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    An indispensable guide to the latest scholarship in the field of Roman Studies. Over fifty distinguished scholars elucidate the contribution of material as well as literary culture to our understanding of the Roman world, and suggest pathways for fresh investigations.

  • - The Struggle Over Independence
    by McRoberts
    £26.49 - 74.49

    This second edition offers an overview of Catalonia's political, cultural, and economic life and its relations with the rest of Spain. It analyzes the remarkable transformation that has taken place over the last decade, and offers important insights about the origins of nationalism and politics of secessionism.

  • by van Houts

    An analysis of the lived experience of Christian married life in Christian medieval Europe, this study examines the process of getting married and wedding celebrations; the married life of lay couples and clergy, their sexuality, and any remarriage; and alternative living, including concubinage, polygyny, and the single life.

  • - A Guide for Economists and Practitioners

    This book is an attempt to build some structure around the issues of sovereign debt to help guide economists, practitioners, and policymakers through this complicated, but not intractable, subject.

  • - Community and Economic Growth in County Durham, 1349-1660
    by Larson

    This case study of two rural parishes in County Durham, England, provides an alternate view on the economic development involved in the transition from medieval to modern, partly explaining England's rise to global economic dominance in the seventeenth century.

  • by ZHANG

    This book explores the International Civil Aviation Organization Council, created through the Convention on International Civil Aviation laying the foundations for dispute resolution in international civil aviation. Due to technological advancements, the book considers if resolution mechanisms should be modernised and what changes might be needed.

  • - A Study in Early Modern Administration
    by McGovern

    The first comprehensive analysis of the shrieval system, 1485-1603, showing sheriffs to be among the most important local office-holders in early modern England, responsible for executing legal process, holding local courts, making arrests, executing criminals, collecting royal revenue, holding parliamentary elections, and many other vital duties.

  • - The Life and Miracles of Saint Godric, Hermit of Finchale

    Godric of Finchdale was a hermit, merchant, and medieval saint. His life was recorded by Benedictine monk Reginald of Durham, but the work has hitherto only been available in manuscripts and in one nineteenth century edition. This translation uses the original manuscript to open up Reginald of Durham's work to a wider audience.

  • - A Legal Analysis
    by Dougan
    £34.99 - 88.99

    The UK's Withdrawal from the EU explores the UK's departure from the EU from a legal perspective: Michael Dougan provides a critical analysis of the final EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, including explorations of the future protection of citizens' rights, the contentious Irish border, and the prospects for future EU-UK relations.

  • - A Deeper Understanding
    by Vickers & d'Inverno
    £40.99 - 78.99

    This textbook provides students with a sound mathematical introduction coupled to an understanding of the physical insights needed to explore the subject

  • by Webb & Bale
    £30.99 - 88.99

    This new edition provides comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the variety of party systems found at central, devolved and local levels in British politics.

  • by d'Aspremont
    £26.49 - 88.99

    This book provides an accessible and highly engaging discussion of customary international law. It employs an original theoretical perspective to unpack the structures of thought that lie beneath any claims made regarding customary international law.

  • - Normalization, Cut-Elimination, and Consistency Proofs
    by Zach, Mancosu & Galvan
    £26.49 - 88.99

    An Introduction to Proof Theory provides an accessible introduction to the theory of proofs, with details of proofs worked out and examples and exercises to aid the reader's understanding.

  • - See and solve the problems of digital healthcare
    by Thimbleby

    This book tells stories of widespread problems with digital healthcare. The stories inspire and challenge anyone who wants to make hospitals and healthcare better. The stories and their resolutions will empower patients, clinical staff and digital developers to help transform digital healthcare to make it safer and more effective.

  • - Ecology, Behaviour, Conservation, and Management
    by Rosell & Campbell-Palmer
    £38.99 - 83.49

    Over the last 20 years, there has been a huge increase in the number of scientific papers published on these remarkable creatures, and an authoritative synthesis is now timely. This accessible text goes beyond their natural history to describe the impacts on humans, conflict mitigation, animal husbandry, management, and conservation.

  • - What Everyone Needs to Know(R)
    by Husbands
    £11.49 - 41.49

    Phil Husbands introduces the field of robotics, where it has come from, and where it might go in the future. Explaining the technology underlying robots and their capabilities today, he also considers both the ethical problems of robots with increasing intelligence, and the wider socio-political challenges they create.

  • by David Worden & Harriet Power

    Building on the Oxford AQA GCSE Religious Studies Student Book, this Revision Guide offers a structured approach to revising the new 9-1 exams. With all essential content condensed and made memorable, and plenty of exam practice, tips and annotated sample answers, students can confidently prepare for their new exams.

  • by Marianne Fleming & Harriet Power

    Building on the Oxford AQA GCSE Religious Studies Student Books, this Revision Guide for Christianity and Islam offers a structured approach to revising the new 9-1 exams. With all essential content condensed and made memorable, and plenty of exam practice, tips and annotated sample answers, students can confidently prepare for their new exams.

  • by Andy Lewis & Waqar Ahmedi

    Building on the Edexcel GCSE Catholic Christianity with Islam and Judaism Student Book, this Revision Guide offers a structured approach to revising the new 91 exams. With all essential content condensed and made memorable, and plenty of exam practice, tips and annotated sample answers, students can prepare confidently for their new exams.

  • - Making Assessment Work For You
    by Andrew Chandler-Grevatt

    How to Assess Your Students provides concise, practical guidance on a central aspect of teaching; one which is of perennial interest. Chandler-Grevatt outlines the essentials of assessment, explaining how to prepare effective activities and use assessment data as a progressive tool for enhancing learning.

  • - Strategies for Effective Differentiation
    by Ann Clucas

    How can hard-pressed classroom teachers produce lessons that cater for the learning needs of all their pupils, without excessive preparation? How to Teach Everybody helps solve this problem by providing practical, flexible teaching strategies to enable pupils to overcome barriers to learning and to help them succeed.

  • - An Evidence-Based Approach
    by Geoff Petty

    How to Teach Even Better: An Evidence-Based Approach explores what evidence-based teaching is, and most importantly, how teachers can the approach to their own practice effectively. Relating relevant research to classroom practice, Geoff Petty focuses on the practical strategies, techniques, and methods teachers need to help them teach even better.

  • by Heine & Narrog
    £30.99 - 93.99

    This textbook introduces and explains the fundamental issues, major research questions, and current approaches in the study of grammaticalization. Each chapter offers guidance on further reading, and concludes with study questions to encourage further discussion; there is also a glossary of key terminology in the field.

  • - From Classical Mechanics to General Relativity and Beyond
    by Emam
    £30.99 - 66.99

    A textbook for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students using the fundamental principle of covariance as a basis for studying classical mechanics, electrodynamics, the special theory of relativity, and the general theory of relativity, before moving on to more advanced topics of field theory, differential forms, and modified theories of gravity.

  • by Alan & DEVE AUERBACH

    This book examines fundamental issues of principle and practice in the taxation of international corporations. It analyses the economic and wider normative basis of the existing international tax system, and proposes potential reforms, including radical methods of allocating taxing rights based on residence, destination, and formula apportionment.

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