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Here you will find exciting books about Humor. Below is a selection of over 1.584 books on the subject.
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  • - Smells Like Fish
    by Brad Gosse

    Mike Hunt's name is unusual. It sounds like something else. Clap along with these dope AF rhymes like: Mike Hunt Smells Like FishMike Hunt Gets So HairySometimes Mike Hunt BleedsIt Can Be Kinda ScaryMike Hunt Loves to Squirtand Gets Wet EasilyMike Hunt Once Got CrabsAnd Scratched EndlesslyMike Hunt Gets Ingrown HairsMike Hunt Collects ToysMike Hunt Has a Piercingand Gets Pounded Like the BoysSometimes Mike Hunt FartsWith Great Force and PowerMike Hunt Is the FreshestRight After a ShowerMike Hunt is fun for the whole family. Get Mike Hunt today

  • - The Ultimate Collection Of Funny Golfing Jokes
    by Chester Croker

    Golf Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of Funny Golfing Jokes provides golfers of all abilities with over 200 pages of hilarious golf jokes that will have you laughing out loud.These are funny golf jokes, golf puns, golf one-liners and funny golfing stories that golf enthusiasts around the world will identify with.In this hysterical golf joke book, you will find over 1,000 golf jokes that you can laugh at yourself or tell them to your golf buddies, or on golf tours, club matches, functions or society days.This is probably the biggest and best collection of the very best golfing jokes and puns you will find anywhere.You can easily change the names in the jokes to suit your own story telling purposes.Golfing One-LinersQuestion and Answer style golf jokes to tell your golf buddiesCaddie GagsShort Golf JokesLonger Golf Joke Set-upsRude Golf JokesGolf Quotes / Golf QuotationsGolf ParablesFunny Bumper Stickers for GolfersKids Golf JokesThis huge golf joke book is one that you will definitely refer back to for years to come.These hilarious golf jokes will make you laugh, so buy this funny golfing jokes book now. Tags: - golf jokes, golf gifts, golf present, golf gags, golf stories, golf jokes for men, best golf jokes, funny golfers jokes

  • by Joyce Brown

    Better Late Than Never introduces everyone to the main characters. Savannah, a sixty-plus Southern belle transplant living in Chicago. She is a widow of many years and a number one best-selling mystery writer who is definitely content with her life just the way it is. She is not looking for love, and when she least expects the "man of her dreams" to enter her life, there he is! Does she want to ignore the attraction she feels and keep her life just the way it is?Follow her through the pages as she fights the impulse to pursue this man and what happens when she finally decides she wants him and for better or for worse. She has a wacky sense of humor, and her antics will keep you turning the pages just to see what she is going to do next. She brings humor to the baby boomer problems new couples must face. How to disguise her CPAP so she doesn't look like Darth Vader's mother? How to put romance in an evening that must end with her wearing a chin strap to prevent her from snoring? She handles all these situations with humor and honesty.Marco, a sixty-plus successful orthopedic surgeon living in Chicago. He meets this wonderful, wacky woman Savannah on the operating table. He is the surgeon repairing her broken neck. He has no idea what fun, games, and overwhelming love is headed his way that morning when he meets her for the first time. She quickly becomes a puzzle for him to solve. He doesn't understand the need he feels for her but knows that he must have her no matter what she says. She is reluctant to pursue their attraction even though it is as strong for her as it is for him. The interaction between him and Savannah will keep you turning the pages to find out who will win in this tug-of-war to find true love. Will he give up his single lifestyle and commit to "until death do us part"? Will he win in his goal to have this woman say yes when he decides yes is the only answer he will accept from her?A must-read for every baby boomer who is single and looking for that partner who will share the end of life and the "golden years" with them.This is fiction, but the stories are all based on wonderful people who have been in my life and influenced my creating these characters.I intend for this to be a series of books and already have the plot for book number 2. A sneak peek to that book is included.

