Download your audiobook to your iPhone or iPad

The following text will step by step to guide you through the downloading process of your new audiobook. 


 You will need the following items: 


  • Computer
    • Please notice, when your audiobook is downloaded to your computer it can be converted to other devices like; smartphones and tablets. 
  • iTunes
    • iTunes is free to download and you can get it here (For Windows – click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page).

1. Find your order confirmation (sent to your e-mail)

  • Open your e-mail

  • Find the order confirmation from (when you open the mail it will look like the same as in the picture). 



2. Download your audiobook 

  • Click download in the order confirmation 
  • Wait for the audiobook to be downloaded 
  •  (please notice: the longer the book is, the longer it will take for it to be downloaded).

3. Open the file “downloads” on your computer or Mac

  • Open the file “downloads”

  • Wait while the audiobook downloads to your device. 

  •  Notice: books that have a lot of pages or content takes a longer time to process, and an unstable wifi connection can cause the download process to take a while and be more difficult. 


4. Open the file with your audiobook 

  • Now double-tap on the file with your audiobooks content.

5. The file is now opened

  • You will now be able to see all the small parts of the file, that you’re audiobook contains. 


6. Pick/copy all the files 

  • Pick all of the files and chose “Open in –> iTunes”

6. Find the audiobook in iTunes

  • Your audiobook will now be in the file “Music” in iTunes
  • To be sure that you get all of the advantages of the audiobook, such as automatic shift between the chapters or storage of how far you have listened to into the audiobook. Then you will need to move the audiobook from “Music” to “Audiobooks”. 

7. Move the audiobook from “Music” til “Audiobooks” in iTunes

  • Click on the small tree dots that are placed beside your audiobook and choose the point “Info about the album”


8. Information about your audiobook

  • You will now be shown a lot of information about your audiobook

 9. Click on “choice”

  • Click on the point “Choice”

10. You will now be able to play the audiobook on your computer

  • Click on the triangular symbol to play the audiobook

  • If you wish to play it on your smartphone or tablet, then please keep following our guide to successfully download it to your device. 

11. Change to the file: “Audiobooks”

  • Your audiobook will no longer be placed in the file “Music” since you have moved it over to the new file “Audiobooks”. 

  •  Therefore you will have to find and choose the file “audiobooks” in the left corner. 

12. Combine your device (fx smartphone or tablet) to your computer 

  • You will now be able to see your device. 

  •  Click on this.

13. Sync your audiobook to your device

  • Click on “Audiobooks” in the top of the panel on your computer

  • Pick “Sync to device”

  • Now click on your device

14. Begin the synchronization and wait

  • Wait while the audiobook is being transferred to your device

15. Play

  • The audiobook is now ready to be played in the App iBooks on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to the playback service

16. Play and listen 

  • Chose your new audiobook

  • Play and listen

Published: 1. September 2020 Updated: 1. September 2020
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