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  • - A Joy Journal for Runners
    by Jim O'Brien, Adam Kimble & Connor Crouch

  • by Jim O'Brien

  • by Jim O'Brien

    Two young detective brothers are assigned to investigate a murder committed in a small, upscale town. The evidence obtained uncomfortably leads them to assume that their father, a prominent local retailer, may be responsible for the crime. The detectives hunch is tossed into further turmoil when it is discovered that their father is being pursued by a different killer. The second would-be killer is equally deadly but far more sinister and even more terrifyingly cruel than the one who committed the murder. Is it possible that the murderer whom the brothers are seeking to bring to justice can be capable of committing such horrible,

  • - Bite-Sized Lessons for the Leader in All of Us
    by Jim O'Brien

  • by Jim O'Brien, Janet Draper & Daniel Murphy

    Effective school leadership is essential. As schools become increasingly complex organizations and their role in socializing young people is recognized, the task of leading the school community is receiving greater attention than ever before. School Leadership summarizes current thinking about leadership in schools and suggests ways forward. School leadership is set in its social context. Is leadership associated with function within a bureaucratically ordered hierarchy, is it widely shared across communities, or is it both? The school is considered both as an institution of the State and as an agency of democratic values. Ideas as to who the leaders are and what leadership involves are recast. The authors recent experience with Scotlands Headship preparation and development is discussed and analyzed. The Scottish experience provides examples of general issues facing many schools and school leaders. School Leadership is required reading for head teachers, education administrators, and for those aspiring to leadership roles in schools.

  • by Jim O'Brien

    Home distillation isn't for everyone. It's for you! While some homebrewers are happy enough with beer or wine, others want to take it a step further, by distilling those grain and fruit mashes and concentrating their alcohol into true spirits worthy of any bar. Let me invite you into the fantastic world of the craft alcohol. I'll bring you through any "what", "why", "where" and "how" Let's plunge into a wondrous world beyond the ordinary. This is the world of the craft alcohol. You will go through all what", "why", "where" and "how".

  • by Jim O'Brien

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