  • by Mark Arnold

    Is he MAD? Mark Arnold, author of If You're Cracked, You're Happy, Volumes Won and Too, has done it again with the very first COMPLETE MAD history since the 1990s. He's UNCONDITIONALLY MAD!!! This two-volume set (Part 1 and Part B) covers the entire 70+ year history of MAD magazine. Part B picks up from Editor Al Feldstein's retirement in 1984 and new Editors Nick Meglin and John Ficarra taking over. The Usual Gang of Idiots start to retire and pass on and a new generation of Idiots were added to the mix. Meglin retired in 2004 and Ficarra in 2018, when the New York operations were closed and moved to Burbank, California. MAD started over with #1 and another new Editor, Bill Morrison. It was a promising new start until the powers-that-be decided to change MAD over into a reprint title, where it remains to this day. The lawsuits, the hirings, the firings, the ghosts, the flatbugs, the spies, the FBI, the plants, the gooney birds and the celebrities are all contained here, along with many new and archival interviews with The Usual Gang of Idiots. It's a story that's UNCONDITIONALLY MAD!

  • - Tales of Trips, Travails, Traumas, Tours, Triumphs, Transits, Treks, Truths, Traipses, Trip Ups, Tasties, Treasures, and Touristy Tips As Told by Typical Traveling Tattletellers
    by Robin Dohrman Ayers

    For the last umpty years, upon our return from trips/vacations/adventures, our friends have waited with bated breaths to learn what we'd gotten ourselves into after realizing we seemed to be unable to travel without incident. This always leads to recalls from us, often with wild hand gestures. They have respectfully allowed us to go on and on about what we'd gotten ourselves into most recently. Now, maybe our friends were just being nice, but they have been nonetheless reinforcing these little humorous slices off the norm. In and of themselves individually, no one of these tales is terribly exciting. However, in a collection, there certainly was plenty of material from which to draw!To legitimize the stories, I felt they intimated teaching moments. Hence, I included "touristy tips," and lest it should be too terribly boring, Tasties wandered their ways in with the stories.

  • - Lessons from the High Life
    by Trish Tomer

    Blue Ribbon Finalist for Best Columns in the 2013 California Newspaper Publishers Association.Want to move to Tahoe? Jump in and hold on for a ride through fifty years of living in a high-altitude, weather-centric, quirky mountain town. Along the way, you'll gain insights into the misfits and free spirits who thrive in Tahoe's wilderness paradise and fickle climate and find out more about a populace that embraces bizarre employment opportunities for the promise of a hedonistic lifestyle. Learn how Tahoe locals celebrate the holidays mountain-style and the not-so-special events they create. This is a place where happy hour is still respected and observed daily. Get a close-up view of the service workers and the tourists who, unfortunately, have to depend on them. Take a peek at Tahoe's casinos that offer jobs with the guarantee of minimum wage, a complimentary meal of banquet leftovers, and a free humiliating uniform. As you travel Tahoe's bumpy roads, you might find a town with limitless recreational activities-most of which are legal. And you may be tempted to join the unleashed dogs and untethered humans at play. You'll see what it takes to be called a "Tahoe local," the true test is not how long you've lived here, but how you respond to the call of the wild.

  • - A Coloring Celebration of Ginger Glory
    by Scarlet Scribbler

    Delve into the vibrant world of redheads with this charming coloring book! Bursting with quirky facts and inspiring quotes celebrating the ginger community, it's a delightful journey into the fiery realm of ginger glory. Whether you're a redhead yourself or simply adore their unique charm, this book is a perfect gift to ignite creativity and appreciation for the red-haired wonders among us. With 40+ coloring pages, this coloring book is a perfect birthday gift, holiday present, or gag gift for that fiery redhead in your life. The quotes and facts are bound to make any ginger smile, and to feel as unique as they truly are. Celebrate the gingers of the world!

  • by Editorial Zone Black

    She si svegliò in una stanza sconosciuta, circondata da luci tremolanti e dal ronziodei macchinari. Il suo corpo faceva male e, mentre cercava di muoversi, notò che eralegata a un letto. La confusione la investìmentre si guardava intorno, cercando dicapire cosa stesse accadendo.

