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  • - 52 Tasty Taco Recipes to Make Every Week the Best Ever
    by Laura Fuentes

    The Taco Tuesday Cookbook features 52 family-friendly taco recipes-one for every week of the year-all made with real-food ingredients. Tortilla, salsa, drink, and dessert recipes make your taco night complete.

  • - A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot
    by Liz Dean

  • - The Optimal Keto-Friendly Diet that Burns Fat, Promotes Longevity, and Prevents Chronic Disease
    by Martina Slajerova, Thomas DeLauer, Nicholas Norwitz & et al.

    In The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, best-selling ketogenic author Martina Slajerova presents a keto-optimized refinement of the world's superdiet.

  • - Magickal Practices and Spells for Awakening Your Inner Witch
    by Lidia Pradas

    The Complete Grimoire is a practical and authentic guide for the beginning witchcraft practitioner by the creator of the hugely popular Instagram handle Wiccan Tips.

  • - Rituals & Recipes for a Year of Earth Magick and Sacred Medicine Making
    by Marysia Miernowska

    Written by the Director of one of California's most renowned herbal schools who was also named one of the "top 15 witches on Instagram" (Huffington Post), The Witch's Herbal Apothecary is a guide of recipes, rituals, and lore that enable readers to tap into Earth Magick to heal themselves.

  • - Hundreds of Easy and Delicious Recipes for Losing Weight, Improving Your Health, and Staying in the Ketogenic Zone
    by Dana Carpender

    500 Ketogenic Recipes is a massive collection of 500 easy-to-prepare ketogenic recipes by best-selling low-carb author Dana Carpender. Get healthy, get muscular, get on a keto diet today!

  • - Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space
    by Athena Perrakis

    The Book of Blessings and Rituals is the DIY guide for bringing the sacred into everyday life from leading metaphysical teacher Athena Perrakis.

  • - A Plant-Based Nutrition and Training Guide for Every Fitness Level-Beginner to Beyond [Includes More Than 60 Recipes!]
    by Matt Frazier & Matt Ruscigno

    No Meat Athlete is a unique guidebook, healthy-living cookbook, and nutrition primer for the beginner, everyday, and serious athlete who wants to perform at their best while living a meatless (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) lifestyle.

  • by Lord Morpheous

    Everything you need to know about bondage basics, including 32 sexy knots and ties all in one petite, easy-to-carry mini-book.

  • by Karen Rose

    Discover how to utilize the magic of plants and diasporic ancestral practices in remedies and ritual. What if plants could be used to guide the process of transformation? What if you knew which rituals and plants could be partnered to alleviate physical symptoms or heal emotional and spiritual imbalances? How can plants help you stand in your power, strengthen your intuition, and provide protection? In The Art & Practice of Spiritual Herbalism, leading Black herbalist Karen Rose provides the answers you seek. This guide to harnessing the power of plants is a practical tool for working through the symptoms of body disease and the underlying emotional and spiritual issues. Organized by major body systems such circulatory, digestive, and reproductive, The Art & Practice of Spiritual Herbalism gives a brief overview of the physical mechanisms of the system, the spiritual correspondences associated with that system, and the plants, remedies, and rituals that can be used to bring oneself back to healing and balance. Filled with stories, ancestral recipes, and accessible practices that anyone can use, The Art & Practice of Spiritual Herbalism shows you how to use the power of plants for spiritual and physical healing.

  • - Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom
    by Chris Hart & Andy Husbands

    Step up your barbeque game. Pitmaster is the definitive guide to becoming a barbecue aficionado and top-shelf cook from renowned chefs Andy Husbands and Chris Hart.

  • - Naughty Knots and Risque Restraints You Need to Know
    by Lord Morpheous

    Perfect for the bondage beginner or enthusiasts who want more practice or new ideas; Bondage Basics showcases 52 bondage ties for many purposes and effects.

  • - A Fun and Flavorful Guide to Fermenting Your Own Probiotic Beverages at Home
    by Alex Lewin & Raquel Guajardo

    Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond contains healthy and innovative recipes and instructions to show you how to brew your own delicious, probiotic beverages in your own kitchen.

  • - Rituals, Spells & Practices for Magical Sabbats, Holidays & Celebrations
    by Anjou Kiernan

    The Ultimate Guide to The Witch's Wheel of the Year is a comprehensive guide to all of the sacred holidays and celebrations of the Wiccan calendar with guidance, appropriate rituals, spellwork, and practices.

  • - Pressure Techniques to Tone and Define Naturally
    by Nadira V Persaud

    For anyone looking to look and feel younger, Face Workouts offers a series of exercises to help define and tone the face with natural and effective alternatives to invasive surgery

  • - 100+ Nourishing Allergen-Free Recipes
    by Michelle Hoover

    The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook revisits all of the delicious comfort foods people love-remade with AIP-compliant ingredients and a healing twist.

  • - Weekly Meal Plans and Nourishing Recipes That Make Eating Healthy Quick & Easy
    by Sophie Van Tiggelen

    The Autoimmune Protocol Meal Prep Cookbook shows you how to easily live the AIP lifestyle with 10 menus, shopping lists, and step-by-step instructions for preparing all of your meals for the week in one cooking session.

