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  • by Grant T. Savage
    £71.49 - 84.99

    This proposed volume will provide state-of-the art reviews of health care management, linking concerns about health care workforce management with health care organization management issues. This meso perspective, linking micro and macro organizational processes, should appeal to health care management researchers and doctoral students. Review articles in this volume will orient new and established scholars about current themes within health care management, as well as emerging themes and divergent views. The authors evaluate these future directions and offer their perspective on the direction or directions that would help build theory and improve the practice of health care management. Specifically, the volume will focus both on health care workforce management issues, including allied health professionals, nurses, and physicians, and on health care organization management issues, ranging from organizational governance and strategy to the globalization of health care organizations.

  • by Giuseppe Caforio
    £93.99 - 105.49

    There could be no better homage to recently deceased sociologist Charles C. Moskos than dedicating to him this selection of the papers presented at RC01's international conference in Seoul (July 2008). It offers an up-to-date view of the panorama of social studies on armed forces and conflict resolution in a context of fast-moving change that renders many preceding theoretical previsions obsolete. Just to cite two aspects of this change, one can point first of all to how the presented studies move beyond the very concept of globalization, after which the conference had been named. It in fact emerged with clarity that the new dimensions of the context in which militaries and military policy must move are those of a constant, diffuse interaction of the 'local' and the 'global', so-called globalization. A second aspect, in the international area, is the shift towards a multipolar global order with the United States, the European Union, China, Russia, Latin America, Japan and India all manoeuvring for position, a shift that has significant consequences on military action as well.

  • by Henry T. Frierson
    £82.99 - 88.49

    This is the first of two volumes that specifically addresses the subject of the disproportional decline of Black American Males in higher education. For too long, acknowledgment of this issue has been avoided for fear that it would be clearly and too painfully felt. It is apparent that this issue can no longer be ignored and the need to examine and widely address this situation is now so vivid. This volume, and the next, forthrightly discuss and address the conditions that can be observed today. Collectively, the contributing authors provide critical historical overviews and analyses pertaining to Black American males in higher education and Black Americans of both genders. The contributing authors provide data from which conclusions can be drawn, discussion of the effectiveness of programs, conceptual pieces that address the issue of the presence or lack thereof of Black American males in higher education from a range of perspectives, and the role of the community colleges.

  • by Alexander J. Field
    £74.99 - 82.99

    Volume 26 of "e;Research in Economic History"e; includes six papers, evenly divided between European and North American topics. On the European side, Stefano Fenoaltea and Carlo Ciccarelli provide new regional estimates of social overhead investment in Italy. Markus Lampe reports data on bilateral trade flows in Europe between 1857 and 1875. And Bernard Harris surveys the literature on gender, wealth, and health in England and Wales since industrialization. Turning west, Mark Kanazawa studies conflicts between ranchers and miners over who should bear the burden of taxation in nineteenth century California. Jason Taylor and Peter Klein examine Depression era cartel behavior under the National Industrial Recovery Act. Finally, James Butkiewicz mines archival material to provide a new perspective on and some rehabilitation of Eugene Meyer's role as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board between 1930 and 1933.

  • by Samantha K. Ammons
    £0.00 - 98.49

    This volume will focus on innovative research that examines how the nature of paid work intersects with family and personal life today. Although some workers have more stability than others, rising income inequality, the continued rise of nonstandard work, further erosion of unions, technological advancements that encourage permeable boundaries between work and home, and the pressures of a global 24/7 economy generate an aura of insecurity for all. Some workers are working long hours but have some control over when, where and how they work; many others are poorly compensated and struggle with underemployment, have little say over their schedules, lack adequate benefits, and must cobble together several jobs and/or rely heavily on kinship networks to make ends meet. These changes suggest the need for nuanced analyses that are sensitive to class variation in work conditions and to diverse family formations. Research that addresses how current work conditions are experienced in different life course stages and in different policy contexts is also needed to fully understand the work-family interface.

  • by Timothy J. Rupert
    £82.49 - 86.99

    Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations publishes both non-empirical and empirical articles dealing with accounting pedagogy. All articles explain how teaching methods or curricula/programs can be improved. Non-empirical papers are academically rigorous, and specifically discuss the institutional context of a course or program, as well as any relevant tradeoffs or policy issues. Empirical reports exhibit sound research design and execution, and develop a thorough motivation and literature review, including references from outside the accounting field, where appropriate. Volume 16 examines the following topics: intelligent online tutoring, creating a cheat-proof testing and learning environment, information literacy in the accounting curriculum and cost accumulation in small businesses.

