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  • - A Biography
    by Deirdre Bair

  • - Mastering the Transition to the Information Age
    by James Dale Davidson & Lord William Rees-Mogg

    Two renowned investment advisors and authors of the bestseller The Great Reckoning bring to light both currents of disaster and the potential for prosperity and renewal in the face of radical changes in human history as we move into the next century. The Sovereign Individual details strategies necessary for adapting financially to the next phase of Western civilization.Few observers of the late twentieth century have their fingers so presciently on the pulse of the global political and economic realignment ushering in the new millennium as do James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg. Their bold prediction of disaster on Wall Street in Blood in the Streets was borne out by Black Tuesday. In their ensuing bestsellar, The Great Reckoning, published just weeks before the coup attempt against Gorbachev, they analyzed the pending collapse of the Soviet Union and foretold the civil war in Yugoslavia and other events that have proved to be among the most searing developments of the past few years.In The Sovereign Individual, Davidson and Rees-Mogg explore the greatest economic and political transition in centuries -- the shift from an industrial to an information-based society. This transition, which they have termed "e;the fourth stage of human society,"e; will liberate individuals as never before, irrevocably altering the power of government. This outstanding book will replace false hopes and fictions with new understanding and clarified values.

  • - Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity
    by Erving Goffman

    From the author of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Stigma is analyzes a persons feelings about himself and his relationship to people whom society calls normal.Stigma is an illuminating excursion into the situation of persons who are unable to conform to standards that society calls normal. Disqualified from full social acceptance, they are stigmatized individuals. Physically deformed people, ex-mental patients, drug addicts, prostitutes, or those ostracized for other reasons must constantly strive to adjust to their precarious social identities. Their image of themselves must daily confront and be affronted by the image which others reflect back to them.Drawing extensively on autobiographies and case studies, sociologist Erving Goffman analyzes the stigmatized persons feelings about himself and his relationship to normals He explores the variety of strategies stigmatized individuals employ to deal with the rejection of others, and the complex sorts of information about themselves they project. In Stigma the interplay of alternatives the stigmatized individual must face every day is brilliantly examined by one of Americas leading social analysts.

  • - Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy
    by Terence T. Gorski

    IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN HOW TO LOVEWhen you fall in love you may be repeating bad relationship habits that you learned growing up or in a previous unhealthy relationship. No matter what your history, Getting Love Right can explain how to build and maintain healthy intimacy, including:* How to recognize if you are in a compulsive, apathetic, or healthy relationship* How to become a person who is capable of healthy intimacy* How to choose a healthy partnerIf you are in a relationship or want to be in one, Terence T. Gorski will teach you that love isn't just something that happens -- love is something you can learn.

  • - Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars
    by Kurt Eichenwald

    Kurt EichenwaldNew York Times bestselling author of Conspiracy of Fools and The Informant recounts the first 500 days after 9/11 in a comprehensive, compelling page-turner as gripping as any thriller. In 500 Days, master chronicler Kurt Eichenwald lays bare the harrowing decisions, deceptions, and delusions of the eighteen months that changed the world forever, as leaders raced to protect their citizens in the wake of 9/11. Eichenwalds gripping, immediate style and trueto- life dialogue puts readers at the heart of these historic events, from the Oval Office to Number 10 Downing Street, from Guantanamo Bay to the depths of CIA headquarters, from the al-Qaeda training camps to the torture chambers of Egypt and Syria. He reveals previously undisclosed information from the terror wars, including never before reported details about warrantless wiretapping, the anthrax attacks and investigations, and conflicts between Washington and London. With his signature fast-paced narrative style, Eichenwald whose book, The Informant, was called one of the best nonfiction books of the decade by The New York Times Book Reviewexposes a world of secrets and lies that has remained hidden for far too long.

