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  • by Barbara O'Neill

  • by Sheryl Knotek

  • by Regina Breshears

    A mother's love for her children is unbreakable. Accidents may happen, but nothing can get in the way of her care and concern for her littles. Read along to see how a mother's love conquers all. Even if some mistakes and messes are made along the way, there will always be that one special person ready to put the broken pieces back in place.

  • by Makenzie Lauren

  • - Gut-Brain Connection
    by Castro Fumero Carina Castro Fumero

  • - A Reflection Upon What We Individually and Collectively Choose NOT to Recall
    by Rick Spleen

  • by Laura White

  • - Real Friends
    by Sheng Ran

  • by Juan Gomez

  • - 101 Ways to Make Your Work Stand Out
    by Piper Jessica Piper

  • - Surviving My Abusive, Toxic Relationship
    by Shannon Ezzo

    <p>Silence may be golden, but it won''t save you.</p><p>After surviving a brutally abusive relationship, Shannon Ezzo understands the importance of sharing her story. Constantly living in fear of what would happen next, her body and mind were battered and bruised.</p><p>By sharing her story, Shannon hopes to empower other men and women who have lived, or are still living, in similar situations. No matter what the circumstance, no one should have to go through this alone.</p>

  • by Lee Beaman

    <p>Everything in the world is different. Just look around! The clouds, the leaves, and the rocks are all different. Every person in the world is different. We are all different for a reason.</p>

  • - 22 Attributes That Every Aspiring Or Current Entrepreneur Must Master In Order To Achieve Success!
    by Alfred E Drum

    <p>Contrary to popular belief, achieving success doesn''t just happen overnight. In order to truly succeed it takes time, effort, and dedication to pursue your ultimate goal.</p><p><i>Pursuing a Successful Mindset</i>follows the personal experiences of Alfred Drum as he shares how he has navigated the ups and downs of life. After finding success in construction and real estate, he settled on 22 attributes to help others change their mindsets and achieve success in their own lives. Beginning with having a vision to work for, entrepreneurs must be teachable, decisive, and focused in order to achieve their goal. Once success has been reached, they must also remain accountable and humble.</p><p>Filled with tips for achieving success, whether at home or at work, this book takes a healthy, positive look at personal growth. The first steps in any new endeavor are always the hardest, but following them one at a time is sure to lead you down the road to great success.</p>

  • - How to Achieve a Healthier You For a Healthier World
    by Andryakov Anton Andryakov

  • - Congressman William H. English and His Antebellum Political Times
    by Schimmel Elliott Schimmel

  • by Paul M Willette

    <p>A Message from Chloe: Dogs are not Cows is an important metaphor that dogs are carnivores that eat protein and are not cows or herbivores that eat carbohydrates. Chloe''s message is that dog health starts with the appropriate diet and nutrition for a dog, namely a raw diet of meat or protein, as that is how the dog obtains its nutrition and energy for health. If we treat a dog''s diet like a cow that eats mostly carbohydrates, a dog will have difficulty achieving health, longevity, and a good quality of life.</p><p>This book should be required reading for future, present, and past dog owners. How are dog different from humans? What diet is important? What is the impact of spaying and neutering? Read on to find out. Just like everything with Chloe, the message is usually profound, and it takes time to comprehend, but the sooner we learn from Chloe, the better Chloe''s, and other dogs like her, health will be.</p><p>The author Paul M Willette MD is CEO of Global Health Science Solutions, LLC is a strong human and animal health advocate that can be found on BaisavHealth.com.</p><p>I hope you agree that reading A Message from Chloe: "Dogs are not Cows" is time well spent in improving dog''s lives. As every owner knows, dogs enrich our own lives, so why wouldn''t we want to give them the best care possible?</p>

  • - My Opinions
    by Steve Hochstadt

    <p>In a 9-year career as an op-ed columnist for a small-town newspaper in America''s heartland, Steve Hochstadt wrote about all the key issues of 21st-century American life. From family holidays to police brutality, climate science to fatherhood, partisan politics to economic inequality, to racism and sexism and truth in politics, he covered it all. He used weekly opinion columns to trace our country''s political history as well as his own journey as a journalist-historian. The stories Hochstadt tells are both universal and particular, constructed by observing America and the world from the vantage point of Jacksonville, Illinois, and his own family history. His essays connect national politics and daily life in small-town America.</p><p>As a Holocaust historian, child of a Jewish refugee, and admirer of Jackie Robinson, he has a unique perspective on political issues in this country. He relies on his historical background, careful logic, clear writing, and social scientific evidence to back his personal opinions. Hochstadt''s optimistic belief in the power of liberal journalism transforms these essays into a message of hope to all Americans.</p>

  • by Emily Christine Cote

    <p>Have you ever thought about how a wool sock is made? From shearing the sheep, to making the yarn, to knitting and wearing the final product, so many different steps are necessary along the way.</p><p>This step-by-step guide takes children on a journey to show them how a single sock is made. Filled with hand-drawn illustrations, <i>A Sock is Born</i> shows that with some hard work, patience, and a little bit of magic, anyone can make their own pair of socks.</p>

  • - Accepting, Assisting, and Preparing for the End of Life
    by Barbara Frandsen

    <p>"I have plenty of time to think about death."</p><p>The truth is, none of us are getting out of here alive, and few of us avoid the anguish of living through a loved one''s death. Barbara Frandsen, a lifelong educator who lost her own mother as a child, shares her observations and thoughts:</p><ul><li>How does the death of a parent impact a child?</li><li>Does losing an older parent differ from other losses?</li><li>Is it more courageous to fight for life or to accept death?</li><li>What words and actions tend to comfort as we transition?</li><li>How can we prepare for an end on our own terms?</li></ul><p><i>Dignity in Death</i> is an invitation to release fear and embrace acceptance, opening new and limitless opportunities for knowledge, adventure, and unconditional love.</p>

  • - The Beginning
    by Carole Mumm

    <p>In the dreary town of Gloom, a cat named Hopeless lives a life of hardship and loneliness. When he decides to leave Gloom, he meets a wise and gentle cat named Sunshine who lives down the road in Paradise Valley. As they embark on a journey of friendship, he begins to learn that maybe life isn''t always as bad as it seems and discovers the true meaning of happiness! Although this book has a simple message, it is one that resonates with our times. The author hopes that this story will give children a simple tool to help them navigate this complex world.</p>

  • - An Evolving Faith Journey
    by Samuel Cardillo

  • - Discussing Black America
    by Dayson Brooks

  • by Kueng Christian Roulland Kueng

    Caleb and Granddad are best friends and love to go on big adventures together! From deep-sea fishing to slaying dragons, all they need is a backyard and their imaginations. But when Caleb starts to grow up and spend more time with his friends, Granddad wonders if they'll ever have another adventure.Filled with vivid illustrations and a heartwarming story for readers of all ages, Caleb's Adventures with Granddad reminds us that no one is ever too old to go on another adventure!

  • by Linda Saraceni

    Scout is a dog like any other: she loves to play outside and sleep in the sunshine. But Scout is also a special dog because she’s deaf. Her world is completely quiet.One day, Scout gets spooked by the touch of the wind and finds herself lost and far from home. Using her other senses and some help from her new friend, Scout sniffs and watches and feels her way back home to her family.

  • - Bimini Edition
    by Nathan Riley

  • - A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing for Film, Video, and Television
    by Taylor Gaines

    This guide will give you the lowdown on the entire screenwriting process. Knowing the ins and outs of the business will give you a leg up on your competition. In this book, every aspect of the script-writing process is covered, from your initial idea to pitching your screenplay to agents and executives.

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