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  • by Sophy Smith & Brooke Knight

  • by Joshua Lurie & Laura Foy

  • by Polly Devlin

    Behind Closed Doors. A look inside the homes of New Yorks artists, designers, writers, and social influencers.

  • by Chase Reynolds Ewald

    The co-authors of American Rustic share inspirations for rustic elegance in home design for those who love living well in wild places. This gorgeously photographed volume offers visions of refined cabin style by top designers, builders, architects, and artists. From Napa to Nashville and along the Rocky Mountain spine, each project reflects the ways we live, and play, in nature. Whether a bison ranch, a log fishing cabin, a stone guest house, a lakeside retreat, a ski chalet, or a wine country barn, each home exhibits whimsical, playful, comfortable, and welcoming interiors and architecturealways inspired by the land. The homes curated in Cabin Style represent a fresh look at the genre, from traditional to transitional to modern. Interviews with architects, designers, builders and owners illuminate both the backstory and the creative process. Photographer Audrey Hall and writer Chase Reynolds Ewald have collaborated on five books, with their book American Rustic being named one of Best Home Design Books of 2015 by Architectural Digest.

  • by Nathalie Dupree & Cynthia Graubart

    Personal stories and recipes reveal the culinary journey of the James Beard Awardwinning ';Queen of Southern Cuisine' (Southern Living). Nathalie Dupree is a storyteller, and in this delightful book she shares her favorite culinary stories, tracing her journey from a budding cook for her college friends through her years as a restaurant cook and cooking instructor. Her activist spirit, humor, feisty personality, and authoritative knowledge of cooking make this a must-have cookbook for everyone who's watched her on TV, read her articles, or invoked her name in a conversation about Southern food. ';In Dupree's gastronomy, a fine meal is as much about enjoying people as it is marveling at mashed potatoes, though marvel you will.' Charleston City Paper Includes color photographs

  • by Jenny Hartin

    We like big Bundts and we cannot lie! Discover fun one-pan dishes including cakesand much, much more.101 Things To Do With A Bundt(R) Pan offers a wide variety of not only cake and bread recipes, but sweet and savory sides, appetizers, brunch ideas, and dinner options. Packed with delish recipe ideas cooked in everyone's favorite iconic pan, 101 Things To Do With A Bundt(R) Pan will help the home cook serve up quick and easy one-pan dishes from breakfasts to main dishes, including comfort foods like meat loaf, lasagna, mac and cheese, and even roast chicken. Also included are helpful hints for getting the best results from your Bundt! Try: Bacony Jalapeno Poppers Hawaiian Monkey Bread Cranberry and Orange Bread Cinnamon Pan Breakfast General Tso's Chicken Zucchini Lasagna Sweet Potato Casserole Berry-Filled Bundt Cake Peach Cobbler, and much more

  • by Jim Motavalli

    Learn the truth behind the famous characters of the Wild Westand how the legends got it wrongin this lively history that separates fact from fiction. The historic figures of the Western frontier have fascinated us for generations. But in many cases, the stories we know about them are little more than inventions. Popular legend won't tell you, for instance, that David Crockett was a congressman, or that Daniel Boone was a Virginia legislator. Thanks to penny dreadfuls, Wild West shows, sensationalist newspaper stories, and tall tales told by the explorers themselves, what we know of these men and women is often more fiction than fact.The Real Dirt on Americas Frontier Legends separates fact from fiction, showing the legends and the evidence side-by-side to give readers the real story of the old West. Here you'll discover the fascinating truth about Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone, ';Buffalo Bill' Cody, Calamity Jane, Kit Carson, Davy Crocket, and many others.

  • - Recipes and Stories from New Orleans' Premier Seafood Chef
    by Susan Puckett & Tenney Flynn

