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  • - Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law
    by Ph.D, Carol Frohlinger, Cathy Fleming, et al.

    Beyond Bias: Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law highlights the practical steps firms should be taking to address training, leadership, and retention, issues of female lawyers and how to start moving the needle.

  • - A Hypnotherapist's Desk Reference -- 2nd Edition
    by Ph.D, DCH Chips & Allen S.

  • - The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement
    by Ph.D & Seth Farber

  • by Ph.D, LPC, NCC & et al.

  • by Ph.D & Lisa Skulstad Squillini B.S

  • by Ph.D & Marie-Therese Miller

  • - Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out
    by Ph.D & Jim Burns

    Dealing with boundaries, finances, and changing values are all part of parenting your grown child. In Doing Life with Your Adult Children, Jim Burns offers practical advice and hopeful encouragement for one of the richest and most challenging seasons of parenting.

  • by Ph.D, Dr. Edward Meiggs & D.G.M.

  • - The Seoul Workshop
    by Ph.D & Jin-Ho Park

    In collaboration with the Design Research & Innovation Laboratory, Professor Jin-Ho Park helps students to review the theory behind the design of a vertical ecocity of 100 storeys.

  • by Ph.D & Harold Cones

    Documents the story of Zenith radio and company development from 1919 through 1935, drawing on company archives and a newly discovered file of one of Zenith's founders, and presents an illustrated catalogue of nearly every Chicago Radio Laboratory and Zenith radio model produced during the period, and more.

  • by Ph.D, Innovation, Jin-Ho Park & et al.

    Focuses on the idea of breathing new life into existing spaces.

  • - Get Creative with Code!
    by Ph.D & McCue Camille McCue
    £6.49 - 6.99

    A cool coding book just for kids! When your kid is ready to add coding to their creativity toolbox but you re not ready to ship them off to coding camp, Getting Started with Coding is here to help them get started with the basics of coding. It walks young readers through fun projects that were tested in the classroom. Each project has an end-goal to instill confidence and a sense of achievement in young coders. Steering clear of jargon and confusing terminology, Getting Started with Coding is written in a language your child can understand. Plus, the full-color design is heavy on eye-catching graphics and the format is focused on the steps to completing a project, making it approachable for any youngster with an interest in exploring the wonderful world of coding. So why send your kid to a camp when they can become a coding champ right in the comfort of your living room? Introduces the basics of coding to create a drawing tool Teaches how to create graphics and apply code to make them do things Shows how to make things that respond to motion and collision commands Introduces score-keeping and timing into coding If your child is a burgeoning techy with a desire to learn coding, Getting Started with Coding is the perfect place to start.

  • by Ph.D & McCue Camille McCue
    £14.99 - 27.49

  • - How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Lead to a Healthy and Happy Work/Life Balance
    by Ph.D, Greenberg Cathy L. Greenberg & Avigdor Barrett S. Avigdor

    A fact-based and proven approach to help working mothers rediscover happiness as they balance their duties at home and work Science and sociology have made great strides in understanding what makes us happy and how we achieve it. For working mothers who face endless demands on their time and attention, What Happy Working Mothers Know provides scientifically proven and practical ways to find the right balance and replace stress with happiness. Written by a behavioral scientist and global leadership guru, and an international lawyer and career coach, this mom-friendly guide offers practical tactics that truly work. The demands of juggling work and home lead many women to try to do everything and be everything to everyone. In the effort to be Superwoman, many women lose sight of what makes them happy and they fail to realize how important their happiness is to being a good worker and a good mother. The key to being your best at everything you do is to take care of your happiness the way you take care of your health, through conscious choices every day. You ll learn to overcome obstacles, apply lessons learned at work to your motherhood skills, and learn lessons from your children that you can apply at work. Includes interactive activities that illustrate important lessons in the book Shows you how to use positive psychology to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality for workplace success Helps you tap into your own sense of joy every day for your own happiness and the happiness of those around you Science-based and packed with real case studies of real working moms Written by authors with impeccable qualifications and real-world experience Many moms raise great kids and achieve the professional success they desire and deserve, but if they aren t happy, what s the point? This book doesn t show you how to have it all, but how to have all the things that really matter.

  • - The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self-Esteem
    by Ph.D & ABPP Kimeron Hardin

    Loving Ourselves is a call to action for every member of the LGBT community to stand up and be proud of who you are. Through the compassionate voice of Dr. Kimeron Hardin, this well-documented guide allows you to recognize your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and become a stronger, more vital person. Growing up lesbian or gay in a heterocentric or homophobic culture presents many challenges to the development of a healthy self-concept. We are bombarded almost daily with messages that we are either evil or sick and while we learn to overcome these obstacles, the scars from this type of upbringing can be hard to erase. This book is about going beyond the intellectual resistance to early programming and incorporating a truly self-compassionate relationship to the identity we call the "e;self"e;. The author's hope is to help you develop a consistently positive and nurturing inner voice that transcends the negative feedback you may have stored from your past and may still encounter in today's world.

  • - Finding Hope Love and Courage on Your Yellow Brick Road
    by Ph.D, Ph.D John A. Tamiazzo & John A. Tamiazzo

    The story of Oz is as an allegory showing the importance of letting go of the past and being open minded and receptive to opportunities.

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