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  • - UN Reform for 21st-Century Challenges
    by Kevin P. Clements

    The United Nations remains a unique institutional hope for addressing and resolving the world's major environmental, developmental, and humanitarian problems. This work explores how the UN can establish global norms to reinforce a doctrine of internal and external political responsibility.

  • - Globalization, Governance, and the Futures of Higher Education

    Focuses on the normative challenges that the technological transformation presents to all professionals engaged in higher education. This work concentrates on the social and technological trends. It also focuses on problems of governance and finance in the technological environment.

  • by Chaiwat Satha-Anand

    Using case studies from the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Basin, this book examines the global trend of violence against religious places and figures. The contributors believe attacks on sacred places to be particularly damaging to peace and harmony because of the centrality of religion in many Asian and Pacific countries.

  • - Understanding and Dialogue in the 21st Century

  • - Cultural Diversity, Religion, and Citizenship
    by B. Lum

    Re-examines globalization in light of the traditions from which human civilizations have evolved. This book traces the history of the concept of citizenship and its transformation through the ages to modern times. It raises the problem of identity and advocates the assumption of global identity, responsibility, and citizenship.

  • by Linda M. Johnston

  • - Hopes and Challenges for a Common Future
    by Olivier Urbain & Ahmed Abaddi

    Makes the case for global visioning: the collective process of looking at a larger picture and building common ground for the future. The contributors agree that only by such a process will people be able to address mounting problems, such as global warming, war, terrorism, and poverty, which threaten the Earth's population.

  • - Questions of Universality, Consciousness, and Connection
    by Felicity Laurence

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