    ';Tenney Flynn is the grand master of Gulf Coast seafood. This book, full of his delicious recipes and deep sea wisdom, can lead you to mastery as well' (Lolis Eric Elie, author of Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans). More than 100 delicious recipes and tips to help home cooks master cooking all kinds of seafood from the owner of GW Fins restaurant and two-time winner of the New Orleans Magazine ';Chef of the Year' Award. Tenney Flynn's easygoing, engaging style gives readers a tour of his hometown along with a toolkit for cooking seafood, from testing freshness at the market to pairing delicious fish recipes with sides and wines to create a finished menu. From classic Barbecued Shrimp and simple Sauteed Fillets with Brown Butter and Lemon to adventurous Pompano en Papillote with Oysters, Rockefeller Spinach, and Melted Tomatoes and sophisticated Lionfish Ceviche with Satsumas, Limes, and Chiles, Chef Flynn makes cooking fish ';as easy as frying an egg.' ';Tenney Flynn talked trash (fish) early on. He championed fresh Gulf seafood when most chefs crushed on frozen Atlantic salmon. Now, it's time to learn how smoked sizzling oysters came to be, how to do redfish on the half shell right, and how GW Fins helped lead the modern seafood revolution.' John T.Edge, author of The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South ';I love that Chef Tenney shares so much how-to and comprehensive info on seafood selection. Recipes are clear and concise, photos excellent.' Frank Brigsten, James Beard Award-winning chef-owner of Brigtsen's in New Orleans

  • by Brooke Giannetti & Steve Giannetti

    The husband and wife design team takes readers on a guided tour of their elegant farm residence in Ojai, CAa home full of Patina Style inspiration. Brooke and Steve Gianetti offer an intimate look at their life on Patina Farm, the home they designed with an interplay of rustic and modern European charm. Beyond the gorgeously appointed farmhouse, the Giannettis readers through the sheds, outbuildings and gardens where they entertain and enjoy their miniature goats, sheep and donkeys, the chickens and ducks, and dogs. The entire residence is brimming with inspiration for a beautiful life in the popular Patina Style. ';We decided to write this book to share why we decided to create this life and what we have learned along the way. We share how we decided where to live, how to design and lay out our property and how to think about the individual spaces. One of the main nuggets of wisdom that we have learned is that there is not only one way to live this life. The idea of this book is to give you some options.'

  • - 49 Underdogs with Resilience and Heart
    by Greg Murray

    A celebration of forty-nine pit bulls doing a world of good, from the photographer behind Peanut Butter Dogs.Pit Bull Heroes spotlights forty-nine good boys and girls who beat the odds and became heroes in their families, neighborhoods, and communities. Meet Chad, found on a street corner, who now serves as the first pit bull in the pet therapy program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Apollo, who finished first in his police training and now sniffs out narcotics at his full-time job in Washington State; and Charlie, who rallied an entire community to fight breed-specific legislation laws in Lakewood, Ohio. All pit bulls; all heroes in their own way. Animal advocate and photographer Greg Murray captures these pit bull heroes in their day-to-day lives and shares their inspiring stories. Also included are helpful resources to show how you, too, can become an advocate for pit bulls and animal safety in your community.';A heartwarming testament to the incredible value dogs have in our lives. Greg captures these special friendships beautifully with his remarkable photography.' Maggie Marton, Oh My Dog blog';I hope and believe this inspiring, joyful book will help more dogs get adopted into homes so they can become heroes, too.' Arin Greenwood, author of Your Robot Dog Will Die

  • by Paul Lacitinola & Caroline Lacitinola

    A celebration of vintage midcentury trailers and the people that love them. This follow-up to the authors' Vintage Camper Trailers focuses on trailer rallies, events where hundreds of vintage trailers aficionados come together to show off their trailers and share their love of the hobby. It features hundreds of new photos of trailerites and their trailers, along with the fun and festivities that occur at the rallies. Also included are a history of camper trailers, along with information on the major trailer hobby groups, such as Tin Can Tourists, the Wally Byam Airstream Club, and Sisters on the Fly, and tips on how to plan and organize your own rallies and events, based on the authors' own first-hand experience.

  • by Bruce Tracy

    Prize-winning recipes and tips from the world champion breadmaster and winner of the International Dutch Oven Society's World Championship Cook-Off. Bruce Tracy is a master of baking in Dutch ovens and serves up some of the finest breads and treats you'll ever taste. Designed to be baked outdoors with coals, the recipes in this book are easily adaptable to indoor cooking in your home oven by using the baking temperatures and times included. Give Tracy's Cheese Onion Rolls, Challah Holiday Bread with Parmesan Dipping Butter, Dutch Oven Poached Pear and Almond Tart, and Orange Caramel Bubble Crown a try. You'll be glad you did! Praise for Bruce Tracy ';Intuitive, easy-to-follow instructions is the name of the game for Dutch oven users, and none know it better than the award-winning chef Tracy. Tracy has been competing in Dutch oven cook-offs since 1993. His delectable, easy recipes are accessible enough for novices and savory enough for vets.' Long Island Weekly ';This book is recipe dense and strictly bakingpies, cakes, breads, cobblers, etc.... a recipe format that is easy to follow.' Camper Groove

