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  • - Learning from Buurtzorg Nederland
    by Sharda S. Nandram

    This book presents the theory of integrating implification and it provides a profound evidence based study of Buurtzorg Nederland. The book demonstrates theory building by using the Grounded Theory Methodology as a way to contribute to management theory.

  • - A Beginner's Guide to the Diagnostic Process
    by Diana Weedman Molavi
    £0.00 - 97.49

    Illustrated in color, this book lays the foundation of practical pathology and provides a scaffold on which to build a knowledge base. Written for the pathologist-in-training, it includes basic introductory material and progresses through each organ system.

  • - Tools and methods for successful strategy missions
    by Philippe Chereau & Pierre-Xavier Meschi
    £0.00 - 36.99

  • - A Psychobiography from a Positive Psychology Perspective
    by Claude-Hélène Mayer
    £0.00 - 131.99

    This book assesses the life and success of the writer Paulo Coelho, one of the most fascinating and contemporary writers in the world, through new lenses. This study explores the development of holistic wellness (HWM) and faith development (FDT) throughout the writer's life.

  • by Giandomenico Toniolo & Marco di Prisco
    £0.00 - 71.49

    This textbook describes the basic mechanical features of concrete and explains the main resistant mechanisms activated in the reinforced concrete structures and foundations when subjected to centred and eccentric axial force, bending moment, shear, torsion and prestressing.

  • by Warren A. Keller

    In this book, Warren Keller reveals the secrets of astro-image processing software PixInsight in a practical and easy to follow manner, allowing the reader to produce stunning astrophotographs from even mediocre data.

  • - An Executive Digest
    by Bodo B. Schlegelmilch
    £0.00 - 58.49

  • - A Case-Based Approach
    by Christos M. Tolias, Anastasios Giamouriadis, Florence Rosie Avila Hogg & et al.

    This book describes neurosurgical cases following the format of the clinical handover. Each case has a one line summary and differential diagnosis, appropriate interpretation of illustrated radiological studies, further ancillary tests, and management options.

  • - Essential Questions and Answers
    by Yasser M. Awaad

    This practical book features more than 1000 questions and answers with illustrations for pediatric neurologists, adult neurologists, general pediatricians and students taking their initial board examination and maintenance of certification.

  • by Juliusz Brzezinski

    This textbook offers a unique introduction to classical Galois theory through many concrete examples and exercises of varying difficulty (including computer-assisted exercises).

  • - With R Examples
    by Robert H. Shumway & David S. Stoffer

    Time Series Analysis and Its Applications, presents a comprehensive treatment of both time and frequency domain methods with accompanying theory. Extensive examples illustrate solutions to climate change, monitoring a nuclear test ban treaty, evaluating the volatility of an asset, and more.

  • by Adrian Wallwork

  • - Digital Innovation and Business Transformation in Practice

    This book is the first to present a rich selection of over 30 real-world cases of how leading organizations conduct Business Process Management (BPM). All cases are presented using a uniform structure in order to provide valuable insights and essential guidance for students and practitioners.


    Since the publication of the 1/e in 1977, Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract has consolidated its position as the leading textbook of gynecological pathology.

  • - Facilitating Multicultural Collaboration and International Market Success
    by Karina R. Jensen

    Responding to the need for organizations to improve global strategic planning and execution, this book presents a framework for effectively conceiving and executing new concepts for international markets.

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