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  • by Robin Jarvis
    £7.99 - 14.99

    ';Fun for Hobbit-addicts and Potter-philes of all ages.' Publishers WeeklyDark forces are brewing in HagwoodThe werlings of Hagwood live peacefully in the trees of the forestoverlooked and unbothered while they leisurely perfect the art of wergling (shape-changing). But unlike his fellow werlings, the bumbling Gamaliel Tumpin can't manage to wergle into even the simplest of formsa mouselike his peers. He's tormented by his sister, Kernella, and teased by his classmates. And he envies star student Finnen Lufkin, who can transform into almost any creature.But wergling will soon be the least of Gamaliel's troubles. The evil elf queen Rhiannon, the High Lady of the Hollow Hill, is desperately seeking a precious possession that was stolen long ago. Her evil knows no bounds, and with her army of monstrous thorn ogres, she will not stop until it's found. The werlings' peaceful existence is threatened by death and dangerand clumsy, awkward Gamaliel will need to call on the strength within him to fight for his family and his home.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Robin Jarvis including rare photos from the author's personal collection.

  • - The Scientist, Philosopher, and Man Portrayed Through His Own Words
    by Albert Einstein

  • - Artist of the Lost Generation
    by Axel Madsen

  • by Vina Jackson
    £6.49 - 19.99

  • by Vina Jackson
    £6.99 - 18.99

  • - An Epic Novel of Vietnam
    by Anthony Grey
    £14.49 - 24.49

    An epic saga of love, blood, and destiny in twentieth-century Vietnam: ';This superb novel could well be the War and Peaceof our age' (San Francisco Chronicle). Joseph Sherman first visits Saigonthe capital of French colonial Cochin-Chinaas a young man on his father's hunting trip in 1925. But the exotic land lures him back again and again as a traveler, soldier, and reporter. He returns because of his fascination for the enchanting cityand for Lan, a mandarin's daughter he cannot forget. Over five decades Joseph's life becomes enmeshed with the political intrigues of two of Saigon's most influential families, the French colonist Devrauxs, and the native Trans. In this sweeping saga of tragedy and triumph, Joseph witnesses Vietnam's turbulent, war-torn fate. He is there when millions of coolies rise against the French, and during their bloody last stand at Dien Bien Phu. And he sees US military ';advisors' fire their first shots in America's hopeless war against the Communist revolution. A story of adventure, love, war, and political power, Saigon presents an enthralling and enlightening depiction of twentieth-century Vietnam.

  • - Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder
    by Samuel Wilson Fussell
    £13.99 - 17.49

    From skinny scholar to muscle-bound showman. ';Easily the best memoir ever written about weight training, steroids and all' (Men's Journal). When blue-blooded, storklike Samuel Wilson Fussell arrived in New York City fresh from the University of Oxford, the ethereal young graduate seemed like the last person on Earth who would be interested in bodybuilding. But he was intimidated by the dangers of the cityand decided to do something about it. At twenty-six, Fussell walked into the YMCA gym. Four solid years of intensive training, protein powders, and steroid injections later, he had gained eighty pounds of pure muscle and was competing for bodybuilding titles. And yet, with forearms like bowling pins and calves like watermelons, Fussell felt weaker than ever before. His punishing regimen of workouts, drugs, and diet had reduced him to near-infant-like helplessness and immobility, leaving him hungry, nauseated, and prone to outbursts of ';'roid rage.' But he had come to succeed, and there was no backing down now. Alternately funny and fascinating, Muscle is the true story of one man's obsession with the pursuit of perfection. With insight, wit, and refreshing candor, Fussell ushers readers into the wild world of juicers and gym rats who sacrifice their lives, minds, bodies, and souls to their dreams of glory in Southern California's so-called iron mecca.

  • - & Other Apparitions
    by Fritz Leiber
    £3.99 - 19.99

    A collection of supernatural horror stories by a multiple award-winning master of the fantastic. From the author of Swords and Deviltry and many other classic novels, a recipient of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, this is a treasure trove of horrific tales, many of which remained out of print for decades after appearing in such magazines as Unknown, Thrilling Mystery, Startling Stories, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and the acclaimed horror specialty magazine Whispers 1314. In addition to the title story, this collection also includes: ';Cry Witch!' (1951), ';I'm Looking for Jeff' (1952), ';Ms. Found in a Maelstrom' (1959), ';The Button Molder' (1979), ';Dark Wings' (1976), and ';The Enormous Bedroom' (2001), which is original to this volume.