  • by Yvonne S. Freeman
    £0.00 - 86.99

    Between 1990 and 2010, the English language learner (ELL) population in U.S. schools grew by 80 percent. While the highest concentration of English language learners, now more commonly referred to as emergent bilinguals (EBLs) remains in the traditional immigrant destination states of California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey, in all 50 states there are growing numbers of emergent bilinguals. Interest in these learners has encouraged research and publications, but most of this research has centered on the students themselves and the politics surrounding their education. Publications featuring the research of teacher educators preparing teachers to work with EBLs in schools are much needed. Teacher educators must know how to help inservice teachers provide effective instruction to the increasing number of linguistically diverse students in the schools.

  • by Anthony F. Rotatori

    The volume will be divided into four parts. Part 1 will present an overview on disability that focuses on two major themes, namely, the biopsychosocial approaches to disability and cultural views of disability. Part 2 will examine five major areas of high incidence exceptionalities: cognitive impairment, learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorders, behavioural/emotional disorders and speech and language disorders.

  • by William Mobley
    £74.99 - 88.49

    The global shortage of effective business leaders makes urgent the search for new insights about the nature of global leadership and the best means of developing such leaders. This text is a response to this urgent need. The rapid globalization of the economy places business leaders in new and demanding international settings and requires them to work across cultures. Volume 3 of "e;Advances in Global Leadership"e; presents original papers on the psychology of global leadership and the development of international and global leaders. Chapters are authored by academics, business leaders and consultants throughout the world who bring their various insights into global leadership.

  • by David J. Ketchen Jr.
    £82.99 - 100.49

    Research methods present the strategic management field with great opportunities and challenges. This second volume of "e;Research Methodology in Strategy and Management"e; includes three types of chapters. One set of chapters describes challenges and opportunities inherent in particular content areas, including resource-based theory, strategic groups research, entrepreneurship, real options, and the construct of performance. A second group of chapters examine key ontological and epistemological issues in the strategic management context, including the relationship between theory and method, the human side of research methods, and mixed-level research. A final group of chapters describe how strategy researchers can better use particular methods. These methods include meta-analysis, Internet-based surveys, and cognitive mapping techniques. Collectively, the chapters offer state of the art thinking about research methodology provided by intellectual leaders within the management field.

  • by Thomas B. Fomby

    The editors are pleased to offer the following papers to the reader in recognition and appreciation of the contributions to our literature made by Robert Engle and Sir Clive Granger, winners of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics. The basic themes of this part of Volume 20 of "e;Advances in Econometrics"e; are time varying betas of the capital asset pricing model, analysis of predictive densities of nonlinear models of stock returns, modelling multivariate dynamic correlations, flexible seasonal time series models, estimation of long-memory time series models, the application of the technique of boosting in volatility forecasting, the use of different time scales in GARCH modelling, out-of-sample evaluation of the Fed Model in stock price valuation, structural change as an alternative to long memory, the use of smooth transition auto-regressions in stochastic volatility modelling, the analysis of the balanced-ness of regressions analyzing Taylor-Type rules of the Fed Funds rate, a mixture-of-experts approach for the estimation of stochastic volatility, a modern assessment of Clives first published paper on Sunspot activity, and a new class of models of tail-dependence in time series subject to jumps. This Series aids in the diffusion of new econometric techniques. Emphasis is placed on expositional clarity and ease of assimilation for readers who are unfamiliar with a given topic of a volume. It illustrates new concepts.

  • by Arch G. Woodside
    £69.49 - 74.99

    This volume provides useful answers to the following questions: how do tourists go about seeking high novelty and yet return to the same destination year-after-year? How do some firms in the same industry end up embracing industrial tourism while other firms reject such business models? What simple and complex heuristics do freely-independent-travelers apply pre-trip and during the trip in deciding where to go and what to do? What metrics are useful for measuring the impact of activity-focused tourism on the well-being of regional areas? How do executive leadership styles affect employee satisfaction in international tourist hotels? What action and outcome metrics are useful for measuring performance management auditing and destination marketing organization planning and implementing?In terms of the first question, research on tourists' risk-handling behavior provides a useful framework for explaining their novelty seeking proneness. The first paper of the volume provides a complete research report on how tourists' risk-handling behavior explains contingencies in novelty seeking regarding repeat visits to a given destination. How executives process industrial tourism models depends on whether or not they view such enterprise development as a core or peripheral business. The second paper provides thick descriptions of alternative process approaches whilst the third reports a mixed-methods (interpretative and positivistic) research design to provide a thorough report on FITs' (fully independent travellers') pre-trip and trip thinking and doing behavior. This research approach shows how FITs take advantage of serendipitous opportunities to experience a number of locations, attractions, and activities that they had neither actively researched nor planned.The fourth paper applies the fields of travel research and community economic development (CED) within an ethnographic and survey research study on mural tourism which shows how tourism business models can be successful for nurturing CED. The following paper provides both evidence on how leadership styles affect the success of international hotel operations as well as templates on how to measure both leadership styles and subsequent impacts on hotel operations. The final paper includes a longitudinal case study of management performance audits of a government destination marketing organization (DMO) to illustrate the use of templates for measuring both auditor and DMO executives behavior and performance outcomes. As such, this paper concludes what is a diverse and engaging volume of "e;Advances in Culture Tourism and Hospitality Research"e;.

