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  • by Rhiannon Paget

    Meet the artist whose majestic wave sent ripples across the world. Hokusai, master artist and printmaker, is not only one of the giants of Japanese art but a father figure to Western modernism, inspiring a whole new notion of space for artists from Monet to Morisot, Cassatt to Klimt. Spanning erotic books, historical novels, and album prints,...

  • by Rhiannon Paget

    This XXL edition reprints Keisai Eisen and Utagawa Hiroshige's legendary series The Sixty-Nine Stations along the Kisokaido, a stunning representation of the historic route between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Sourced from one of the finest surviving first editions, this vivid tapestry of 19th-century Japan is in equal parts a major artifact of its...

  • by Rhiannon Paget & Karin Breuer

    A stunning introduction to the history of Japanese printmaking, with highlights from the de Young museum''s vast collectionIn 1868, Japan underwent a dramatic transformation following the overthrow of the shogun by supporters of Emperor Meiji, marking the end of feudal military rule and ushering in a new era of government that promoted modernizing the country and interacting with other nations.Japanese print culture, which had flourished for more than a century with the production of color woodcuts (the so-called ukiyo-e, or ΓÇ£floating worldΓÇ¥ images), also changed course during the Meiji era (1868ΓÇô1912), as societal changes and the once-isolationist countryΓÇÖs new global engagement provided a wealth of new subjects for artists to capture. Featuring selections from the renowned Achenbach Foundation for Graphic ArtsΓÇÖ permanent collection, Japanese Prints in Transition: From the Floating World to the Modern World documents the shift from delicately colored ukiyo-e depictions of actors, courtesans, and scenic views to brightly colored images of Western architecture, modern military warfare, technology (railroad trains, steam-powered ships, telegraph lines), and Victorian fashions and customs.

  • - Art and War in Modern Japan
    by Andreas Marks, Philip Kaneko, Rhiannon Paget, et al.

    This fascinating publication showcases the Saint Louis Art MuseumΓÇÖs collection of Japanese military prints and related materialsΓÇöone of the largest collections of such works in the world. The 1,400 objects in the collection are mostly color woodblock prints, but the holdings also include paintings, lithographs, photographs, stereographs, books, magazines, maps, game boards, textiles, ceramics, toys, sketchbooks, and commemorative materials. This extraordinary body of visual works chronicles JapanΓÇÖs rise as a modern nation from the beginning of the Meiji Restoration in 1868 through the aftermath of Pearl Harbor in 1942, with a focus on the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars. Conflicts of Interest will bring to light an important aspect of JapanΓÇÖs visual culture and the narratives it circulated for its citizens, allies, and enemies on the world stage.

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