  • - America's Battle Over Vietnam
    by Tom Wells

  • - A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of the Final Punishment
    by Edward Fudge

  • - Based on the Book by Margaret Atwood
    by Worth Books

  • - And Other Stories
    by Clifford D. Simak
    £7.99 - 23.49

    Tales of science fiction and adventure from the Hugo Awardwinning author of Way Station and City. The long and prolific career of Clifford D. Simak cemented him as one of the formative voices of the science fiction and fantasy genre. The third writer to be named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, his literary legacy stands alongside those of Robert A. Heinlein and Ray Bradbury. This striking collection of nine tales showcases Simak's ability to take the everyday and turn it into something truly compelling, taking readers on a long journey in a very short time. In ';Dusty Zebra,' Joe discovers a portal that allows him to exchange everyday objects with an entity he can neither see nor hear, and soon learns that one man's treasure may be another dimension's trash. In ';Retrograde Evolution,' an interplanetary trading vessel tries to figure out how to deal with a remote society that has suddenly decided to become far less civilized. And in ';Project Mastodon,' an unusual ambassador from an unheard-of country offers amazing opportunities in a place the modern world can never compete with: the past. Simak's mastery of the short form is on display in these and six other stories. Each story includes an introduction by David W. Wixon, literary executor of the Clifford D. Simak estate and editor of this ebook.

  • - A True Story of Murder, Passion, and an Astonishing Hoax
    by Philip E. Ginsburg
    £7.99 - 25.99

    New York Times Bestseller: The ';astonishing' true story of the notorious ';black widow' who preyed on her husband and daughter and faked her own death (The Washington Post Book World). Pretty, smart, and pampered, Audrey Marie Hilley grew up in a small Alabama town believing she was entitled to the best of everything. But marriage to her high school sweetheart, a cushy secretarial job, and motherhood were not enough to satisfy Marie, and she soon began to act out in troubling ways. Only when her husband, Frank, became sick with a mysterious illness, did it seem that she was ready to put someone else's needs ahead of her own. The truth was far more disturbing. Four years after Frank died, Marie's daughter, Carol, began to experience debilitating stomach pains. The young woman was near death when the horrifying reality finally emerged: Marie had poisoned her husband with arsenic and was attempting to do the same to her daughter. It was the first in a series of shocking twists that exposed Marie Hilley as a cold-blooded chameleon capable of the most sinister of crimes. From Alabama to Florida to New Hampshire, her trail of death and deceit included multiple identities, a second marriage, a false kidnapping, a fake death, several dramatic escapes, and a final act of desperation that brought the whole sordid saga to an astonishing end. A mesmerizing portrait of an American murderess with ';a genius for deception,' Poisoned Blood is ';one of the most riveting true-crime stories in memory' (Publishers Weekly).

  • by Brian Garfield

  • by Ellery Queen

  • by Ellery Queen

  • by Ellery Queen

  • by Patricia Wentworth
    £11.49 - 20.49

  • by Patricia Wentworth
    £7.99 - 14.99

  • - A Miss Silver Mystery
    by Patricia Wentworth
    £11.49 - 20.99

  • - From Headaches to Heart Disease and Everything in Between
    by Marianne J. Legato & Carol Colman
    £7.99 - 17.49

    After traveling the country and listening to women's most common health problems, Dr. Marianne Legato, one of the nation's leading advocates for women's health, answers these common questions and more in What Women Need to Know. This revolutionary book teaches women how to ask their doctors the right questions and leave the office satisfied. Dr. Legato is also the author of The Female Heart, a book that dispels myths that heart disease is only a male problem. Her coauthor on both books is Carol Colman Gerber, one of the country's leading medical writers.

  • by Poul Anderson
    £7.99 - 15.99

  • by Nancy Springer
    £7.99 - 16.49

    A shape-shifter and an errant soul share an unbreakable bond and a curse, and must join together to fulfill an ancient magical prophecy in Nancy Springer's final installment of the Book of Isle When Prince Dair was a small child and still in wolf form, he saw his future in the loom of Ylim, the weaving seeress as old as the world. It was prophesied that he, the changeling son of King Trevyn of Isle, would travel far from his home and his loved ones, carrying his magic to the mainland. For the first time, Dair saw the golden swan, and the face of the stranger to whom he was eternally linked, the wanderer called Frain. But this mysterious youth who can feel everything Dair feelshis emotions, his anxieties, his painbears an obligation to a lost love and a curse of dark enchantment. Still, the bond that unites Dair and Frain is stronger than iron, and in their mystical union rests the fate of a troubled land. Reviewers have compared the volumes in Nancy Springer's enthralling Book of Isle series to the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and other masters of fantasy literature. The captivating saga concludes spectacularly with an unforgettable tale of duty, friendship, peril, fate, and love that adds a new richness and color to this remarkable island realm and its magical inhabitants.