  • - The Black Woman's Road Map To Successful Entrepreneurship
    by Fran Harris

    A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

  • - The African-American Parent's Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children
    by Fran Harris

    A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

  • - The Classic Handbook, Revised and Updated
    by Mark Harvey

    The classic backpackers handbookrevised and updatedproviding expert guidelines for anyone who loves the outdoors.The Wilderness Guide brings the savvy of the world's most famous and respected outdoor organization to everyonefrom the sixteen million backpacking Americans to the more than 265 million people, tenderfeet and trail-hardened hikers, who visit our national parks annually. It covers: -Selecting equipmentincluding discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of products such as the internal frame pack, lighter-weight boots, and freestanding tents -The latest leave no trace camping techniques -Traveling safely and sensiblyincluding vital information on maps, compasses, and tips on crossing difficult terrain -Backcountry cooking, with tips on building fires and tricks for making gourmet meals -Search-and-rescue techniques, including how to organize a self-sufficient search group and when to call in professional rescue teams Illustrated throughout with instructional drawings and photos and featuring lists of equipment, the Wilderness Guide is a must-have for anyone planning to explore the great outdoors.

  • - A Novel
    by Chris White

    ';With a birder's eye for detail, White takes us on [Adrian Mandrick's] painful, near death descent[her] life-affirming conclusion reminds us that endangered species aren't the only ones that need to change and adapt in order to survive.'The New York Times Book Review H Is for Hawk meets Grief Is the Thing with Feathers in this evocative debut novel about a pill-popping anesthesiologist and avid birder who embarks on a quest to find one of the world's rarest species, allowing nothing to get in his wayuntil he's forced to confront his obsessions and what they've cost him.Adrian Mandrick seems to have his life in perfect order with an excellent job in a Colorado hospital, a wife and two young children he loves deeply, and a serious passion for birding. His life list comprises 863 species correctly identified and catalogedit is, in fact, the third longest list in the North American region. But Adrian holds dark secrets about his childhoodsecrets that threaten to consume him after he's contacted by his estranged mother, and subsequently relapses into an addiction to painkillers. In the midst of his downward spiral, the legendary birder with the region's second-longest life list dies suddenly, and Adrian receives an anonymous tip that could propel him to the very top: the extremely rare Ivory-billed Woodpecker, spotted deep in the swamplands of Florida's Panhandle. Combining sharp, elegant prose with environmental adventure, The Life List of Adrian Mandrick is a poignant, engaging story that heralds the arrival of a new literary talent.

  • - Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World
    by Deborah Reber & Angela C. Santomero

    The award-winning creator of Blue's Clues, Super Why!, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood shares the secret sauce behind her shows' powerful, transformative results in the form of eleven research-based, foundational ';clues' to ensure that preschoolers flourish academically, socially, and emotionally during this critical time.The preschool yearswhen children are between the ages of two and fiveare the most influential, important years in a child's life. Studies show that pausing to interact, playing to solve problems, diffusing with humor, and using repetition are the hidden clues conscious parents use to raise successful kids and help them learn critical thinking skills, foster empathy, and nurture their sense of self-worth. Angela C. Santomero, MA, the award-winning creator of children's television phenomena knows this better than anyone and has spent decades working to instill confidence in her young viewers. In Preschool Clues, she breaks down the philosophy behind her showseducating, inspiring, and empowering kidsinto concrete strategies that parents and educators can incorporate into their family and classroom to set their preschoolers up for success, such as: -Intentionally pausing to foster bonding, independence, and resilience -Developing empathy and confidence through soliciting preschoolers' help -Becoming ';fluent' in the language of preschoolers: Play -Igniting your preschooler's curiosity -Being an involved co-player everyday -Designing a healthy media diet In Preschool Clues, Angela shares the latest research from top thinkers in child development and education. Through her practical, straightforward advice and inspiring, conversational approach, you will not only understand exactly what your children are learning from the shows they watch and why these shows are so effective, you'll know exactly how to apply these same proven approaches in your daily life and with the same powerful results.