  • - 16 Kid-Friendly Jar Projects for Parties, Holidays & Special Occasions
    by Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola

    Fun activities and perfect party favors for birthdays, holiday parties, and more!Party in a Jar features sixteen kid-friendly craft projects that not only provide entertainment for pint-sized partygoers but also function as take-home party favors. From edible dino terrariums to holiday-themed gifts and centerpieces, these upcycled jar crafts are earth-friendly and sure to be the hit of your next get-together! Try Bumblebee Dessert Jars *; Patriotic Popcorn Jars *; Space Nightlight Jars *; Thankful Turkey Centerpieces *; Snowman Candle Jars and more

  • by Nathalie Dupree
    £5.49 - 12.99

    Breakfast shrimp and grits has long been a staple of the South Carolina Lowcountry, the favored morning repast during the busy summer shrimp season. Now, renowned Southern cuisine maven and author Nathalie Dupree is pleased to offer an entire cookbook dedicated to this famed Southern dish that will inspire people around the world to discover its appeal and versatility for any meal!

  • by Kevin Belton & Rhonda K. Findley

    Celebrate like they do in The Big Easy with Chef Kevin Belton's newest cookbook.The spotlight in this third book from the star of New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton is on the festivals and celebrations of the Big Easy and surrounding areas. New Orleans is known as the Festival Capital of the World, hosting dozens of annual festivals that showcase the unique food and multicultural heritage of the city.Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebrationswill be a smorgasbord of delicious creations from vibrant festivals like the French Market Creole Tomato Festival, Bastille Day Fte, the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival, and more. Recipes include Ham Croquettes with Pear Pepper Jelly, Bacon and Barbecue Quiche, Crawfish Enchiladas and Creole Tomato, and Crawfish Macaroni and Cheese.

  • by Belinda Smith-Sullivan

    The Southern chef and author of Let's Brunch explores the many ways to eat a peach with nearly 70 recipes for breads, desserts, entrees, and more. Chef Belinda Smith-Sullivan, granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, is the go-to expert on everything peaches. In Just Peachy, she shares recipes for breads, breakfasts, appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, pies, sauces, preserves, condiments, and even drinksall featuring delicious and juicy peaches. But Just Peachy isn't just recipes. Belinda offers essential information about the many peach varieties, as well as their history, orchards, farmers, and festivals. Peach lovers will enjoy this beautifully photographed cookbook as they take a sip of Sparkling Peach-Blueberry Lemonade or Peach Margherita, dip a spoon into a chilled Peach and Tomato Gazpacho, or bite into a Peach-Stuffed Pork Chop.

  • - A Mystery
    by Julie Petersen

    This charming Christmas mystery is told in verse and beautiful illustrationsa perfect holiday treat for Sherlock fans of all ages!In the rhyme and meter of Clark Clement Moore's classic Christmas poem The Night Before Christmas, Sherlock Holmes tracks clues through his familiar haunts to ';eliminate the impossible' and catch his nemesis Moriarty in his dastardly crimes. When he discovers the jolly old gent with the white beard dipping his hand into a bag full of toys, Sherlock surmises that ';whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.' Or is it?Sherlock's Night Before Christmas is part of a series of illustrated verse books based on classic literary characters. All written by Julie Petersen and illustrated by Sheryl Dickert, the others include Mr. Darcy's Night Before ChristmasandScrooge's Night Before Christmas.

  • by Julie Petersen

    Told in rhyming verse and beautiful illustrations, this clever Christmas romance is the ideal gift for Austen fans of all ages.Clement Clarke Moores holiday classic The Night Before Christmas meets Jane AustensPride and Prejudicewhen Mr. Darcy gets his own visit from St. Nicholas. In this parody of the beloved original poem, Santa teaches Darcy the true meaning of the holiday and helps him get what hes always wanteda wife!Mr. Darcy's Night Before Christmas is part of a series of illustrated verse books based on classic literary characters. All written by Julie Petersen and illustrated by Sheryl Dickert, the others include Sherlock's Night Before ChristmasandScrooge's Night Before Christmas.

