunci, insa, ca asta fac, un U turn definitiv spre lumina. Am aflat abia acum, dupa un drum lung si dureros, cind am ajuns.Am adunat n cartea aceasta drumul meu spre sine E i lecE iile mele. Poate vor mai fi de folos cuiva, drumeE rA tA cit pe calea vindecA rii. E darul pe care l ntorc vieE ii, cA m-a ngA duit E i aE teptat sA mA ntorc cu faE a spre ea.

  • - A Play
    by Halley Feiffer

    Left to their own devices by their alcoholic mother, Ada and Sam cultivate an insular world into which they soon draw a third wheel "e; a pockmarked, limping wallflower named Dorrie. In the years spanning childhood to young adulthood, these three troubled girls learn to lean on each other completely, finding ways to fill each other up and to tear each other down. But when a horrible accident turns their reality upside down, they find they must decide whether they will continue to foster their familiar, codependent cycle, or whether they will break free, with or without each other's aid.

  • - A Prose Translation From the French of a Poem by Queen Margaret of Navarre, Made in 1544 by the Princess (Afterwards Queen) Elizabeth, Then Eleven Years of Age
    by Queen Margaret of Navarre

    Whilst the greatest effort has been made to ensure the quality of this text, due to the historical nature of this content, in some rare cases there may be minor issues with legibility. Afac-simile of a letter from the Princess to her brother is given in this volume (following the Introduction) as a speci men of her beautiful writing at a later date.

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