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  • by Hashim H. Noor & Nassir S. Al-Qadi

    A Course in Applied Linguistics for Arab EFL/ESL Students has been developed keeping in view the academic needs of native-Arabic speakers learning English as a second/foreign language. The book in the process of understanding how students acquire second language, sheds some light on how children acquire their first language. It reviews the observations of theorists on Contrastive Analysis, Error Analysis and Interlanguage as main factors that influence learners' performance. Some examples from real performance of Arab EFL/ESL learners are discussed and analyzed. The book reviews the observations of linguists and psychologists on the role of extrinsic and intrinsic non-linguistic factors that affect SLA. The book also gives good consideration of the views of experts on the efficacy of strategy training.At the end of each chapter, there are study questions to provide an opportunity for the readers to test their proficiency. Similarly, projects are also added for the students to practice. A list of references is added at the end of each chapter for further reading. The book has a rich Glossary to provide students with definitions of the most important terms.

  • - The Last Romances of William Morris
    by Phillippa Bennett
    £57.99 - 60.99

    William Morris's last romances are strikingly original stories written in his final years, but they remain relatively neglected in both Morris studies and nineteenth-century literary studies. This book provides a full-length critical account of these works and their essential role in promoting the continuing importance of Morris's ideas. Approaching these romances through the concept of wonder, this book provides a new way of understanding their relevance to his writings on art and architecture, nature and the environment, and politics and Socialism. It establishes the integral connection between the romances and Morris's diverse cultural, social and political interests and activities, suggesting ways in which we might understand these tales as a culmination of Morris's thought and practice. Through a comprehensive analysis of these remarkable narratives, this book makes a significant contribution to both work on William Morris and to nineteenth-century studies more generally.

  • - Forms and techniques of film dialogue
    by Paolo Braga
    £49.99 - 50.49

    Words in Action dedicates to the subject of film dialogue a comprehensive exploration. The book analyzes a wide series of examples, perfectly chosen in contemporary American mainstream cinema - from Gladiator to The Devil Wears Prada, from Schindler's List to A Beautiful Mind, from Collateral to The Dark Knight - and, in some cases, also in prime time TV drama - ER, The West Wing, House M.D., John Adams. In a screenplay, the secrets of well written dialogue are hidden in the construction of the scene, where every word should stem from the theme of the story. At the light of this basic assumption, the book explores how Hollywood screenwriters create verbal duels assigning characters different frames of values and making the hero win by reframing what is at stake in the scene. The author elaborates on how Oscar winner authors such as Paul Haggis, Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian create subtext. Finally, the book highlights the screenwriting techniques to cover exposition, an issue which gives the author also the opportunity to concentrate on the differences between dialogues in movies and in TV drama.

  • - Iconographie - Histoire Des Religions - Archeologie
    by Anne-Francoise Jaccottet

  • - Une Analyse Du Discours Onusien Dans La Perspective de l'Histoire Des Religions
    by Aurore Schwab

  • - Konfessionelle Und Sinnliche Aspekte Von Gebetszahlgeraten in Portrats Der Fruhen Neuzeit
    by Luisa Coscarelli-Larkin

  • - Der Vierstroeme- Und Der Trevibrunnen Sowie Die Fassade Des Palazzo Di Montecitorio - Drei Werke Des Roemischen Barock Im Lichte Der Geologischen Wissenschaftsgeschichte
    by Volker Hoffmann


    All the chapters in this volume somehow and quite diversely, directly or indirectly, address the relation of Wittgenstein's philosophy, or at least of Wittgenstein- inspired philosophical thought, with scepticism, here generally envisaged as a many-sided tradition and not as a uniform and once for all established theoretical posture.

  • - Literarische Repraesentationen von Heimat in der aktuellen deutschsprachigen Literatur

    Der Sammelband enthalt eine Auswahl der Beitrage, die auf der vierten internationalen Konferenz uber Heimat in der deutschsprachigen Literatur an der Universitat des Baskenlandes vorgestellt wurden. Darunter sind international anerkannte und mehrfach ausgezeichnete Experten wie Withold Bonner und Sabine Egger zu finden.

