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  • by Peter S. Pande

    This companion guide to the bestselling The Six Sigma Way focuses on the project improvement teams that do the real, in-the-trenches work of Six Sigma-measuring performance, improving quality and saving millions in the process. The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook is a highly practical reference for team leaders and members, outlining both the methods that have made Six Sigma successful and the basic steps a team must follow in an improvement effort. Written by three veteran trainers of Six Sigma "e;Black Belts"e; and teams at GE, Sun Microsystems, and Sears, this hands-on guide helps teams obtain the skills they need to identify a product, service, or process that needs improvement or redesign; gather data on the process and the rate of defects; find ways to improve quality up to a Six Sigma level-just 3.4 defects per million; and much more. * Includes dozens of data-gathering forms and Six Sigma tools and worksheets* Describes key improvement methods in a concise "e;how-to"e; format with checklists and tips

  • by Neil Rackham

    Put into practice today's winning strategy for achieving success in high-end sales!The SPIN Selling Fieldbook is your guide to the method that has revolutionized big-ticket sales in the United States and globally. It's the method being used by one-half of all Fortune 500 companies to train their sales forces, and here's the interactive, hands-on field book that provides the practical tools you need to put this revolutionary method into actionimmediately. The SPIN Selling Fieldbook includes: Individual diagnostic exercisesIllustrative case studies from leading companiesPractical planning suggestionsProvocative questionnairesPractice sessions to prepare you for dealing with challenging selling situationsWritten by the pioneering author of the original bestseller, SPIN Selling, this book is aimed at making implementation easy for companies that have not yet established SPIN techniques. It will also enable companies that are already using the method to reinforce SPIN methods in the field and in coaching sessions.

  • by Neil Rackham

    The international bestseller that revolutionized high-end selling!Written by Neil Rackham, former president and founder of Huthwaite corporation, SPIN Selling is essential reading for anyone involved in selling or managing a sales force. Unquestionably the best-documented account of sales success ever collected and the result of the Huthwaite corporation's massive 12-year, $1-million dollar research into effective sales performance, this groundbreaking resource details the revolutionary SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) strategy.In SPIN Selling, Rackham, who has advised leading companies such as IBM and Honeywell delivers the first book to specifically examine selling high-value product and services. By following the simple, practical, and easy-to-apply techniques of SPIN, readers will be able to dramatically increase their sales volume from major accounts. Rackham answers key questions such as "e;What makes success in major sales"e; and "e;Why do techniques like closing work in small sales but fail in larger ones?"e;You will learn why traditional sales methods which were developed for small consumer sales, just won't work for large sales and why conventional selling methods are doomed to fail in major sales. Packed with real-world examples, illuminating graphics, and informative case studies - and backed by hard research data - SPIN Selling is the million-dollar key to understanding and producing record-breaking high-end sales performance.

  • by Elizabeth Pantley

    "e;Elizabeth Pantley spins her baby magic! She towers above her competitors by showing us what babies really need, and how best to give it to them. "e;James J. McKenna, PhD, Director, Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory, University of Notre DameYou have a newborn, so sleep is impossible, right? Wrong! In the womb, babies sleep up to twenty hours per day. Clearly newborns don't need to be "e;trained"e; how to sleep - they know how, and they've had plenty of practice. So why do most parents have trouble getting their newborns to sleep?Elizabeth Pantley, a world-renowned expert on children's sleep, created this guide to explain the ways we unintentionally prevent an infant's natural sleep to occur, and to teach us the simple but powerful ways to maximize our newborn's naps and nighttime sleep. Once you've learned the 15 Keys to Amazing Newborn Sleep you'll easily make adjustments to how you treat your baby's sleep. You don't have to keep logs nor follow schedules or rules. Just by being aware of this information you will do things to improve sleep that you wouldn't have known to do otherwise.With The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns, you will learn: the things that trick us into disrupting a baby's sleep how to identify the perfect moment for a nap ways to create a sleep-inducing environment tips to reduce the number of night wakings how to set the stage for great sleep throughout babyhoodThe No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns was field-tested by 122 test families with newborns. Their input refined the ideas to make them easy to understand and follow - by even the most sleep-deprived parent. When you apply these Keys you can help your baby sleep well and peacefully. And guess what? When your baby sleeps - you will, too!