  • - Southern Suppers and Soirees
    by James T. Farmer

    The bestselling author ';pairs recipes for dining al frescoeverything from church potlucks and weddings to intimate gatheringswith seasonal ingredients' (HGTV). Whatever an event's raison d'etre, a dinner on the grounds is filled with the classic elements of Southern culturefreshly cultivated food, family tradition, heirlooms, laughter and stories, all enjoyed in an outdoor venue. Southern lifestyle guru and author James T. Farmer III presents a collection of menus with mouthwatering recipes for every occasion, from traditional country church-hosted homecomings to lavish southern weddings, while reminding us that the art of grand Southern entertaining is not that each event need be grand, but that they are all grandly presented with style and confidence rooted in a heritage of hospitality.Praise for James T. Farmer and his books ';A Southern gentlemanwho's just as charming in the garden as he is in the kitchen. He's compiled all his botanical experiences into A Time to Plant.'Harper's Bazaar ';A Time to Cook, A Time to Plant and A Time to Celebrate are titles of three of his books thatinspire readers to cultivate, decorate and salivate over their own efforts in the kitchen. His books contain descriptive text combined with colorful photographs and garden-to-table recipes.'The Virginian-Pilot

  • by James Doyle

    The survival guide that helps kids';discover whether they are prepared for the adventure-filled life of a zombie catcher' (Publishers Weekly). Would you like to become expert at spotting a zombie? Can you separate zombie fact from zombie fiction? Would you like to know if you suffer from kinemortophobia? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have taken your first steps into the heart-pounding, nerve-jangling and adrenaline-filled life of a zombie catcher! When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, you must be ready. You need to be able to preserve yourself, your family and the rest of mankind from the threat of the living dead. The Zombie Catcher's Handbook is filled with essential information that will not only keep you one step ahead of the putrid undead . . . it might just keep you alive! If you have the nerve (and the stomach) to save the human race, then this is the book for you.

  • by Courtney Dial Whitmore

    Forty delightful recipes for frostings, ganaches, and glazes, from the author of Pizzazzerie: Entertain in Style. Whipped into a fluffy texture, drizzled for glazing, or creamed into a thick and sinful delight, frostings are an ideal finishing touch for cakes, s'mores, doughnuts and more! Within these pages of eye-candy, author Courtney Dial Whitmore shares forty recipes for traditional frosting favorites as well as exciting flavor combinations such as Salted Caramel, Chai Vanilla Bean, and Champagne Buttercream. Get out your mixer, piping bags and frosting tips and whip up your own flavored frostings to add that perfect topping or filling to your favorite desserts.';Courtney's inventive combination of cake, frosting, and a few yummy odds and ends is the most fresh and accessible take on the subject I've seen in a while.' Duff Goldman, author of Super Good Baking For Kids and host of Ace of Cakes';Her creative ideas are beautifully executed on every page.' Elisa Strauss, author of Confetti Cakes';Frostings has a permanent slot on my kitchen bookshelf.' Joy Wilson, author of Joy The Baker Over Easy

  • by Julia M. Usher

    Celebrate fall or Halloweenor give yourself a treat any time of yearwith these delicious pumpkin spice cookies from the author ofCookie Swap.Embellished with orange glaze, cinnamon stick stems, and green sugar vines, these pumpkins appear to be freshly plucked from the patch! With expert advice and step-by-step instructions from celebrated cookie queen Julia M. Usher, youll be able to add these gourmet ghouls to your next Halloween party or use them in a pumpkin-themed garden scene for a centerpiece.

  • - The Meatless Guide to Pleasing Your Palate
    by Linda Long

    Despite its long history, veganism is still considered unusual by many in this carnivore world of ours. But, in the United States alone, there are 3 million plus vegans and the ranks are growing, especially in the under thirty crowd. Becoming vegan requires learning a whole new way of eating and thinking about food, and Linda Long's handy guide educates you on planning meals, understanding new ingredients, products, and brand names, and knowing protein and vitamin needs among so many other topics, including tips on simple adoptions like six ways to use a veggie burger. She also offers a host of tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and parties - several from some of the top vegan chefs in the world.

  • by Mark Miller

    Explore and create authentic salsas from around the world with more than 100 simple and satisfying recipes. Though traditionally associated with Mexico, salsas enhance dishes of many different cuisines. This book explores salsas from more than a dozen countries including Mexico, the United States, Italy, France, Thailand, China, Korea, Peru, Hawaii, and more. The recipes range from fresh and easy to hot and sour to smoky and satisfying; they include both the simple and complex, and the mild to red hot. Features more than 100 recipes and 50 beautiful color photographs.