  • - A Week in My Life as a Psychiatrist
    by David Goldbloom & M.D. Pier Bryden

    A humane behind-the-scenes account of a week in the life of a psychiatrist at one of Canadas leading mental health hospitals. How Can I Help? takes us to the frontlines of modern psychiatric care.How Can I Help? portrays a week in the life of Dr. David Goldbloom as he treats patients, communicates with families, and trains staff at CAMH, the largest psychiatric facility in Canada. This highly readable and touching behind-the-scenes account of his daily encounters with a wide range of psychiatric concernsfrom his own patients and their families to Emergency Department arrivalsputs a human face on an often misunderstood area of medical expertise. From schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder to post-traumatic stress syndrome and autism, How Can I Help? investigates a range of mental issues. What is it like to work as a psychiatrist now? What are the rewards and challenges? What is the impact of the sufferingand the recoveryof people with mental illness on families and the clinicians who treat them? What does the future hold for psychiatric care? How Can I Help? demystifies a profession that has undergone profound change over the past twenty-five years, a profession that is often misunderstood by the public and the media, and even by doctors themselves. It offers a compassionate, realistic picture of a branch of medicine that is entering a new phase, as increasingly we are able to decode the mysteries of the brain and offer new hope for sufferers of mental illness.

  • - A Novel
    by Nancy Pearl

    From ';America's librarian' and NPR books commentator Nancy Pearl comes an emotional, ';Anne-Tyler-esque' (Library Journal) debut novel about an unlikely marriage at a crossroads.George and Lizzie are a couple, meeting as college students and marrying soon after graduation, but no one would ever describe them of being soulmates. George grew up in a warm and loving familyhis father an orthodontist, his mother a stay-at-home momwhile Lizzie was the only child of two famous psychologists, who viewed her more as an in-house experiment than a child to love. After a decade of marriage, nothing has changedGeorge is happy; Lizzie remainsunfulfilled. But when George discovers that Lizzie has been searching for the whereabouts of an old boyfriend, Lizzie is forced to decide what love means to her, what George means to her, and whether her life with George is the one she wants. With pitch-perfect prose and compassion and humor to spare, George and Lizzie is ';a richly absorbing portrait of a perfectly imperfect marriage,' (Amy Poeppel, author of Small Admissions), and ';a story of forgiveness, especially for one's self' (The Washington Post).

  • - America's Top Earners Reveal the Keys to Sales Success
    by Stephen J. Harvill

    Fortune 50 consultant Stephen Harvill reveals the secrets of the world's best salespeople who earn at least one million dollars a year in ';the only sales book most superstar hopefuls will need' (Publishers Weekly). In this sharp, invigorating read, Fortune 50 consultant Stephen Harvill discovers twenty-one common behaviors of top earners across seven major industries. These are the secrets of the world's best salespeople who rake in at least one million dollars a yearand the strategies that set them apart from the rest. For over thirty years, Steve Harvill has helped successful sales teams do what they do better, smarter, more elegantly, and with more imagination. As a consultant for some of the top companies in the world, including Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, and Wells Fargo, he aids in simplifying unwieldy processes and making teams more effective. His work inspired him to ask the question: what exactly sets the top producers apart from their peers? After spending a year interviewing 175 sales superstars from seven different industries, he found twenty-one distinct behaviors of successful salespeople. Organized by these best practices and filled with hundreds more tips, stories, and takeaways, 21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers reveals how you can improve in every aspect of your job and rise to become one of the best.

  • - Double Your Profits with Real Estate Property Management
    by Bryan M. Chavis

    From the author of the real estate investment bible Buy It, Rent It, Profit! comes a fresh guide to teach new and aspiring landlords how to go from managing a single rental property to successfully managing a large rental portfolio.In his first book, real estate expert Bryan Chavis created the ultimate how-to guide for buying and managing rental properties, with practical, realistic ways to build lasting, long-term wealth. Now, he takes his acclaimed program one step further. The Landlord Entrepreneur shifts the focus from dealing exclusively with residential real estate to building a dynamic property management business. By following the step-by-step instructions in this new guide, anyone can create a fully functioning, professional property management company in only ten days. With Chaviss modern take on real estate, you will learn the five phases of property management and the skills needed to successfully move through themas well as the hacks and tricks to build your profitable business from the ground up. Full of smart, practical business advice, The Landlord Entrepreneur is the only guide you need to become a successful property manager in todays real estate market.

