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Here you will find exciting books about Creativity. Below is a selection of over 22.112 books on the subject.
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  • by Karen Manthey

    Get hooked on the art of crochet The crochet craze has taken the craft world by storm. If you've caught the bug and want to take your skills from beginner to beguiling, look no further than the friendly guidance in this bestselling guide.

  • by Sarah Keen

    50 Knitted Dolls is a delightful creation by Sarah Keen, published in 2017 by GMC Publications. This book falls under the genre of craft and hobby, specifically knitting. Sarah Keen, a renowned author in the world of craft books, invites you on a unique journey, exploring the art of knitting through the creation of 50 different dolls. Each doll is distinct, showcasing a variety of styles, characters, and techniques. This book is a must-have for knitting enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive guide to creating these charming dolls. Published by GMC Publications, a leader in the field of craft books, 50 Knitted Dolls is a testament to their commitment to quality and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a beginner looking for a new challenge, this book is a valuable addition to your collection.

  • by Michael Powell

    20 to Stitch: Christmas Cross Stitch is a captivating book by the talented author Michael Powell. Published in 2017 by Search Press Ltd, this book falls under the genre of Craft & Hobby Books. With Christmas around the corner, this book provides the perfect opportunity to embrace the festive spirit with 20 beautiful and unique cross stitch designs. Michael Powell, known for his distinctive style, has put together a collection that ranges from traditional motifs to more contemporary designs. Each pattern is easy to follow, making it a great option for both beginners and more experienced stitchers. So, why wait? Start your Christmas preparations early this year with 20 to Stitch: Christmas Cross Stitch, and create beautiful decorations and gifts with a personal touch. Brought to you by Search Press Ltd, a publisher known for its wide range of art and craft books.

  • - 45 idéer, trin-billeder og masser af tips til gaver, der glæder
    by Tina Dalbøge

    E-bogen Personlige pengegaver giver dig masser af idéer til sjove, farverige og alternative måder at forære penge væk i gaver. Glem alt om et kedeligt telegram og pak i stedet en gave ind, så modtageren enten på en diskret, anderledes eller meget festlig måde får serveret pengesedler eller mønter. Så skal du til fødselsdag, konfirmation, bryllup eller en anden festlig begivenhed, så er der helt sikkert en idé, du kan bruge – eller blive inspireret af, så du finder på din helt egen personlige pengegave. Der er tydelige step-by-step billeder og ekstra tips til alle bogens 45 idéer. E-bogen er på 156 sider.Bag e-bøgerne i denne LAV SELV-serie står idékvinden, Tina Dalbøge, som tidligere har udgivet bogen Førstehjælp til fantasien.

  • - 20 Building Projects to Enrich Your Home, Your Heart & Your Community
    by Steve Fitzberger

    Wood Pallet DIY Projects, Author: Steve Fitzberger, Publication Year: 2018-06-12, Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing, Language: eng

  • by Elizabeth James

    Cool Colouring for Men is a captivating book written by Elizabeth James. Published in 2016 by Kyle Craig Publishing, this book offers a unique twist to the genre of colouring books. The author, known for her creative prowess, has meticulously crafted each page to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for men. The book features a variety of intricate designs and patterns that are not only visually appealing but also designed to promote mindfulness and stress relief. Whether you're a novice or an experienced colourist, this book provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's time to unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the world of colouring with Cool Colouring for Men by Elizabeth James.

  • - Using the Creative Grids (R) 6-inch Log Cabin Trim Tool
    by Penny Haren

    Learn how to use the Creative Grids (R) 6" Log Cabin Trim Tool to make perfect Log Cabin, Half Log Cabin, and Courthouse Steps blocks with ease! With 10 step-by-step projects for pillows, place mats, throws, table toppers, wall hangings, and bed quilts, you'll be able to quickly convert your stash and scraps into amazing quilts!