  • by Editorial Zone Black

    Ellie wachte in einem unbekannten Raum auf, umgeben vonflackernden Lichtern und dem Summen von Maschinen. IhrKörper schmerzte und als sie versuchte, sich zu bewegen, bemerkte sie, dass sie an ein Bett gefesselt war. Verwirrungüberkam sie, als sie sich umsah und versuchte zu verstehen, was los war. Plötzlich hallten die Stimmen der Ärzte durch den Raumund Ellie fing Fragmente ihrer Unterhaltung auf. "Immungegen Anästhesie", "der Schlüssel zur Heilung", murmeltes, dass Ellie atemlos ist. Ihre Augen weiteten sich vorErstaunen, als ihr klar wurde, dass sie die Hoffnung war, dieCordyceps-Infektion zu beenden.

  • by Editorial Zone Black

    Ellie s'est réveillée dans une pièce inconnue, entourée delumières vacillantes et du bourdonnement des machines.Son corps lui faisait mal et alors qu'elle essayait de bouger, elle remarqua qu'elle était attachée à un lit. La confusionl'envahit alors qu'elle regardait autour d'elle, essayant decomprendre ce qui se passait.

  • - Pastafarism
    by Paris Ezequiel Bianco

    Title: Church of the Flying Spaghetti MonsterSubtitle: Pastafarism Table of Contents I. INTRODUCTION TO PASTAFARISM1. Introduction to Flying Spaghetti Monster2. Origins and Founder of Pastafarism3. Fundamental Principles and Beliefs II. THE PILLARS OF PASTAFARISM4. The Creation of the Pastafarian Universe5. The Parody of Organized Religion6. The Fight for the Separation of Church and State III. THE PROPHET BOBBY HENDERSON7. The Story of Bobby Henderson and His Open Letter8. Pastafarianism's Response to Intelligent Design Theory9. The Cultural and Media Impact IV. ICONOGRAPHY AND SYMBOLS10. The Flying Spaghetti Monster11. The Pirate as a Pastafarian Symbol12. Pastafarian Outfits and Accessories V. BELIEFS AND RITUALS13. The Ten "Salsaments" of Pastafarism14. The Importance of Pasta in the Pastafarian Diet15. Pastafarian Rituals and Celebrations VI. THE DEBATE ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM16. The Fight For Official Recognition17. Legal Cases and Disputes About Religious Rights18. Education and Pastafarism VII. HUMOR AND SATIRA19. The Humorous Nature of Pastafarianism20. Parodies and Criticisms of Organized Religion21. Irony and Sarcasm in Pastafarianism VIII. PASTAFARISM IN THE WORLD22. Pastafarian Communities Around the World23. Pastafarian Events and Festivals24. Famous Personalities Who Identify With Pastafarianism IX. CRITICISM AND CONTROVERSIES25. Criticism of Religious Groups26. Responses to Accusations of Blasphemy27. The Opinions of Scientists and Philosophers on Pastafarianism X. THE FUTURE OF PASTAFARISM28. Challenges and Future Perspectives29. The Evolution of Pastafarianism in Modern Society30. The Cultural Influence of Pastafarianism XI . RESOURCES AND REFERENCES31. Recommended Readings on Pastafarianism32. Pastafarian Websites and Communities33. Contributions of Pastafarianism to Humanity

  • - How to stay sane while restoring a Cottage
    by Sue M Taylor

    We bought a cottage which was falling down around our ears and through the years we restored it to pristine condition.

  • by Editorial Zone Black

    Ella se desperto se despertó en una habitación desconocida, rodeada por luces parpadeantes y el zumbido de maquinaria. Su cuerpo dolía, y al intentar moverse, notó que estaba atada a una cama. La confusión se apoderó de ella mientras miraba a su alrededor, tratando de entender lo que estaba sucediendo.

