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  • - an Introduction
    by Thomas Harboe

    Method and Project Writing – an Introduction provides a wide introduction to the methods that are applied within the social scientific subjects and disciplines. The book presents and explains the concepts, approaches and tools, which are important when you perform studies and write reports and projects.

  • by Thomas Harboe & Rikke von Müllen

    International students who are placed in a foreign culture are forced to adjust rapidly to teaching methods, expectations and criteria which might differ from the ones at home. In the Danish universities the students are expected to take responsibility for their own education and pose questions if there is something which they do not understand.This book is aimed at international students who are studying at a university in Denmark for the first time. It offers advice on how to study efficiently, how to take notes which are useful, and how to make the most of teaching and group work.

  • by Lone Krogh, Sebastian Horst, Frederik Voetmann Christiansen, et al.

    University Teaching and Learning is based on the notion that good teaching is focused on student learning. Therefore, the central topic of this book is learning activities, both in and between teaching sessions.The book includes experience- and research-based suggestions for how to plan, conduct, evaluate and develop teaching within the framework provided by the university and research, whether this be traditional lectures and supervision tasks; case- and project work, or e-learning. The book furthermore equips the individual teacher with tools to reflect the theoretical foundation of his or her teaching.University Teaching and Learning is written with university teacher training and other introductions to university teaching and learning in mind. In addition to new lecturers, the book is also aimed at the seasoned lecturer looking for inspiration for his or her own, the team s or department s teaching.University Teaching and Learning is co-authored by a number of lecturers, developers and researchers affiliated with the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education.University Teaching and Learning is available in a Danish translation: http://samfundslitteratur.dk/bog/universitetspædagogik

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