  • - Akte Der Jahrestagung Des Italienischen Germanistenverbandes - 13. Bis 15. Juni 2019

  • - Experiencias, Recorridos, Textos. Siglos XIX Y XX.

  • - The Portrayal of Nature in British Fantasy and its Projection in Ursula K. Le Guin's Western American "Earthsea"
    by Martin Simonson & Jon Alkorta Martiartu

    The portrayal of nature in works of fantasy is coloured by the corresponding context. This book shows how the natural world has been depicted within this genre, comparing the British tradition with Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea cycle. Because of her specific context, Le Guin's works deviate from the received tradition in significant ways.

  • - The Transitivizing Reaction Object Construction
    by Tamara Bouso-Rivas

    The monograph focuses on the characterization and history of the English reaction object construction (ROC) from the perspective of Diachronic Construction Grammar.

  • - Analyse Historique Et Economique d'Un Systeme Salarial Avance
    by Michel-Pierre Chelini

  • - Aesthetics, Aisthesis and Media of Embodiment / Aesthetik, Aisthesis und Medien der Verkoerperung

    Die gegenwartige Forschung zahlreicher Disziplinen wird in vielen ihrer Felder dominiert von Themen und Fragenstellungen, deren Grundlage als gekennzeichnet wird.

  • - Una Aproximacion a la Construccion Discursiva de Personajes Basada En Corpus
    by Luisa Chierichetti

  • - de Pres, de Loin, Entre Iles Et Peninsules

  • - Post-Millennial Trends in Contemporary Popular Romance Fiction

    This collection studies new developments in postmillennial popular romance fiction. The book discusses romance in different countries and explores how the genre has always been sensitive to customer demands and market trends. The chapters focus on how traditional formulae are being reshaped to meet the needs of contemporary transnational markets.

  • - Biritualitaet im Kontext der ambrosianischen und roemischen Liturgie
    by Riedo Christoph Riedo

    Der Band untersucht das Verhaltnis zwischen Liturgie und Musik im birituellen Mailand im 18. Jahrhundert. Die ambrosianischen Bistumskirchen orientierten sich stark an den tridentinischen Weisungen. Kontrar dazu bevorzugten die mehrheitlich den romischen Ritus zelebrierenden Kloster einen ausgelassenen Theaterstil mit uppigem Orchesterpart

  • - Power, sexualities and ideologies in text and performance

    This book studies dramatic texts, dedications, autobiographies, adaptations and performative practices, to prove that the boundaries between on and off stage performances of gender are blurred. The limits that separate theatre and life are highly permeable and the relations between both are bidirectional: the performativity of gender and identity.


    This volume explores discourse mainly through corpus linguistics methods. Indeed, Corpus Assisted Discourse Studies has become a widely used methodology for the critical (or non-critical) analysis of discourses in recent times.

  • by Platelle Fanny Platelle
    £61.99 - 67.99

    L'ouvrage etudie la maniere dont Ferdinand Raimund (1790-1836) reprend et transforme les conventions de la feerie viennoise. En comparant les differents etats des textes, il analyse les changements concernant la conception du genre, la place, les formes et les fonctions du comique et du serieux, ainsi que l'effet produit sur le public.

  • - Valentin Muller (Molitor) Osb

  • - Genesis and Fate
    by Alicja Usarek-Topper

    Bartok's 1907 Violin Concerto, expressing his love for Stefi Geyer, sounds various allusions to Wagner's paean to unrequited love. The work presents a musical crossroads contrasting Stefi's ideal world and peasant realism.

  • - Actes de la rencontre du 3 novembre 2012 a l'Universite de Geneve

    Cet ouvrage reunit une serie de travaux portant sur la prehistoire et la protohistoire de la Grece et des regions avoisinantes. Presentes le temps d'une journee a l'Universite de Geneve, ils ont pour but d'illustrer toute la diversite des etudes egeennes.

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