  • by Peter Moruzzi

    Explore the glamor and style of Palm Springs in its golden age with this gorgeously illustrated book of vintage photographs, postcards and other ephemera. From the 1910s through the 1960s, Palm Springs, California, was a city that had it all, including marvelous midcentury Modern architecture, fabulous fly-in hotels, and a swinging nightlife. Featuring vintage images of the area's famous hotels and gambling dens, as well as the Coachella Valley,Palm Springs Holidaytells the story of this legendary destination in its golden age. Author and architectural historian Peter Moruzzi provides essential historical context as well as insightful and engaging commentary about a time when people vacationed in the desert, dining, dancing, and lounging poolside.

  • by Jessica Segarra

    From the creator of The Novice Chef Blog, recipes to create delicious desserts and snacks from your favorite cereals.Everybody loves cereal, whether is it floating in a big bowl of milk or straight out of the box. In Cereal Sweets & Treats, Jessica Segarra takes her passion for cereal one step further to satisfy both young and old sweet-tooth cravings by turning these sugary little bits of crunchy heaven into, dare we say, guilt-free desserts and snacks featuring bars, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, candies, cookies, and frozen treats. So open up a box of your favorite cereal, mix in a few ingredients and then sink your teeth into a Fruit Loops Cupcake, Lucky Charms Macaroon, or pour yourself a Cap';n Crunch Milkshake.

  • - Recipes, History, Culture
    by Barbara Bryant, Lynda Balslev & Betsy Fentress

    A treasury of information and ';simple and creative' recipes that make the most of this delicious, nutritious nut (Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur). From the anatomy of a nut to the history of the almond in world culture, the cultivation of almond orchards in California, and nutrition provided by a favorite nut, this book provide a wealth of information about the versatile, high-protein, diet-friendly almondalong with numerous recipes that incorporate this scrumptious ingredient in snacks, starters, salads, pasta dishes, entrees, and desserts. Try over 50 recipes including Soba Noodles with Spicy Almond Butter Sauce Almond-Crusted Pork Chops with Sweet-and-Sour Apricot Glaze *; Lamb Tagine with Apricots, Almonds and Honey *; Almond Florentine Cookies *; Chocolate-Amaretto Torte *; Moroccan Rice Pudding *; Chocolate-Almond Bark *; and moreIncludes photos

  • by Stephen Topper & Hallie Bond

    The history, culture and flavor of the Adirondacks is captured in this unique cookbook featuring nearly 100 recipes from the mountains of New York. With the wild woods just outside their doors, the people of the Adirondack Mountains have always enjoyed the freshest of foods that could be hunted, gathered, or harvested. This cookbook offers nearly 100 modern recipes with a rustic twist, making use of the indigenous fish, game, fruits and vegetables of the Adirondacks. Featured recipes include Dandelion Salad, Campfire Trout, Maple-Glazed Root Vegetables, Maple Ice Cream, and Strawberry and Rhubarb Cobbler. Giving historical and cultural context to these and other dishes, authors Hallie Bond and Stephen Topper include fascinating stories and side notes as well as archival photographs from The Adirondack Museum.


    A beautifully designed collection of hand-lettered inspirational quotes for more than a year of Motivational Mondays. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge: this book serves as inspiration for those facing new beginnings, a sudden change, or just a whole lot to do. You've Totally Got This! gives you the encouragement you need with such quotes as: ';The secret of getting ahead is getting started.' ';Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.' (Mary Oliver) ';Just say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards.' (Tina Fey) ';You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.' (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) ';Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.' ';I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that wont work.' (Thomas Edison) ';Dont compare your beginning to someone else's middle.' (Tim Hiller) Great for grads, creatives, and entrepreneurs: every spread is like a greeting card, so this delightful volume serves as a stand-alone championing or as the perfect finishing touch to a gift.

  • by Melissa Barlow

    Make and decorate Santa, Snowman, Penguin, Toy Train, and other ';fun and festive' holiday cakes! (SchoolLibrary Journal) Create ever-popular character and holiday-shaped treats for all your Christmas parties and events. Easy directions show how to bake packaged cake mixes in rectangular, square, and round pans, then cut them up and piece them back together in artistic ways. Clear and simple instructions for frosting the cakes and decorating with additions of coconut, candy, marshmallows, etc., make these centerpieces both quick and easy. Simple and fun patterns from a formally trained cake decoratorwith no expensive pans or molds neededwill make this cut-up cake book a family favorite. Among the 24 holiday-and-winter-themed designs in this book are Penguin * Snowman * Polar Bear * Wreath * Angel * Toy Train * Christmas Tree * Star * Rudolph * Candy Cane * Santa * and many more!

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