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Books published by Five Continents Editions

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  • by Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell

  • - A Century of Songye and Luba Masks
    by Allen F. Roberts, Francois Neyt, Kevin Dumouchelle, et al.

    Offers a fresh perspective on the Songye and Luba through the study of the Woods Davy Collection

  • by Valerie Rousseau & Debra Purden

    Born into slavery around 1853-4 on a cotton plantation in Benton, Alabama, Traylor has become one of the most important self-taught artists of the twentieth century. This publication provides a close examination of recurrent themes related to the artist's biography, creative process and tools, visual environment, and artistic mindset.

  • by Antonella Anedda, Elena Pontiggia, Franco Farinelli, et al.

    The book's structure reflects the exhibition's own sections, arranged by theme, whose titles are paradigmatic of Lai's oeuvre as a whole. Text in English and Italian.

  • by Noam Bar'am-ben Yossef

    Stunning photographs spin tales of family traditions and religious devotion, with a special section dedicated to jewellery worn by brides and grooms.

  • by Domenico Antonio Pallavicino Prince

  • by Dominik Remondino & Jean-Baptiste Sevette

    This book presents the roughly 63 statues of the Bari tribe that are known today and provides both historical context and current scholarship for these works, their use and their stylistic diversity. Text in English and French.


  • by David Revere McFadden

    A survey of contemporary artists who use cut paper - from small-scale intricate cuttings to monumental architectural interventions and sculpture - as an art form.

  • - Mauve Twilight
    by Benedicte Ramade & Pierre Lapointe

    In the spring of 2022, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present the first exhibition in Canada devoted to the Swiss artist Nicolas Party, whose unique visual language both challenges and celebrates the conventions of pictorial representation. Text in English and French.

  • by Anic Zanzi

    This catalogue for the 5th Art Brut Biennial at the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne highlights the museum's holdings with a selection of works that address belief in its many manifestations, including religion, spirit, and the occult.

  • - Binding to the Mountain
    by Elena Pontiggia & Piero Berengo Gardin

    Italian artist Maria Lai's best-known large-scale collective art project, a 3-day event in her small hometown in Sardinia in 1981, carried out entirely by the residents and photographed by Piero Berengo Gardin.

  • - Pierre Soulages - Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. In praise of light
    by Laure Schwartz-Arenales, Philippe Boudin, Fabienne Fravalo, et al.

    This catalogue for an exhibition at the Fondation Baur brings together paintings by French artist Pierre Soulages and sculpture by the Japanese bamboo master, Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. Text in English and French.

  • - Sculptures
    by Gabriella Belli & Luigi Spina

    This book offers a review of Matteo Pugliese's art over the past 20 years. The figures the Milanese sculptor creates are distinguished by their great power, revealing an inner torment that can no longer be disguised. Text in English and Italian.

  • by Anne-Marie Benezech

    In Kuyu, part of the Visions of Africa series, the reader will find a wide range of authentic objects belonging to a traditional Equatorial African culture, as well as a reconstruction of the migration routes that would explain such a seemingly motley collection of objects.

  • - The Story of Mokomokai
    by Robert Kirkwood Paterson

    Tattooed History: The Story of Mokomokai presents in a new way, and in a new light, the ancient art of tattooing among the Maori people.

  • - The architecture of sleep - KwaZulu-Natal, Eswatini and Limpopo
    by Bruce Goodall

    For the first time African headrests are brought to life with detailed information on their carvers, and the stories of their creation, ownership, and use.

  • by Georges Petitjean

    This publication sets out to acquaint a European public with the Yidaki, commonly known as the didgeridoo, a captivating music instrument, and with the unique culture who produced it and with the land where it originated.

  • by Georges Petitjean & Lisa Slade

    The book is dedicated to two major large collaborative canvases by male and female artists of the APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Lands and the Kulata Tjuta installation by artists of that same region. Text in English and French.

  • - The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm by Gio Ponti

    This book celebrates the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm designed and furnished by Gio Ponti. Text in English and Italian.

  • by Luigi Spina

    The second volume in the Hidden Treasures series launched in 2018 with the Farnese Cup examines another undoubted masterpiece: The Alexander Mosaic. It is certainly one of the great attractions for visitors who every day throng the rooms of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

  • by Anic Zanzi

    Carlo Zinelli is one of the leading figures in Art Brut, along with Aloise Corbaz and Adolf Woelfli. The book devoted to him by Collection de l'Art Brut, in Lausanne - the public institution that possesses the largest body of work by the Italian artist - gathers together a series of articles on Zinelli by experts in different disciplines.

  • by Francis Cunningham

    The book is a new take on perception and preconceptions about the unclothed body and how, through art, the naked becomes the nude.


    A dreamlike journey in Paris. Text in English and French.

  • - Photography in the Mountains
    by Nathalie Herschdorfer

    Mountains have been a central defining theme in Switzerland, as they have elsewhere in the world. This has fascinated artists and, since the earliest invention of the medium, photographers. This book features works by contemporary photographers who record mountains in their various and multiple states.

  • - The Art Gallery Series
    by William Hauptman

    Giving a biographical account of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres' (1780-1867) life and discussing his work within the context of the art movements of the time, this is a monograph on the work of this influential artist.


    Presenting a collection of photographs of the Aeolian Islands, this work is a personal visual journey rather than a detailed document of the islands. The photographer identifies with the essence of the locations, blending with them and expressing their changing moods. He also aims to encapsulate the essence of life on these small islands.

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