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  • - Setting Objectives and Key Results to Reach Your Most Ambitious Goal
    by Bart den Haak

    Practical and to the point, this book integrates a unique combination of structural and leadership strategies, resulting in a new approach to OKRs that conquers the hurdles experienced by most business leaders today.

  • by Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson, Gary R. Schirr & et al.
    £11.99 - 19.49

    All the world's most advanced economies are dominated by service. The service sector also employs the largest number of people and it is the fastest growing sector, both in number of companies and employees. The questions posed in the book are: (1) How is it growing; (2) what are these new service innovations; (3) what are the drivers; and (4) how can organizations work with service innovations in a structured way? The book views service as the value-creating activity that customers perform in their own context. The role of a company is to provide the resources and knowledge to enable value creation. Based on this view, we develop a model of service innovation and develop guidelines for what is required from the organizational perspective; how should an organization view its customers in order to be successful, what does a service development process look like, and how to transform an organization that has a product focus to a service or solution provider.

  • - A Practitioner's View of Trade Sales Organizations
    by Massimo Parravicini

    In many FMCG companies, the challenges for the sales function are to develop effective sales strategies and to deliver excellent sales operations in order to support the achievement of business targets. The purpose of this book is to provide a practical guide to sales management through the analysis of its key components: route to market, sales strategy, key performance indicators, organizational models, sales force management, customer business planning, order to cash, and sales and operations planning. For each of these topics, the content of this book is a balance of theory, practical tips, and useful tools, keeping in mind not only the "e;what,"e; but also the "e;how"e; of the implementation. The reader will learn how to map sales channels, assess a customer base, design a sales strategy, build a sales scorecard, and organize a sales team's frontline and back ofi ce. The book also covers how to structure trade category plans, customer business plans, and customer negotiation plans and how to optimize the sales team's contribution to the company's key fundamental processes. It concludes with an overview of the future challenges of sales management.

  • - Comparing and Understanding Standards for ISA and PCAOB
    by Asokan Anandarajan & Gary (Monclair State University USA) Kleinman

  • by Sheryl Hardin
    £25.49 - 29.49

  • by Karen Lawson
    £12.49 - 22.99

    Achieve Lifelong Professional SuccessRemaining Relevant is an inspirational playbook for professionals who want to remain relevant, significant, and credible contributors regardless of their age.The book is based on research as well as interviews with over two dozen professional men and women from a variety of industries and disciplines.Chock full of self-assessments, checklists, and activities, Remaining Relevant presents practical and concise tips to help the reader create an action plan for self-development and reinvention. Readers will gain valuable insight to help them remain at the top of their game throughout their lifetime. Chapters address how to...Stay Sharp - Improve mental acuity and cognitive skills.Communicate Clearly - Adapt your communication approach and techniques to today's environment.Stay Connected - Develop and strengthen personal and professional relationships.Update Your Image - Be perceived the way you want to be perceived.Get Physical - Slow down the signs of aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Seek Harmony - Enhance the spiritual, psychological, and emotional aspects of your life.Keep Up with Technology - Develop a working knowledge of platforms, applications, and social media.Reinvent Yourself - Start a new business or change your career.

  • by Paul Taylor

    This book provides an overview of emerging technologies within Financial Services to allow firms to understand their real benefits and how to pragmatically implement them for maximum benefit.Financial Services and Technology (FinTech) have collaborated for decades with mutual benefit, and it is not unreasonable to expect this co-operation to continue, especially with the development of emerging technologies.However, both industries are facing challenges. Financial Services suffer from regulation, client, and risk pressures. Emerging technologies suffer from their inherent complexity and implementation challenges.It is imperative that Financial Services' firms understand emerging technologies to ensure they are implemented effectively to support both current business and future challenges.This book takes a pragmatic and critical review of Emerging Technologies exploringWhat the technologies are?How they can be used?How they can be implemented pragmatically?How they could help address future challenges?This book provides an overview of emerging technologies within Financial Services to allow firms to understand their real benefits and how to pragmatically implement them for maximum benefit.

  • by Thomas Sieber
    £11.49 - 21.99

    This book will help Chairs to form a strong team, build a resilient relationship with the CEO, assess how to use their considerable power, and when to show self-restraint.Board members often struggle to identify their true role, caught between the Chair and the executive board. As a result, board members frequently have doubts about their role and personal impact; doubts which are rarely acknowledged nor addressed. By focusing on the most impactful driver of success - the human behavior - the author explores how to create a strong board team whose members are clear about the team's role, are able to talk about their concerns, and are therefore also comfortable to listen, to challenge, and to support.Based on around 60 interviews around the globe and his own board experience, this book will help Chairs to form a strong team, build a resilient relationship with the CEO, assess how to use their considerable power, and when to show self-restraint. Navigating the Boardroom supports board members and managers in reflecting on how to navigate the complex web of boardroom relations and provides both practical and attitudinal tips.

