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  • - The Power of Audio Branding
    by David Allan

    Examines the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all time and one future hall of famer.

  • by Zibiao Li

    Nanotechnology is a promising technique that can facilitate sustainability across a wide range of areas. By fabricating materials into nanometre-scale, nanotechnology has facilitated an efficient, economically, and environmentally acceptable solution for waste treatment and energy production. This book illustrates how green nanotechnology is being used to promote sustainability, including applications in environmental remediation and energy optimization. First, a comprehensive discussion of the latest advances to address the global challenges in water purification, CO2 management, plastics issue, food waste valorisation, toxic chemical pollutes, and energy efficiency will be provided. This is followed by the new opportunities that have been created in the production of alternative renewable energy under the premise of low natural resource consumption and minuscule toxicity production. Offering an important reference for the research community to understand more about green nanotechnology and its applications in sustainable development and circular economy.  The book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in nanotechnology, materials science, sustainability, environmental science, and energy.

  • by Dorothy Klimis-Zacas

    The area of research on the health benefits of berries, their bioactive compounds and their related metabolites has exploded in the last 20 years resulting in new knowledge in the understanding of their metabolism, molecular mode of action as well as their clinical significance in promoting health and preventing chronic disease.Berries and Berry Bioactive Compounds in Promoting Health, reviews state-of-the-art research findings on this exponentially growing area. This comprehensive book brings together international experts in their corresponding fields with cutting-edge reviews. Exploring the effects and mechanisms of action of berry bioactive compounds and their metabolites on different body systems and chronic diseases, including their role on gut microbiota and eventual effect on health is the focus of this book. Unique topics covered, include the chemistry and analytical methods of detection of berry bioactive compounds, bioavailability, metabolism and factors that affect them including individual variability, their interaction with the gut microbiome, and their role and mechanism(s) of action on chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity-induced inflammation, and cancer as well as neuroprotection and wound healing.It will be of benefit to scientists conducting research in the area of berries and their bioactive compounds on health and disease and for health care professionals, nutritionists, dietitians and clinical researchers, nutraceutical and natural food product developers (industry) and food regulators.

  • by Ashutosh Kumar Shukla

    The use of spectroscopy in food analysis is growing and this informative volume presents the application of advanced spectroscopic techniques in the analysis of food quality. The spectroscopic techniques include visible and NIR spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy and Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). A wide range of food and beverage items are covered including tea, coffee and wine. The chapters will highlight the potential of spectroscopic techniques to enrich the food quality analysis experience when coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning and provide a good opportunity to assess and critically lay out any future prospects.Different chapters have been written using a bottom-up approach that suits the needs of novice researchers and at the same time offers a smooth read for professionals. The book will also be of use to those developing spectroscopic facilities providing a useful cross comparison of the various techniques.

  • by Russell von Frank

    Trust, it binds us together in our deepest most fulfilling relationships, attracts and retains the best employees, and turns clients into raving fans. Let me show you how to heal old wounds, become a sought out business leader to work for, and create a loyal following of people who cannot imagine going without the service you provide to them.Broken trust and old wounds.Learn how to forgive and learn without condoning the act that broke your trust. Old wounds only hold you back, not the other person. The trust that binds.Understand and feel the freedom you have by knowing others have your back.Creating a culture of trust. Be the leader of integrity that the best and brightest want to work for.Client connection.Move far beyond customer loyalty by being the company your clients tell everyone else about.Trust is truly the missing key to unlocking business and personal success!

  • by Gautam Mahajan

    Read Customer Value Starvation Can Kill, and make life easier for your customers and yourself, and win in the marketplace!!Customer value starvation is a common disease in companies, both small and large - which is difficult to diagnose. It is a silent killer, like many cancers. By the time it is diagnosed, it is generally late, sometimes, too late!Mahajan and Vieira have put their expertise together to show how companies overlook value starvation. This causes irritation and frustration to customers in their interaction with the company and its personnel - in person, on telephone, net or mail.The book identifies customer DNA (Do Not Annoy) factors, and suggests how to minimize complaints; ensure customer loyalty; and long term company profitability and success. Philip Kotler, the world's guru on marketing, said, "e;This book will help you think freshly about your business mission and success."e;Seven well-known experts on the subject like Shep Hyken have contributed to this book. Read Customer Value Starvation Can Kill, and make life easier for your customers and yourself, and win in the marketplace!!

