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Photography has that special ability to capture the moment. At Tales you can find photo books, which did that to perfection, whether the camera was pointing towards fashion, design, humans, animals, nature or your favorite city. Photography can also be art in itself, when pushing the boundaries of the medium, experimenting with light, colours and perspective showing new sides of the world and of life itself. If you are a photographer yourself or just a photo enthusiast, get ready to be inspired by some of the greatest photo artists. There is a whole new world of photography waiting just for you, and we all know that a photo says more than a thousand words.

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  • - How to capture exceptional images of food
    by Kimberly Espinel

    In this beautiful book, award-winning food photographer Kimberly Espinel walks you through all the ways in which you can bring your work to life, through planning, styling, lighting and editing.

  • by Wally Koval

    A visual adventure of Wes Anderson proportions, authorised by the legendary filmmaker himself: stunning photographs of real-life places that seem plucked from the just-so world of Anderson's films, presented with the fascinating human stories behind each facade.


    The only international collection of Beijing photographer Ren Hang, whose images garnered some 90 shows in his brief six-year career, as well as a mass following online. Vivid and explicit, Hang's images capture naked subjects outdoors, exposed, erect, and in an entanglement of bodies that put him at the forefront of a gender fluid world and of...

  • - A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s-1950s
    by Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell

    Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love portrays the history of romantic love between men in hundreds of moving and tender photographs taken between the years 1850 and 1950.

  • - The World as You've Never Seen It Before
    by Patricia Schultz

    A photo-driven, deluxe gift-book edition of the bestselling travel book of all time, Patricia Schultz's #1 New York Times bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

  • by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

    The Earth has changed... A new edition of this classic book, with 100 new photographs by Yann-Arthus Bertrand.

  • - Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere
    by Zach Klein & Steven Leckart
    £8.49 - 17.49

    Offers a collection of photography of rural escapes and inspiring stories of people who've created their dream home. This book is an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty and serenity that happens when nature meets simple craft.

  • by Brandon Stanton
    £10.99 - 17.49

    The thrilling book that brings people all around the world together by the creator of Humans of New York

  • by Alan Riding & Sebastiao Salgado

    For a decade, Serra Pelada evoked the long-promised El Dorado as the world's largest open-air gold mine, employing some 50,000 diggers in appalling conditions. Today, Brazil's gold rush is merely the stuff of legend, kept alive by a few happy memories, many pained regrets-and Sebastiao Salgado's photographs. This collection is a major document...

  • - Generation Wealth
    by Lauren Greenfield

    A highly anticipated monograph from the internationally acclaimed documentary photographer and filmmaker

  • by Ekow Eshun

    Following her best-selling TASCHEN monograph, Linda McCartney's Polaroid Diaries brings together highlights from her vast archive. Taken from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s, the portraits, still lifes, landscapes and interior compositions affirm her bold eye for pattern, color, or simply an elegant fall of light. Through these candid...

  • by Peter Lindbergh

    Peter Lindbergh's seminal compendium, now published in a special anniversary edition. Through collaborations with the most venerated names in fashion, Lindbergh created new narratives with his humanist approach. This book features more than 300 images, many previously unpublished, and an adapted interview with Lindbergh.

  • by Hugh Honour & John Fleming

    Presents various developments in archeology and art historical research. This book offers a fresh perspective on various developments shaping our cultural history.

  • by Richard B. Woodward

    Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book reveals hundreds of the artist's instant pictures, many seen here for the first time. From self-portraits to still lives, anonymous nudes to New York high society, from Cabbage Patch dolls to portraits of Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry, these impromptu images offer a unique...

  • - Spaces Designed for the Senses
    by Kinfolk & Norm Architects

  • - 307 Assignments and Ideas
    by Jason Fulford & Gregory Halpern

    Over 250 inspiring and fun photography assignments from leading photographers and educators, including John Baldessari, Elinor Carucci, Sandra Phillips, Stephen Shore, and Alec Soth


    Paris... so familiar and yet surprising. In pastel shades and dazzling details like the palette of French Impressionism, Serge Ramelli presents a unique and personal photo homage to the City of Lights. With romance and history in her blood, Paris shows her tender side as never seen before.

