My order hasn’t been delivered – what do I do?

You can at any time track your order by clicking on the link “Follow my order” in your received order confirmation.

If you can’t find your order confirmation, then you can also track your order by logging on to your user and go to “My orders”.

By any inconvenience shouldn’t have received your package or its shipment should have been delayed it is best for all parts if you contact the transporter directly.


You can find their contact information on their website and remember to make sure you inform them of your package tracking number. Then they will help you resolve the problem and locate your package.


If your order does not seem to be sent from our warehouse or has been delayed, then you are more than welcome to contact us. Then we will be more than happy to help check up on your order and make sure it gets delivered.

Published: 29. July 2020 Updated: 30. July 2020
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