  • by Muhammad Rafique

    M&A failures is an established phenomenon. Human factors, such as acceptance of and readiness for change at the individual level, conflict of interest and cultural incompatibility are the key attributes of the success or failure of a merger or transformational change.Balancing theory with practice, this book looks at the financial due diligence, cultural compatibility, and emotional sensitivity at various stages of the M&A and offers a practical process model. Business leaders, change agents, coaching and mentoring practitioners will find the rare combination of great interest.

  • by Chahat Aggarwal

    Open the doors to the world of branding and artificial intelligence, the future of building efficient revenue!Unlike anything else out there, the book is an authentic and lucid representation of what branding is and the role it plays with artificial intelligence in the success of businesses.The book would be singularly profound to entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, brand strategists, students, and anyone aspiring to take a hungry bite out of the knowledge repository built from first-hand experiences of creating a brand from scratch and running it successfully in the digital age.Highlights:Explains in-depth theories, tools, and models explaining the core ingredients of creating a successful brand;Discusses how branding on an organizational and personal level is directly proportional to profit and return on investment along with measuring tools;Includes case studies that dissect successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies of huge brands;Covers the role of AI in branding, with its potential in facilitating companies in achieving their goals through targeted marketing.

  • by Simonetta Lureti

    Discover and practice the skills for your next career advancement.Fast Forward Your Career is for managers and Master students who want to learn the necessary skills to successfully progress in their career. You will:Change your mindset and learn the skills to face the current uncertainty such as the ability to coach, create trust, find your purpose, act with emotional intelligence.Learn team management and communication techniques to boost effectiveness.Observe the skills in practice thanks to the realistic storytelling complementing the theoretical deep-dives.Get tips of true Leadership from successful Executives.Understand the foundation of the Science of Happiness and its application at work. Practice new skills, challenge your perspective, rump-up your effectiveness, and fast-forward your career!

  • by Edward Barr

    Too often people go to interviews prepared only to answer questions. They study the tough questions for days hoping to give the right responses on D-Day. These same people treat the interview as a cross examination; they see themselves on trial, under the spotlight, deer in the headlights. People who are being interviewed need another attitude, an attitude that says, "e;I'm here to interview you, to see if I want to bring my talents and experiences to your organization."e; Most people don't know how to do this. However, if armed with a few questions, they can even the playing field and engage in a useful conversation with their hosts.This book provides a set of questions that are appropriate for any job candidate to ask and allows candidates to participate in a dialogue, a conversation. Experience suggests that only a handful of questions are necessary in most interviews. Review all of the questions. Choose the ones that you believe provide you with the information you need. Learn to interview the interviewer!

  • by Rajan Narayan

    Brand building is a competitive advantage that organizations can leverage to multiply their value. Artificial intelligence (AI), is a recent phenomenon that enables organizations reduce errors, build efficiencies and increase profitability, thereby freeing their human capital to perform more intellectual tasks. This book presents the case for building brands effectively and optimally using AI, thereby enhancing the overall value of the organization.This book is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, and brand managers as it provides them with pathways of using AI to build brands and create value. It can be used as a textbook in courses on brand management and as a supplemental text in marketing management courses. It is especially relevant today, where many enterprises are being founded by non-marketing professionals.

  • by Francis Ugboma

    This book is an essential primer in the core principles of sustainable energy project development through concept, design, feasibility and reality and takes a holistic approach to the development and financing of such projects, setting out the technical, commercial and financial aspects in a straightforward and practical manner. It sets out a first principles-based approach to developing sustainable projects in markets which are not extensively covered by project finance handbooks and which offer a particular set of challenges to the would-be developer.Drawing from over twenty years of experience in the sustainable energy sector, this practical guide will be a valuable resource to both those considering and already involved in projects in developing and emerging countries.Readers can expect to come away with a strong foundation in a core set of guiding principles that can be applied to a wide range of sustainable energy projects in any geographical location.