  • by Diane E. Davis
    £69.49 - 88.49

    "e;Political Power and Social Theory"e; continues its longstanding run as a premier volume of comparative and historical social science. The volume focuses on a variety of questions relating to states, citizenship, and power, common themes examined with divergent analytical entry points and through deep knowledge of country cases as diverse as Russia, the United States, El Salvador, South Africa, and Israel. Whether examined with a focus on revolutions and political parties, or cities and their physical and social transformation, or through development of the concept of the 'familial state', which marries a preoccupation with lineage and micro-cultures to that of national-state institutions, these articles expand our theoretical and methodological imagination of how citizens become included or excluded in local and national structures of power.

  • by Andrew H. Chen

    This volume contains contributions on a range of important issues in current research in finance and economics. Topics include the IPO underwriting spreads, the moral hazard problems in bank regulation as well as in the cost of deposit insurance, the loan yield spreads, and the aggregate bank performance at the state-level. The topics in global investments such as diversification benefits, overreaction and seasonality among international stock markets are also included in this volume. The contributions to this volume also address the appropriate asset allocation of hedge funds, the effects of partial hedging in incentive stocks and options, the relation between board size and firm performance, the impact of higher oil prices on stock market returns, and the futures hedging effectiveness with alternative settlement specifications in the contracts. This volume contains articles contributed by leading experts in finance and economics. It includes articles on the hot topics of oil-prices and hedge-funds.

  • by Marc J. Epstein
    £74.99 - 93.99

    "e;Advances in Management Accounting"e; ("e;AMA"e;) publishes well-developed articles on a variety of current topics in management accounting that are relevant to researchers in both practice and academe. As one of the premier management accounting research journals, "e;AMA"e; is well poised to meet the needs of management accounting scholars.

  • by David Lewin
    £71.49 - 86.99

    Continuing the tradition of "e;Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations"e; ("e;AILR"e;) this volume presents a rich mix of different approaches in industrial relations scholarship covering labor history, theory, quantitative and qualitative analysis. The range of papers in this volume potentially has significant implications for labour research and policy. The themes in this volume cover important social, economic and business perspectives raising critical issues from historical to contemporary debates covering issues such as union recognition and investor reaction, human resource management and organisational performance in the healthcare industry, employer associations, labor-related human rights and standards compliance in developing countries, work identity and sexual diversity, paradigm shifts in industrial relations and contract arbitration in Canada. This diverse range of themes provides not only an informative and useful contribution to our existing knowledge but raises important issues for contemporary debates in political and economic forums.

  • by David Brady
    £84.99 - 91.49

    This first of two companion volumes places the labor markets, workplaces, jobs and workers of Europe in comparative perspective. It focuses on the politics, economics, sociology, and history of work and workers in Europe. Authors contribute a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, with papers that push the boundaries of evidence and argument. In order to place European workers in comparative perspectives, the volume features articles that analyze specific European countries, industries and firms, analyze Europe as one of a few cases, and analyze many European countries within a cross-national sample. Specific topics in 'Comparing European Workers Volume 1: Experiences and Inequalities' include: a multilevel study of perceived job insecurity in 27 European countries; work values and job rewards among European workers; explaining cross-national variation in wage inequality; managerial intensity and earnings inequality in affluent democracies; cross-national patterns in individual and household employment and work hours by gender and parenthood; and domestic and international causes of the rise of pay inequality in OECD nations.