  • by Stacy Landreth Grau
    £11.49 - 22.99

    Social media influencers rule the world!Gone are the days of worshipping movie stars and athletes only for their talent. Everyday people are fast becoming the new celebrities and thus influencers for Millennials and Generation Z. In the past few years, social media influencers dominate pop culture and brands are eager to work with them to build their brands. From music to gaming; from fashion to sports; from wellness to lifestyle branding there are more than 50 million people calling themselves "e;creators"e; and many are influencers amassing a highly engaged community. For brands, what are the most effective ways to identify and cultivate influencers and support content creation?This book is for anyone who wants to understand the landscape of influencer marketing with an eye for collaborations between influencers and companies. Perfect for brand managers and agency professionals, up and coming influencers, and students wanting to enter this exciting field of marketing, this book combines practical advice and examples with an overview of the academic insights to date. Topics include creators and the creator economy, typology of influencers, how to work with them, considerations for campaign design and implementation.Celebrity 2.0: The Role of Social Media Influencer Marketing to Build Brands is a great primer to the influencer marketing ecosystem and the influencer marketing relationship framework to learn how content marketing, native advertising and content marketing all come together.

  • by Peter Hlavnicka
    £11.49 - 21.99

    Protecting the Brand, Volume II: Busting the Bootlegs follows Volume I which provides a unique combination of legal and business best practices related to intellectual property protection.This second volume showcases U.S. states specific legal statues and examples related to the legal approach to counterfeiting and grey market issues. The primary emphasis is to provide advice to U.S. companies navigating the complex domestic legislation and provide a single source of reference for both law practitioners and those tasked with intellectual property rights enforcement and compliance who need to understand the applicable state legislation.Both volumes of this book are focused on leveraging trademark enforcement while also commenting on copyright and patent enforcement, establishing a framework for successful brand protection in the future.

  • by Richard M. Contino
    £11.49 - 22.99

    Even though it is seldom acknowledged, the truth is that business runs on emotion-yours and almost everyone else's. And that emotion is often negative, leading us into bewilderment, dysfunction, and failure.This book explains how to face up to this reality and respond by building street smarts and business emotional intelligence (BEQ). It supports your business success by developing your ability to recognize and effectively manage the destructive emotional tendencies, hidden agendas, and behaviors that exist all around you, and sometimes within you, that block business progress.Emotions don't belong in the business process, we are told. And that's absolutely correct when destructive feelings disrupt the workplace. But here is the dirty little secret: Irrational and runaway feelings nevertheless dominate in many businesses and hold back professionals who are crippled by emotional dynamics that often play out beyond conscious awareness and their control.Learn how and why emotions are a controlling factor in every career or business success and failure, and how to work with them to achieve your full potential by developing (BEQ). Expand and transform your business thinking and approach, by learning to recognize common, hidden emotional issues in a simple and straightforward manner. Strengthen your BEQ to achieve more accurate self-analysis, improved awareness, and effective functioning that creates predictable and positive results immediately.

  • by Peter Compo

  • by Ted Meyer
    £11.49 - 21.99

    If your organization is not performing at its best, this book is for you. It puts you right into the shoes of the leaders of the great baseball dynasties and demonstrates how they overcame challenges common to those in our own teams and groups. Topics include managing and motivating highly talented but dysfunctional individuals, turning around careers that have stalled late in life, better understanding the practical benefits of diversity and inclusion, and inspiring individuals to find their best within the context of their teams.Meyer combines his over thirty years representing some of the world's top companies with his deep knowledge of baseball history and looks at leadership from a brand-new perspective. Learn the value of encouraging leadership from all levels in your organization. Discover the critical importance of leaders coming to terms with their own internal demons before they can reach their full potential. Unlock the secrets of how to out-perform the competition in times of intense pressure and how to find opportunity in times of crisis.The stories of the greatest teams of our greatest game are wildly entertaining and provide unique insight into our own success. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, reading Championing the Cause of Leadership will deepen your skillset as a leader and could dramatically improve the future of your team.

  • by Reginald Tomas Lee
    £11.49 - 25.49

    Project Profitability explains why opportunities are not realized and offers a framework that will guarantee your teams identify projects that align with your strategy, calculate cash savings appropriately, and realize these cash savings upon implementation.Consultants and internal project teams often make substantial claims about the savings opportunities resulting from their projects. Most of the time, these claims do not come true. Project Profitability explains why these opportunities are not realized and offers a framework that will guarantee your teams identify projects that align with your strategy, calculate cash savings appropriately, and realize these cash savings upon implementation.Customers of consulting organizations can use this book to keep their consultants honest when savings are promised. Consulting organizations can use this book to help document the value their solutions bring, how much of that value can be realized, and what's necessary to achieve it.If you are a consultant, you do not want to risk having your customer know the content of this book and challenge the value promise!