  • - Make Money as a Landlord in ANY Real Estate Market
    by Bryan M. Chavis

    Now updated for todays bullish real estate market, this is the go-to, classic entrepreneurial guide for landlords and real estate investors who want to buy and manage rental properties for long-term wealth.Theres never been a better time for buying rental propertiesinterest rates are low and credit is more freely available to those who want to buy and invest. But where does one begin? With more than twenty plus years of experience in real estate and as the founder of The Landlord Property Management Academy, Bryan M. Chavis knows all phases and aspects of working with rental properties. In Buy It, Rent It, Profit! he explains why rental properties are such a wise investment in todays real estate world and outlines the steps and systems you need to implement to become a successful landlord and property manager. This updated edition of the modern classic includes advice on being a profitable and professional landlord, protecting your investment, learning what types of property you should be purchasing, and adapting to the ever-changing world of technology in real estate. Chavis also provides systems on how to attract quality tenants, negotiate lease agreements, collect rent, finance a mortgage, and manage the property overalleverything you need to become a smart, profitable, and professional property manager. In addition, this updated edition features a workbook section with easy-to-use, universal forms for leases, evictions, property evaluations, and more. Buy It, Rent It, Profit! is the ultimate how-to procedures manual for buying and managing rental properties and a practical, realistic tool you can follow to become a profitable landlord and property manager.

  • - The United Empire Loyalists and the Making of Canada
    by Peter C Newman

    Esteemed Canadian author Peter C. Newman recounts the dramatic journey of the United Empire Loyaliststheir exodus from America, their resettlement in the wilds of British North America, and their defense of what would prove to be the social and moral foundation of Canada.In 1776, tensions in the British colonies were reaching a fever pitch. The citizenry was divided between those who wished to establish a new republic and those who remained steadfast in their dedication to the British Empire. As the tensions inevitably boiled over into violence, fault lines were exposed as every person was forced to choose a side. Neighbours turned against each other. Families divided. Borders were redrawn. The conflict was long and bloody, and no side emerged unscathed. But there is one story that is often overlooked in the American Revolutionary canon. When the smoke from the battles had settled, tens of thousands of individuals who had remained loyal to the crown in the conflict found themselves without a home to return to. Destitute, distraught, and ostracizedor downright terrorizedby their former citizens, these Loyalists turned to the only place they had left to go: north. The open land of British North America presented the Loyalists with an opportunity to establish a new community distinct from the new American republic. But the journey to their new homes was far from easy. Beset by dangers at every turnfrom starvation to natural disaster to armed conflictthe Loyalists migrated towards the promise of a new future. Their sacrifices set the groundwork for a country that would be completely unlike any other. Neither fully American nor truly British, the Loyalists established a worldview entirely of their own making, one that valued steady, peaceful, and pragmatic change over radical revolution. The Loyalists toiled tirelessly to make their dream a reality. And as the War of 1812 dawned, they proved they were willing to defend it with their very lives. In Hostages to Fortune, Peter C. Newman recounts the expulsion and migration of these brave Loyalists. In his inimitable style, Newman shines a light on the people, places, and events that set the stage for modern Canada.

  • - Quick Fixes for the Spirit
    by Peter B. Panagore

    Heartfelt and humorous stories about work, family, loss, and love bring god into everyday life in this unique and quirky devotional. You don't have to pray for hours a day -- all God asks is that you keep the holy spirit in your heart. In three hundred words (or less), Peter B. Panagore can help you build a strong relationship with God, while reminding you of what is truly important in life. From childhood pet ducks to fixing a house foundation, Two Minutes for God features anecdotes from Reverend Panagore's own life as well as those of the people and world around him to illustrate how pieces of the sacred live within everyday events. Encompassing many cultures and a wide variety of religions, Panagore does not exclude anyone from his perspectives on spirituality, prayer, and God's relationship to the world around us. Covering contemporary but timeless topics such as love, loss, healing, work, bullying, mythology, celebration, and family, Two Minutes for God provides a daily infusion of faith that will last all year long.

