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  • - the gripping Sunday Times bestseller
    by Simon Mayo
    £9.45 - 11.99

    The Sunday Times top ten bestseller'The best kind of thriller - step by all-too-plausible step we're sucked into frantic, breathless action ...

  • by Shari Lapena
    £8.99 - 9.45

    While Stephanie struggles with the disorienting effects of sleep deprivation, there's one thing she knows for certain - she has everything she ever wanted. Then a woman from his past arrives and makes a horrifying allegation about his first wife.

  • - The spine-tingling Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick, now a Sunday Times bestseller
    by Sarah Pearse

  • - An uplifting story of female friendship against the odds
    by Rachel Joyce
    £12.48 - 13.99

  • - The feel-good novel of 2020
    by Clare Pooley
    £8.49 - 9.49

  • - (Jack Reacher 3)
    by Lee Child
    £6.99 - 8.49

    Digging swimming pools by hand in Key West, Florida, Jack Reacher is as tanned and as fit as he's ever been. And what about the reappearance of a woman from Reacher's own troubled past?Tripwire is a taut, nailbiting adventure which once again stars Lee Child's irresistible hero, the maverick former military policeman Jack Reacher.

  • by Val Wood
    £7.49 - 14.32

  • - Memoirs of A Survivor
    by Alicia Appleman-Jurman

    Here is a thrilling, uplifting story of true-life heroism -- Alicia's story is one that the young must hear and their elders must remember.

  • - (Jack Reacher 24)
    by Lee Child
    £6.99 - 18.99

    'This is one of his best' - The TimesJack Reacher is back in a brand new white-knuckle read from Lee Child. It's a random universe, but once in a blue moon things turn out just right. In a nameless city, two rival criminal gangs are competing for control.

  • - My story of survival from within the camp
    by Eddy de Wind
    £8.49 - 15.49

  • - Shame, secrets, love, lies. The gripping debut thriller from the most exciting new voice of 2021
    by Anna Bailey

  • - Dolly Alderton introduction
    by Nora Ephron

  • - The heartwarming and uplifting Richard & Judy Book Club pick
    by Hazel Prior
    £6.49 - 10.99

  • by Shari Lapena
    £6.98 - 7.49

    THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR lingers long after you turn the final page' HARLAN COBENFast-paced and addictive, THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR announces a major new talent in thriller writing.

  • - From the bestselling author of Secret Service
    by Tom Bradby
    £8.49 - 9.49

    But for Senior MI6 officer Kate Henderson, nothing is ever that simple...Kidnapped in Venice by a Russian defector, Kate knows she's in trouble.

  • - A captivating romantic adventure set in WW1 that you won't want to put down
    by Mary Jane Staples

    A must read for fans of Katie Flynn, Fiona Valpy and Kristin Hannah - this is an enthralling and gripping romantic adventure from the multi-million copy seller Mary Jane Staples. READERS ARE LOVING LOVE FOR A SOLDIER!

  • - A Guide for Occupants
    by Bill Bryson
    £9.49 - 17.49

  • - A heart-warming, beautiful and magical novel guaranteed to keep you turning the page...
    by Susan Sallis

  • - How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days
    by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz

    Entrepreneurs and leaders face big questions every day: What's the most important place to focus your effort, and how do you start? What will your idea look like in real life? From three partners at Google Ventures, this book presents a unique five-day process for solving tough business problems, proven at more than 100 companies.

  • - From Big Bang To Black Holes
    by Stephen (University of Cambridge) Hawking
    £8.99 - 23.99

    Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? This book examines these questions. It begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein, before delving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time, from the Big Bang to black holes.

  • by Stephen (University of Cambridge) Hawking

    The illustrated edition of Stephen Hawking's classic work - this edition includes an appendix with updates made by Professor Hawking in 2016. In this edition, Professor Hawking explains his complex theories through a fresh visual dimension.

  • - 10th Anniversary Edition
    by Richard Dawkins
    £7.49 - 8.99

    While Europe is becoming increasingly secularized, the rise of religious fundamentalism, whether in the Middle East or Middle America, is dramatically and dangerously dividing opinion around the world. In this book, the author attacks God in all his forms. It shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry and abuses children.

  • by Bill Bryson
    £8.49 - 9.49

    The author describes himself as a reluctant traveller, but even when he stays safely at home he can't contain his curiosity about the world around him. This title is about his quest to understand everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization - how we got from there, being nothing at all, to here, being us.

  • by Samuel & M.D. Shem

    The medical hierarchy of "The House of God" is like a pyramid - a lot at the bottom and one at the top. Roy Basch, a Rhodes scholar, thinks differently, until he meets Hyper Hooper, out to win the most post-mortems of the year award, or Molly, the nurse with the crash helmet.

  • - The life-affirming number one international bestseller
    by Markus Zusak

    'Life affirming, triumphant and tragic . This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall. SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION - THIS NOVEL IS NARRATED BY DEATH___What readers are saying about The Book Thief:***** 'I loved every page of this book.

  • - A Book Of Blessings
    by John & Ph.D. O'Donohue

    We have fallen out of belonging. Consequently, when we stand before crucial thresholds in our lives, we have no rituals to protect, encourage and guide us as we cross over into the unknown. This book is an attempt to reach into that tenuous territory of change that we must cross.

  • - From Crisis to Opportunity
    by Scott Galloway
    £12.99 - 13.43

  • - Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact
    by Dan Heath & Chip Heath

    What if a teacher could design a lesson that he knew students would remember twenty years later? We all have defining moments in our lives - meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory. In this book, the authors ask: why leave our most meaningful, memorable moments to chance when we can create them?

  • - Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine
    by Derren Brown

    And how do you even know when you feel it?In Happy Derren Brown explores changing concepts of happiness - from the surprisingly modern wisdom of the Stoics and Epicureans in classical times right up until today, when the self-help industry has attempted to claim happiness as its own.

  • - the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan
    by Warner Bros

    Immerse yourself in the world of the spectacular Harry Potter film series, and learn why Yule Ball ice sculptures never melt, where Galleons, Sickles and Knuts are really "minted", how to get a Hippogriff to work with actors, about the inspiration behind Hogwarts castle, and why Dementors move the way they do.

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