  • - A Positive Approach to Building a Strong Family
    by Andrew Adesman

    A refreshingly positive and practical approach to parentingParents of adopted children face some unique challenges in addition to all the "e;regular"e; issues that come with being a parent. Parenting Your Adopted Child provides helpful tools that enable families to understand and counter common myths about adoption that may be harmful to their children. It also clearly demonstrates how parents can effectively tailor their parenting approach to suit their child's distinct needs.Written by a renowned pediatrician who specializes in helping adopted children and their families, Parenting Your Adopted Child answers such common concerns as: Why, when, and how do I explain adoption to my child and others? How can I help my child deal with adoption at different stages of life? How do I nurture a strong relationship between siblings? How do I bond with my newborn?

  • by Joseph Grenny

    CHANGE YOUR COMPANY. CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS. CHANGE THE WORLD.An INFLUENCER leads change.An INFLUENCER replaces bad behaviors with powerful new skills.An INFLUENCER makes things happen.This is what it takes to be an INFLUENCER.Whether you're a CEO, a parent, or merely a person who wants to make a difference, you probably wish you had more influence with the people in your life. But most of us stop trying to make change happen because we believe it is too difficult, if not impossible. We learn to cope rather than learning to influence.From the bestselling authors who taught the world how to have Crucial Conversations comes the new edition of Influencer, a thought-provoking book that combines the remarkable insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders with the astonishing stories of high-powered influencers from all walks of life. You'll be taught each and every step of the influence process--including robust strategies for making change inevitable in your personal life, your business, and your world. You'll learn how to: Identify high-leverage behaviors that lead to rapid and profound changeApply strategies for changing both thoughts and actionsMarshal six sources of influence to make change inevitableInfluencer takes you on a fascinating journey from San Francisco to Thailand to South Africa, where you'll see how seemingly "e;insignificant"e; people are making incredibly significant improvements in solving problems others would think impossible. You'll learn how savvy folks make change not only achievable and sustainable, but inevitable. You'll discover breakthrough ways of changing the key behaviors that lead to greater safety, productivity, quality, and customer service.No matter who you are or what you do, you'll never learn a more valuable or important set of principles and skills. Once you tap into the power of influence, you can reach out and help others work smarter, grow faster, live, look, and feel better--and even save lives. The sky is the limit . . . for an Influencer.PRAISE FOR INFLUENCER: "e;AN INSTANT CLASSIC! Whether you're leading change or changing your life, this book delivers."e; -- Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"e;Ideas can change the world-but only when coupled with influence--the ability to change hearts, minds, and behavior. This book provides a practical approach to lead change and empower us all to make a difference."e; -- Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner"e;Influencing human behavior is one of the most difficult challenges faced by leaders. This book provides powerful insight into how to make behavior change that will last."e; -- Sidney Taurel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eli Lilly and Company"e;If you are truly motivated to make productive changes in your life, don't put down this book until you reach the last page. Whether dealing with a recalcitrant teen, doggedly resistant coworkers, or a personal frustration that 'no one ever wants to hear my view,' Influencer can help guide you in making the changes that put you in the driver's seat."e; -- Deborah Norville, anchor of Inside Edition and bestselling author

  • by Joe Pulizzi

    Reach more customers than ever with TARGETED CONTENTEpic Content Marketing helps you develop strategies that seize the competitive edge by creating messages and "e;stories"e; tailored for instant, widespread distribution on social media, Google, and the mainstream press. It provides a step-by-step plan for developing powerful content that resonates with customers and describes best practices for social media sharing and search engine discoverability. Joe Pulizzi is a content marketing strategist, speaker and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which runs the largest physical content marketing event in North America, Content Marketing World.

