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  • - Art and Attachment
    by Rita Felski

  • by Stephen Greenblatt, Anne-Marie Mai, Horace Engdahl, et al.

    Bob Dylan’s songs have been the subject of countless interpretations. In fact, Dylan’s work is one of the fastest-growing research areas within the humanities, and the interest has increased dramatically since Dylan’s receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016.There is a distinguished history of scholarly work on Dylan. Textual scholars focus on Dylan’s lyrics, parsing out their verbal artistry and identifying their numerous and farflung sources.Historians and biographers try to clarify the details of Dylan’s life and the chronologies that link him with other notable figures and movements. Social scientists have focused on the cultures inspired by Dylan, the institutions and communities of fandom and appreciation which surround him.NEW APPROACHES TO BOB DYLAN break down the disciplinary silos that have kept these lines of work separate, to think about how lyrics, performances, personal history, and mass movements all coincide and shape one another. NEW APPROACHES TO BOB DYLAN is edited by Anne-Marie Mai and contains 16 essays and an interview with Horace Engdahl, The Swedish Academy. Among the contributors are Stephen Greenblatt, Sean Latham, Nina Goss, Johnathan Hodgers, Michael Gray and Gisle Selnes.

  • by Rita Felski
    £25.49 - 78.99

  • - Three Inquiries in Literary Studies
    by Rita Felski, Amanda Anderson & Toril Moi
    £20.49 - 45.49

  • - Feminist Theory and Postmodern Culture
    by Rita Felski
    £23.99 - 74.49

    Contemporary theory is full of references to the modern and the postmodern. How useful are these terms? What do they mean? Drawing on cultural studies and critical theory, Rita Felski examines a range of themes central to debates about postmodern culture, including changing meanings of class.

  • by Rita Felski
    £21.49 - 58.99

  • by Rita Felski

    The diverse motives and mysteries of why we read are explored in this groundbreaking new work by Rita Felski. Challenging many time-worn homilies and theories put forth in contemporary literary criticism, Uses of Literature offers refreshing new insights into the purpose and value of reading literature.

  • by Rita Felski

  • by Rita Felski

    In an innovative exploration of the complex relations between women and the modern, Felski challenges conventional male-centered theories of modernity and calls into question feminist perspectives that have demonized the modern as inherently patriarchal, or else assumed a simple opposition between men's and women's experiences of the modern world.

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