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Here you will find exciting books about Autobiographies. Below is a selection of over 10.000 books on the subject.

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  • - A Thousand-Year History: A Revised and Expanded Edition of Generations: A Thousand-Year Family History
    by Ralph Sanders
    £16.49 - 23.49

  • by E Maria Makepeace

  • - Volume IV "The Coronation" the Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God
    by Venerable Mary of Agreda

  • - The Story of Oscar Garden, The Forgotten Aviator
    by Mary Garden

  • by James Fontaine
    £25.99 - 33.99

  • - A Love Story
    by Uma Trilok

  • by Adolf Hitler
    £27.99 - 30.49

  • - ...But Don't Call Me Chong
    by Cheech Marin
    £19.99 - 21.49

    An insightful memoir from a counterculture legend

  • - My Struggle
    by Adolf Hitler

  • - True Stories of Vanished Times: An Autobiography
    by Harold Evans
    £3.99 - 10.49

    From a wartime beach in Wales to the gleaming skyscrapers of twenty-first-century Manhattan, the extraordinary career of Fleet Street legend Harold Evans has spanned five decades of tumultuous social, political and creative change. Just how did a working class Lancashire boy, who failed the eleven-plus, rise to a position where he could so effectively give voice to the unheard?Born in the bleak years between the wars in the sprawl of Greater Manchester into a thrifty, diligent and loving family, Evans inherited only the privilege of his parents' example. Theirs was a work ethic that led Evans through night school classes, national service and a passionate commitment to regional life, and, finally, to his unassailably successful editorship of one of our greatest newspapers, the Sunday Times. Whether unpicking the murderous chaos of Bloody Sunday, pursuing a foreign correspondent's murderers or uncovering the atrocity of Thalidomide, this consummate newsman evokes his contagious passion: for the real story and the truth.

  • by Diane Paterson

  • - Fighting for life on the killer mountain
    by Elisabeth Revol

  • - A True Story of Corruption, Murder and how I became Putin's no. 1 enemy
    by Bill Browder

    This is his explosive journey from the heady world of finance in New York and London in the 1990s, through battles with ruthless oligarchs in turbulent post-Soviet Union Moscow, to the shadowy heart of the Kremlin. With fraud, bribery, corruption and torture exposed at every turn, Red Notice is a shocking political roller-coaster.

  • - Lives and Works of Master Guitar Makers John D'Angelico and James L. D'Aquisto
    by Paul William Schmidt
    £24.49 - 50.99

  • by Anna Pao

  • - The Improbable Life of Charlotte Moorman
    by Joan Rothfuss
    £26.99 - 30.99

    The first book to explore the extraordinary career of musician and performance artist Charlotte Moorman, whose work combined classical rigor, avant-garde experiment, and madcap daring.

  • - The New Science of Psychedelics
    by Michael Pollan
    £4.99 - 9.99

  • by Albert Camus

  • by Adolf Hitler

  • - A Soldier's Dreams, Demons and Destination
    by George Howard Newton
    £8.99 - 21.49

  • - The Incredible Inside Story of Winston Churchill During World War II
    by John Colville

    An intimate and unvarnished view of Winston Churchill at his best.

  • by Cyril Lionel Robert James

    Part memoir of a West Indian boyhood, part passionate celebration and defence of cricket as an art form, part indictment of colonialism, Beyond a Boundary addresses not just a sport but a whole culture and asks the question, 'What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?

  • - The Autobiography
    by Richie McCaw

    In his autobiography, McCaw recounts for the first time, with brutal honesty, the roots of his family life that defined his character and how it gave him the strength to emerge from the lowest moment in his career to become the most successful Captain world rugby has ever seen.

  • - Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie
    by Angela Bowie

    Having outlasted the gag order that was part of their divorce agreement, Angela Bowie produced this memoir of her turbulent life with David.

  • - A Listener's Companion
    by Michael Stephans

    Saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and composer Ornette Coleman has earned enduring praise as an American jazz icon. Stephans weaves together analysis of Coleman's recordings and exploration of the free jazz movement with interviews of those who knew Coleman best to tell an inspiring story of artistic genius and resilience.

  • - K. E. Tsiolkovskii, Grandfather of Soviet Rocketry
    by James T. Andrews

    K E Tsiolkovskii was a science popularizer, novelist, technical inventor, and visionary, whose science fiction writings included futuristic drawings of space stations long before they appeared on any engineer's drawing board. This title shows that Tsiolkovskii was more than either a rocket inventor or a propaganda tool.

  • by Bernard Rhodes

    Published to follow the 40th anniversary of the Clash, this is a testament to the man who both facilitated the band's formation and held it together.

  • - A Story of Tragedy and Forgiveness
    by Grace L Fabian
    £15.49 - 21.49

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