  • by Danica Patrick

    Sharing secrets and stories, tales from the track, and insights into her personal life, Danica reflects on her extraordinary rise from a ten-year-old go-kart champion to the most successful woman in the history of American racing.Danica Patrick's life moves at 220 mph. She drives every race and lives every day like she has something to proveand she does. As a 5-foot 2-inch, 100-pound woman, she had to qualify a little quicker and race a little faster than the boysjust to earn the respect she would otherwise be given if she weren't the "e;girl on the track, driving the princess mobile."e; But you don't get to be an IndyCar driver without talent and determination. Danica is living proof that if you work hard and aim high, you can do whatever you set your mind to, that you can rise to any challenge, and that what makes you different is what makes you great. An inspiration to all, Crossing the Line offers Danica's unique perspective on how to compete in life, how to stand out, and how to get the respect and attention you deserve.

  • - A Complete Guide to the Worst Decisions and Stupidest Moments in Baseball History
    by Rob Neyer

    BLOOPER: BALL SQUIRTS THROUGH BILLY BUCKNER'S LEGS. BLUNDER: BILLY BUCKNER'S MANAGER LEFT HIM IN THE GAME. Baseball bloopers are fun; they're funny, even. A pitcher slips on the mound and his pitch sails over the backstop. An infielder camps under a pop-up...and the ball lands ten feet away. An outfielder tosses a souvenir to a fan...but that was just the second out, and runners are circling the bases (and laughing). Without these moments, the highlight reels wouldn't be nearly as entertaining. Baseball blunders, however, can be tragic, and they will leave diehard fans asking why...why...why? Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Blunders does its best to answer all those whys, exploring the worst decisions and stupidest moments of managers, general managers, owners, and even commissioners. As he did in his Big Book of Baseball Lineups, Rob Neyer provides readers with a fascinating examination of baseball's rich history, this time through the lens of the game's sometimes hilarious, often depressing, and always perplexing blunders. Which ill-fated move cost the Chicago White Sox a great hitter and the 1919 World Series? What was Babe Ruth thinking when he became the first (and still the only) player to end a World Series by getting caught trying to steal? Did playing one-armed Pete Gray in 1945 cost the Browns a pennant? How did winning a coin toss lead to the Dodgers losing the National League pennant on Bobby Thomson's "e;Shot Heard 'round the World"e;? How damaging was the Frank Robinson-for-Milt Pappas deal, really? Which of Red Sox manager Don Zimmer's mistakes in 1978 was the worst? Which Yankees trade was even worse than swapping Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps? What non-move cost Buck Showalter a job and gave Joe Torre the opportunity of a lifetime? Game 7, 2003 ALCS: Pedro winds up to throw his 123rd pitch...what were you thinking? These are just a few of the legendary (and not-so-legendary) blunders that Neyer analyzes, always with an eye on what happened, why it happened, and how it changed the fickle course of history. And in separate chapters, Neyer also reviews some of the game's worst trades and draft picks and closely examines all the teams that fell just short of first place. Another in the series of Neyer's Big Books of baseball history, Baseball Blunders should win a place in every devoted fan's library.

  • - He Treasures, Esteems, and Delights in You
    by Bruce Marchiano

    This stirring book explores Jesus's heart and compassion for every womangiving them undeniable value and significance.Based on Jesus's encounters with women during the time of his ministry, this tender book uncovers how time and again Jesus went against the traditional conventions of his era by treating women with respect and love, showing the world what a vital role they play. Jesus lived in an era where women were considered property and of little value as significant individuals. But by following Jesus's example, readers will see how women should be cherished and uplifted. Each chapter touches on Jesus's interactions with a specific woman, their conversations, and the gifts he bestows upon her. One tells of the widow who was burying her son, only to have Jesus resurrect him. Another is of the woman who was crippled for eighteen years and how Jesus not only freed her from her physical malady, but freed her spirit as well. But more than a mere retelling of these encounters, this book is a love storya romance between the Creator of the universe come to earth and the women he came to know. Through these women, we see his love and compassion for every woman, and we watch as he lifts us all out of our ordinariness into the sublime intentions he planned for us since the beginning of time.