  • by Hugh M. Hefner

    This gorgeous and giant volume collects every single nude centrefold ever featured in Playboy.

  • - Screenwriting, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Audio, & Editing
    by Blain Brown
    £33.99 - 117.49


    Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. From early portraits of his friends to abstract images made in a darkroom without a camera or works made with a photocopier, he has pushed the photographic process to its outer limits in myriad ways. For this collection of...

  • - I Have So Much To Tell You
    by Gunner Stahl

  • - The Great American Hike

  • - A Creative Life Outdoors

  • - Films, Stills, Polaroids & Writings

    A monograph on Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian filmmaker, writer, film editor and film theorist of extraordinary influence and cinematic vision.

  • by David Lynch

  • by William A. Ewing & William Wegman

    The ultimate collection of William Wegman's Weimaraner photographs, in an accessibly priced format, with over 250 brilliant and witty images from across five decades.

  • by Bryan Peterson

    This revised edition of Bryan Peterson's popular book demystifies the complex concepts of exposure in photography, allowing readers to capture the images they want. 'Understanding Exposure' shows how to get sharpness and contrast in images, how to freeze action and how to take the best meter readings, while also exploring filters, flash and light.

  • by Conde Nast

    A celebration of the pivotal role the fashion editor has played in shaping America's sense of style since "Vogue"'s launch 120 years ago. Drawing on American Vogue's exceptional archive, this book focuses on the work of eight of the magazine's legendary fashion editors.

  • by Charlotte Cotton
    £10.99 - 13.49

    Provides an introduction to contemporary art photography, identifying its important features and themes and celebrating its exciting pluralism through an overview of its most important and innovative practitioners.

The best thing about photography is its ability to capture the moment - and its ability to do it in so many ways. Each individual takes their own kind of photos. We have our own characteristic which comes to the surface when photographing. Although another amazing thing about photography is its universality. You don’t have to speak the same language in order to understand a photo taken by another nationality, even though you should remember the cultural differences.  
When taking a photo we give something of ourselves. A photo shows how we as individuals see the world; the way we use colors, light and shadow, perspective and not least the motive we choose to capture. It shows our interpretation of the world, and it is a product of what we find meaningful, although it can be difficult to go from idea to reality as an amateur photographer taking a photo. The photography does not always end up as we planned. It can be challenging when the importance of well taken and well produced photography and visual media has increased in recent years, especially after the rise of photo sharing social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. In Tales’ selection of photography books online you can find help to get started yourself. The selection of photo books guide you to all the basics of lights, backgrounds, perspectives and lenses making you the next master of photography. Who knows maybe you will end up with your own photography book or more followers on social media? If not, you can get inspired by the works of some of the greatest photographers now and then giving their different interpretations of the world and of life itself. 

Popular photo books
In Tales’ selection of photo books online you will find some of the most popular photography books at the market. The books contain works of some of the biggest photo artists in modern history. Photography can be its own form of art, especially when the camera is in the hands of a talented photographer, and that is why some of our most popular books are photography art books.
One of the most popular photo books right now is the collection of Helmuth Newton’s photo art in the special anniversary edition of his famous art book SUMO. Helmuth Newton has a whole museum dedicated to him and his works in the German capital Berlin. Newton is one of the biggest names in modern photography art and you have the chance of getting lost in 464 of his greatest photos. Newton works in the cross field between art and fashion and some of his photos are quite provocative. We recommend you to dive into the works of Helmuth Newton together with other photography art books.
Another one among our most popular photo books is the bestselling Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. Through amazing visual portraits Stanton tells the story of everyday life in New York seen through the eyes of the ordinary new yorker, while at the same time showing all the diversity of the Big Apple. Stantons’ photos focus on the individual and the story of that individual, which comes to life in his photo book. All the individual photos come together and form a poetic and authentic portrait of modern New York.

Coffee table books
We all know the feeling of getting lost for words, especially in situations when not convenient. With one or two photography books on your coffee table you never have to experience that again. With a photo book you always have something to show your guests. A photo book gives them something to look at and converse about. There is nothing so inspiring as a good photo book. Coffee table books also add that final touch to your interior and show your interest in photography and art, making even more room for conversation. The photography books look good both in and out, and make your furnishing even more stylish, while giving you a touch of inspiration every day. 

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