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  • by Christopher Such

    The essential guide to the science behind reading and its practical implications for classroom teaching in primary schools.

  • by Peter Wallensteen
    £28.99 - 82.99

    A comprehensive introduction to the study of peace and conflict studies. It explores both the historical roots of the study of conflict management, as well as the contemporary settings and the tools available to states, regional and global organizations where these core ideas apply.

  • by Judith Green & Nicki Thorogood
    £31.49 - 88.99

    "A thoughtful, thorough and readable account of the history and current practice of qualitative research in health." - Louise Keogh, Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

  • by Ross Brennan, Louise Canning & Raymond McDowell
    £45.99 - 130.49

    Suitable for students taking B2B marketing modules, this title takes in both European and US approaches to form a balanced, globally minded text. It covers both the theory and practice of global business-to-business marketing. It also includes coverage of digital and social media marketing in the b2b environment, to reflect online developments.

  • by David Coghlan
    £28.99 - 86.99

    Concise and unintimidating, the fifth edition of this bestselling book is the only pragmatic, quick-start guide to the main theories, issues, and approaches to insider action research.

  • - The Essential Guide to Qualitative Social Media Research
    by Robert Kozinets
    £30.49 - 86.99

    In this landmark third edition, Netnography: The Essential Guide provides the theoretical and methodological groundwork as well as the practical applications, helping students both understand and do netnographic research projects of their own.

  • by Nick Wilton

    Reflecting the global nature of the workplace with its use of real world examples and case studies, the book goes beyond a prescriptive approach in the practice of strategic HRM, and offers a concise introduction that encourages critical reflection.

  • by Katy Hayward
    £11.49 - 40.49

    A must-read for anyone who is keen to learn what we should know and do about this highly complex and ever-contested boundary line.

  • - A Value Creation Approach
    by Stewart R Clegg, Torgeir Skyttermoen & Anne Live Vaagaasar
    £46.99 - 125.49

    Written in a lively and engaging way, this textbook uses numerous figures, examples, cases, digital resources among other elements to provide readers and instructors with the most current resources to make the learning process for aspiring, new and seasoned managers of projects more interesting and relevant than any other competitors.

  • by Vincent Miller
    £33.99 - 82.99

    From profiling databases and mashups to cybersex and the truth about social networking, Miller's insightful second edition traces the pervasive influence of 'digital culture' throughout contemporary life.

  • - A Guide to Theory and Practice
    by Joep P. Cornelissen
    £41.49 - 125.49

    Retaining its practical yet strong theoretical approach, the latest edition of Corporate Communication continues to be the market leading text in its field.

  • by David Silverman
    £25.99 - 87.49

    Now with entertaining and inspiring videos from the author and a wealth of online resources to support the text the approachable, clear and friendly Sixth Edition of David Silverman's classic text equips students with the tools to tackle key issues faced by qualitative researchers and establish good practice in their own research.

  • - Theory and Practice
    by Rory Ridley-Duff & Mike Bull
    £39.49 - 115.99

    Understanding Social Enterprise explores the growth of social enterprise and entrepreneurship, it's popularity, global impact, and sustainability. The 3rd edition includes new case studies and updates to literature, research, policy and legal references.

  • - A Guide for Beginners (and everyone else)
    by Elizabeth Collins & Roger Watt
    £27.49 - 73.49

    This short, concise book will guide the reader to an understanding of the principles behind the myriad of statistical practices they might encounter during their Psychology degree and beyond.

  • by Richard Rogers
    £30.99 - 94.99

    From building a URL list to discover internet censorship to making Twitter API outputs tell stories, Doing Digital Methods teaches the reader how to use digital devices, search engines and social media platforms to study some of the most urgent social issues of our time.

  • by Briony Williams, Jo Augustus & Justine Bold
    £25.49 - 73.49

    This book will give students a firm foundation in what we mean by the term 'mental health', the factors which affect mental health and the interventions and processes by which mental health issues are dealt with.

  • by Geoffrey Haddock, Gregory R. Maio & Bas Verplanken
    £34.99 - 92.49

    A comprehensive look at attitudes, beliefs and behavioural change, looking at not only biological underpinnings of attitudes but also how this fits in real world situations. This textbook gives an overview of theoretical and research perspectives in the field of attitudes and persuasion in a simple, user friendly way.

  • - An Introduction
    by Clare Inkson & Lynn Minnaert
    £41.49 - 121.99

    An introductory text that gives its reader a strong understanding of the dimensions of tourism, the industries of which it is comprised, the issues that affect its success, and the management of its impact on destination economies, environments and communities.

  • by Andy Field
    £49.99 - 119.49

    Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics through the use of IBM SPSS statistics compelling and accessible to even the most anxious of students. The only statistics textbook you and your students will ever need just got better!

  • - Theory and Practice
    by Jochen Schweitzer, Andrea Whittle, Stewart R. Clegg & et al.
    £46.99 - 125.49

    Providing a fresh perspective on strategy from an organizational perspective through a discursive approach, this book features key theoretic tenets. It also includes conventional strategy texts such as not-for-profit organizations, process theories, globalization, organizational politics and decision-making as well as the futures of strategy.


    Organizational Leadership provides students with an accessible, critical and engaging analysis of what constitutes 'leadership' today. By contextualizing the field as an interconnected process where many individuals are both leaders and followers, the book ensures a rounded understanding of theory and practice to support students throughout their course and future career.

  • - Contemporary Critical Perspectives

    Written from a global and critical perspective with a diverse range of cases and examples throughout, Leadership is an inspiring read for developing leaders operating within global and multicultural work settings.


    This book takes a new and innovative approach to looking at the commonalities and disparities between counselling/psychotherapy and forensic psychology. It aims to develop a critical understanding of the themes and issues related to crime and therapy that are highly relevant to theory and practice, yet are often ignored or neglected.

  • by Sarah Myhill

    An accessible, positive study guide for students with dyslexia, this book uses tried-and-tested learning strategies to empower students to achieve their academic goals.

  • by Julian Edwards

    This is a step-by-step guide that offers students practical skills for reflecting on and learning from their experiences. This approach to reflective writing works for different types of assignments and situations.

  • - Inspiring CPD for every teacher
    by Russell Pearson & Steve Eastes

    Uplifting professional learning for all teachers shining a light on the brilliant aspects of the job and some of the inspiring educators in the UK today.

  • - Inspiring CPD for every teacher
    by Russell Pearson & Steve Eastes

    Uplifting professional learning for all teachers shining a light on the brilliant aspects of the job and some of the inspiring educators in the UK today.

  • by Marc G. Baaij

    A practical, step-by-step guide to learn and develop the proven successful methods and techniques of the world's leading management consultancy firms.

  • by Marc G. Baaij

    A practical, step-by-step guide to learn and develop the proven successful methods and techniques of the world's leading management consultancy firms.

  • - Integrated Theory & Strategic Application
    by Holly Barry, Rose Leahy & Pio Fenton

    An essential guide to understanding how experiential marketing forms a major part of marketing communications for brands featuring an implementation model to help students in designing their own campaigns.

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