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  • - Is there no alternative?
    by Mark Fisher
    £5.99 - 6.49

    After 1989, capitalism has successfully presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system - a situation that the bank crisis of 2008, far from ending, actually compounded. The book analyses the development and principal features of this capitalist realism as a lived ideological framework. Using examples from politics, films, fiction, work and education, it argues that capitalist realism colours all areas of contemporary experience. But it will also show that, because of a number of inconsistencies and glitches internal to the capitalist reality program capitalism in fact is anything but realistic.

  • - An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft
    by Cyndi Brannen
    £6.49 - 10.99

    Blending Hekate, witchcraft and personal development together to create a powerful new magickal perspective.

  • - Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right
    by Angela Nagle
    £7.49 - 9.49

    How internet subcultures are conquering the mainstream, from from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right.

  • - A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment
    by Diana Richardson
    £7.49 - 7.99

    After many years of exploration, Diana Richardson found that the ancient practice of Tantra, with its unique, intelligent approach to sex, had the effect of enhancing intimacy and deepening love. Here she has adapted Tantra for modern Western lovers in a practical, sympathetic way. Tantric Sex can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving and fulfilling one.

  • - Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures
    by Mark Fisher
    £9.49 - 11.49

    This collection of writings by Mark Fisher, author of the acclaimed Capitalist Realism, argues that we are haunted by futures that failed to happen. Fisher searches for the traces of these lost futures in the work of David Peace, John Le Carre, Christopher Nolan, Joy Division, Burial and many others.

  • by George Hoare & Alex Hochuli

    The 'End of History' is over. How did it end - and comes next?

  • - Does Genesis teach that the human race was created by God or engineered by ETs?
    by Paul Wallis
    £5.99 - 8.99

    Does Genesis teach that the human race was created by God or engineered by ETs?

  • - The archetypal semantics of an experiential universe
    by Bernardo Kastrup
    £10.49 - 11.49

    Embodied in this compact volume is a journey of discovery through Jungian thoughtscapes never before revealed with the depth, force and scholarly rigor you are about to encounter.

  • - A Brief History of a Failing Civilization
    by Fabian Scheidler
    £14.99 - 16.49

    A must read for everyone rising against the system that is destroying life on earth and our future. Vandana Shiva, World Future CouncilThe End of the Megamachine provides a uniquely comprehensive picture of the roots of the destructive forces that are threatening the future of humankind today. Spanning 5000 years of history, the book shows how the three tyrannies of militarized states, capital accumulation and ideological power have been steering both ecosystems and societies to the brink of collapse. With the growing instability of the Megamachine in the 21st century, new dangers open up as well as new possibilities for systemic change, to which everyone can contribute.

  • - The key to understanding how it solves the hard problem of consciousness and the paradoxes of quantum mechanics
    by Bernardo Kastrup
    £7.49 - 9.49

    A succinct but complete guide to Schopenhauer's metaphysics that renders it coherent and intuitively compelling.

  • by Rachel Patterson
    £5.99 - 8.98

    Through the wilds of nature, back to the roots of witchcraft.

  • - Teaching Stories From The Ancestors, Beautifully Woven For Today's Spiritual Seekers
    by Taz Thornton
    £5.49 - 7.49

    Ancient teaching stories from the earth, together with meditations and step-by-step guides to sourcing your own tales from the spirits of the ancestors. Throughout time, indigenous cultures have used storytelling as a way of spreading important teachings to the tribe. Much of our own rich, ancient heritage has been lost over the years, eroded with the coming of mainstream religions and new ideas, yet those teachings and stories are still there, waiting to be rediscovered and told. Through years of working with the spirits of the land, shamanic healer, crafter and teacher Taz Thornton has gathered together a bounty of beautifully crafted stories from our own forgotten past. These teaching stories have been shared directly by the spirits of our ancestors, who have long been waiting for new story weavers to carry these threads from the past into the future.

  • by P.t. Mistlberger

    A book for men seeking to reconcile the courage of the warrior with the clarity of the conscious man.