  • by Seymour Lipschutz

    500 Ways to Achieve Your Best GradesWe want you to succeed on your college linear algebra midterm and final exams. That's why we've selected these 500 questions to help you study more effectively, use your preparation time wisely, and get your best grades. These questions and answers are similar to the ones you'll find on a typical college exam, so you will know what to expect on test day. Each question includes explanations for right and wrong answers for your full understanding of the concepts. Whether you have been studying all year or are doing a last-minute review, McGraw-Hill's 500 Linear Algebra Questions will help you achieve the final grade you desire.Sharpen your subject knowledge and build your test-taking confidence with: 500 essential college linear algebra questionsComplete answer explanationsCoverage of linear algebra from spatial vectors to multilinear products

  • by Nigel Calder

    The most comprehensive and helpful guide ever written for selecting and equipping a cruising sailboat Whether you're a coastal or offshore cruiser, you'll find your most pressing concerns treated with the know-how that makes for skillful, confident cruising in Nigel Calder's Cruising Handbook. The author -- one of the most respected marine how-to authors on either side of the Atlantic, and author of the universally admired Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual, -- walks you through all key technical and practical aspects of modern cruising systems and equipment, providing you with a summary of the skills necessary for safe, enjoyable sailing. The first half of the book includes an easy-to-use tabular method for evaluating a boat's suitability for cruising; ideas for workable deck and interior lay-outs and organization; how to choose and configure suitable boat systems for cruising; and how to install gear for trouble free operation. The book's second half teaches you boat handling skills; core navigational expertise; anchoring techniques; weather understanding; heavy weather expertise; and specific skills for long-term and long-distance cruising.

  • by Greg Whyte

    Acquire the Life-Saving Skills Needed to Eliminate or Reduce Most Helicopter Accidents A vital resource for pilots, helicopter enthusiasts, and aircraft maintenance technicians, Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots analyzes all aspects of helicopter accidents, including flight basics, engineering, meteorology, flight training, and human factors. This life-saving guide shows how proper preparation can help prevent accidents by addressing causes such as aerodynamic problems, mechanical failures, poor loading, mid-air collisions, and more. Filled with case studies and first-hand accounts of accidents, the book organizes accident types by primary causes, presenting proven methods for eliminating or reducing the possibility of each type. Greg Whyte, an ex commercial helicopter pilot and professional aviation writer, draws on his own flying experiences and those of other flight veterans to provide a wealth of practical information and safety tips that are essential for everyone who flies, maintains or crews in helicopters. Filled with over 100 helpful illustrations, Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots enables readers to: Identify and address the common causes of helicopter accidentsExplore in-depth examples of accident scenariosExamine the technical details of accident causesReview case studies and first-hand accounts of accidentsLearn from the plain-English notes on avoidance and recoveryInside This Aviation Accident-Prevention Guide Basic Flight Principles Vortex Ring State Recirculation Ground Resonance Retreating Blade Stall Dynamic Rollover Overpitching Main Rotor Strikes Mid-Air Collisions Mast Bumping Engine Failures Tail Rotor Failures Mechanical Failures Fuel Fire Ditching Loading Issues Winching Weather Crew and Pre-flight Hazards Human Factors Training Mishaps

  • by McGraw Hill

    ***IF YOU WANT TO UPDATE THE INFORMATION ON YOUR TITLE SHEET, THEN YOU MUST UPDATE COPY IN THE "e;PRODUCT INFORMATION COPY"e; FIELD. COPY IN THE "e;TIPSHEET COPY"e; FIELD DOES NOT APPEAR ON TITLE SHEETS.***From McGraw-Hill: the teachers' and parents' most trusted source for first-rate educational materials! Student-friendly math activity books for home study, with little or no parental guidance needed.About the BookEach book in this series helps primary-school students learn and practice basic math skills they'll need in the classroom and on standardized NCLB tests. Printed in 4-color throughout; with numerous special high-interest features.Key Selling Features Attractive 4-color page design creates a student-friendly learning experience.All pages are filled to the brim with activities for maximum educational value.High-interest features and real-world applications enliven the learning experience and hold student interestWeek-by-week summer study plans support use as a "e;summer bridge"e; learning and reinforcement program.All content aligned to state and national standardsInstructional content is scaffolded; students are shown examples, then prompted through the process of solving problems independently.Complete review of Grade 2 math aligned to the new "e;common core"e; state standardsWeek-by-week study plans support use as "e;summer bridge"e; program for children entering Grade 2Drill and practice to reinforce learningMarket / AudienceThe market for these books consists of parents who are anxious because their children have to take NCLB tests or because their children are falling behind in school. Other parents will buy the books simply because their children need or want additional practice to reinforce school-taught skills.Sales for this type of workbook always peak in late spring when parents look for "e;summer bridge"e; study aids. A week-by-week summer study plan included in the book supports this use.

