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  • - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
    by Steve Krug

  • by Julie Dirksen

  • - Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow
    by Carrie Hane

    Often an afterthought in the web development process, content strategy needs to be considered front and center. If website content is out of date, off-brand, and out of control, a huge opportunity to engage, convert, and retain customers online is being missed. But creating (and caring for) "meaningful" content is far more complicated than we're often willing to acknowledge. Designing Future-Friendly Content explains how to design, plan, and structure content that can be used now and can be ready for the future.

  • - A guide to creating iconic brand identities
    by David Airey

  • - User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond
    by Jesse James Garrett

  • by Meghan Casey

    In this essential guide, Meghan Casey outlines a step-by-step approach for successful content strategy, from planning and creating your content to delivering and managing it. Armed with this book, you can confidently tackle difficult activities like explaining clearly to your boss or client what's wrong with their content, getting the budget to do content work, and aligning stakeholders on a common vision. Having The Content Strategy Toolkit at your side is like hiring your own personal consulting firm. You get a complete array of instructions, tools, and templates for most challenges you'll face. In this practical and relevant guide, you'll learn how to: Identify problems with your content and persuade your bosses it's worth the time and resources to do it rightAssemble a stellar team for your content projectPrepare your organization for content transformationMake sense of your business environment and understand your audienceAlign stakeholders on business goals and user needsSet a compass for your content and decide how to measure successCreate, maintain, and govern on-strategy content You'll learn how to treat content like the strategic asset that it is. "Quality content increases value. Poor-quality content destroys value. It's as simple as that. Meghan's book has specific, practical, and immediately actionable ideas that will help you increase the quality of your content."‿Gerry McGovern, CEO, Customer Carewords "This second edition goes deep into three integral topics for content leaders‿assembling cross-disciplinary teams, evaluating processes, and building a content playbook. If you're looking to build a new practice or retool an existing one, this book will help you succeed.‿Natalie Marie Dunbar, Author, From Solo to Scaled: Building a Sustainable Content Strategy Practice

  • by Rob de Winter

    Adobe Photoshop, the world's most popular image-editing program, is now available on the iPad. So, wherever you are, you can use familiar Photoshop tools to retouch photos, create compositions, work with layers, add text and a whole lot more. Photoshop on the iPad helps you make the most of Photoshop's iPad-optimized interface, as well as combine Photoshop with other familiar Adobe iPad apps, from Lightroom to Fresco. Packed with practical exercises, this guide also offers inspiring interviews with four world-renowned Photoshop artists, Ted Chin, Russell Brown, Frankie Cihi and Magdiel Lopez. You'll see how the pros use Photoshop on the iPad in their workflows, so they can do great work anywhere. And you can too! IN THIS BOOK, YOU'LL LEARN: How Photoshop's interface on the iPad works and how it differs from the desktop version of Photoshop What layers and adjustment layers are and how to use them How to combine different types of images into an imaginative composition How to work with the various selection tools and use them to create masks, make color corrections, select hair and remove backgrounds How to remove blemishes and other distracting elements with Photoshop's retouching tools How to design an image for social media How to add text and adjust text settings How to work with fi les, including how to use Adobe Creative Cloud to share fi les between your iPad and desktop How app integration works and what workflows to use with other Adobe apps Rob de Winter has done a tremendous job of capturing the versatility, power and possibility that Photoshop on the iPad espouses with this book. RYAN DUMLAO, Product Manager for Photoshop on the iPad

  • by Niels Floor

    Design meaningful experiences through Learning Experience DesignWe've all had memorable experiences that taught us valuable lessons and leave a lasting impression. What if you could design such experiences for the learners at your school, company, or a client? You canwith the breakthrough perspective, methodologies, skills, and tools of Learning Experience Design (LXD). Whether your background is in design or learning, Niels Floor helps you take responsibility for the entire learning experience: all that happens, what each learner does, how it makes them feel, and how the outcome affects them. Floor illuminates nine indispensable LXD rules and walks through all six steps of the iterative LXD process: question, research, design, develop, test, and launch. You'll explore his powerful Learning Experience Canvas for designing outstanding experiences; and successfully integrate complementary tools such as Personas, Empathy Maps, and Experience Mapping. Packed with inspiring examples and enlightening exercises, this book provides all you need to confidently practice LXD yourself and transform more lives through learning. You'll learn how to Discover new possibilities and creative solutions for learning. Empathize with the learner and their challenges through design research. Craft unforgettable experiences that deliver lasting, meaningful positive impacts.