  • by Caroline Akselson

    The Great British Sewing Bee: Sustainable Style is a captivating book penned by the talented Alexandra Bruce. Published in 2020 by Quadrille Publishing Ltd, this book dives into the world of sustainable fashion and sewing. It's a unique blend of practical guide and inspiration source for anyone interested in sustainable style. The book is filled with beautifully illustrated instructions and patterns that guide you through the process of creating your own sustainable wardrobe. The author, Alexandra Bruce, expertly combines her extensive knowledge of sewing and fashion to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to sustainable style. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in sewing, fashion, or sustainability. Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd, it reflects their commitment to producing quality books that inspire and educate readers. The book is written in English.

  • - Greyscale vintage Christmas coloring book
    by Color Joy

  • - Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns
    by Sarah Anderson

    A guide to creating 70 distinctive yarns, from classics such as mohair boucle to novelty features like super coils. It reveals the architecture of each yarn, and demonstrates exactly how to manipulate and combine the fibres to achieve the desired result and images of knitted and woven pieces reveal how the spun yarn looks in a variety of projects.

  • - Sketch and Paint Your Way Through the Creative Year
    by Lorna Scobie

    365 Days of Drawing is an inspiring book by Lorna Scobie, a renowned author in the art world. Published in 2018 by Hardie Grant Books, this book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in drawing, regardless of their skill level. The book is structured as a year-long journey of creativity, with daily drawing prompts and exercises to inspire and engage the reader. The genre of this book is art and creativity, offering a unique blend of fun and education. Each page of the book is a new opportunity to explore your artistic side and improve your drawing skills. The publisher, Hardie Grant Books, is known for its high-quality publications in the UK and this book is no exception. 365 Days of Drawing is not just a book, but a journey that will inspire you to pick up a pencil and start drawing, every day of the year.

  • - The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Horses, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, and Many More Creatures
    by Lee J. Ames

    A compendium of step-by-step drawing exercises from the best-selling 'Draw 50' series that features easy-to-follow lessons for rendering animals

  • - Inspire Your Imagination with Art Every Day
    by Lorna Scobie

    365 Days of Creativity is a captivating book by Lorna Scobie, published in 2019. This book belongs to a genre that inspires and motivates its readers to explore their creative side. Scobie, through this book, provides a unique platform for everyone to express their creativity throughout the year. Published by Hardie Grant Books (UK), this book is a testament to Scobie's ingenious approach to making creativity a daily habit. It is a must-read for anyone looking to add a spark of creativity to their daily life.

  • by Anja Takacs

    Perledronningen AnjaTakacs er tilbage med en kreativ julebog, der spreder julet perlehygge i hele huset med de mange fine perlekreationer kendt fra Anja Takacs ’bedårende univers. Her er step by step opskrifter på fine julehjerter, søde julegrise, flotte grangrene og julepynt til juletræet, værelset, og meget, meget mere. Man følger bare mønsteret og så er der ikke langt fra den første perle til det færdige resultat, som vil sprede julestemning i hele huset. AnjaTakacs er mor til to, og så har hun bloggen Krea by Anja Takacs , hvor hun deler sine perlekreationer med alle sine følgere. Hun har tidligere udgivet blandt andet PERLEDYR, PERLESJOV, MINE FØRSTE PERLERIER og PERLELEG

  • by DK

    Capture the delicate beauty of the great outdoors with this enchanting collection of stickers.Page after page of this book is packed with beautiful vintage drawings of creatures that soar, flutter, and glide.Get creative! Adorn your personal items with more than a thousand bird- and insect-themed stickers, create gorgeous artwork and stationery, or simply enjoy this book as an exquisite keepsake.

  • by Susan (Author) Briscoe

    A collection of 365 different sashiko patterns to sew from sashiko sewing expert, Susan Briscoe. Sew all 365 to make a beautiful sashiko sampler quilt featuring all the designs.

