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  • by Christopher Gable
    £37.99 - 47.99

    Sheryl Crow continues to be celebrated for her legacy as a singer-songwriter and pop culture icon. This book provides an introduction to Sheryl Crow's entire music catalog. Organized into chronological periods of time, the author weaves biographical facts throughout a narrative rich with details about her songs: how they were created, recorded, distributed, and modified in live performance. Accompanying commentary features song analysis-including song structure, chord progression, and melody-and provides fascinating insights into the lyrical content of Crow's songwriting. The work begins with Crow's upbringing, her musical roots and influences, and how they manifested themselves in her later career. Subsequent sections delve into her road to success and eventual stardom, revealing how her rise to fame and widespread popularity was littered with broken friendships, acrimony, and suicide. The last several chapters follows her life after a diagnosis of breast cancer and the adoption of her sons. The work also includes a chapter on B-sides and rare songs by Crow.

  • - Financing Terrorism through Organized Crime

  • - Concepts and Practices, 6th Edition
    by Marcia A. Mardis

  • - A Survival Guide for Change Agents
    by Curtis Powell & Bill . Jerome

  • - A Biography
    by A. B. Assensoh & Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh

    This fresh biography unearths previously unpublished nuances about Malcolm X's life. Malcolm X: A Biography is a historical and political analysis of the black leader's life and times, offering a detailed treatment of its subject's multifaceted story.

  • - Scharnhorst and the Militarische Gesellschaft in Berlin, 1801-1805
    by Charles E. White

    This volume explores the essence of German military professionalism as exemplified by the nineteenth century Prussian German Staff. The study focuses on the most important Prussian military reformer--Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst, who in 1801 founded the Militarische Gesellschaft (Military Society) in Berlin.

  • - A Biography
    by Joyce A. Hanson

    This book offers a revealing look at Rosa Parks, whose role as an activist and struggle with racism began long before her historic 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, bus ride. Rosa Parks: A Biography captures the story of this remarkable woman like no other biography of her before it.

  • - A Biography
    by Claudia Schaefer

    This biography will introduce art students and adult readers to one of the Latino culture's most beloved artists. In 2002, the film Frida introduced the artist and her works to a new audience.

  • by Michael Ashkenazi

    An introductory guide to the mythology of Japan-one of the most pervasive yet least understood facets of Japanese culture. Handbook of Japanese Mythology makes it easy to travel this vast yet little-known mythological landscape.

  • by Christian Matijas-Mecca
    £34.99 - 44.49

    The cofounder and central figure of one of America's most successful vocal groups, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is a standout artist with an astonishing volume of diverse work spanning over half a century that serves as testament to his creative output and influence on modern music. Today, Wilson stands as a survivor of life challenges stemming from substance abuse and mental illness and enjoys a revitalized career in which he continues to create new works and perform around the world to enthusiastic audiences in sold-out venues.This unique book covers the breadth of Wilson's creative life as composer, producer, performer, and collaborator, not only as a Beach Boy, but also as a solo artist and collaborator with artists such as Jan and Dean, The Honeys, Spring, The Castells, and The Hondells. The book also surveys his less-examined work as a performer of the music of George Gershwin, of the songs from Disney films, and of children's books and movies. Because of its breadth, The Words and Music of Brian Wilson will appeal both to dedicated and casual fans alike of The Beach Boys and of Brian Wilson as well as to scholars in popular music and American studies.

  • - The Story of Lester Young
    by Frank Buchmann-Moller

    A Danish musician here presents the most accurate, comprehensive work on a major figure in American jazz: Lester Willis Young (1909-1959), better known as `Pres' or `Prez,' from the nickname `President' given to him by Billie Holiday.

  • - German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945
    by Martin Van Creveld

    Analyses the performance of two key parties engaged in fighting during World War II.

  • - 100 Great, Ready-to-Use Book Lists for Educators, Librarians, Parents, and Teens
    by Nancy J. Keane

    Use these 100 handy reproducible book lists to instantly create handouts for teen readers and teachers, add to your newsletter, or post on your web site or bulletin board. This versatile guide provides one-page reproducible book lists and bookmarks for: books about self (e.g., coming-of-age, perfectionism, gangs;

  • by Laurie Collier Hillstrom

    This authoritative work provides a thorough overview of the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe in 2020, devoting particular attention to its impact on all aspects of American society. The 21st Century Turning Points series is a one-stop resource for understanding the people and events changing America today.

  • by Jacquelyn Whiting

  • - Expanding Students' Comprehension, Engagement, and Media Literacy

  • - The Moral Dimensions of Police Work, 2nd Edition
    by Howard S. Cohen, Michael Feldberg & Monica M. Moll

  • - Tackling Tough Topics in Academic Integrity
    by Sarah Elaine Eaton

  • - A Life in American History
    by Courtney Michelle Smith

  • - Across Ethnicity and Culture
    by Abdul Khaleque

  • - A Reference Handbook
    by Shauna M. McIntyre

  • - A Reference Handbook
    by Michael C. LeMay

  • - Global Lives in Focus
    by Ruth Margolies Beitler & Sarah M. Gerstein

  • - The Past, Present, and Future of AI

  • - Politics, Public Health, and American Quarantine
    by Charles Vidich

  • - A Reference Handbook
    by David E. Newton

  • - Creating and Sustaining Nurturing Spaces and Programs
    by Wendy Stephens

  • - Lessons for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary and Middle Schools
    by Tom Bober

  • - The Basic Pyramid System for Counselors, Teachers, and Caregivers to Support Healing
    by James E. Levine

  • - Recognizing a Dangerous Disorder
    by Li-Ching Hung & Cary Stacy Smith

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