How do I download my ebook to Amazon Kindle & other tablets?

If you wish to read your ebook’s on an Amazon Kindle reader it demands a special program to convert your ebook to a file that can be downloaded to Kindle. We have made you this guide below to get you through the process.


Kindle has chosen to use a different format than ePub have. This format is called AZW and therefore it demands that you have a program like Calibre, that can covert the book to your Kindle.


First of all, you would have to download the program that makes it possible for you to read your ebooks form (ePub format).


1. Download Calibre (free)


2. Install Calibre

  • Chose your language in the right corner of the screen
  • Pick which device you are using to convert your ebooks.

1. Click “download” and afterward you will find the programmed Calibre downloaded on your computer in the Downloads folder.

2.  Now you have to click on “Applications” and hold the button down and drag it out on your desktop. Then pull the file “Calibre” out on the desk as well.

 Calibre is now successfully downloaded to your computer. Please open the program and adjust the program so it is adjusted to your device fx. Kindle, Kobo, or other reading tablets.


3. Download your ebook 

  1. Connect your Kindle and wait a couple of seconds until the program connects to the tablet. 

  2. Open Calibre. 

  3. Now press “Send to device” on the menu. 

  4. Then chose the one that says “Send to working memory”.

  5. The program will ask if you want to “auto-convert” the ebook you are transferring to your Kindle. Then press “Yes”. 

  6. You can watch the process down below in the right corner. When it says “O” it means that the ebooks transferring to the tablet are fully converted. 

  7. You can now read your ebook on your Kindle. Find the ebook under your downloaded ebooks in “Your Library”. 

  8. If you want to change the font size, then you just have to use your fingers and press two fingers against each other or away for each other (like on smartphones). 

Published: 14. August 2020 Updated: 14. August 2020
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