  • by Jesper Hede

    Elsker du at tage på ture i naturen og bruge din kreative sans? Eller er du ivrig efter at komme i gang med det? Bogen her lærer dig at bruge naturens ressourcer til at lave hverdagsting som fx borde, stole, skeer, tallerkener, lim, både, lamper, kurve, skåle og senge. Du får mere end 50 forskellige projekter forklaret i et letforståeligt sprog med masser af illustrationer, så du kan gøre din næste tur i vildmarken meget mere komfortabel og udfordrende. Her er alt fra pilefelt og keramik til læder- og træarbejde.Bushcrafthåndværk giver dig indblik i historien bag de forskellige projekter, hvordan du bruger og vedligeholder dit værktøj, hvilke træer der egner sig til hvad, hvordan du yder førstehjælp i vildmarken, og hvordan du dyrker bushcraft på bæredygtig vis. Bogen er både til begyndere og erfarne og kan bruges som opslagsværk, felthåndbog og til undervisning. Slip din kreativitet løs i naturen. Om forfatteren Jesper Hede har gennem hele livet interesseret sig for det primitive friluftsliv og for håndværk og har siden 2013 haft netop dette som sin levevej. Jesper Hede underviser årligt hundredvis af mennesker i bushcraft og håndværk, både gennem sin egen virksomhed, Bushcraft Danmark, men også mange andre steder, både nationalt og internationalt. Jesper Hede er forfatter til bogen Bushcraft i Norden, der nærmer sig 4. oplag, samt konsulent for diverse TV- og radioprogrammer, som fx DR’s Alene i vildmarken.

  • - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
    by Julia Cameron
    £16.49 - 19.99

    'I love it. A practical, spiritual, nurturing book.' - Russell BrandTHE MULTI-MILLION-COPY WORLDWIDE BESTSELLERSince its first publication, The Artist's Way has inspired the genius of Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and millions of readers to embark on a creative journey and find a deeper connection to process and purpose. Julia Cameron guides readers in uncovering problems and pressure points that may be restricting their creative flow and offers techniques to open up opportunities for growth and self-discovery.A revolutionary programme for personal renewal, The Artist's Way will help get you back on track, rediscover your passions, and take the steps you need to change your life. 'Each time I've learned something important and surprising about myself and my work ... Without The Artist's Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love' ELIZABETH GILBERT

  • by Pernille Larsen & Caroline Larsen

    Ny strikkebog indeholder 20 opskrifter på lækkert, tidløst strik, som man bare må eje – med de fineste detaljer og i smukke farver.Rigtig mange bliver i disse år grebet af den store strikkedille – det er hyggeligt at strikke, og man slapper af og kan lade tankerne vandre, mens strikkepindene er i gang. Er man en af dem, der let falder i svime over alle de vidunderlige garner, der dukker op i disse år, og som samtidig leder efter inspiration til det helt rigtige nye projekt til pindene, så er denne nye bog fra Knitting for Olive et must.Knitting for Olive er kendt og elsket i hele Norden for deres garner og for de smukke på en gang moderne og klassiske strikkedesigns til kvinder i alle aldre og størrelser og strikkere på alle niveauer. Bogen indeholder 20 opskrift er på tidløse sweatre, cardigans, bluser, huer og tørklæder, hvor der er tænkt over detaljen. Modellerne varierer fra de enkle, glatstrikkede designs til dem med skønne, effektfulde mønstre, som netop Knitting for Olive er så kendt for. Nogle af opskrifterne er velkendte Knitting for Olive-klassikere, mens ni af dem er helt nye ting, der næsten lige har sluppet pinden hos de erfarne strikkeeksperter bag Knitting for Olive.De gennemarbejdede opskrift er inkluderer alle størrelser op til 4XL og er skrevet i et let forståeligt sprog. Nogle af dem er for nybegynderen og lige til at gå til, andre er for den letøvede strikker og kræver lidt mere rutine. I slutningen af bogen er der QR-koder til videoer, hvor de forskellige teknikker bliver gennemgået. Ligegyldigt hvilken opskrift , man drømmer om at strikke, er der altså hjælp at hente, så man kan være sikker på et godt resultat.Med denne bog sikrer man sig en stor samling kvalitetsopskrift er med skønne strikkeprojekter til rigtig lang tid. Alle er de ledsaget af illustrative billeder taget i smukke omgivelser i København.

