I’m still waiting on getting credited – what do I do?

I have returned my package – what now? 


We will normally first receive the package 8-10 days after you sent us your package. 


This can be varied within where you ship your package since there sometimes might be a longer or shorter delivery time in different areas.



What do I have to remember, when I return my package? 


You may always remember to keep the receipt from when you returned the package. This is important in case of the package might get lost under the shipment or other if the package gets damaged. 


When the package is being shipped then you will receive a track and trace number, so you can trace your order at any time under its transport. If there should emerge any delay or problems with the shipping the shipping company prefers that the customer contacts them directly and remember to inform them of your track and trace number. 


If you by any inconvenience experience that you still haven’t received your payment back after the package has been returned to our warehouse, then you are more than welcome to contact us at any time. Then we will make sure to check up on your order and that you get credited. 


Published: 29. July 2020 Updated: 30. July 2020
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