  • - God at Eventide
    by A.J. Russell

    The message of comfort and hope that breathes through the pages of God Calling was forged out of adversity, and as a result has touched the hearts of millions. 10 million copies sold worldwide.

  • by Elizabeth Cronkhite

    Presents the paragraph-by-paragraph translation of the text of "A Course in Miracles" into plain, everyday language and brings its message to the surface so that you can attain a deeper understanding of it. This title is suitable for those seeking inner peace.

  • by Regina Akers

    Presents a metaphysical interpretation of the "New Testament", which teaches oneness as the only truth, and surrender (or letting go) as the practice that leads to spiritual enlightenment. This work teaches us how to experience the oneness of God here and now by showing us how to release the obstacles that prevent us from having that experience.

  • by Lucya Starza

    Learn the techniques of crystal ball reading, mirror gazing and divining with the elements

  • - On Reality TV and Left Politics
    by Tom Syverson
    £8.49 - 10.49

    Reality Squared offers a bold theoretical account of reality television and the conditions of its significance today.

  • - The Busy Person's Guide to a Lighter Footprint
    by Stephanie J. Miller
    £4.99 - 8.49

    Empowering the busy individual to do the easy things that have a real impact on the climate and waste crises.

  • by Alex Quicho

    A lucid, unexpected look at how the drone imports its bloodied legacy into contemporary art and everyday life.

  • - A Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right
    by Michael Brooks
    £6.49 - 8.49

    From Michael Brooks, host of The Michael Brooks Show and co-host of the Majority Report, comes the first book to directly respond to the Intellectual Dark Web and Jordan Peterson.

  • - Encountering the Goddess of Love & Beauty & Initiation
    by Irisanya Moon
    £4.49 - 5.93

    Explore the complexity of an often misunderstood goddess, Aphrodite.

  • - Practicing the Art of Personal Power
    by Robin Corak
    £4.99 - 7.49

    Embark upon a powerful journey with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring, as she helps you to discover your personal power and take control of your life.

  • - Exploring Pathways for Transformation
    by Matthias Schmelzer, Nina Treu & Corinna Burkhart
    £14.99 - 16.49

    Degrowth is an emerging social movement that overlaps with proposals for systemic change such as anti-globalization and climate justice, commons and transition towns, basic income and Buen Vivir. Degrowth in Movement(s) reflects on the current situation of social movements aiming at overcoming capitalism, industrialism and domination. The essays ask: What is the key idea of the respective movement? Who is active? What is the relation with the degrowth movement? What can the degrowth movement learn from these other movements and the other way around? Which common proposals, but also which contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist? And what alliances could be possible for broader systemic transformations? Corinna Bukhart, Matthias Schmelzer, and Nina Treu have curated an impressive demonstration that there are, beyond regressive neoliberalism and techno-fixes, emancipatory alternatives contributing to a good life for all. Degrowth in Movement(s) explores this mosaic for social-ecological transformation - an alliance strengthened by diversity.

  • by Judy H. Hall
    £6.98 - 9.99

    Listing over 1,200 symptoms, this is a practical first-aid guide based on sound crystal-healing principles that have been practiced for millennia. Crystals are a gentle, non-invasive system of holistic healing with no side effects. Suitable for children and animals, they can also benefit your environment and your home.

  • - Reflections on the Awakening Mind
    by Anoop Kumar
    £6.49 - 8.99

    Using the philosophy of non-duality as a framework, with a Foreword from Deepak Chopra, Anoop Kumar takes us on an exploration of identity. You are not who you think you are.

  • - Six Films on the Revolutions of Our Times
    by Milo Sweedler
    £10.99 - 12.99

    How contemporary films transcode popular discontent with global capitalism.

  • - Quaker Faith in Action
    by Jennifer Kavanagh
    £4.99 - 7.49

    Are Quakers mystics? What does that mean? And how does it translate into how we are and what we do in the world?

  • - The aesthetics and politics of depression
    by Mikkel Krause Frantzen
    £10.99 - 12.99

    An unique analysis of four cultural works of depression and what they say about our society and our time.

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