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At Tales you find a wide variety of children’s books, because we all know that our children deserve the best. In our selection you will find all the classics with the most beloved children’s books characters, but you can also let your child take on an adventure with some new heroes. Either way the world of books is an enchanting place for a child experiencing the magic of a good children’s story for the first time, and what makes the world of children’s books even more magical is the many beautiful and thrilling childrens’ books illustrations. They make the characters come alive. So if you want to introduce your child to the magical world of books let the magic begin here.
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  • by Anne-Francoise Pattis

    Do you want your young child to develop a love of languages? This book introduces kids ages three to six to everyday French vocabulary using the same simple techniques that help children build vocabulary in their native language.

  • by Nicholas Allan

    It's a busy year for the Queen - she has lots of important events to attend. Meanwhile, a little girl is wondering what knickers Her Majesty will choose to wear on a school visit! Will they be her 'at home' knickers - adorned with corgis - or her 'garden party' knickers, or perhaps her woolly Balmoral ones...?Both children and adults will love this very special and endearing insight into a child's imagination, from the best-selling author-illustrator of Father Christmas Needs A Wee and Jesus' Christmas Party.Recently, the Queen visited a nursery in Norfolk and enjoyed a display based on the book:"e;...just to make it special, there was one element that was not quite so traditional: pants. These were not just any pants, either. They were the Queen's Knickers, and at Dersingham Infant and Nursery School, in Norfolk, they were put on special display in honour of their royal visitor"e; ~ Valentine Low, The Times

  • by Nicholas Allan

    The trouble is, Willy is one of 300 million sperm and they all want the same prize - an egg. It's lucky Willy is such a good swimmer ... Hilariously funny, warm, endearing and totally non-threatening - this small masterpiece presents the facts of life to young children in a unique but totally accessible way.

  • by Astrid Lindgren

    Follow the Tomten through one chilly night as he guards the farm and keeps everyone safe, even while they sleep.

  • by Carolyn Croll & Workman Calendars

    Brimming with Christmas spirit, this calendar features 24 jewel-like miniatures board books, nestled in a three-panelled, stand alone backer. The books are numbered 1 through 24, and, like the peek-a-boo windows on an Advent calendar, are meant to be opened one per day from December 1st through Christmas Eve.

  • - A Fact-Filled Coloring Book
    by Freddy Stark

    For those who find the human body to be a fascinating biological machine, look no further! Compiled are some of the best drawings taken from the famous book of anatomy, Gray's Anatomy (1858), by the late anatomist and surgeon, Henry Gray. With more than 85 illustrations to color, it's easy to understand what goes on inside you!

  • by Emily Bone

    What is the earth made of and what goes on beneath the surface? This non-fiction lift-the-flap book features bold illustrations, simple explanations to complex questions and over 60 flaps to lift. An introduction to geology and geography for young children.

  • by Innosanto Nagara
    £9.49 - 11.49

  • by Eric Carle

    Follows the Very Hungry Caterpillar's journey from tiny caterpillar to butterfly.

  • by Fiona Watt

    Creep through the dense undergrowth of the jungle to discover a whole menagerie of exotic animals, just waiting to leap off the pages of this busy pop-up book. Illustrations are brought to live in a riot of colour and detail as you turn each page to see a 3-dimensional scene emerge.

  • by Anna Llenas

    What is the Colour Monster feeling? And can you help him feel a little less mixed up?

  • by Dan Santat

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2019 UKLA BOOK AWARDAfter the fall, Humpty Dumpty is a broken egg. Life is tough: he's so afraid of heights, he can't even bear to climb onto his bed, or reach his favourite cereal on the top shelf at the supermarket.


    This stunning gift book from the National Trust features enticing paper-cut artwork from Clover Robin, alongside simple instructions to make 13 different origami animals and objects, poems about nature, as well as 50 sheets of origami paper!

  • by Clement C. Moore

    `Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... Open this pop-up book and watch an abbreviated version of the classic poem magically burst into life, with scenes including a beautiful Christmas tree and Santa and his reindeer flying across the starlit sky.

  • by Moira Butterfield & Paperscapes

    Meet the world's most amazing animals in this illustrated book with press-out die-cut pages which turns into a wildlife work of art.

  • by Gianni Rodari

    Night after night, a father spins a new, fantastical bedtime story for his daughter from the other end of the telephone.

  • by Malala Yousafzai

  • - Alphabet Sticker Book
    by Hey Duggee

    Journey through the alphabet with Duggee and the Squirrels! Featuring all your favourite characters from the triple BAFTA-winning CBeebies show, now your little ones can learn their ABCs Duggee-style!Every letter features multiple characters from Duggee's hilarious, adorable world, plus a sticker to add to each one. Ah-woof!

  • by Caryl Hart

  • by Peppa Pig

    It is Diwali and Peppa and her family are learning all about this very special celebration!Mummy and Daddy Pig are cooking a feast, and Granny and Grandpa Pig bring everyone special clothes to wear. Then it's time for the party to begin!