  • - Perlerier med Anja Takacs
    by Anja Takacs

    Perledronningen Anja Takacs er tilbage med en sjov, finurlig og kreativ bog med opskrifter, der bruger de perleplader, vi alle kender, på helt nye måder. Her er opskrifter på æsker, servietringe, luftballoner og perledyr med meget mere, alt rigt illustreret og forklaret trin for trin. Det eneste, det kræver, er perleplader og masser af perler, så er der timevis af hyggelige sysler sammen med børnene – og gad vide, om ikke forældrene også bliver lidt bidt af perlerierne? Anja Takacs driver kreabloggen anjatakacs.dk og har tidligere udgivet bogen PERLEDYR i serien Perlerier med Anja Takacs.

  • by Kimmie Munkholm

    Ny bog med alt om strikketeknikker, og hvad der ellers er værd at vide for den moderne strikker.Det at strikke er et håndværk, der kan læres lige som alle andre håndværk. Det kræver blot lidt øvelse og tålmodighed. Denne bog indeholder ikke opskrifter, men tager derimod læseren ved hånden og lærer hende eller ham at strikke.Bag bogen står Kimmie Munkholm, som alle, der strikker eller gerne vil i gang med at strikke, har stiftet bekendtskab med. Kimmie er kendt for sine utroligt populære, pædagogiske og meget anvendelige videoer, hvor hun forklarer forskellige strikketeknikker. Både på hendes egen Youtube-kanal, med mere end 300 strikkevideoer og 52.000 abonnenter, og via hendes tætte samarbejde med PetiteKnit, som hun også har lavet et hav af videoer til.I bogen gennemgår Kimmie alle aspekter af det at strikke: Lige fra valg af garn og pinde, over basale teknikker med strikning af ret- og vrangmasker samt ud- og indtagning – til lidt mere avancerede vende- pinde, forskellige typer af opslag og aflukninger, patent, struktur- og mønsterstrik. Man får også tips til at hæfte ender usynligt og til vask og blokning.Det hele er gennemillustreret med fotos. Bogen er til både den helt nye strikker og til den mere øvede, som ønsker at optimere sin viden og kunnen.

  • - To Create is to Destroy, Now With Even More Ways to Wreck!
    by Keri Smith

    Wreck This Journal is a captivating book authored by the talented Keri Smith. Published by Penguin Books Ltd in 2013, this unique piece of literature invites readers to explore their creative side. The book belongs to the genre of interactive and self-help books, challenging the traditional notion of keeping a journal. Smith encourages her readers to think outside the box by offering a variety of prompts that inspire artistic expression and self-reflection. The author's unconventional approach to journaling has made Wreck This Journal a must-have for those seeking a novel way to express themselves. The book is a testament to Keri Smith's creativity and Penguin Books Ltd's commitment to publishing innovative literature. Dive into this remarkable journal and let your creativity run wild.

  • by Anja Takacs

    Ny perlebestseller fra Anja Takacs med opskrifter til alle årets højtider.Danmarks perledronning er tilbage med sin flotteste bog nogensinde. Perletid er årets største højtider og fester set fra perleværkstedet: Her er både opskrifter på en smuk luciabrud til døren, perlerier til at gøre Halloween ekstra uhyggelig, smuk perlepynt til familiens næste barnedåb, fødselsdagspynt, en sød overraskelse til mors- og farsdag og meget mere. Perletid indeholder både almindelige flade perlerier og 3D mønstre, som altid er et kæmpe hit blandt de mange perlefans.Bogen er som Anjas andre bøger smukt illustreret og med mønstre, der er nemme at gå til for både store og små hænder. Her er til mange timers fordybelse og hygge – hele året rundt. Anja Takacs står bag en række bestsellere, der er solgt til mange lande. Hun lever af at drive bloggen anjatakacs.dk med en masse kreative perlerier til store og små.

  • - An Illustrated Compendium of Adhesive Ephemera
    by Odd Dot

    A beautiful collection of sticker ephemera for the modern-day crafter, scrapbooker, art lover, or for anyone who just loves stickers.

