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  • by Marco Livingstone

    The first major monograph on the life and work of British artist Adrian Berg (b.1929), this book examines his 50-year career, both as an artist of serious note and as an influential teacher, whose students included Tracey Emin, amongst any others.

  • by Martin Herbert

    This book assesses the paintings of Tal R (b. 1967), an Israeli-born Danish artist whose enigmatic work offers intersections of personal experience and wider history through a visual jigsaw, finely balanced between representation and abstraction, of what the artist has termed 'Kolbojnik', a Hebrew term for leftovers.

  • by Kurt Jackson

    Kurt Jackson's Sea captures the beauty of the artist's constantly evolving relationship with one of nature's most challenging subjects.

  • by James Russell

    This is the definitive account of the life and work of Edward Seago (1910-1974), the highly popular, versatile and talented British painter whose work was inspired by John Sell Cotman, John Constable and Alfred Munnings.

  • - Surrealism, Alchemy and Art
    by Susan Aberth

    A survey of the life and work of Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington (born 1917). It provides an overview of this intriguing artist's rich body of work. It considers Carrington's preoccupation with alchemy and the occult, and explores the influence of indigenous Mexican culture and beliefs on her production.

  • - Sculpture and Sculptors in Early Modern Rome
    by Livio Pestilli

  • by Alan Livingston & Kurt Jackson

    The paintings executed by Kurt Jackson (b.1961) do not reveal his day-to-day working practice. Behind his finished canvases are hundreds of sketchbooks borne out of his continual routine of making drawings, marks, notes, poems and scribbles. This book, newly available in paperback, examines the importance of the sketchbook to Jackson.

  • - Abstract Expressionism in California, 1945-1967
    by Thomas Williams

    Featuring previously unpublished material from Lobdell's studio and archive, this book looks at the role of artist Frank Lobdell in the formation of Abstract Expressions in California.

  • by Paul Moorhouse

    Surveys Caro's free-standing, floor-based, constructed, abstract sculptures from 1960 onwards. The author explores the idea of presence in Caro's sculpture, focusing on the way that in order to invest sculpture with an independent existence and self-contained reality, it was necessary for Caro to purge it of figurative references.


    Architecture Through Drawing examines architectural drawings as objects which encapsulate complex spatial and cultural ideas.

  • by Philip Black & Taki Eddin Sonbli

    This useful guide sets out clearly the urban-design process in practice, from initial site analysis through consultation, design development, and design delivery across a range of scales within the built environment.

  • - Architect, Art and Artist in 20th-Century Britain
    by Louise Campbell

    By examining the studios and studio-houses used by British artists between 1900 and 1940, this book reveals the ways in which artists used architecture - occupying and adapting Victorian studios and commissioning new ones - and, in doing so, shows them coming to terms with the past, and in the process, inventing different modes of being modern.

  • by David Pagel

    This is the first major monograph on the paintings of Jim Shaw (b. 1952), whose work blends the reflected cultural climate of his adopted home, Los Angeles with the multi-layered world of American popular culture to create rich dream-like worlds.

  • by Kurt Jackson

    This newcollection of poems, paintings, drawings, sculptures and printmaking by renownedartist Kurt Jackson, celebrates the staggering diversity of the plantkingdom.

  • by Matthew Jeffrey Abrams

    Abrams's thoughtful book, the first full monograph on the artist, highlights Whitney's commitment to abstract painting over four decades of consistent practice.

  • by Helen Dunmore, Richard Mabey, Howard Jacobson, et al.

    The expressive paintings of Rose Wylie (b.1934), mix styles and subject matter, high art with low and kitsch to create bold depictions of modern life. This monograph, the first of its kind, follows the artist's fascinating artistic journey celebrating her achievements to date while also examining her current practice.

  • by Rama Gheerawo

  • by Simon Martin, James Purdon, Elena Crippa, et al.

  • by Parsons Healthy Materials Lab

  • by Charles Saumarez Smith

  • by Michael J. Prokopow

    This book examines the way in which the work of British artist Hurvin Anderson has developed since the late 1990s to incorporate installation, prints and photographs within the idiom of painting.

  • - Artist and Designer
    by Alan Powers

    More popular than ever, the work of Eric Ravilious (1903-42) is rooted in the landscape of mid-20th-century England. Now available in paperback, this best-selling book by Alan Powers, the established authority on Ravilious, is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of his art in all media - watercolour, illustration, printmaking, graphic design, textiles.

  • by Chris Owen

  • by Gareth Harris

  • by Julius Bryant

  • by Michael McMillan

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