  • by Jean Yates

    Sharpen your Spanish language skills through readings about its speakers' daily lives and cultureBetter Reading Spanish offers you entertaining, "e;real world"e; texts to help you understand and learn more Spanish vocabulary and phrases. Each chapter features articles that cover a specific topic, such as cuisine, music, sports, film and theater, art, the family, today's lifestyle, or politics and history. Along the way, you will find instruction and exercises to help develop improved reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary. The articles become gradually more difficult as you proceed through the book to keep you challenged and engaged.Better Reading Spanish is an easy, engaging way to boost your language skills and learn more about the language and its speakers as you go.

  • by Michel Michaud

    A fully illustrated guide to CATIA(R) V5R21CATIA Core Tools: Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application explains how to use the essential features of this cutting-edge solution for product design and innovation. The book begins with the basics, such as launching the software, configuring the settings, and managing files. Next, you'll learn about sketching, modeling, drafting, and visualization tools and techniques. Easy-to-follow instructions along with detailed illustrations and screenshots help you get started using several CATIA workbenches right away. Reverse engineering--a valuable product development skill--is also covered in this practical resource.Covers key CATIA workbenches, including: Part Design WorkbenchAssembly Design WorkbenchDrafting WorkbenchGenerative Shape Design WorkbenchDMU Kinematics WorkbenchFunctional Tolerancing and Annotations WorkbenchAerospace Sheet Metal Design WorkbenchComposites Design WorkbenchDigitalized Shape Editor WorkbenchQuick Surface Reconstruction Workbench

  • by Dave Ulrich

    Named as BusinessWeek's #1 Management Educator, expert Dave Ulrich and his team of authors bring human resources a whole new way of thinking and practicing-moving the focus from internal issues to actively helping to set business strategies. Businesses of the future need "e;all hands on deck"e; when implementing new ways to stimulate grown and cost efficiency, and this includes human resources. In HR Transformation, the team presents a four-phase model of transformation that shows you step-by-step how to make meaningful progress in contributing to the performance of your company by redesigning HR to work as a strategic partnership.From the "e;#1 Management Educator & Guru"e;-BusinessWeek"e;The authors have presented us with an accessible, readable, and practical illustration of a clear path for successful strategy execution in a complex environment."e;-Majed Al Romaithi, Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority"e;HR can only transform organizations if it transforms HR. This book shows us how. HR Transformation would have been important in the past-it is critical now! We are entering a new world. HR Transformation can help our organizations thrive in the midst of uncertainty."e; -Marshall Goldsmith, author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers What Got You Here Won't Get You There and Succession: Are You Ready? "e;Ulrich and his colleagues talk tough and provide a detailed blueprint for how those of us in the field can use our own tools to do a "e;720-degree"e; evaluation of ourselves. We cannot contribute to the success of our organizations until we upgrade ourselves."e; -Linda A. Hill, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School "e;Based on groundbreaking research with hundreds of companies and thousands of executives, HR Transformation provides compelling theory and practical tools to create alignment between strategy, systems, and people. This important book should be read carefully by leadership teams everywhere."e; -Mark Huselid, Professor of HR Strategy, Rutgers University, Co-author of The HR Scorecard, The Workforce Scorecard, and The Differentiated Workforce Turn to the front matter for more than thirty rousing endorsements of HR Transformation. INCLUDES CASE STUDIES FROM Intel, Pfizer, Takeda, Flextronics

