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At Tales you find a wide variety of children’s books, because we all know that our children deserve the best. In our selection you will find all the classics with the most beloved children’s books characters, but you can also let your child take on an adventure with some new heroes. Either way the world of books is an enchanting place for a child experiencing the magic of a good children’s story for the first time, and what makes the world of children’s books even more magical is the many beautiful and thrilling childrens’ books illustrations. They make the characters come alive. So if you want to introduce your child to the magical world of books let the magic begin here.

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  • by Eric Carle
    £7.49 - 19.99

    Suitable for children, this title covers colourful collage illustrations and its deceptively simply, hopeful story. It features die-cut pages and finger-sized holes to explore.

  • - A new Tales from Acorn Wood story
    by Julia Donaldson

    Welcome to Acorn Wood. Come and help Cat find a recipe book in Acorn Library in this preschool lift-the-flap book from the creators of The Gruffalo.

  • - A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids: 10th Anniversary Edition
    by Carol McCloud
    £8.99 - 11.49

  • by Giles Andreae
    £2.49 - 8.99

    This funny, touching and triumphant picture book about a giraffe who finds his own tune has been a much-loved family favourite for over 15 years.

  • by Judith Kerr
    £2.39 - 37.49

    READ BY GERALDINE MCEWAN. This classic story has been loved by millions of children since it was first published over 30 years ago.

  • by Rachel Bright
    £2.99 - 6.49

    A funny rhyming story about dealing with change and overcoming worries. From the bestselling creators of The Lion Inside.

  • by Nick Sharratt

    Britain's most popular artist presents a brilliantly original format that very young children will delight in time and again.

  • by Eric Hill
    £5.93 - 7.49

    An adventure that allows children to join in the search for the mischievous puppy by lifting the flaps on every page to see where Spot is hiding. It features simple text and colourful pictures that can engage a whole new generation of pre-readers as they lift the picture flaps in search of Spot.

  • by Nancy Tillman

    On the night you were born, you brought wonder and magic to the world. The moon stayed up till morning. Polar bears danced. Presented in a board book format, this title celebrates the one and only ever you.

  • by Pam Adams
    £4.48 - 14.49

    Forty years after publication this much-loved classic is as popular as ever. Ingenious die-cut holes bring this well-known nursery rhyme to life, and Pam Adams' illustrations lend humour and vibrancy to the proceedings.

  • by Dav Pilkey

    The brand new bestselling Dog Man book from Dav Pilkey - you'll howl with laughter!

  • by Rob Lloyd Jones

    Lift the many flaps in this sturdy, interactive thin board book to discover what happens inside boats, bikes, planes, cars, buses and more. There are lots of things to spot and talk about in the amusing and detailed illustrations by Stefano Tognetti. With over 75 flaps to lift.

  • by Rachel Bright
    £2.99 - 8.99

    A bestselling story about confidence, self-esteem, and a shy little mouse who sets out on a journey to find his roar.

  • by Drew Daywalt
    £3.99 - 40.99

    The Number One New York Times Bestseller! Debut author Drew Daywalt and international bestseller Oliver Jeffers team up to create a colourful solution to a crayon-based crisis in this playful, imaginative story that will have children laughing and playing with their crayons in a whole new way.

  • by Julia Donaldson
    £5.94 - 6.49

    "Stick Man lives in the family tree With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three." But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire! Will he ever get back to the family tree?

  • by Claire Freedman

    Dinosaurs love underpants! And they will do ANYTHING to get their claws on a pair.

  • by Fiona Watt

    Meet five friendly dinosaurs in this special edition of the much-loved That's not my... book. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet dinosaurs with fuzzy tails, bumpy teeth and soft spines. The bright pictures and textures to stroke are designed to help develop sensory and language awareness.

  • by Peppa Pig

    A collection of six chunky mini books, based on your favourite characters from "Peppa Pig". Presented in a beautiful slipcase box, it is suitable for pre-school children. It encourages children to start to read by themselves.

  • by Marcus Pfister

  • by Julia Donaldson

    Never fear, Superworm's here! He can fish Spider out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm's rescue, when he's captured by a wicked Wizard Lizard? Luckily, all of Superworm's insect friends have a cunning plan...