  • - More than 100 Spells, Rituals, and Practices for Coping in a Crisis
    by Lisa Marie Basile

    Light Magic for Dark Times offers inspired, easy-to-do spells to cast when your world is descending into chaos and darkness-or, to help prevent the dark from creeping in.

  • - Start Healing Your Body and Reversing Chronic Illness Today with 100 Delicious Recipes
    by Sophie Van Tiggelen

    The first beginner's guide to cooking and living the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) easily and successfully with 100 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, pantry lists, and shopping guides.

  • - Harness the Power of the World's Healthiest Diet to Live Better, Longer
    by Amy Riolo

    Based on the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, this illustrated cookbook offers 100 delicious, satisfying, easy recipes from 25 Mediterranean countries.

  • by Sydney Price

    Press Here! Sensual Massage for Beginners is an introductory guide to practicing the art of sensual massage, with yourself and/or a partnerlearn through beautiful illustrations, step-by-step instruction, and expert advice. Sexuality is an integral part of your health and self-development. Whether you are single, dating, or already in a relationship, spending quality time exploring the nature of your own and a partners sexual pleasure and expression through touch can increase your satisfaction, confidence, and bonding while reducing stress. With this guide, learn how to create a unique and satisfying sensual massage experience, including:How to use communication to create a safe space and honestly share desiresUsing breath and focus to slow downHow to create different sensations with your handsA demystifying and non-shaming breakdown of the anatomy of arousal (often left out of traditionalsex education)Creating a sensual space with oils, aromatherapy, toys, and propsA guided practice model for trying a full body sensual massage either alone or with a partnerAdd sensual massage to your self-care routine or bonding time with a partner to improve your overall well-being with Press Here! Sensual Massage for Beginners. The Press Here! series offers contemporary takes on traditional hands-on healing practices for a new generation of practitioners. These introductory guides feature easy-to-access organization, clear instructions, and beautiful illustrations of each technique. Other Press Here! topics include massage, Kama Sutra, reiki, reflexology, chakras, face workouts, and acupressure.

  • by Thomas DeLauer

    This is your accessible, practical, science-backed guide to transforming your body, mind, and health with intermittent fasting. Like any hot diet trend, intermittent fasting (IF) is surrounded by hype and misinformation. Written by nutrition and fitness expert and YouTube sensation Thomas DeLauer, Intermittent Fasting Made Easy moves you beyond how you could do IF to what you should do to get the very best results. Known for making nutrition science cool and accessible, DeLauer gives you an action plan for maximizing results—designed with busy people juggling family, career, and everyday life in mind. It's IF made easy and applied to real life. Chapter by chapter, DeLauer walks you through the best practices for each of the key stages of intermittent fasting: the fasting window, breaking the fast, and the eating window. For each stage, find a checklist to confirm you're on track as well as a troubleshooting section to make sure you are fasting in a way that supports your body and lifestyle. You'll learn how to:Choose the best foods to eat (and which to avoid)Use supplements to support your progressMaximize your workout while intermittent fastingAvoid the most common mistakes people makeKick IF results into high gear by supercharging fat burning, boosting mental clarity, and enhancing sleepGet past IF roadblocks including mood swings, relapse, and plateauingAlso included are biohacks to level-up results specifically for women. With Intermittent Fasting Made Easy, you'll know exactly what to do to get the most out of intermittent fasting and dramatically optimize your life—starting now.

  • - 75 Nourishing Paleo + AIP Recipes & 10 Practices to Strengthen Digestion
    by Alison Marras

    The Paleo Gut Healing Cookbook gives readers the full equation for restoring gut health, autoimmune protocol-compliant recipes, and digestion-supportive practices.

  • - A Practical Guide to Developing Your Intuition
    by Karen Frazier

    In The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities, best-selling author and psychic Karen Frazier introduces readers to the different types of psychic ability and shows how they can be developed and used in one's life for personal empowerment.

  • - Reveal the Answer to Every Question About Work, Home, Fortune, and Love
    by Liz Dean

    A must-have companion guide for following or creating tarot card layouts.

  • - A Modern Guide to Ancient Healing
    by Misha Ruth Cohen

    The Chinese Medicine Companion is a condensed edition of The New Chinese Medicine Handbook.

  • - 100 Delicious Recipes from Pan to Plate in 30 Minutes or Less
    by Christina Shoemaker

    In Clean Paleo One-Pot Meals, popular blogger Christina Shoemaker of The Whole Cook presents 100 quick and delicious recipes that go right from pan to plate.

  • - Fast-Friendly Recipes for Optimal Health, Weight Loss, and Results
    by Nicole Poirier

    The Intermittent Fasting Cookbook is a quick-start guide to the how of intermittent fasting, with meal plans and recipes for various IF patterns and protocols.

  • - Use the Word as Your Wand for Magic, Manifestation & Ritual
    by Lisa Marie Basile

    The Magical Writing Grimoire shows readers how to incorporate writing as a magical tool to create and amplify spell-casting.

  • - Healthy Low-Carb Recipes for Every Occasion
    by Erica Kerwien

    Everyday Keto Baking is a collection of more than 80 low-carb, keto-friendly recipes for breads, muffins, cakes, and more.

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