  • by Amanda Spink

    "e;Library and Information Science Trends and Research: Europe"e;, co-edited by Professor Amanda Spink and Dr. Jannica Heinstrom provides an understanding of the new directions in library and information science/management, education and research in Europe. The volume focuses on new research directions within the field but will also discuss curriculum changes due to the rapidly developing information world. Europe has developed substantially both socially and economically in the last ten years with a growing population and economy. The field of library and information science/management has also grown in educational and research developments as information increasingly has become a part of people's everyday social and life processes. This book is directly relevant to information scientists, information professionals and librarians, social scientists and people interested in understanding more about the trends and research in library and information science/management in the European region. Undergraduate and graduate students, academics, educators, and information professionals interested in library and information science will find this book of particular benefit.

  • by Norman K. Denzin

    "e;Volume 38 of Studies in Symbolic Interaction"e; is devoted exclusively to the "e;Blue Ribbon Papers Series"e;, which is under the intellectual leadership of Lonnie Athens. In this issue, Athens presents the autobiographies of scholars who have made significant contributions to symbolic interactionist approach over the 20th and 21st centuries, including David Altheide, Paul Atkinson, Kathy Chamaraz, Adele Clarke, Gary Cook, Carolyn Ellis, Martyn Hammersley, John Johnson, Joseph Kotarba, and Laurel Richardson. The contributors were all asked to address the question of how they got into their particular fields of study and later became interactionist? They were also prodded to reveal "e;who is the person behind the professional mask"e; by describing why and how they changed over the intellectual journeys that they took in becoming some of the best known and well-respected advocates of the symbolic-interactionist's approach in America and Great Britain. These autobiographic reflections and revelations not only shatter the popular stereotype of academics, but also the stereotype of scholars who subscribe to viewpoint of symbolic interactionism.

  • by Julian Go
    £86.99 - 91.49

    As economic stagnation freezes the globe; capitalism is increasingly questioned; war, revolution and political instability unsettles the Middle East; and President Obama's campaign for the Presidency looms, Volume 23 of Political Power and Social Theory reflects on these and related issues. Chapters in this volume discuss the meaning of revolution, the origins of neoliberalism in India, identity formation in a Chicago social movement, the Palestinian National Question, and the Black middle-class in the US. Additionally, in the Scholarly Controversy section, Fred Block questions whether the concept of "e;capitalism"e; should be problematized entirely.

  • by Gaetane Jean-Marie

    Historically, women of color have experienced discrimination based on the double jeopardy of race and/or ethnicity, and gender in their quest for access and advancement in higher education. Today's women of color in higher education however are the beneficiaries of courageous and committed women predecessors who confronted and disrupted institutions to attain a higher level of education (Jean-Marie, 2005). Together with Volume 9, this two-edited volume focuses on African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and Asian-Pacific American women whose increased presence in senior level administrative and academic positions in higher education is transforming the political climate to be more inclusive of women of color. Topics include trends and issues, leadership styles/characteristics, tenure and promotion, mentoring/social networks, and challenges and opportunities. As a conceptual framework, the collection of chapters in the two volumes acquaints readers with a broad overview of the characteristics and experiences of women of color in higher education. The two volumes include: "e;Women of Color in Higher Education: Turbulent Past, Promising Future"e; and "e;Women of Color in Higher Education: Changing Directions and New Perspectives"e;.

  • by Solomon W. Polachek
    £91.49 - 103.99

    This volume contains nine original innovative chapters on worker well-being. Three chapters are on time allocated to work and human capital acquisition, three on aspects of risk in the earnings process, two on migration, and finally one on how tax policies affect poverty. Questions answered include: Are more educated women now opting out of work with a higher probability than in the past? Under what circumstances do young adults allocate non-school time to educational pursuits? How do macroeconomic shocks affect labor force participation rates? Can tax policies alleviate poverty? Are workers compensated adequately for taking risks? Do differences in private and public sector earnings affect mobility between the two sectors? And, do migrant parents affect educational decisions of their offspring?

  • by Kose John
    £79.49 - 83.99

    This volume contains eight empirical papers that examine corporate governance from a number of different perspectives. Howe et al investigate how governance can influence short- and long-term performance in the case of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies; Javakhadze et al analyze limits to convergence in international corporate governance practices; Barak and Lauterbach focus on the private benefits of control; and Dong examines the relation between the discipline of options and corporate debt and the design of executive compensation. Jiang et al measure the effect of R&D expenditures on bondholders; Gondhalekar et al examine the capital market response to financial restatements; Al-Khouri reports robust evidence that privately owned banks are more risky than government-owned banks; and Luo and Jackson conclude that the positive relationship between tunneling and executive compensation implies personal benefits for controlling shareholders at the expense of minority shareholders.