  • - My Time on Everest
    by Ed Viesturs

    In national bestseller The Mountain, world-renowned climber and bestselling author Ed Viesturs and cowriter David Roberts paint a vivid portrait of obsession, dedication, and human achievement in a true love letter to the worlds highest peak.In The Mountain, veteran world-class climber and bestselling author Ed Viestursthe only American to have climbed all fourteen of the worlds 8,000-meter peakstrains his sights on Mount Everest in richly detailed accounts of expeditions that are by turns personal, harrowing, deadly, and inspiring. The highest mountain on earth, Everest remains the ultimate goal for serious high-altitude climbers. Viesturs has gone on eleven expeditions to Everest, spending more than two years of his life on the mountain and reaching the summit seven times. No climber today is better poised to survey Everests various ascentsboth personal and historic. Viesturs sheds light on the fate of Mallory and Irvine, whose 1924 disappearance just 800 feet from the summit remains one of mountaineerings greatest mysteries, as well as the multiply tragic last days of Rob Hall and Scott Fischer in 1996, the stuff of which Into Thin Air was made. Informed by the experience of one who has truly been there, The Mountain affords a rare glimpse into that place on earth where Heraclituss maximCharacter is destinyis proved time and again.

  • - An Urban Tale
    by Meesha Mink

    CAN SUGA STAY TRUE TO HER MAN AND RESIST HIS DANGEROUS LIFESTYLE? Sophie Suga Alvarez is all about two things: loving her man and making her money. Suga is the wifey of Dane, a man whose criminal lifestyle as a loan shark is in total contrast to her successful career in business. Dane swears he will go legit before they get married, but when their house is raided, Suga has to decide to avoid jail time by turning on him or standing by the man she loves. Things get more complicated when she steps in to run Danes business and has to use her book and street smarts to stay ahead of the game and out of the line of fire. Meanwhile, when Suga learns the terrible truth about her fathers criminal past, she uncovers a secret that will change her relationship with her former best friend, Luscious, forever. Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard is the third and most explosive installment in a fierce and gritty series from one of todays boldest voices in street lit.

  • - Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers--Medicine Wom
    by Mark St. Pierre

    Walking in the Sacred Manner is an exploration of the myths and culture of the Plains Indians, for whom the everyday and the spiritual are intertwined and women play a strong and important role in the spiritual and religious life of the community.Based on extensive first-person interviews by an established expert on Plains Indian women, Walking in the Sacred Manner is a singular and authentic record of the participation of women in the sacred traditions of Northern Plains tribes, including Lakota, Cheyenne, Crow, and Assiniboine.Through interviews with holy women and the families of women healers, Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier paint a rich and varied portrait of a society and its traditions. Stereotypical images of the Native American drop away as the voices, dreams, and experiences of these women (both healers and healed) present insight into a culture about which little is known. It is a journey into the past, an exploration of the present, and a view full of hope for the future.

  • by June Hemmons Hiatt

    Now featuring new instructions, new illustrations, and new information, The Principles of Knittingbeloved by knitters everywhere and one of the most requested out-of-print books for yearsfinally gets the revision that fans have been clamoring for!A treasured guide beloved by knitters everywhere, the classic book The Principles of Knitting is finally available again in a fully revised and updated edition. This is the definitive book on knitting techniques, with valuable information for everyone from beginners to experienced knitters. June Hiatt presents not only a thorough, thoughtful approach to the craft, but also a passion for carrying on the art of knitting to future generations. She has repeatedly tested the various techniques and presents them with clear, easy-to-follow instructionsas well as an explanation of what each one can contribute to your knitting. Informed by decades of experience and thousands of hours of practice, this comprehensive resource offers a variety of ways to approach every skill and technique and offers solutions that can help solve the most challenging aspects of any knitting project. The Principles of Knitting has been totally rewrittennew instructions, new illustrations, and new information. While the basics of knitting have not changed much, Junes understanding of the material has deepened over the last twenty-five years, and shes eager to share what she has learned with the knitting world. In addition, the book has been reorganized to make it easier to use and has a gorgeous new design. Reading The Principles of Knitting is like having a knitting mentor by your side who can answer any knitting question you have in an honest, intelligent, informed manner.

