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  • by Patrizia Caraveo
    £21.49 - 22.49

    This book takes a close look at our relationship with the sky, the stars, light and darkness. In particular, it examines how light pollution has interfered with the culture of astronomy and our ability to appreciate this essential facet of our natural world.The sky has always held significance for humanity, in both cultural and scientific terms. And yet we persistently pollute it with (sometimes unnecessary) light in our obsessive desire to chase away the darkness. This effectively switches off the stars, hampering our ability to enjoy one of the most inspiring sights nature has to offer to humankind. In addition, too much light is hazardous to both our health and that of the fauna and flora of this planet.This book also features a comprehensive look at the current controversy regarding efforts to expand internet access through the launch into low Earth orbits of thousands of new satellites, which will pollute the night with moving lights while filling to saturation the capability of the circumterrestrial space. This conflict does not mean that the interests of astronomy and those of space technology have to be at odds, and potential compromises are explored between the satellite initiative and the desire to maintain a dark, radio silent sky.

  • by Regine Douady & Adrien Douady
    £39.99 - 48.49

    Galois theory has such close analogies with the theory of coverings that algebraists use a geometric language to speak of field extensions, while topologists speak of "e;Galois coverings"e;. This book endeavors to develop these theories in a parallel way, starting with that of coverings, which better allows the reader to make images. The authors chose a plan that emphasizes this parallelism. The intention is to allow to transfer to the algebraic framework of Galois theory the geometric intuition that one can have in the context of coverings. This book is aimed at graduate students and mathematicians curious about a non-exclusively algebraic view of Galois theory.

  • - A Practical Guide to an Interdisciplinary Treatment
    by Nassim Agdari-Moghadam
    £41.49 - 43.49

  • - Sleep Disorders in Children and Adults
    by Boris A. Stuck, Joachim T. Maurer, Michael Schredl, et al.
    £94.99 - 105.49

  • - The Self as a Thing Among Things
    by Simon Gusman
    £52.99 - 95.99

    This book examines the concepts of subjectivity and selfhood developed in the oeuvre of Jean-Paul Sartre. Although Sartre is a prominent philosopher, the reception of his work is shrouded in misguided ideas concerning his alleged subjectivism. This book accurately positions Sartre in debates concerning the two themes which form a guiding thread throughout his work and remain immensely relevant in the philosophical landscape of today. Gusman expertly tracks and uncovers the nuances of the evolving notions of subjectivity and selfhood, paying particular attention to his claim that the Self is a 'thing among things' and to his views on narrative identity.Using as a framework the critical reception from thinkers in Sartre's own tradition, the book also draws from the recent popularity of his thought in analytic philosophy of mind. Illuminating and impactful, this book provides an invaluable resource to scholars looking for a contemporary and up-to-date critical study of Sartre's work.

  • by Horst Czichos

  • by Charles Chatterjee
    £46.49 - 86.49

    This book aims to identify what components are needed for economic diplomacy in today's rapidly changing world, looking at the nature, focus and tenets of economic diplomacy, and the differences between economic diplomacy and commercial diplomacy. Further, it considers the new kind of diplomacy that will be required for emerging markets, in contrast to maintaining the traditional techniques used for economic diplomacy between states. The author emphasises the negotiating techniques necessary for successfully engaging in economic diplomacy in the current diplomatic atmosphere. Importantly, it also discusses how to pursue economic diplomacy at international fora and with regard to private foreign investments. Lastly, it addresses the role of non-governmental organisations in economic diplomacy. Given its scope, the book will benefit not only practicing diplomats, but also graduate students.

  • - Contemporary Australian Book Culture
    by Alexandra Dane
    £48.49 - 71.99

    Gender and Prestige in Literature: Contemporary Australian Book Culture explores the relationship between gender, power, reputation and book publishing's consecratory institutions in the Australian literary field from 1965-2015. Focusing on book reviews, literary festivals and literary prizes, this work analyses the ways in which these institutions exist in an increasingly cooperative and generative relationship in the contemporary publishing industry, a system designed to limit field transformation. Taking an intersectional approach, this research acknowledges that a number of factors in addition to gender may influence the reception of an author or a title in the literary field and finds that progress towards equality is unstable and non-linear. By combining quantitative data analysis with interviews from authors, editors, critics, publishers and prize judges Alexandra Dane maps the circulation of prestige in Australian publishing, addressing questions around gender, identity, literary reputation, literary worth and the resilience of the status quo that have long plagued the field.

