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  • - Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops
    by Martin Crawford
    £19.99 - 23.99

    This book tells you everything you need to know to create your own forest garden with beautiful illustrations and helpful tips throughout.

  • by Charles Dowding

    Enjoy an abundance of vegetables at the darkest time of year by following the steps in this lovely book.

  • - The Natural No-Dig Way
    by Charles Dowding
    £11.49 - 15.49

    Charles shares his organic, no-dig approach to soil and plants and the techniques that enable him to grow healthy, vibrant crops, with the sustainability in mind.

  • - Designing and Building with Hemp-Lime
    by William Stanwix & Alex Sparrow

    The first British book on building with hemp including background information, a practical instruction manual with full illustration, and discussion about the hemp building industry.

  • - Producing a Beautiful and Fruitful Garden from Scratch
    by Charles Dowding
    £10.99 - 15.49

    A practical book to take you through the stages of creating a new vegetable garden from scratch - using any plot of land.

  • - Low-Maintenance, Low-Impact Vegetable Gardening
    by Martin Crawford

    Perennial vegetables are a joy to grow. With a long harvesting season, they are the clever way to garden and take care of the soil at the same time.

  • - Choosing, Cultivating and Harvesting Nuts in Your Garden
    by Martin Crawford
    £14.49 - 17.99

    Based on forest gardening principles, this is the most comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting and processing nuts.

  • - Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves
    by Mary Reynolds

    Learn how to design and nurture a beautiful space. Bring the energy of wild places into your garden while growing your own food and living sustainably.

  • - A Forager's Guide to the Wild Fungi of Britain, Ireland and Europe
    by Geoff Dann
    £17.99 - 24.49

    This is the most comprehensive guide to foraging for wild mushrooms in the UK. It describes the best tasting fungi, where to find them and how to detect poisonous lookalikes.

  • - Organic Growing from Pot to Plot
    by Charles Dowding

    Known as the guru of no-dig, Charles Dowding has updated the definitive book on salad growing in this hardback, beautifully illustrated edition. In it he shows how to have tasty salad leaves all year round in a garden, balcony or windowsill, whatever the weather & grow healthy plants grown in healthy soil using organic, permaculture principles.

  • - How to Harvest, Cook and Preserve Your Forest Garden Produce
    by Martin Crawford & Caroline Aitken

    Creative and imaginative ways to enjoy the crops of a forest garden, from bamboo shoots and beech leaves to medlars and mashua.

  • - Skills for a Changing World

    In this ground-breaking book, leading sustainability educators are joined by permaculturists, literary critics, ecologists, artists, journalists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers in a deep reflection on the skills that people need to survive and thrive in the challenging conditions of the 21st century.

  • - Indoors or Outdoors, All Year Round
    by Charles Dowding

    Grow a variety of salad greens all year round in your garden, on your balcony or on a windowsill.

  • - Leadership as service
    by Alastair McIntosh

    The book begins by defining spirituality for a modern audience of all faiths and beliefs, and goes on to consider the problems and necessities of true leadership. Drawing on a rich history of spirituality and activism it is both guide and inspiration for people involved in activism for social or environmental justice.

  • - From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience
    by Rob Hopkins

    A guide for communities to face the challenges of climate change and begin their 'energy descent'. The argument that 'small is inevitable' is upbeat and positive and utterly convincing.

  • - The Comprehensive Guide to Cultivating Local Species
    by Wilson Wall & Dave Morgan

    A unique step-by-step guide to every planting situation, along with techniques for growing native orchids from seed.

  • - How to Raise Your Child, Help Save the Planet and Not Go Mad
    by Kate Blincoe

    The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting is a fun, practical and inspirational guide to maintaining your green values while raising your children, engaging with nature, and getting outdoors - all without feeling guilty about the inevitable compromises.

  • by Ben Pike

    A clear, practical guide for both amateur and expert, explaining all you need to know to grow delicious fruit - from designing your orchard and planting your trees to harvesting.

  • by Charles Dowding

    This fascinating and practical book will help the seasoned gardener find easier and more productive ways of gardening, growing vegetables in particular, and give new gardeners heart.

  • - And the Stories They Tell
    by Valerie Belsey

    A walking guide to 50 green lanes

  • - How to Design and Build Your Own ECO-Home
    by Jon Broome

    A highly illustrated, practical handbook, covering the different methods of sustainable and eco-friendly construction.

  • - Essays on the Tukano Indians of the Northwest Amazon
    by Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff

    The renowned anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff spent most of his working life among tribes living in the vast rainforests of the Colombian Northwest Amazon. This book brings together eleven of his essays and articles about the Tukano Indians.

  • - A Practical Guide to Constructing and Retrofitting Buildings for Ultra-Low Energy Performance
    by Janet Cotterell & Adam Dadeby

    An essential guide to making a supremely comfortable, healthy and durable home with exceptionally low energy costs. Covers both retrofitting and new-build.

  • by Leopold Kohr

    Rather than making ever larger political unions, in the mistaken belief that this will bring peace and security, we should minimise the aggregation of power by returning to a patchwork of small, relatively powerless states, where leaders are accessible to and responsive to the people.

  • - Promises and Pitfalls
    by Thomas Fatheuer, Lili Fuhr & Barbara Unmuessig

    This book puts the Green Economy to the test, its promises, consequences and blind spots. - Can efficiency be a solution if it results in more consumption?- Can we save nature by putting a price on the services it provides?- Should we rely on technological solutions to save us?

  • - The Psychology of Money and the Transformation of Capitalism
    by Per Espen Stoknes

    Money and Soul opens up new methods of looking at, thinking about and using money. It points to a future where our ideas about money will be greatly epxanded, and there will be different kinds of money, with different social purposes, in circulation.

  • by Vinoba Bhave

    A selected anthology of Vinobaas speeches and writings, and an valuable guide for all seekers of truth, non-violence and wisdom, and for those who value quality above quantity, and wholeness above fragmentation.

  • - How to Identify, Cook and Enjoy Them
    by Gail Harland

    This book is a practical and attractive guide to the many edible varieties of wild plant. It will appeal to gardeners, botanists, cooks and foragers, and to anyone who wants to control invasive plants and weeds ecologically.

  • - Autobiography of a Pilgrim
    by Satish Kumar

    Written with a penetrating simplicity, No Destination is an exhilarating account of an extraordinary life.

  • by S Mahadevan Thampy

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