DRM protection

What does DRM mean?


 – DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and is used to protect an ebook for unauthorized copying and reselling. 


The DRM is basically a key that secures the file is connected to a specific account, that is owned by the person who has bought the ebook. Therefore it is very important, that you have registered an Adobe account (Adobe ID) if you would like to read our DRM protected ebooks.

Common limitations of DRM protected ebooks: 

  • It can only be shared by a limited amount of devices. 
  • It can only be printed a limited number of times (in some cases none). 

 You will have to acknowledge the limitations and disadvantages there might be, using a DRM protected ebook. 


Reading a DRM protected ebook: 

To read a DRM protected ebook you will first have to create an Adobe ID. Afterward you will be able to read the ebook with the app/program Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). 

Follow the next steps: 

  1. Create an Adobe ID
  2.  Download Adobe Digital Editions

About DRM protection: 

Adobe’s DRM system is called Adobe Digital Editions Protection Technology (ADEPT), which is using the program named Adobe Content Server 4 (ACS4) to manage DRM protections. 

Tales is using multiple different suppliers, who all have their own server to manage this. 

Besides Adobe’s DRM protection there are also DRM files from Amazon, Apple, and MTMO. 

Published: 31. July 2020 Updated: 1. September 2021
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