  • by Mike Mentzer

    A PAPERBACK ORIGINALHigh-intensity bodybuilding advice from the first man to win a perfect score in the Mr. Universe competitionThis one-of-a-kind book profiles the high-intensity training (HIT) techniques pioneered by the late Mike Mentzer, the legendary bodybuilder, leading trainer, and renowned bodybuilding consultant. His highly effective, proven approach enables bodybuilders to get results--and win competitions--by doing shorter, less frequent workouts each week. Extremely time-efficient, HIT sessions require roughly 40 minutes per week of training--as compared with the lengthy workout sessions many bodybuilders would expect to put in daily.In addition to sharing Mentzer's workout and training techniques, featured here is fascinating biographical information and striking photos of the world-class bodybuilder--taken by noted professional bodybuilding photographers--that will inspire and instruct serious bodybuilders and weight lifters everywhere.

  • - Five Proven Steps to Free Yourself from Guilt for Good!
    by Susan Carrell

    Highly qualified author: Carrell is a registered psychiatric nurse, relationship coach, therapist, and former university campus chaplainIncludes a prescriptive five-step plan for freeing readers from all types of guilt, whether it's familyrelated, religious, or self-imposed

  • - The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease, and Add Years to Your Life
    by Dawn Jackson Blatner

    Lose weight, increase energy, and boost your immunity-without giving up meat!"e;With her flexible mix-and-match plans, Dawn Jackson Blatner gives us a smart new approach to cooking and eating."e;--Joy Bauer, M.S., RD, CDN, "e;Today"e; show dietitian and bestselling author of Joy Bauer's Food Cures"e;The Flexitarian Diet is a fresh approach to eating that's balanced, smart, and completely do-able."e;--Ellie Krieger, host of Food Network's "e;Healthy Appetite"e; and author of The Food You Crave"e;Offers a comprehensive, simple-to-follow approach to flexitarian eating--the most modern, adaptable, delicious way to eat out there."e;--Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, senior food and nutrition editor of Health magazine"e;It's about time someone told consumers interested in taking control of their weight and health how to get the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle without having to cut meat completely out of their life."e;--Byrd Schas, senior health producer, New Media, Lifetime Entertainment ServicesIntroducing the flexible way to eat healthy, slim down, and feel great! "e;Flexitarianism"e; is the hot new term for healthy dieting that minimizes meat without excluding it altogether. This ingenious plan from a high-profile nutritionist shows you how to use "e;flexfoods"e; to get the necessary protein and nutrients--with just a little meat for those who crave it. As the name implies, it's all about flexibility, giving you a range of options: flexible meal plans, meat-substitute recipes, and weight loss tips. Plus: it's a great way to introduce the benefits of vegetarianism into your family's lifestyle.Enjoy these Five Flex Food Groups:Flex Food Group One: Meat Alternatives (Beans, peas, lentils, nuts, and seeds; Vegetarian versions of meats; Tofu; Eggs)Flex Food Group Two: Vegetables and FruitsFlex Food Group Three: Grains (Barley, corn, millet, oat, quinoa, rice, wheat, pasta)Flex Food Group Four: DairyFlex Food Group Five: Natural flavor-enhancers (Spices, buttermilk ranch, chili powder, cinnamon, Italian seasoning, herbs; Fats, oils, butter spreads; Sweeteners, granulated sugars, honey, chocolate; Ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, vinegars, low-fat sour cream)

