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  • by Ryszard Kapuscinski

    Features a report on the life and death of the Soviet superpower, from the entrance of Soviet troops into the author's hometown in Poland in 1939, through his journey across Siberia and the republics of Central Asia, to his wanderings over the vast Soviet lands in the years of the USSR's decline and disintegration in 1991.

  • by Sven Lindqvist

    Taking his title from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Sven Lindqvist traces Europe's dark history in Africa in the form of a travel diary and a historical examination of European imperialism and racism over the past two centuries.

  • by A.M. (Y) Homes

    A macabre and thrilling look at the vagaries of desire and its terrible consequences

  • - Sylvia Plath And Ted Hughes
    by Janet Malcolm

    Re-issue of Malcolm's revelatory biography of the tumultous union of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, and the critical battle that dogs their legacies.

  • by Valeria Luiselli

  • by Nicholson Baker

    Nicholson Baker's hilarious, genre-defining debut novel, part of a stunning redesign of Baker's Granta backlist.

  • by Diana (Y) Athill

    In England half a century ago, well-brought-up women were meant to aspire to the respectable life. Meg progresses from school to art college with few outward signs of passion or frustration. But when she gets a job and moves to London, Meg does something shocking, even by today's standards.

  • by David Seabrook

    David Seabrook takes the reader on an exploration of the coast towns of Thanet and the Medway. He fuses his observation of these depressing landscapes with literary and historical associations that seem through his eyes more like bad dreams than heritage advertisements for the local tourist board.

  • by J. Robert Lennon

    Albert Lippincott is a thirty-year veteran of the Nestor, New York, Post Office - a letter carrier extraordinaire, aggressively cheerful, obsessively efficient. But Albert has a few things to hide. His unfortunate habit, for instance, of reading other people's mail.

  • by Patrick Chamoiseau

    A GRANTA Edition - our series of previously unavailable fugitive classics from the Granta archive.

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