  • by Ambrose Ihekwoaba Egwim
    £46.49 - 86.49

    This book analyzes the concept "e;true federalism"e; to examine whether there are definable dimensions of power-sharing that make 'true federalism.' The author takes a critical look at dimensions on political restructuring in Nigeria, which have been termed "e;true federalism."e; The work fills a significant gap in the existing literature on the theory and practice of federalism. The project will be useful to the students and professors of African Studies, political science, Nigeria federalism, public administration and policy. Additionally, the monograph will be interesting to the general public who seek to know more about contemporary issues in Nigeria.

  • - Clashes, Concord, and Cacophony
    by Judith C.P. Lin
    £60.99 - 105.49

    This book presents a comprehensive account of the historical development of the Charismatic Movement in Taiwan, placing it within the context of Taiwan's religious and political history. Judith C. P. Lin unearths invaluable sources of the Japan Apostolic Mission, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Formosa Chapter, and Jean Stone Willans' short stay in Taiwan in 1968. Lin describes and analyzes how the efforts of 1970s charismatic missionaries in Taiwan-including Pearl Young, Nicholas Krushnisky, Donald Dale, Allen J. Swanson, and Ross Paterson-shaped the theological convictions of later Taiwanese charismatic leaders. She also explores significant developments in the Taiwanese Church which contributed to the gradual and widespread recognition of the Charismatic Movement in Taiwan from 1980 to 1995. Lin offers a thorough treatment of history, reconfigures historiography from a Taiwanese perspective, and challenges the academic circle to take seriously the "e;Taiwanese consciousness"e; when engaging Taiwan's history.

  • - The Life and Leadership of Lewi Pethrus
    by Joel Halldorf
    £60.99 - 105.49

    This book investigates the life and leadership of Lewi Pethrus, a monumental figure in Swedish and international Pentecostalism. Joel Halldorf describes Pethrus' role in the emergence of Pentecostalism in Sweden, the ideals and practices of Swedish Pentecostalism, and the movement's turn to professional party politics. When Pentecostals in the USA ventured into politics, they became allied with the Republican party, and later Donald Trump. The Swedish Pentecostals took another route: while culturally conservative, they embraced the progressive economic politics of the Social Democratic party. During the 2010s, they have also rejected the nationalism of the growing populist movement. Halldorf analyzes and explains these differences between Swedish evangelicals and Pentecostals on the one hand, and the Religious Right in the USA on the other.

  • - Managing Time and Temporality in Operational Art
    by Jan Hanska
    £48.49 - 86.49

    This book examines the meaning and management of time as a facet of the art of war in general but especially operational art. While force-time-place has for a long time been considered to be the essential trinity of warfare, the aspect of time remains largely under-researched. Relying on classic texts on art of war, the author engages with some of the top theorists and practitioners of art of war from the age of Sun Tzu to the network-centric warfare about the role of time and its management in operational art. Relying on Alvin Toffler's theory of the "e;three waves,"e; the volume follows research into development of operational art through cycles from the agrarian age to the industrial age and into the information age.

  • by Andrea Lenzi, Donatella Paoli & Francesco Lombardo

    This atlas provides valuable information on crucial aspects of sperm examination as well numerous meaningful color illustrations. It discusses successful evaluation of the sperm morphology and the cellular elements other than spermatozoa, enabling readers to unambiguously interpret seminal cytologic images and compare reports for diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic purposes.With its extensive collection of colored images, the book is intended as a reference resource for students and technicians in the field of andrology as well as practitioners and clinicians in andrology, urology, pathology, IVF and other ART programs

  • - The Future of the Blue Economy
    by Ugo Bardi & Ilaria Perissi
    £25.99 - 27.49

  • - From Blurred Pictures to the Very Large Telescope
    by Pierre Lena
    £21.49 - 24.49

  • - James Bond in the Spotlight of Physics
    by Joachim Stolze & Metin Tolan
    £18.99 - 19.49

  • - Black Sheep or Sheep in Wolves' Clothing?
    by Carmen Wunderlich
    £48.49 - 86.49