  • by Anna McNuff

    Discover a life outdoors with this fun and exuberant guide, packed with 100 different big and small adventures. From building a den, to going on a skateboard journey, visiting a lighthouse and telling midnight ghost stories, every adventure will inspire you to get outdoors and go exploring. Created by adventurer Anna McNuff, this book will encourage everyone to fly by the seat of their adventure pants, no matter where they live!

  • by Giles Andreae

    A fun-filled, rhyming picture book about the special relationship between father and child from the bestselling author of Giraffes Can't Dance, Giles Andreae.

  • - Bilingual Early Learning & Easy Teaching Basque Books for Kids
    by S. Amaya S.
    £9.99 - 15.49

  • - Picture Book Edition
    by Floella Benjamin

    A twentieth-anniversary edition of Floella Benjamin's important childhood memoir as part of the Windrush generation.

  • by Fiona Watt

    This charming gift set includes That's not my dinosaur... and an adorable dinosaur soft toy. There are five dinosaurs to meet in the book, with rough horns, bumpy teeth and fuzzy tails, and children can cuddle the plush dinosaur as they listen to the book being read.

  • by Sam Taplin

    Step inside the magical world of Santa's workshop as you press the buttons on this enchantingly illustrated book to hear elves making toys, reindeer bells jingling, Christmas music playing, and Santa's sleigh whooshing off into the night sky at the end.

  • by Alice Oseman

    Packed with stunning artwork from the bestselling Heartstopper series, this unique colouring book allows you to relax with Nick, Charlie and friends - and also includes several exclusive never-before-seen images.

  • by Editors of Klutz

    The exciting sequel to the popular LEGO Gadgets and LEGO Chain Reactions.

  • - How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever
    by Matt Tavares

  • - Her Extraordinary Life from the Crown to the Corgis
    by Kate Williams

    A colourful non-fiction picture book by author, historian and TV presenter Prof Kate Williams, introducing readers to Queen Elizabeth - the life, the legacy, the crown and the corgies - who would grow up the become the longest-ever serving British monarch. The perfect Christmas gift with a paperback out in time for the Platinum Jubilee

What defines a children’s book you may ask? The first and the most obvious characteristic of a children’s book is the fact that it is written it to children. Secondly is the importance of how the story is told. In children’s books the story is often told from a children's perspective, or the story has a child or an adult addressing a child as the storyteller. Thereby the child reading or hearing the story can identify with the main character or characters in the children’s story making the child more engaged in the plot. 
Another significant characteristic of children’s books is the use of pictures or illustrations. A children’s story is often told through a combination of written words and children’s books illustrations. It can also be in the form of a picture book, where the child creates the story from the pictures he or she sees. In the newest books we also see a frequent use of sound as an extra level of engagement. You can both find sound books and picture books in our selection of children’s books. 

Children’s books can cover a wide range of genres, but there are two main categories. Either we have the lyric kind that covers both children’s songs, rhymes or nonsense poetry, which often have a fun or silly theme that makes the children laugh while singing or rhyming along. The other kind of children’s books is the narrative story. This is the category of the fairytales, the children’s novels and the classical novels told for children. Here we see a frequent use of figurative language, which speaks to the children’s imagination. The plot in these narrative stories can both be set in a fictional or realistic world. 

The Classics 
The world of children’s books contain a lot of beloved classics by all the great children’s authors. Classics that never lose their magic. Classics that make you reflect. Classics that move you, because of all the lovely memories you have with the stories and all the wonderful children’s books characters. You probably remember yourself when your mom or dad read them to you before bedtime and you couldn’t sleep because of the fascination of all the amazing places, characters and action in the books. Then when you fell asleep you would dream the most wonderful dreams where your imagination would build on to the story and you could be the hero of your favorite fairy tale. You could give that same wonderful experience to your children when you read the timeless classics to them and in doing so sharing the magical world with them and thereby creating a unique bond between you and your children.
You can for example choose to travel back to Neverland with your children following the second star to the right with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, or you could take a trip through the mysterious rabbit hole and experience the curious world of Wonderland with Alice and the Mad Hatter.  

Colouring and learning books
If your child is in a creative mood, we also have a selection of children’s colouring books for both toddlers and tweens. Your child can colour everything from famous artworks by Frida Kahlo to all their favorite children’s books characters and magical creatures like unicorns. The colouring books are beautifully illustrated and just waits to be introduced to the world of colour making them even more beautiful. By letting your children colour figures in a children’s colouring book of their own choice you stimulate their creative side and fine motor skills. Colouring also works relaxing on your children given them a break from the busy everyday. 
You can also stimulate your child with the use of learning books. You will find a wide range of children’s learning books in our store. Your child can both learn about animals of all kinds including dinosaurs, but they can also learn how the body works, or get an introduction to the universe. No matter the topic the books are specially developed for children’s minds and are told in a language they can understand. 

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