  • by Craig Theisen
    £11.49 - 24.49

    Why do companies exert high effort to reduce the costs of products that are production? Because they can! Because unnecessary product costs were not removed during product development.C-O-S-T, short for Cost Optimization System and Technique, details how a company's product development teams, their supporting functions, and company leaders can optimize product costs before production starts and thereby maximize lifecycle profits.Since product development teams determine product costs imparted to new products, much of the book details how these teams optimize product costs. The book also includes ways company leaders can create and sustain company-wide engagement in optimizing product costs and keeping the resulting increased profit margins.The reader is entertained while observing a three-day workshop where executives of a fictitious company, Defender Products, Inc. are being taught the C-O-S-T system by its developers. The story flows like a business workshop with slides, dialog, and break-out sessions.The content will benefit all companies that design, develop and manufacture products.

  • by Alan Amling
    £11.49 - 27.99

  • by Rob Meyerson
    £11.49 - 24.49

    You don't have a brand-whether it's for a company or a product-until you have a name.The name is one of the first, longest lasting, and most important decisions in defining the identity of a company, product, or service. But set against a tidal wave of trademark applications, mortifying mistranslations, and disappearing dot-com availability, you won't find a good name by dumping out Scrabble tiles.Brand Naming details best-practice methodologies, tactics, and advice from the world of professional naming. You'll learn:What makes a good (and bad) nameThe step-by-step process professional namers useHow to generate hundreds of name ideasThe secrets of whittling the list down to a finalist The most complete and detailed book about naming your brand, Brand Naming also includes insider anecdotes, tired trends, brand origin stories, and busted myths.Whether you need a great name for a new company or product or just want to learn the secrets of professional word nerds, put down the thesaurus-not to mention Scrabble-and pick up Brand Naming.

  • - Become the Brand Everyone Wants
    by Rita Rocker-Craft
    £11.49 - 22.99

    When you finish this book, you will revel in your new life and career reinvention, strength, reputation, persona and mind set. You will be empowered to radiate indispensable characteristics to those you meet every day. Start now!

  • - Protecting the Five Core Capitals of Your Business
    by Tony A. Rose

  • - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins as an Asset Class
    by Ariel Santos-Alborna
    £11.49 - 21.99

    Provides in-depth analysis of Bitcoin Ethereum and the different types of Altcoins in the ecosystem. The author demonstrates an empirical approach to explaining how digital assets can fit into a diversified portfolio of traditional financial assets or as a standalone portfolio in a parallel financial ecosystem.

  • - A System for Creative Problem-Solving
    by Candy Campbell
    £11.49 - 24.49

    Healthcare organisations cry out for a toll to decrease untoward events and bridge the communication gap between professional clinical teams and clients. Discover how to guide your team to creatively problem-solve, build emotional and social intelligence, increase workplace safety and employee retention, and guarantee client satisfaction.

  • - Establishing Value and Convincing Your Customers of It
    by Tony Treacy

    Perfect for everyone involved in sales or business development who wants to become a more persuasive communicator. This practical guide explains customers' goals and motivations, how to identify the most relevant and important issues to talk about, how to take control of every pitch, and how to plan and then deliver proposals that persuade.

  • - Processes in Optimized, Mature Environments
    by Lukasz Rosinski
    £11.49 - 24.49

    An advanced technical book for hybrid project and program management. The book presents a complete methodology covering both processes as well as principles, according to a sound meta-model.

  • - The Impact of Extraordinary Leaders
    by Dunacan Ferguson, Toni M. Pristo & John Furcon
    £11.49 - 24.49

    Distilled from accounts of individual best boss stories, research and author experience, this book unlocks the powerful secrets of best boss leadership by providing a systemic approach for leading the best boss way.

  • - The Machine that Changed Retailing
    by Sanchoy Das
    £11.49 - 21.99

    Written in a simple easy to read style, this book unravels the technical mystery of the fulfillment machine. It levels the knowledge field, reveals the secrets of fast fulfillment, and helps the reader construct a plan to innovate and be ready to face the disruptors.

  • by Stephen H. Kaisler, Frank Amour, J. Alberto Espinosa & et al.

    Big data is an emerging phenomenon that has enormous implications and impacts upon business strategy, profitability, and process improvements. All service systems generate big data these days, especially human-centered service systems. It has been characterized as the collection, analysis and use of data characterized by the five Vs: volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value (of data). This booklet will help middle, senior, and executive managers to understand what big data is; how to recognize, collect, process, and analyze it; how to store and manage it; how to obtain useful information from it; and how to assess its contribution to operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making in service-oriented organizations.

  • - Analyzing, Forecasting, and Decision Making
    by Mark S. Bettner

  • - The Power of Audio Branding
    by David Allan
    £11.49 - 22.99

    Examines the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all time and one future hall of famer.

  • by Erin Parrish

    Offers an overview of the textile manufacturing industry and its supply chain, including a brief overview of the manufacturing technologies of each sector. The book also includes an overview of the importance of the industry in US history and how the industry has changed over time, including the movement to offshore manufacturing.

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