  • by Michael L. George
    £31.49 - 34.99

    The Breakthrough Program for Increasing Quality, Shortening Cycle Times, and Creating Shareholder Value In Every Area of Your OrganizationTime and quality are the two most important metrics in improving any company's production and profit performance. Lean Six Sigma explains how to impact your company's performance in each, by combining the strength of today's two most important initiativesLean Production and Six Sigmainto one integrated program.The first book to provide a step-by-step roadmap for profiting from the best elements of Lean and Six Sigma, this breakthrough volume will show you how to: Achieve major cost and lead time reductions this yearCompress order-to-delivery cycle times Battle process variation and waste throughout your organizationSeparately, Lean Production and Six Sigma have changed the face of the manufacturing business. Together, they become an unprecedented tool for improving product and process quality, production efficiency, and across-the-board profitability. Lean Six Sigma introduces you to today's most dynamic program for streamlining the performance of both your production department and your back office, and providing you with the cost reduction and quality improvements you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors."e;Lean Six Sigma shows how Lean and Six Sigma methods complement and reinforce each other. If also provides a detailed roadmap of implementation so you can start seeing significant returns in less than a year."e;--From the PrefaceBusinesses fundamentally exist to provide returns to their stakeholders. Lean Six Sigma outlines a program for combining the synergies of these two initiatives to provide your organization with greater speed, less process variation, and more bottom-line impact than ever before.A hands-on guidebook for integrating the production efficiencies of the Lean Enterprise with the cost and quality tools of Six Sigma, this breakthrough book features detailed insights on: The Lean Six Sigma Value PropositionHow combining Lean and Six Sigma provides unmatched potential for improving shareholder valueThe Lean Six Sigma Implementation ProcessHow to prepare your organization for a seamless incorporation of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniquesLeveraging Lean Six SigmaStrategies for extending Lean Six Sigma's reach within and beyond your corporate walls"e;Variation is evil."e;--Jack WelchSix Sigma was the zero-variation quality lynchpin around which Jack Welch transformed GE into one of the world's most efficientand valuablecorporations. Lean Production helped Toyota cut waste, slash costs, and substantially improve resource utilization and cycle times.Yet, as both would admit, there was still room for improvement.Lean Six Sigma takes you to the next level of improvement, one that for the first time unites product and process excellence with the goal of enhancing shareholder value creation. Providing insights into the application of Lean Six Sigma to both the manufacturing processes and the less-data-rich service and transactional processes, it promises to revolutionize the performance efficiencies in virtually every area of your organizationas it positively and dramatically impacts your shareholder value.

  • by Scott M. Weiner

    The new go-to resource for succeeding in the $5.5 trillion ETF marketExchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are growing and they're growing fast. With more than $5.5 trillion in assets and cash flows exceeding those of mutual funds over the last several years, ETFs have become the dominant investment vehicle of our time.Now, The Complete Guide to ETF Portfolio Management provides everything you need to know to manage an ETF with the knowledge and skill of a seasoned pro.As Janus Capital's first ETF Portfolio Manager, Scott Weiner helped build much of the infrastructure around Index-based ETF Portfolio Management for the global asset management group Janus Henderson. In this comprehensive and insightful guide, Weiner provides:Hands-on, how-to guidance for successfully managing an ETF portfolioA model ETF illustrating key management conceptsClear examples of issues you'll likely face, including corporate actions, tax management, and cash managementExpert insight into advanced topics that capture the nuance of portfolio managementPractical advice for managing an ETF in volatile marketsWith The Complete Guide to ETF Portfolio Management, you have everything you need to know to launch an ETF, optimize tax efficiency, handle complex corporate actions, close a fund when it's not raising assets-and everything in between.

  • by Eliane Kurbegov

    Gain the language skills you want with this bestselling French workbook! Practice Makes Perfect: Basic French is the proven companion to your French-learning experience. In each bite-sized lesson, the author explains one-and only one-grammar concept and illustrates it with clear examples. These lessons are purposefully short, so you can complete them in twenty minutes or less, and go at a pace that works for you.You will, of course, get plenty of practice, practice, practice using your new skills. This new edition is accompanied by flashcards and new audio recordings, available online and via app, that will provide a new dimension and flexibility to your study. Whether you are learning on your own or taking a beginning class, this book will build your confidence in French.Practice Makes Perfect: Basic French features:Hundreds of engaging exercises enhanced with digital support through iOS, Android, and a desktop application, featuring vocabulary flashcards, exercise answer keys, and self-testing recording and replaying functionsStreaming audio recordings for all exercise answers in FrenchRecord yourself and replay function to compare against native speakersNEW: Full chapter of review exercisesNEW: Audio practice focused on French sounds that learners find difficult to pronounce correctly