    This book investigates whether so-called rogue states - assumed antagonists of a Western-liberal world order - could also act as norm entrepreneurs by championing the genesis and evolution of global norms. The author explores this issue by analyzing the arms control policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. A comparison with the prototypical norm entrepreneur Sweden and the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea - a notorious norm-breaker - reveals interesting insights for norm research: Apparently, norm entrepreneurship manifests itself in different degrees and phases of the norm life cycle. The finding that Iran indeed acts as a norm entrepreneur in some cases also sheds light on those factors that might account for the success or failure of norm advocacy. Lastly, the book offers a new perspective on "e;rogue states"e;, by not only regarding them as irrational antagonists of the current world order, but also as legitimate participants in a discourse on what the ruling order should look like. This book will appeal to scholars interested in critical norm research in international relations."e;This book offers cutting-edge norm research, highlighting how norm-breakers can function as norm-makers."e;Maria Rost Rublee, Associate Professor of International Relations, Monash University (Australia)"e;So-called 'rogue states' are typically understood as norm breakers, but Carmen Wunderlich makes a persuasive conceptual case backed by empirical research that we need to consider the extent to which they are in fact norm entrepreneurs in their own right. In an era characterized by much concern over the status of liberal norms, this is a very timely study."e;Richard Price, Department of Political Science, The University of British Columbia (Canada)"e;At a time when the world order is under pressure, this cutting-edge analysis of how dissatisfied states challenge existing global norms illuminates a topic crucial to understanding contemporary international relations."e;Nina Tannenwald, Director, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University (Rhode Island USA)

  • - Understanding and Managing the Relationships that Determine Your Entrepreneurial Success
    by Lawrence Susskind & Samuel Dinnar

  • - Migration, Translocal Livelihoods and Rural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Malte Steinbrink & Hannah Niedenfuhr
    £69.49 - 76.99

  • - How wheat, gluten and ATI cause inflammation, IBS and autoimmune diseases
    by Detlef Schuppan & Kristin Gisbert-Schuppan

  • by Edmund Husserl

  • - How to stop managing and start leading
    by Brian M. Carney, Isaac Getz & Bob Davids
    £20.49 - 23.99

  • - Phanomenologische Annaherungen an Werke der Sammlung Prinzhorn
    by Sonja Frohoff

  • - A Step-By-Step Introduction to Surgical Techniques
    by Ulrich Spandau & Heinrich Heimann
    £86.49 - 95.99

    23G vitrectomy has revolutionized retinal surgery, overcoming the deficiencies of both 20G and 25G techniques. This handbook discusses the instruments and equipment employed in 23G vitrectomy and guides the reader through all the surgical techniques.

  • by Guillaume Chuto, Emmanuel Richelme, Christophe Cermolacce, et al.
    £56.99 - 62.99

  • - Measuring the Impact of Social Investment
    by Konstantin Kehl, Volker Then, Christian Schober & et al.

    This book introduces and explains how to conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis. It discusses the various advantages and disadvantages of different research strategies and designs, and explores the different ways in which SROI analysis results can be used for communication, outreach, and strategic decision-making. It provides insights into how and to what extent SROI analyses can help to meet different expectations, and presents different social impact research designs and methods. It presents an analytical framework for the identification of a proper SROI analysis, and shows readers how to establish an impact model, introducing a stakeholder-based approach.

  • - A Community of Inquirers
    by Pierluigi Barrotta

    This monograph examines the relationship between science and democracy. The author argues that there is no clear-cut division between science and the rest of society. Rather, scientists and laypeople form a single community of inquiry, which aims at the truth.To defend his theory, the author shows that science and society are both heterogeneous and fragmented. They display variable and shifting alliances between components. He also explains how information flow between science and society is bi-directional through "e;transactional"e; processes. In other words, science and society mutually define themselves. The author also explains how science is both objective and laden with values.Coverage includes a wide range of topics, such as: the ideal of value-free science, the is/ought divide, "e;thick terms"e; and the language of science, inductive risk, the dichotomy between pure science and applied science, constructivism and the philosophy of risk. It also looks at the concepts of truth and objectivity, the autonomy of science, moral and social inquiry, perfectionism and democracy, and the role of experts in democratic societies. The style is philosophical, but the book features many examples and case-studies. It will appeal to philosophers of science, those in science and technology studies as well as interested general readers.

  • by Frans van der Brugge
    £69.49 - 76.99

    This book describes the four most common central nervous disorders (Parkinson, stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis) by focusing on the similarities of their symptoms. This analysis is necessary in order to determine the appropriate treatment method for individual patients.In physical therapy there are various methods available for treating patients affected by a neurological disease, yet the method presented here is the only one to include systematic interventions adapted to the patient's needs, which are determined by means of a health situation analysis. The book offers practical and applicable information for allied health professionals seeking interventions to help patients function better in their own environment. In addition, this book features updated information on the "e;van der Brugge method,"e; focusing on a targeted program to stimulate movement in the elderly with dementia.This book will be of interest to neurologists and physiotherapists.

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