  • - A DIY Guide to Shooting, Editing and Producing Amazing Video Stories on the Go
    by Rafael Concepcion

    Today, your bookbag can contain a video production studio so powerful, you can use it to share your greatest ideas with the entire world. Now, there's a complete full-color guide to doing just that, whether your video stories take the form of short movies, video journalism, public service announcements, or anything else.Renowned video producer and instructor RC Concepcion starts in exactly the right place: by teaching you an easy approach to using the language of storytelling that's captivated human beings for millennia. You'll master the essence of story, learn how to develop ideas, create story formats, build dialog, and organize stories to maximize your impact.Next, Concepcion introduces you to the gear and techniques you need to execute your story, showing how to assemble and share it with the latest mobile or computer softwareincluding Adobe's amazing (free!) Premiere Rush. You'll transform theory into practice with three full projects: a short movie, public service announcement, and video journalism assignment. Concepcion covers every step of production, shares inspirational spotlight stories illuminating individuals and key aspects of the video storytelling profession, and offers even deeper reference tutorials on a companion website.

  • - A Designer's Guide to Creating Realistic 3D Experiences for Extended Reality
    by Renee Stevens

  • by Scott Kelby

  • - The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business through Effective Content
    by Colleen Jones

    In The Content Advantage (Clout 2.0): The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business Through Effective Content, expert Colleen Jones argues that in the age of digital disruption, your company faces an important choice. The choice is not whether to do content. Every business function-from marketing to sales and from support to recruiting-demands content. The choice is whether to make your approach to content strategic and, consequently, an advantage.This book, which is the second edition of the pioneering content book Clout, offers a modernized and comprehensive approach for planning, creating, delivering, and optimizing content that will make your business thrive. Executives and practitioners alike will find value in this book as they face increasing pressure to deliver the right content to the right customers at the right time.

  • - The Alpha to Zulu of Aviation Photography
    by Moose Peterson

    Photographers are passionate about their subjects -- and none more than aviation photographers. Moose Peterson's Take-Off: The Alpha to Zulu of Aviation Photography takes you into that world, inspiring you as he teaches the basics of shooting planes, and illuminates the key differences between "shooting static” and in-the-air photography. Peterson's breathtaking full-color guide shares all the practical knowledge you'll need to capture the romance and thrill of flight: challenges, techniques, equipment, settings, output, and more. You'll learn how to photograph any aircraft from the ground, from ground to air, and from plane to plane; how to powerfully communicate movement in still images; and how to capture the pilots as well as you capture the machines they're flying.

  • - Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it
    by Marty Neumeier

  • - Best practices for creating effective charts and information graphics in Microsoft Excel
    by Jorge Camoes

    Data at Work will help students to know which type of chart to use and how to format it, regardless of which spreadsheet application they use and whether or not they have any design experience. In this book, they'll learn how to extract, clean, and transform data; sort data points to identify patterns and detect outliers; and understand how and when to use a variety of data visualizations including bar charts, slope charts, strip charts, scatterplots, bubble charts, boxplots, and more. Because this book is not a manual, it never specifies the steps required to make a chart, but the relevant charts will be available online for students to download, with brief explanations of how they were created.

  • - Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot
    by Frank Doorhof

  • - Data, Charts, and Maps for Communication
    by Alberto Cairo

    The Truthful Art is an introduction to quantitative thinking and statistical and cartographical representation written specifically for journalists and designers. A follow-up to The Functional Art, it goes into the specifics of how to create functional charts, maps, and graphs.

  • - Design Strategies for Learning Experiences
    by Dorian Peters

    In offices, colleges, and living rooms across the globe, learners of all ages are logging into virtual laboratories, online classrooms, and 3D worlds. Kids from kindergarten to high school are honing math and literacy skills on their phones and iPads. If that weren't enough, people worldwide are aggregating internet services (from social networks to media content) to learn from each other in "Personal Learning Environments.” Strange as it sounds, the future of education is now as much in the hands of digital designers and programmers as it is in the hands of teachers.And yet, as interface designers, how much do we really know about how people learn? How does interface design actually impact learning? And how do we design environments that support both the cognitive and emotional sides of learning experiences? The answers have been hidden away in the research on education, psychology, and human computer interaction, until now. Packed with over 100 evidence-based strategies, in this book you'll learn how to:Design educational games, apps, and multimedia interfaces in ways that enhance learningSupport creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration through interface designDesign effective visual layouts, navigation, and multimedia for online and mobile learningImprove educational outcomes through interface design.

  • - Stuff they don't teach you in design school, but should
    by Michael Janda

  • by Kristina Halvorson

  • - Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose
    by Nicole Fenton

  • - The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems
    by Steve Krug

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