  • by Eliane Kurbegov

    Master conversation with this bestselling French workbook!Practice Makes Perfect: French Conversation is the go-to guide for expanding your conversational fluency. Organized into 11 units, it presents realistic everyday dialogues, followed by helpful instruction on correct syntax and word usage, as well as lots of conversation-ready phrases. Each dialogue is also followed by a variety of exercises that give the opportunity to put new concepts into action and encourage you to construct your own personalized conversations. This updated edition features a new chapter focused on expressions for communicating virtually.You'll learn how to:Engage in dialogues that illustrate practical conversationsExpand your French vocabularyUnderstand new concepts with numerous realistic examplesOvercome common stumbling blocks to fluent speakingBuild new conversation skills through extensive practiceImprove your pronunciation skillsNEW: Communicate more effectively in person-and virtually via Skype and Zoom

  • - How to Protect Your Brain Against Memory Loss and Alzheimer's Disease
    by Majid Fotuhi

    EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES IN THE TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF MEMORY LOSSA world-renowned neurologist presents the first groundbreaking memory-loss protection planMillions of aging Americans are afraid of losing their most precious possessiontheir memory. They are desperate for anything that will help them to regain it. Now, for the first time, The Memory Cure shares the absolute latest that science has to offer in the form of a protection plan. Dr. Majid Fotuhi, one of the world's foremost experts in the field of Alzheimer's Disease and brain function, outlines an exciting and highly effective plan that targets each of the 13 risk factors contributing to the development of memory loss.Drawing from cutting-edge, longitudinal studies from all over the globe that have followed tens of thousands of subjects from middle life into older age, Dr. Fotuhi deciphers the patterns that are repeatedly revealed. These include the fact that lifestyle affects the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's Disease, as well as the severity of normal memory loss that accompanies the aging process. The results profoundly suggest that these conditions can be preventedregardless of genetic dispositionby addressing the crucial 13 risk factors.In addition Dr. Fotuhi's protection plan also includes seven steps to protect the brain and sharpen memory for life. Filled with tests, questionnaires, and real-life profiles, The Memory Cure offers readers specific ways to reduce their risk and increase mental agility, while providing them with an accessible and comprehensive book on the workings of the aging brain.

  • by Greg Holden

    This user-friendly book shows you how to turn the satisfaction and excitement of eBay sales into a lucrative small business--and possibly even a full-time job! Find out how to establish a seller's account, post attention-getting auction listings, and build confidence among bidders. Author Greg Holden explains how to apply the secrets of successful brick and mortar businesses to the online world. After learning the ropes, you'll find out how to boost sales with techniques such as no-reserve selling and "e;buy it now"e; pricing. Plus--tips for locating inventory, implementing marketing plans, and getting free advertising are revealed.

  • by Paola Nanni-Tate

    Learn and review Italian grammar at a glanceOf all the obstacles you face while learning a new language, grammar is one of the toughest. But now there's a way to learn the subtleties of grammar without all the headaches. Side by Side Italian & English Grammar is the perfect tool to help you understand the similarities and differences between English and Italian grammar.By learning Italian grammar through comparisons to your native English language, you are able to build on what you already know. You will be better able to understand and remember Italian grammar while writing, speaking, and being tested on Italian usage. This innovative grammar guide includes: Clear and comprehensive introductions to the parts of speech, explaining their functions and answering common questions about themQuick Check sections that summarize main ideasAppendices that identify possible grammar trouble spots, such as interrogative pronouns and adjectives, familiar and formal commands, and the use of determinersNumerous verb charts with side-by-side Italian and English translations for easy understanding of each tense's meaningAn exercise section with answer key to test and review your knowledgeSide by Side Italian and English Grammar gives you a firm grasp of the structure of both languages and sets the stage for true language mastery.

  • by Ruth Bernstein

    Picking up where Elements of Statistics I leaves off, this study guide clearly explains discrete probability distribution, including normal, continuing, sampling, and other distributions. The practical, cross-referenced problems throughout are drawn from such fields as anthropology, biology, business, government, medecine, psychology and sociology, and the solutions are fully explained. A perfect supplement to the leading textbooks, students will also find this book ideal for independent study. Supplementary questions aid self-testing.

