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  • - Standards, Molekularbiologie, Perspektiven.
    by Rath

    Obwohl Weichteilsarkome zu den seltenen bosartigen Tumoren gehoren, sind sie aufgrund ihrer Lokalisationsvielfalt, des heterogenen tumorbiologischen Verhaltens und der ausgepragten Resistenz gegenuber einer Bestrahlungs- und Chemotherapie sowohl diagnostisch als auch therapeutisch sehr oft problematisch. Hieraus ergibt sich die Notwendigkeit, nach neuen klinisch relevanten Prognosemarkern, Therapieindikatoren und Behandlungsstrategien zu suchen. Dieses Buch verfolgt das Ziel, neben den gegenwartig etablierten Diagnose-, Prognose- und Behandlungsstandards neue tumorbiologische Erkenntnisse zu vermitteln und diese in ihrer Wertigkeit fur die Diagnostik und Therapie von Patienten mit Weichteilsarkomen einzuschatzen. Der Bogen wird dabei von Angiogenese- und Apoptosefaktoren uber molekular- und zytogenetische Besonderheiten bis hin zu Reparatur- und Zellzyklusmarkern gespannt. Darauf basierend werden gentherapeutische Behandlungsstrategien unter Berucksichtigung aktueller klinischer Studien dargestellt. Dieser Band ist sowohl fur Kliniker, die in der Diagnostik und Behandlung von Weichteilsarkomen tatig sind, als auch fur medizinisch interessierte Naturwissenschaftler sowie fur Studenten der naturwissenschaftlichen und medizinischen Studienfacher konzipiert. Die Monografie soll diesen Gruppen ein Leitfaden fur die Verbindung zwischen Klinik und Grundlagenforschung sein und damit den Nutzen einer Zusammenarbeit von Medizinern und Molekularbiologen sichtbar machen.

  • by Rath & Strong

    Shows team leaders and members how to: get buy-in and cooperation from managers and employees; establish clear team goals, roles, and procedures; lead or participate in productive team meetings; plan the people/team side of a Six Sigma project; avoid the leading causes of project failure; and, get your Six Sigma initiative off to the right start.

  • by Rath & Strong

    A companion reference to "Rath and Strong's Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide", this book provides instructions for understanding and implementing key Six Sigma tools. It shows your project team leaders and members how to: understand each tool and its Six Sigma application; and select the best tools for controlling costly process variation.

  • - How to Use GE's Powerful Tool to Prepare for, Reenergize, Complement, or Enhance a Six Sigma Program
    by Rath & Strong

    TWO PROVEN TOOLS FOR SUCCESS IN ONE STEP-BY-STEP POCKET GUIDE Whether you've been using Six Sigma for years or are just starting to, you know it takes hard work to get it right. But WorkOut, developed by General Electric, can increase Six Sigma's success. Rath & Strong's WorkOut for Six Sigma Pocket Guide shows you how, with an action-ready game plan that you can apply to your initiative - right now.Learn how to: Set the stage for Six Sigma's successFind out if you're in trouble - and get back on trackMake a good Six Sigma initiative even betterSee actual results--in less than three months"e;If you want to bring the power of WorkOut to Six Sigma, this pocket guide is an invaluable tool."e;--Ron Ashkenas, co-author of The GE Work-OutSix Sigma: A data-driven approach to meeting customer requirements, solving process problems, and achieving bottom-line results.WorkOut: The revolutionary problem-solving program that brings management and workers together to bust bureaucracy.Companies worldwide use Six Sigma to measure and improve performance. Others use WorkOut to get quick bottom-line results and empower their workforce. But few enjoy the enormous success General Electric achieved by combining these approaches. Rath & Strong shows you how to get that synergy, with a handy pocket guide full of charts, checklists, assessment tools, and cases that help you: Prepare for, reenergize, or enhance a Six Sigma initiativeUse a fast, simple alternative to Six SigmaMake your culture more participative, data-driven, and customer-focusedEngage your front-line workers in Six Sigma

  • by Rath & Strong

    The companion follow-up to one of the bestselling Six Sigma books ever publishedAn alarming number of Six Sigma projects are failing--not because of misuse of Six Sigma's statistical tools but because of internal politics and poor communication between team members and the rest of the organization.The Rath & Strong's Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide helps team leaders and members reverse this trend, explaining the interpersonal and political skills needed to make each Six Sigma project a success.Written in the "e;pocket guide"e; format that proved so successful with the first Rath &Strong guide, and based on the firm's popular Six Sigma training workshops, this handy reference will show Six Sigma team leaders and members how to: Get buy-in and cooperation from all levels of the organizationLead or participate in productive team meetingsPlan the people/team side just as they would plan the technical side

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