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  • - The Essential Guide to Statistical Textbooks
    by Erik M. Boye

    As the title states, this little book is meant to be a companion to any student who has to learn statistics. The bookis a pedagogic helping hand for new students who often are frightened by their bricklike textbook in statistics.There exist a lot of auxiliary materials to textbooks in statistics – often in the shape of compendiums. TheStatistics Companion is not a compendium – it is a book that has• 134 pages + statistical tables• pedagogic explanations of the most important concepts and subjects in statistics• 60 illustrative graphs and drawings• examples of standard exercises – with solutions – at the rear of the chapterThe author has 30 years of experience teaching statistics and descriptive economics at universities in Denmarkand 25 years of experience in writing pedagogical textbooks.Statistics Companion is a translation of a Danish book that has given many responses from relieved studentswho claim that the book has saved their study.FOR SHORT COURCES IN STATISTICS THE "STATISTICS COMPANION" COULD BE the TEXTBOOK

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