  • by Zabihollah Rezaee

    Corporations are expanding their performance to both financial economic performance (ESP) and non-financial environmental, ethical, social and governance (EESG) sustainability performance to effectively achieve their objective of creating shared value for all stakeholders. Companies are now adopting the mission of profit-with purpose by shifting their goals to create shareholder value while fulfilling their social, environmental and governance responsibilities.Management play an important role in pursuing the mission of profit-with purpose and in integrating business sustainability into corporate culture, business environment and strategic plans and decisions. Corporations can create a right balance between the wealth-maximization for shareholders under the shareholder primacy concept while achieving the welfare-maximization for all stakeholders under the stakeholder primacy concept.The global move toward the adoption of benefit corporations and profit-with-purpose companies is inevitable as sustainability initiatives are being integrated into corporate strategies, supply chain, decisions, actions, and performance. Business Sustainability: Profit-with-Purpose Focus consists of four chapters covering all aspects of business sustainability with a keen focus on the concept of profit-with purpose.Anyone who is involved with business sustainability and corporate governance, the financial reporting process, investment decisions, legal and financial advising, audit functions, and corporate governance education will be interested in this book. Specifically, corporations, their executives and the boards of directors, internal and external auditors, accountants, lawyers, lawmakers, regulators, standard-setters, investors, business schools, and other professionals will benefit from this book.

  • by Bradley D. Clark

    Certifications in project management are like birthdays: everybody has one. You need something more to distinguish yourself in this profession.This book is a practical guide for project and program managers who want to increase their skills by incorporating relevant theory, formulas, and tools from Master of Business Administration (MBA) curriculum. The book provides an overview of core classes taught in most MBA programs, but in a way that makes the material practical for project practitioners.Readers will learn new tools to improve critical decision making, formulas and techniques for making recommendations to leadership, and an assortment of theories for up leveling their project management skills.

  • by Edward Barr

    When we apply for a job, we are essentially trying to sell ourselves. If we understand the process of marketing, we can make that sale a lot easier. This requires a plan that includes a deep understanding of our target audiences, an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, an understanding of the benefits we can offer, and a knowledge of the 4 Ps, product, place, price and promotion.Add to this, an ability to differentiate and position ourselves in the crowded marketplace and to use promotional tactics to rise to the top of the applicant pool, we can get the job of our dreams. When we master these skills, we make the chore of getting a great job, the job we want, more a certainty than a hopeful wish.This book will show you how to network better, how to create an effective email pitch, write a powerful resume and cover letter, and how to persuade recruiters that you offer the most value to satisfy their needs. This book will make you a pro at marketing yourself!

  • by Jacqueline E. Jay

    The Archive of Thotsutmis, Son of Panouphis presents for the first time one of the largest collections of Demotic ostraca to have been discovered intact by archaeologists in the twentieth century. Rarely have such deposits been found in situ. Excavated by Ambrose Lansing on behalf of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1915-16 at the site of Deir el-Bahari, the integrity and context of this find are critical to the proper understanding of the texts it contained. Through the publication and analysis of this archive of Demotic and Greek texts recorded on ostraca, Muhs, Scalf, and Jay reconstruct the microhistory of Thotsutmis, son of Panouphis, and his family, who worked in Egypt on the west bank of Thebes as priests in the mortuary industry during the early Ptolemaic Period in the third century BC. The forty-two ostraca published in this volume provide a rare opportunity to explore the intersections between an intact ancient archive of private administrative documents and the larger social and legal contexts into which they fit. What the reconstructed microhistory reveals is an ancient family striving to make it among the wealthy and connected social network of Theban choachytes and pastophoroi, while they simultaneously navigated the bureaucratic maze of taxes, fees, receipts, and legal procedures of the Ptolemaic state.

  • - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins as an Asset Class
    by Ariel Santos-Alborna

    Provides in-depth analysis of Bitcoin Ethereum and the different types of Altcoins in the ecosystem. The author demonstrates an empirical approach to explaining how digital assets can fit into a diversified portfolio of traditional financial assets or as a standalone portfolio in a parallel financial ecosystem.

  • - The Machine that Changed Retailing
    by Sanchoy Das

    Written in a simple easy to read style, this book unravels the technical mystery of the fulfillment machine. It levels the knowledge field, reveals the secrets of fast fulfillment, and helps the reader construct a plan to innovate and be ready to face the disruptors.