  • - The Revolutionary Way To Swim Better, Faster, and Easier
    by Terry Laughlin

    Swim betterand enjoy every lapwith Total Immersion, a guide to improving your swimming from an expert with more than thirty years of experience in the water.Terry Laughlin, the worlds #1 authority on swimming success, has made his unique approach even easier for anyone to master. Whether youre an accomplished swimmer or have always found swimming to be a struggle, Total Immersion will show you that its mindful fluid movementnot athletic abilitythat will turn you into an efficient swimmer. This new edition of the bestselling Total Immersion features: A thoughtfully choreographed series of skill drillspracticed in the mindful spirit of yogathat can help anyone swim more enjoyably A holistic approach to becoming one with the water and to developing a swimming style thats always comfortable Simple but thorough guidance on how to improve fitness and form A complementary land-and-water program for achieving a strong and supple body at any age Based on more than thirty years of teaching, coaching, and research, Total Immersion has dramatically improved the physical and mental experience of swimming for thousands of people of all ages and abilities.

  • - Mi historia
    by Taboo

    Taboo, el artista ganador de premios Grammy y cofundador de los Black Eyed Peas, comparte la historia inspiradora de su ascenso desde las calles duras del este de Los ngeles a la cumbre de la fama internacional.Pocos grupos pueden desear el tipo de xito global alcanzado por los Black Eyed Peas, batiendo rcords y vendiendo ms de treinta millones de discos desde su formacin en 1995. Desde su disco The E.N.D., que debut como #1 en la lista de xitos de Billboard, a The Beginning, los Black Eyed Peas continan dominando la escena musical. El grupo recientemente rompi el rcord sin precedentes con la estada consecutiva en la posicin #1 del Hot 100 List de Billboard, y su cancin I Gotta Feeling se transform en el primer sencillo en superar las seis millones de descargas digitales en los Estados Unidos. Pero en esta reveladora autobiografael primer libro que surge del grupoTaboo nos recuerda que los grandes logros muchas veces vienen de comienzos humildes.Nacido en el este de Los ngeles, en una zona conocida por las pandillas y la pobreza, Taboo viva atormentado por ese entorno, el cual pareca que seguro determinara su destino. Pero, encaminado por sus sueos de ser artista al joven Taboo se le abri todo un universo cuando descubri el mundo del hip-hop, donde el talento y el amor por la msica en s trascendi todo. Apoyado por su abuela Aurora, su nica y ver- dadera defensora, Taboo persigui sus sueos con una tenacidad implacable. Se neg a darse por vencido, sin importar lo que la vida le arrojara en su caminoincluyendo el ser padre a los dieciocho aos.Pero incluso despus de que los Black Eyed Peas vencieron posibilidades que parecan insuperables y lograron el estrellato, no todo fue Grammys y discos platinos. Taboo entrega un relato mordazmente honesto sobre su choque con los demonios de la fama, incluyendo su lucha con la drogadiccin y el alcoholismo que casi acaban con su carrera. Pero, inspirado por el amor de su familia y nuevamente conectndose con el manantial de creencia en s mismo que lo haba sostenido en el pasado, Taboo aprende a controlar sus demonios y sus adicciones.Repleto de vistazos ntimos a los alcances ms altos de la industria de la msicaincluyendo una visita al castillo de Sting, un rato pasado con Bono y U2 y, a 41.000 pies, el karaoke de ms alto vuelo nunca jamsCayendo hacia arriba lleva al lector por un viaje revelador y personal a travs del estrellato, y el triunfo de un hombre sobre el doble de la adversidad.