  • - The book for those ruled by a small furry overlord!
    by Mandi Jai

    Indulge yourself in this breathtaking photographic collection of the sweetest and most exquisite cats you'll ever see. This book is the perfect companion for those who have surrendered to the charms of the world's most adorably aloof creatures. With a touch of feline-inspired narratives from everyday life that will make you laugh out loud, this book is guaranteed to captivate and enchant. This uplifting book is perfect for all ages and can be enjoyed over and over again, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves cats. So why wait? Order a copy for yourself or as a heartfelt gift today and experience the sheer joy and charm of these delightful cats!

  • - My Road To Ironman - Fueled By Cocaine, Booze & Sex
    by Thomas Patrick Roe

    Competing in a triathlon is a challenging but an Ironman is insane. Those that do never share the same journey, I assure you; none have taken my path. Athletes always look for an edge when training, my edge forced me to live there and dance with the devil. Self medicating on cocaine, prescription drugs, alcohol and sex was a high octane sprint the the finish line if it didn't put my in the hospital - or did it?

  • - The Secrets of Life
    by Thing Pub

    EPIC PRANK WITH "YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ"!If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift to turn any occasion into a laughter festival, look no further than this humorous book! you will look forward to seeing the faces of your friends and family when they read this book.With 200 pages, this book is the right one to say to everyone you want what they are at your eyes!!Whether you're searching for a gift for the friend who needs a break from stress or the friendly companion always looking for new reasons to smile, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ" is the answer.It's the perfect antidote to the daily grind, delivering moments of entertainment to anyone you love (or hate). Make special moments memorable with this book that turns a joke into a scientific proved fact.

  • - A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnancy and Beyond for Dads
    by Kaylin Parker

    Congratulations, Dad-to-be! You are about to embark on one of life's most incredible adventures - fatherhood. But before you dive headfirst into the whirlwind of pregnancy, labor, and babyhood, arm yourself with the ultimate resource: Fatherhood Begins: A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnancy and Beyond for Dads.Written with humor, empathy, and practical wisdom, this handbook is your go-to guide for navigating the exhilarating journey of becoming a dad for the first time. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to confidence and preparedness.When you see those two little blue lines on the pregnancy test, Dad's Guide has your back. Learn to be the ultimate supportive partner as you accompany your significant other through each trimester. From dealing with morning sickness to selecting the perfect baby name, you'll find expert advice and helpful tips to ensure a smooth pregnancy experience.But the journey doesn't stop there. Dad's Pregnancy Guide takes you beyond the delivery room, offering invaluable insights into newborn care, bonding with your baby, and supporting your partner through the postpartum period. With practical tips on everything, you'll feel like a parenting pro in no time. But this is not just a how-to manual; it is a journey. Join other first-time dads as they share their experiences, successes, and amusing mishaps. Laugh, learn, and connect with fellow dads-to-be as you navigate this incredible chapter of life together.

  • by Arnold Fisher

    Sgt. Rutt's Field Manual is a collection of military humor cartoons from throughout my military career. I'm sure some of these cartoons will bring back fond memories for those that served, and hopefully those that haven't served will find them just as humorous.Dedicated to the men and women of the military! HOOAH!

  • - Exciting and Funny U.S. President Trump Coloring Book. Ages 8-100
    by Nicole Andrews

    President Trump Coloring Book for All Ages.Coloring Book8.5x11"80 pages total, 40 illustrations for coloring.Black and White line coloring images.Grab your colored pencils or markers -- and immerse yourself in the fun world of President Trump. Creativity with a Presidential Twist! Embark on an artistic journey through the funny, captivating, and iconic moments of President Trump in this unique coloring book designed for enthusiasts aged 8 to 100. This coloring book offers various illustrations that capture the essence of one of the most unforgettable figures in modern American history. A Unique Gift: Searching for that perfect, thoughtful gift? Look no further! "President Trump Coloring Book" is an ideal present for friends, family, or any Trump admirer in your life. Give this special gift you yourself or someone else! Collector's Item: With its quality illustrations and timeless content, this coloring book is a collector's item that can be cherished and revisited for years.