  • - Skridt på vej mod selvforsyning
    by Frank Erichsen

    Frank Erichsen - ung, seriøs bondemand på Djursland - giver i denne bog sit bud på, hvordan man på én sæson klarer: - at bygge et drivhus, - høste sine æbler og lave cider af dem (sammen med nabo Claude), - holde gæs og bygge dem et hus, - lave sin egen økse, - slå sit eget hø med egen hjemmekonstruerede le, - få det bedste udbytte af sine bønner i køkkenhaven – og få det daglige arbejde og familieliv til at gå op i en højere enhed. ”Siden ganske ung har jeg haft en stor interesse for at arbejde med det, man under en hat kan kalde for selvforsyning. Selvforsyning som målet og midlet for min tilværelse var dog noget der først langt senere kom ind i billedet. For mig var det og er det stadig den euforiske fornemmelse af at tilegne sig kundskaber, der gør en i stand til at klare sig selv, der var motivationen. Hvad end det så er at holde hest, sætte rypesnare, lufte en traktor eller dyrke gulerødder uden orm.”

  • - A Guide for the Realist Painter
    by James Gurney

    A researched study on art's most fundamental themes, Colour and Light bridges the gap between abstract theory and practical knowledge.

  • - Perlerier med Anja Takacs
    by Anja Takacs

    Lær at lægge de yndigste perleplader med Anja Takacs. Her er step by step-opskrifter på ræve, ugler og en masse andre kære dyr, alle sammen i Anjas yndige stil. Det eneste, det kræver, er et par perleplader og en dåse perler, så er der timevis af hyggelige sysler sammen med børnene – og gad vide, om ikke forældrene også bliver lidt bidt af perlerierne?

  • by Sony Picture Consumer Product

    Feel the magic of Outlander at your fingertips with this officially licensed book of knitting: twenty patterns inspired by the hit series from STARZ and Sony Pictures Television, based on Diana Gabaldon's bestselling novels. From the Scottish Highlands to the courts of Versailles to the eastern shores of North America, the TV show Outlander brings to life in gorgeous detail the epic love story of Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. But beyond the drama and passion, what has captured fans' imagination the most are the rustic knits worn on the show. Now knitters of all skill levels can recreate them with twenty projects for apparel, accessories, and home décor that take inspiration from memorable episodes. Knit the capelet cowl that Mrs. Fitz gives to Claire at Castle Leoch, warm your feet with Clan Mackenzie Boot Socks, swaddle your bairn with the Mo Chridhe Baby Blanket, and dress your Jamie in a warm waistcoat. From chunky knits to Celtic cables, each project includes a clearly written pattern, gorgeous photography, and scenes from the set. A love letter to the fans, Outlander Knitting will have you wishing you could time travel to the Highlands.

  • by Maria Rivans

    Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage is a captivating book by the talented Maria Rivans. Published in 2020 by Orion Publishing Co, this masterpiece takes you on an artistic journey like no other. As the title suggests, the book is filled with unique and extraordinary things to cut out and collage, making it the ideal choice for art enthusiasts and collage artists. Maria Rivans, known for her surreal and contemporary approach to art, has compiled an assortment of images that inspire creativity and innovation. The book belongs to the art genre, and it's no surprise given Maria's background and expertise in the field. With this book, you can explore the limitless boundaries of your imagination, creating unique art pieces from the comfort of your home. Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage is more than just a book; it's a gateway to a world of artistic exploration. Thanks to Orion Publishing Co, you can now bring this world to your doorstep.

  • - The Book Has the Colors, You Draw the Lines!
    by Kendra Norton

    Introducing 'The Reverse Coloring Book (TM)', a captivating piece of literature penned by the talented Kendra Norton. Published just recently in 2021, this book is a unique addition to the literary world that transcends traditional genres. Norton brilliantly explores the concept of coloring, but with an intriguing twist. Instead of adding color, readers are invited to strip it away, revealing a world of imagination and creativity beneath. Published by the esteemed Workman Publishing, this book is a testament to Norton's innovative approach to storytelling. Written in English, 'The Reverse Coloring Book (TM)' is an engaging read that promises to challenge your perspective and ignite your creativity.

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