  • by Fiona Watt

    Unicorn lovers will adore this magical activity book, filled with unicorns to decorate and fairies and mermaids to dress on every page. Scenes include rainbows in the sky, playing by the sea and lots more. With over 300 reusable stickers of clothes, flowers and accessories, this activity book can be enjoyed time and time again.

  • - A Push, Pull, Slide Book
    by Axel Scheffler

    A first novelty board book for young children about animals on the farm, with push, pull, slide and turning mechanisms.

  • by Eric Carle

    Suitable for little hands to hold, this title features sturdy board pages that are durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of toddlers. It is filled with collage art, and large and simple text.

  • by Patricia Toht
    £6.99 - 9.99

  • by Julia Donaldson
    £5.80 - 6.99

    "Me, you and the old guitar. How perfectly, perfectly happy we are. MEEE-EW and the old guitar. How PURRRR-fectly happy we are!" Tabby McTat is a busker's cat. He loves his life with Fred, singing along as people throw coins in their hat. Then one day, Fred has an accident, and the two are separated. How will they ever find each other again?

  • by Jon Klassen
    £5.94 - 6.22

    A bear searches for his missing hat in the bestselling, multiple award-winning picture book debut of Jon Klassen.

  • by Emily Bone

    What is the earth made of and what goes on beneath the surface? This non-fiction lift-the-flap book features bold illustrations, simple explanations to complex questions and over 60 flaps to lift. An introduction to geology and geography for young children.

  • by Alex Hunter

    Search for five dinosaur poos at a football match, on a pirate ship and in outer space!

What defines a children’s book you may ask? The first and the most obvious characteristic of a children’s book is the fact that it is written it to children. Secondly is the importance of how the story is told. In children’s books the story is often told from a children's perspective, or the story has a child or an adult addressing a child as the storyteller. Thereby the child reading or hearing the story can identify with the main character or characters in the children’s story making the child more engaged in the plot. 
Another significant characteristic of children’s books is the use of pictures or illustrations. A children’s story is often told through a combination of written words and children’s books illustrations. It can also be in the form of a picture book, where the child creates the story from the pictures he or she sees. In the newest books we also see a frequent use of sound as an extra level of engagement. You can both find sound books and picture books in our selection of children’s books. 

Children’s books can cover a wide range of genres, but there are two main categories. Either we have the lyric kind that covers both children’s songs, rhymes or nonsense poetry, which often have a fun or silly theme that makes the children laugh while singing or rhyming along. The other kind of children’s books is the narrative story. This is the category of the fairytales, the children’s novels and the classical novels told for children. Here we see a frequent use of figurative language, which speaks to the children’s imagination. The plot in these narrative stories can both be set in a fictional or realistic world. 

The Classics 
The world of children’s books contain a lot of beloved classics by all the great children’s authors. Classics that never lose their magic. Classics that make you reflect. Classics that move you, because of all the lovely memories you have with the stories and all the wonderful children’s books characters. You probably remember yourself when your mom or dad read them to you before bedtime and you couldn’t sleep because of the fascination of all the amazing places, characters and action in the books. Then when you fell asleep you would dream the most wonderful dreams where your imagination would build on to the story and you could be the hero of your favorite fairy tale. You could give that same wonderful experience to your children when you read the timeless classics to them and in doing so sharing the magical world with them and thereby creating a unique bond between you and your children.
You can for example choose to travel back to Neverland with your children following the second star to the right with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, or you could take a trip through the mysterious rabbit hole and experience the curious world of Wonderland with Alice and the Mad Hatter.  

Colouring and learning books
If your child is in a creative mood, we also have a selection of children’s colouring books for both toddlers and tweens. Your child can colour everything from famous artworks by Frida Kahlo to all their favorite children’s books characters and magical creatures like unicorns. The colouring books are beautifully illustrated and just waits to be introduced to the world of colour making them even more beautiful. By letting your children colour figures in a children’s colouring book of their own choice you stimulate their creative side and fine motor skills. Colouring also works relaxing on your children given them a break from the busy everyday. 
You can also stimulate your child with the use of learning books. You will find a wide range of children’s learning books in our store. Your child can both learn about animals of all kinds including dinosaurs, but they can also learn how the body works, or get an introduction to the universe. No matter the topic the books are specially developed for children’s minds and are told in a language they can understand. 

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