  • - A Program to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential
    by Anne Bruce

    A powerful formula for a life of achievement--starting nowCreated by leading motivational speaker and corporate trainer Anne Bruce, this highly effective plan helps participants discover their own "e;true north"e; in order to find a focus for success. Throughout Discover True North are invaluable exercises, worksheets, and insights for personal growth developed from Bruce's work with thousands of workshop members and clients throughout the world--from Sprint and Ben & Jerry's to The American Red Cross and the London Institute of Management.Unlike other goal-oriented processes that call for long-range three-to-five-year life plans, working through this unique fourweek formula helps unlock potential immediately--today. Readers will learn how to: Activate and learn to rely on the inner compass to define life directionCreate a Life Board of DirectorsMake the critical choices that move life forwardPinpoint their emotional and intellectual competenciesDiscover the "e;Einstein Approach"e; to brining forth you own genius

  • by EPLS

    Say farewell to language faux pas forever!Based on the revolutionary Easily Pronounced Language Systems approach, Say It Right in German makes mastering correct German pronunciation simple. With Say It Right you'll learn how to use hundreds of German words and phrases in everyday conversation. This amazing guide gives you easy-to-read vowel symbols that, when combined with consonants, make pronunciation easy.With Say It Right in German you will:Learn more than 500 essential German words and phrasesEasily create sentences using "e;Phrasemakers"e;Get a quick reference to more than 500 word pronunciations in the Say It Right travel dictionary

  • by Rowland Hayler

    THREE WORLD-CLASS MANAGEMENT METHODS.ONE COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE.Finally, top executives across the global financial services industry are catching on-and catching up-to what the world's most successful corporations have known for more than a decade: The performance improvement principles of Six Sigma, Lean, and Process Management can be applied to all aspects of any company's operations-with remarkable results.If you want to take advantage of these proven, performance-enhancing methods, tools, and techniques, this reference helps you to use Six Sigma and other tools in a wide range of financial service applications: commercial or savings banks, diversified financials, securities, insurance firms, and more. Six Sigma for Financial Services delivers a complete and groundbreaking model specifically for financial services created by two experts of Six Sigma deployment and Process Management.Clear, concise, and comprehensive, this hands-on guide features actual experiences from frontline managers and executives in financial services firms all around the world. You'll see, up close and personal, how they used Six Sigma to illustrate key points and achieve optimal performance in their companies. You'll learn firsthand why business process excellence is crucial for success in an increasingly competitive, mission-critical industry. Using Lean, Six Sigma, and other process tools, you'll be able to run leaner and more efficiently, and provide improved service with the best possible returns.

  • by David Rich

    How to supercharge your personal appeal and powers of persuasionWhether in business or romance, success is all about how well you click with people. And, as top motivational speaker Dave Rich proves in How to Click With Everyone Every Time, learning how to build an instant rapport with just about anyone is easy. Drawing upon his 16 years of experience coaching tens of thousands of people on building better, more profitable relationships, he offers readers surefire techniques for supercharging their personal appeal and powers of persuasion. Highly motivational, yet extremely practical, this book contains powerful lessons on how to: Become more compelling in business, more appealing in one's personal life, and more fulfilledDevelop greater self-confidence, curiosity, and commitmentGet strangers to feel as if they've known the reader their whole livesUse voice modulation and body language to instantly connect with anybody

  • by Terry Patterson

    A unique visual approach to interpreting and applying the 2006 International Plumbing and Sewage Code While other plumbing code books are annotated guides filled with almost as much legalese as the code itself, this is the only book to use illustrations as the basis for explanation, a bulleted format for text, and real-world case studies to explain how to apply and interpret the 2006 International Plumbing and Sewage Code.Audience: Plumbers/pipefitters/steamfitters (550,000); Architects (113,000); Building Inspectors (75,000); Construction Managers (305,000)

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