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  • by Siobhan Ferguson

    From the outstandingly popular @prettycitylondon Instagram account, this mindful colouring book will help all put the pretty and calm back into their day

  • - The Rise and Fall of the German Empire 1871-1918
    by Katja Hoyer

    The enthralling story of the German Empire, from its violent rise to its spectacular fall

  • - The War of Wheels Between Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox
    by Giles Chapman

    The gripping story of the toy car wars: how Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox drove our childhoods!

  • by Siobhan Ferguson

    Color your way to peace and calm while exploring the picturesque enclaves of New York City

  • - Discovering London's Beautiful Places
    by Siobhan Ferguson

    A stunning photography, lifestyle and travel guide to the nation's capital

  • - A Visual History
    by J. Kent Layton, Tad Fitch & Bill Wormstedt

    Bringing the world of Titanic and her sisters back to life as never before through the captivating original artwork of talented artists

  • - Celebrating Twenty Years of Jewish Renaissance

    New essays exploring Jewish cultural trends of the past two decades, interspersed with choice material from the Jewish Renaissance magazine archive

  • by William H. Miller

    Charting 100 years of cruising the ocean waves, in rich colour photographs

  • - Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory
    by Arthur Parkinson

    A stunning gardening book full of inspiration, tips and advice

  • by Various

    The best tales from around the country, chosen from our popular series of Folk Tales

  • by The History Press

    Featuring a range of picturesque vistas, from freshwater lochs and wooded glens to majestic mountains, granite cities and medieval castles, each stunning scene is full of intriguing detail sure to fire the imagination and make you reach for yourcolouring pencils.

  • by Giles Chapman

    Giles Chapman investigates the fascinating motoring history of the 1950s

  • by Giles Chapman

    Giles Chapman documents the whole turbulent decade stunningly illustrated book, from the cars that dominated our motoring lives to the much-maligned Morris Marina and Reliant Robin actually helped drivers out of a jam

  • by Jonathan Clements

    A full and detailed account of Darwin's life and discoveries, but written, designed and illustrated to look like a personal notebook or journal.

  • by Kevin Parr

  • - The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women
    by Nancy Marie Brown

    Nancy Marie Brown lays to rest the hoary myth that Viking society was ruled by men and celebrates the dramatic lives of female Viking warriors

  • - A Guide to Using Trees for Woodcraft and Bushcraft
    by John Rhyder

    A guide to reconnecting with the art of using trees and timber for bushcraft and woodcraft

  • - Images of Triumph, Deceit and Despair
    by Dr David Parker

    Today, European nations still use stamps to commemorate aspects of a nation's culture, history and achievements. The glorification of the Fuhrer and Germany on the stamps of countries he most oppressed was inevitable, but many issues are ambiguous and indicative of the rival ethnic and political forces striving to attain influence and power.

  • - Unsolved Murders of Women in Late Victorian London
    by Jan Bondeson

    When discussing unsolved murders of women in late Victorian London, most people think of the depredations of Jack the Ripper, the Whitechapel Murderer, whose sanguineous exploits have spawned the creation of a small library of books.

  • - The Remarkable Story of Operation Mincemeat
    by Ewen Montagu

    Ewen Montagu's legendary memoir is released to coincide with the film version of Operation Mincemeat

  • by Doreen McBride

    Animal tales full of folklore and magic, chosen for for children aged 7-11

  • - An Espionage A-Z
    by Nigel West

    Tradecraft: as intriguing as it is forbidden . Turn these pages and be immersed in the real world of James Bond: assets, black operations, double agents, triple agents ...

  • - A History of High-Speed Trains
    by Murray Hughes

    Speed on steel wheels has fascinated engineers for nearly two centuries, and a string of stunning records in the last twenty-five years has pushed railway engineering towards new frontiers. Japan - pioneer of high-speed train technology - set the precedent with its legendary bullet trains in 1964;

  • by Giles Chapman

    What Europe needed after the Second World War was an ultra-reliable workhorse to get small businesses on the move again. And, with a little nudge from the Dutch, that's what Volkswagen provided in 1950 with its Transporter van. It was no fireball, but rock-solid quality meant it always delivered the goods.

  • by Martin W. Bowman

    The Wellington Bomber story

  • - Rodney Scrase DFC
    by Angus Mansfield

    He learnt to fly at a BFTS in America and went on the fly Spitfires with No 72 and No 1 Squadrons, finally being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1944.

  • - The History of the Scandinavian Waffen-SS: The Legions, the SS Wiking and the SS Nordland
    by Jonathan Trigg

    Hitler's Vikings

  • - Titanic's Sister
    by Mark Chirnside

    For the first time, this is the definitive story of Titanic's sister, RMS Olympic, the only passenger liner to sink a submarine by ramming, and the ship that was so safe they nicknamed her 'Old Reliable'.

  • - A Story of Personal Challenge through the Battle of Britain and Beyond
    by Johnny Kent

    The gripping autobiography of a man whose air force career firmly proved him to be 'One of the Few'

  • - Inspiring Lives
    by Robert Blackham

    The complete guide to the inspiration that is J.R.R. Tolkien

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