  • by Nick Withiell

    Easy reading novel set in the late 1950's, and reminiscent of that period.The second book of a trilogy.Ideal as a book to take on holiday as a relaxing read.Many sub-plots, and unexpected occurrences.There are references to sexual activity, but nothing explicit at all.(Publisher's review: Thank you for submitting your new manuscript, THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF RILEY'S, which is truly impressive. Your writing style exudes great animation and energy. The characters and setting are superbly introduced, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery from the very first page.) I cannot afford to publish through a publishing house, therefore I wish to self-publish.

  • by Mel Jones

    Watch what happens when Rob the farmer tries to get rid of the pesky groundhog Hershel who lives with his family in the barn. Will Hershel be able to change the Unfriendly Farmer's mind and heart?

  • - with Dish & Flo
    by Cori Berg

    Quick & Easy Recipes. Entertaining Tips. Meals You Can Make In Less Time Than It Takes To Do Your Hair...and More!When this was first written, Pre-Fab wasn't a thing. They had salad bars in grocery stores, with a few store made dishes, but nothing like they have now. Now, it's wonderful! So many choices. People used to buy every ingredient, chop and mix into their delicious dishes that took hours to make. Cutting corners was taboo! So, it gave me so much pleasure when ladies across the country faxed (yes, fax - ask your grandma what that is... It's like the times of rotary phones and Pong. And televisions were so big you could serve a buffet on them.) Anyway, I swear I could hear ladies giggling as they faxed their orders in. When they called, they whispered the title. As if it was naughty chef porn. Love it! Re-releasing this book now gives us the opportunity to add some fun bits, juicy recipes and more stories as we go. Disclaimer: If you don't like some of the writings in this book, blame me. I wrote the stories and ad-libs. My sister, Cori, contributed many of the delicious recipes you can thank her for. "Our family loves to entertain," Cori adds, "we learned early on how to whip up tasty party food, stretch dinner for surprise but welcome guests, and decorate for a bash everyone will have fun at!" "We've also thrown in some recipes that are so easy, even our Dad can make them!" laughs one of the girls, they won't say who. We hope you enjoy our little book and make fun-filled, savory and delicious memories you cherish!

  • - Edition 1921, Restoration 2024
    by Comic Books Restore

    Bringing Up Father is an American comic strip created by cartoonist George McManus. Here the Fith series edited in 1921. New lay-out by Comic Books Restore. The strip centers on an immigrant Irishman named Jiggs, a former hod carrier who came into wealth in the United States by winning a million dollars in a sweepstakes. Now nouveau-riche, he still longs to revert to his former working class habits and lifestyle. His constant attempts to sneak out with his old gang of boisterous, rough-edged pals, eat corned beef and cabbage (known regionally as "Jiggs dinner"), and hang out at the local tavern were often thwarted by Maggie, his formidable, social-climbing (and rolling-pin wielding) harridan of a wife, their lovely young daughter Nora, and infrequently their lazy son Ethelbert, later known as Sonny. Also a character presented in the strip (portrayed as a miserly borrower) was named, fittingly, Titus Canby ("tight as can be").

  • - And Other Yarns That I Recall
    by Uncle Bud Beasley

    Smoky Mountain Tall Tales is a collection of short stories and songs that celebrate the history and heritage of the Great Smoky Mountains, along with some mostly almost partially somewhat absolutely true stories from the life of the author, Uncle Bud Beasley. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why this guy isn't more popular. Stories about Lumberjacks, stories about bears, stories about being nearly famous. It's all in here! The book also includes the epic tone poem, "Faith of Steel" which recounts the fist fight between Uncle Bud's grandpa and Satan himself. Who will win? Buy this book and find out!

  • by Akmed Khalifa

    It is a fantastical story of an imaginary Pea named Me, his friend Chuck the Carrott, a Bun named One, and their search and rescue adventure. It is a charming children's book that will engage and delight all who read it.