  • - A Novel
    by Carolyn Turgeon

    What if Rapunzel was Snow Whites evil stepmother?In this kingdom, only one fairy tale can end with happily ever after. In an enchanted forest, the maiden Rapunzel's beautiful voice captivates a young prince hunting nearby. Overcome, he climbs her long golden hair to her tower and they spend an afternoon of passion together, but by nightfall the prince must return to his kingdom, and his betrothed. Now king, he weds his intended and the kingdom rejoices when a daughter named Snow White is born. Beyond the castle walls, Rapunzel waits in her crumbling tower, gathering news of her beloved from those who come to her seeking wisdom. She tries to mend her broken heart but her love lingers, pulsing in the magic tendrils of her hair. The king, too, is haunted by his memories, but after his queen's mysterious death, he is finally able to follow his heart into the darkness of the forest. But can Rapunzel trade the shadows of the forest for the castle and be the innocent beauty he remembers?

  • - Man Out of Time
    by Margaret Cheney

    In this informative and delightful (American Scientist) biography, Margaret Cheney explores the brilliant and prescient mind of Nikola Tesla, one of the twentieth centurys greatest scientists and inventors.In Tesla: Man Out of Time, Margaret Cheney explores the brilliant and prescient mind of one of the twentieth century's greatest scientists and inventors. Called a madman by his enemies, a genius by others, and an enigma by nearly everyone, Nikola Tesla was, without a doubt, a trailblazing inventor who created astonishing, sometimes world-transforming devices that were virtually without theoretical precedent. Tesla not only discovered the rotating magnetic field -- the basis of most alternating-current machinery -- but also introduced us to the fundamentals of robotics, computers, and missile science. Almost supernaturally gifted, unfailingly flamboyant and neurotic, Tesla was troubled by an array of compulsions and phobias and was fond of extravagant, visionary experimentations. He was also a popular man-about-town, admired by men as diverse as Mark Twain and George Westinghouse, and adored by scores of society beauties. From Tesla's childhood in Yugoslavia to his death in New York in the 1940s, Cheney paints a compelling human portrait and chronicles a lifetime of discoveries that radically altered -- and continue to alter -- the world in which we live. Tesla: Man Out of Time is an in-depth look at the seminal accomplishments of a scientific wizard and a thoughtful examination of the obsessions and eccentricities of the man behind the science.

  • - A Novel
    by Leah Stewart

    From the critically acclaimed author of The Myth of You and Me, The History of Us is a heartrending story of love, loss, family, and the life you make in the path not taken.Sometimes home is the hardest place to goEloise Hempel is on her way to teach her first class at Harvard when she receives the devastating news that her sister and her husband have been killed in a tragic accident. Eloise leaves her life in Cambridge and moves back into her familys century-old house in Cincinnati, pouring her own money into the houses upkeep and her heart into raising her sisters three children, Theodora, Josh, and Claire. Nearly twenty years later, the now-grown children seem ready to leave home, and Eloise plans to sell the house and finally start a life thats hers alone. But when Eloises mother decides that they should all compete for the chance to keep the house and Claire reveals a life-changing secret, the makeshift family begins to fall apart and ultimately must decide what in life is worth fighting for.

  • by Steven Foster

    Blending numerous heritages, wisdoms, and teachings, this powerfully wrought book encourages people to take charge of their lives, heal themselves, and grow. Movingly rendered, The Book of the Vision Quest is for all who long for renewal and personal transformation. In this revised editionwith two new chapters and added tales from vision questersSteven Foster recounts his experiences guiding contemporary seekers. He recreates an ancient rite of passagethat of dying, passing through, and being rebornknown as a vision quest. A sacred ceremony that culminates in a three-day, three-night fast, alone, in a place of natural power, the vision quest is a mystical, practical, and intensely personal journey of self-knowledge.

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