  • - The Verdict of History
    by Donald M. Goldstein, Katherine V. Dillon & Gordon W. Prange
    £4.49 - 34.99

    The New York Timesbestselling authors of Miracle at Midway delve into the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII in ';a superb work of history' (Albuquerque Journal Magazine). In the predawn hours of December 7, 1941, a Japanese carrier group sailed toward Hawaii. A few minutes before 8:00 a.m., they received the order to rain death on the American base at Pearl Harbor, sinking dozens of ships, destroying hundreds of airplanes, and taking the lives of over two thousand servicemen. The carnage lasted only two hours, but more than seventy years later, terrible questions remain unanswered. How did the Japanese slip past the American radar? Why were the Hawaiian defense forces so woefully underprepared? What, if anything, did American intelligence know before the first Japanese pilot shouted ';Tora! Tora! Tora!'? In this incomparable volume, Pearl Harbor experts Gordon W. Prange, Donald M. Goldstein, and Katherine V. Dillon tackle dozens of thorny issues in an attempt to determine who was at fault for one of the most shocking military disasters in history.

  • by William Shatner

    Private investigator Jake Cardigan and his partner, Sid Gomez, must race to save a woman trapped in the deadly crossfire of a violent war between rival TekLords William ';Captain Kirk' Shatner of Star Trek fame returns with his ninth action-packed TekWar adventure, certain to thrill his devoted legions of science fiction readers. In the year 2122 an addictive new form of the fantasy-enabling electronic drug Tek is about to hit the market. This version, delivered to users over computer networks, would eliminate the need for Tek chips, thereby putting the old-school TekLords out of business. Jill Bernardino, the ex-wife of Sid Gomez, loyal partner of private eye Jake Cardigan, has been looking into this new development closelya little too closelyand now finds herself in serious, possibly inescapable peril. Caught in the middle of a vicious international drug war, Jill is taken prisoner, and only Cardigan and Gomez can rescue her. But their efforts will put them directly in the crosshairs of warring squads of Tek-trade killers in a bloody cartel war.This ebook features an illustrated biography of William Shatner including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author's personal collection.

  • by Nancy Springer
    £7.99 - 19.99

    A headstrong young prince, enslaved far from home, must rescue his imperiled kingdom and those he loves from an ancient dark sorcery in Nancy Springer's magnificent third entry in the Book of Isle The life of young Prince Trevyn of Isle changes forever on the day a mysterious boy named Gwern is welcomed without question into the family's castle. Stubborn and resentful of the unwanted intrusion, the errant teenage prince abandons his home and soon finds himself both in love and in jeopardy. Enraptured by the village girl Meg, he incurs the wrath of Wael, a powerful warlock, by saving the lady of his heart and her people from certain destruction. But young Trevyn's trials have only just begun. Lured across the seas by his vengeful foe, he is captured and enslaved, and must somehow find his way to freedom. For the unprotected Isle is now at Wael's mercy, and love will surely die if the boy-prince cannot return to the realm as its champion. A classic epic fantasy in the grand tradition of J. R. R. Tolkien, set in an ancient island sanctuary of gods and ghosts and magic, Nancy Springer's captivating Book of Isle saga is brimming with adventure, romance, evil, mythic quests, legendary history, and ingeniously imagined locales.

  • by Nancy Springer
    £7.99 - 21.49

    In the Kingdom of Isle, where the Sun Kings reign with the power of the Book of the Suns, Hal and Alan are given a mission. They must use the ancient strength of wisdom to destroy the evil that plagues the kingdom. The two blood brothers venture throughout the land fighting the many forms that this evil takes so they can arrive at their destiny.

  • by Sidney Rosen
    £7.99 - 17.49

    Sixteenth century Italy produced a genius who marked the world with his studies and hypotheses about mathematical, physical and astronomical truths. His father, musician Vincenzio Galilei said, ';Truth is not found behind a man's reputation. Truth appears only when the answers to questions are searched out by a free mind. This is not the easy path in life but it is the most rewarding.' Galileo challenged divine law and the physics of Aristotle, and questioned everything in search of truths. And it was through this quest for truth that he was able to establish a structure for modern science.

  • by Cameron Judd
    £3.99 - 23.99

    The first in a trilogy set in the untamed colonial American wilderness, from ';a keen observer of the human heart as well as a fine action writer' (Publishers Weekly). Joshua Colter was born of the wild frontier. As a young boy living with his family on the edges of civilization during the French and Indian War, he witnessed firsthand the bloodshed and brutality men were capable offrom the deception and depredations of whites like his own vile father to the merciless vengeance of the native tribes. Forced by cruel fate to set out on his own, he was adopted by an honorable hunter who taught him to fight and survive while remaining true to his own heart. But as much as the solitary Joshua loves living rough and free in the forests and mountains, the troubles of the civilized world are encroaching, as the once-pristine wilderness is being carved up between the all-powerful British crown, settlers searching for a land to call their own, and the native Indians who desperately defy them both to protect their ancestral home. Now, in a burgeoning land of hope and hardship, Joshua will have to decide what he is willing to fight and die for as the birth of a new nation breaks on the horizon.

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