  • by Harden Long

    "Lucy Loves Bananas" is a riotously funny illustrated book tailored for adults with a penchant for cheeky humor. Meet Lucy, a mischievous monkey with an insatiable appetite for bananas of all shapes and sizes. From the mundane to the downright outrageous, Lucy's banana adventures will leave you chuckling as she navigates the hilarious consequences of her banana obsession. Dive into this whimsical world where innuendos abound, and Lucy's antics will have you laughing out loud. With colorful illustrations and a dose of adult content, "Lucy Loves Bananas" promises a banana-filled romp that's sure to entertain even the most discerning reader.

  • - Splendeur printanière redécouvrir la joie de Pâques de manière moderne
    by Luna Smith

    Embarquez pour un délicieux voyage au coeur de Pâques avec notre livre captivant, Springtime Splendor: Redécouvrir la magie de Pâques . Débordant de 20 faits enchanteurs, ce livre est votre passeport pour découvrir la riche tapisserie des traditions de Pâques, des origines anciennes aux merveilles modernes. Découvrez le joyeux symbolisme derrière les oeufs de Pâques, découvrez les charmantes histoires du lapin de Pâques et explorez diverses célébrations culturelles du monde entier. Mais ce n'est pas tout: Springtime Splendor offre bien plus que de simples aperçus; c'est un trésor d'inspiration et d'innovation. Apprenez à donner du sens et de la créativité à vos célébrations de Pâques, qu'il s'agisse d'organiser des fêtes virtuelles de décoration d'oeufs, d'adopter des décorations respectueuses de l'environnement ou de répandre la gentillesse par le biais d'actes caritatifs. Avec Springtime Splendor, vous redécouvrirez la véritable magie de Pâques et créerez des souvenirs précieux qui dureront toute une vie. Prêt à vous lancer dans ce joyeux voyage ? Commandez votre exemplaire de Springtime Splendor dès aujourd'hui et laissez la magie de Pâques se dérouler sous vos yeux ! Faites défiler vers le haut et appuyez sur le bouton ACHETER MAINTENANT !

  • by Donn Earl Hart

    The Story Revolves around the life of Bigfoot's Son.The following story is told from Bigfoot's point of view and that of his youngest son Yeti.In Oregon, Bigfoot's son Yeti, was the youngest of 4 siblings. He was the most mischievous of all the children with an intelligent character. He was an innocent and loving child. However, like most young children his age he thought he was old enough to make his own decisions. I hope you enjoy my interpretation and insight of what could be, even though it is told from a fictitious point of view for the reader's amusement.

  • - A Guide to Understanding Feline Existentialism
    by Mystic Quill

    How to Confuse Your Cat: A Guide to Understanding Feline Existentialism (Hilarious Gag Gift!)Is your cat a furry enigma who leaves you questioning the laws of physics with a single gravity-defying leap? This laugh-out-loud guide is here to help! Learn how to weave a delightful web of confusion for your feline friend with: Strategic object placement to disrupt their meticulously planned worldHilarious vocal mimicry that will leave your cat questioning your sanityDIY cardboard obstacle courses to challenge their sense of space and keep them entertained for hoursAnd much more!This book is the purrfect gift for any cat lover looking to: Bond with their feline companion through laughterLiven up their cat's routine with a healthy dose of the unexpectedCreate hilarious memories that will last a lifetimeRemember, a confused cat is an entertained cat!

  • - Naughty Little Books for Adults and Grown Kids
    by Harden Long

    "Best Cock on the Block" is a hilariously cheeky children's book with a twist, aimed at older audiences. When the roosters of all shapes, sizes, and personalities descend upon the quaint town of Cockeysville, the feathers are bound to fly! With pride on the line and bragging rights at stake, these feathery competitors strut their stuff to determine who truly reigns as the top bird in town. With witty dialogue, playful illustrations, and a healthy dose of innuendo that will have adults chuckling along, this book is a riotous romp that proves that sometimes, it's the quirkiest bird that truly steals the show. So, buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the world of competitive roosters in this uproarious tale that's sure to leave readers crowing for more.

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