  • by Antonio Davila
    £103.99 - 109.49

    Over the years, the performance measurement and management control conference has grown in number of participants, quality of presentations and reputation, and has attracted leading researchers in the field from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The 2011 theme was directed at global issues, and included the significant challenges of managing and measuring performance within and across different organizational and geographical boundaries, using theoretical, empirical, analytical, experimental, and case-based research to address these topics. In addition to the three plenary sessions, this volume contains some of the exemplary papers that were presented at the 2011 conference; representing a collection of leading research in management control and performance measurement and providing a significant contribution to the growing literature in the area. The editors hope this book will continue the search for additional understanding and development in performance measurement and management control, and provide guidance for both academic researchers and managers as they work toward improving organizations.

  • by Jeffrey P. Bakken

    Along with Volume 22 of the same series, this book addresses the most current perspectives and issues related to behaviour disorders and it involves leaders in the behaviour disorders field. This books specifically addresses practice concerns and students with EBD. This book is organized to allow readers to follow behavioural disorders in a very logical and thoughtful process. Topics addressed include inclusion, social skills training, effective instruction, response-to-intervention, transition, technology finally ending with working families, and teacher preparation. Chapters can be read in order or independently since they have considerable versatility. We feel that this volume of "e;Advances in Special Education"e; will be an excellent resource for special education professionals who teach and serve students with behavioural disorders.

  • by David M. Drukker

    Volume 27 of "e;Advances in Econometrics"e;, entitled "e;Missing Data Methods"e;, contains 16 chapters authored by specialists in the field, covering topics such as: Missing-Data Imputation in Nonstationary Panel Data Models; Markov Switching Models in Empirical Finance; Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Sample Selection Models Using Gaussian Copulas; Consistent Estimation and Orthogonality; and Likelihood-Based Estimators for Endogenous or Truncated Samples in Standard Stratified Sampling.

  • by Toby Stock
    £74.99 - 84.99

    The eight articles in the volume include three articles on tax compliance and related topics. Specifically, Chambers and Curatola examine whether greater tax payment frequency improves compliance and decreases delinquencies. Gemmell and Hasseldine discuss and analyze the state of the tax gap literature. MacGregor and Wilkinson investigate the effect of economic patriotism on taxpayer compliance attitudes. Volume 20 also includes two articles on federal tax issues. Addy and Yoder investigate factors associated with private foundations that narrowly fail a test that would reduce the tax the foundation pays on investment income. Liedtka and Nayar examine the motivation for early exercise of certain stock options. Two articles in this volume examine state tax issues. Jalbert and Fleischman analyze interactions between federal section 179 deduction decisions and Hawaiian tax credit elections. Key investigates the effect of one county's property tax policy decisions on those of adjoining counties. Last but not least, one paper deals with practitioner information search. Cloyd, Spilker and Wood investigate how supervisors can affect the information search behavior of their subordinate practitioners.

  • by Kenneth D. Lawrence
    £79.49 - 82.49

    Applications of Management Science is a blind refereed series, published annually. It presents state-of-the-art studies in the application of management science to solve significant managerial decision-making problems. Volume 15 examines management science application to data envelopment analysis and efficiency, supply chain and quality applications, and multi-criteria and financial applications. Section A focuses on DEA to team performance, public higher education systems, US airlines and Indian commercial banks. Section B focuses on cooperative public service advertising, supply chain strategies, optimal management of reverse supply chain and optimal response to multi-response models. Section C explores multi-criteria measures of public and private enterprises, two-dimensional warranty policy decision making, and creating teams. Section D focuses on financial applications, direct foreign investments, conditional values of risk in portfolio models, and asset allocations of mutual funds. This volume will be most valuable to practitioners and researchers interested in productivity analysis, supply chain systems, multi-criteria applications and financial applications.

  • by Vicky Arnold
    £69.49 - 79.49

    "e;Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research"e; publishes high-quality research encompassing all areas of accounting that incorporates theory from, and contributes knowledge and understanding to applied psychology, sociology, management science, and behavioral economics. Research published in this series encompasses all areas of accounting and covers a broad range of issues that affect the users, preparers and assurers of accounting information. This volume focuses primarily on developing psychometric measures that can be useful for future research. This includes research focused on developing an instrument for measuring taxpayer locus of control, developing a scale for examining social norms related to tax compliance, identifying characteristics of audit partners that might predict 'risky' behavior, and identifying facets of culture that influence employee satisfaction. Further, the quality of auditors' decisions as judged by engagement quality reviewers and jurors are examined. Finally, an investigation of the factors that influence coauthorship provides interesting insight into the habits of the most productive accounting researchers.

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