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Board games

At Tales you will find a wide selection of fantastic fun board games! We have everything for the family, so if you’re looking for the Azul board game or the Codename board game, then we have them at the best board game prices.
Of course we have board games for adults and board games for children. Are you looking for the best board game for a fun game night with family or friends? Then take a look at our selection, we have everything from strategy board games to quiz board games.
It's always healthy to have a nice time with your loved ones, and remind each other of what keeps you close. Have fun!
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Best board games

Board games have been a part of cosy domesticity for thousands of years. Actually the board games date back 5,000 years from Egypt, and have been ever since. The board game started out as a simple form of backgammon, and it is a unique game that has had its roots more than 5,000 years ago. Board games are perfect for fun, cozy and intense evenings with people you care about. Did you know that there are many good effects of playing board games too? Board games develop the brain and especially at a young age, e.g. if your kids got the urge to play, they could learn to count, practice color recognition and more! After all, the best board games are also the ones that make you think or react. For example, it could be quiz board games, strategy board games or company board games. We have a huge selection of variations. If you are looking for perhaps the world's best board game, you should go and try Get a Hint, it can make an entire evening feel like an hour.

Board games for adults and children

Board games can bring the memories back and remind you of the fun board games evenings with those you care about, it is scientifically proven that there are deep thoughts in interacting with even the simple board games. Of course, there is also satisfaction in winning, and if you lack a little more of it in everyday life, board games are the perfect tool to challenge your friends! You could try the Azul board game or the Codename board game, which could be a part of your cozy traditions. The world's best board game is what you make it, it's subjective opinions, it could be ‘the infinite board game’ by W. Eric Martin, a great game with lots of different detours. Scroll up to the selection and find the board games 2020 at cheap prices.

Board games online

Finding board games online with the family is also fun in itself, maybe you find yourself in a discussion over a nice time you had many years ago together. It brings back memories and that's the important thing. Furthermore, it must also be made clear that the effect behind board games is appealing and for children who are at the age where the brain is not fully developed, the board games are perfect to make them ready for school! Board games for adults can of course also challenge you but most importantly, it can give you the fun evening you have been waiting for. Board games are a part of us, and can bring us closer together as human beings. You can see all of our board games online here

Keep in mind that board games are not Olympic Games. No one likes a bad winner, so it's good to be humble. So if you are the master of a board game, try to give your friends or family a chance as it is a little more fun to be challenged. We have a wide selection of board games at our online webshop, where you also can find the best board games 2020. 

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