  • - Structure, Role and Performance
    by M H Bala Subrahmanya & H S Krishna

  • by Rick Nason & Dan Nordqvist

    This book covers the financial aspects of a business, including those that are important to start, grow, and sustain an enterprise.According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 99 percent of businesses are small or medium size yet the majority of books are focused on large corporations. This book aims to close that gap and also focus on the practitioners-the entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants-and students aspiring to practice in this space.Small businesses are the growth engine of the economy and it is important that we provide them with the tools for success. This book covers the financial aspects of a business, including those that are important to start, grow, and sustain an enterprise. We accomplish this by providing concepts, tools, and techniques that are important for the practitioner. The overall aim is to provide this information in straightforward way while also providing the depth required for areas that warrant it.

  • - First Steps to First Class
    by John Friedman

    Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class provides a compelling case, real-world examples, and the tools to follow a proven strategy for aligning sustainability efforts with existing organizational priorities.This strategy has taken companies from initial conception to the top of the sustainability rankings. Using examples from leading companies, readers will understand how to build-programs that drive results and enhance reputation.Benefits include enabling companies to attract, hire, retain, and fully engage the best talent, seize the innovation high ground with new and premium products and services, provide access to socially responsible investment capital, implement "e;best practices,"e; earn license to operate, reduce compliance and regulatory costs, and more.Includes the latest trend to go beyond the organization's own "e;footprint"e; to integrate their values into their supply chains and build employee and customer loyalty by empowering these essential stakeholders to live their shared values.Sustainability professionals or business strategists who are seeking to integrate effective programs that match corporate strategy with the purpose and values-driven initiatives that engage employees, build customer loyalty, and improve license to operate will benefit from the author's more than 30 years' experience in corporate communications, business, and corporate sustainability.

  • - An ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide Update
    by Asian Development Bank

  • by Christopher T Walsh

  • by Paul Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Andrew Clark, et al.

    Stereochemistry is an important concept that often causes confusion amongst students when they learn it for the first time. In this book we deal with tricky concepts like conformation and configuration, how to represent them accurately and how to use the correct terms to describe them in both organic and inorganic chemistry.

  • by Christopher T Walsh

  • by Ian S Hornsey

    The book is aimed at a wide readership, particularly beer enthusiasts, but it will also be a good source for the serious scholar.

  • by Michael S Russell

    "e;For centuries fireworks have been a source of delight and amazement in cultures around the world. But what produces their dazzling array of effects? This book takes you behind the scenes to explore the chemistry and physics behind the art of pyrotechnics. Topics covered include history and characteristics of gunpowder; principles behind each of the most popular firework types: rockets, shells, fountains, sparklers, bangers, roman candles and wheels; special effects, including sound effects, coloured smokes and electrical firing; firework safety for private use and displays; and firework legislation. The Chemistry of Fireworks is aimed at students with A level qualifications or equivalent. The style is concise and easy to understand, and the theory of fireworks is discussed in terms of well-known scientific concepts wherever possible. It will also be a useful source of reference for anyone studying pyrotechnics as applied to fireworks. Review Extracts "e;"e;a worthwhile addition to the pyrotechnist's library"e;"e; Fireworks "e;"e;a useful source of information which makes absorbing reading."e;"e; Angewandte Chemie, International Edition"e;

  • by William P Edwards

    Confectionery is a topic close to many people's hearts and its manufacture involves some interesting science. The confectionery industry is divided into three classes: chocolate, flour and sugar confectionery. It is the background science of this latter category that is covered in The Science of Sugar Confectionery. The manufacture of confectionery is not a science based industry, as these products have traditionally been created by skilled confectioners working empirically. In fact, scientific understanding of the production process has only been acquired retroactively. Historically however, sugar confectionery has had technological synergies with the pharmaceutical industry, such as making sugar tablets and applying panned sugar coatings. This book gives an introduction to the subject, with some basic definitions and commonly used ingredients and then moves on to discuss the chemistry of various types of sugar confectionery. These include "e;sugar glasses"e; (boiled sweets), "e;grained sugar products"e; (fondants), toffees and fudges, "e;hydrocolloids"e; (gums, pastilles and jellies) and concludes with a chapter dedicated to sugar-free confectionery.

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