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Books in the Tourism, Environment and Development Series series

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  • by Department of Geography and Tourism Studies) Hashimoto, Atsuko (Brock University, Elif Härkönen & et al.
    £38.99 - 131.99

  • by Tazim Jamal
    £37.99 - 131.99

  • - From Policy to Practice
    by John Hay & Susanne (Lincoln University) Becken
    £53.99 - 131.99

  • by Janet Dickinson & Les Lumsdon
    £38.99 - 131.99

    Drawing on ideas from the 'slow food' movement with a concern for locality, ecology and quality of life, this book aims to define slow travel and to discuss how some underlining values are likely to pervade new forms of sustainable development. It explains slow travel as holiday travel where air and car transport is rejected.

  • by Rachel Dodds & Sonya Graci
    £46.49 - 131.99

    Focuses on the successes and challenges islands face in achieving sustainable tourism. This book presents mechanisms such as multi-stakeholder partnerships and incentive-driven non-regulatory approaches as ways that the sustainability agenda can move forward in destinations that face challenges due to their geography and historic development.

  • - Pathways to Prosperity
    by Jonathan Mitchell & Caroline Ashley
    £38.99 - 131.99

    Tourism can reduce poverty in developing countries. But tourism growth is not universally inclusive of the poor. This book provides an overview of a broad array of analyses of how tourism affects poor people. It draws on international evidence throughout, but provides particular insights into Africa and other less developed countries.

  • by Richard Sharpley
    £40.49 - 131.99

    Challenges the sustainable tourism development paradigm that has come to dominate both theoretical and practical approaches to tourism development over past. Reviewing the evolution of the sustainable tourism development concept, this work compares its limitations to prevailing political-economic, socio-cultural and environmental contexts.

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