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  • by Xavier Zubiri

    This book introduces the profound reflections of Xavier Zubiri (1898-1983) on the history of philosophy to English-speaking audiences. As a philosopher who rethought much of philosophy and theology, Zubiri felt it necessary to be in continuous dialogue with earlier thinkers both to avoid past mistakes and to extract all that is valuable from them. The theme of the present book is the transcendental in Western philosophy and how a firm grasp of it reveals underlying unity in Western philosophy, but also fundamental problems that Zubiri believed require a complete rethinking of certain basic notions and theories. Zubiri develops this theme by analyzing the work of six major philosophers: Aristotle, St. Thomas, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, and Hegel. To conclude, he sketches his own resolution of the problems of Western philosophy, a subject addressed in greater depth in his major work, Sentient Intelligence. This translation was made possible by a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

  • by Robert Geis

    The existence of God raises many questions. Geis' work addresses queries that arise from the gratuitous claims of empiricism in Hume, unfounded assumptions in Kant, presumptions of science, and the improbabilities it identifies in Darwinism. By focusing on number and proportion as intrinsic to material and atomic constituency, any argument from chance as instrumental to the cosmos' emergence and sustainability becomes invalidated. The arguments from contingency and the nature of intellection provide more clarity than the ratio Anselmi for acknowledging a transcendent causality, taking the reader to the problem of evil and present-day nihilism. These concepts present great, but not insuperable, difficulty for theism. Geis argues that evil, when one uses it as a means to the betterment of oneself and the world, takes on the rTle commensurate with the doctrine of an omnibenevolent deity. Accordingly, one can use evil as a means to a greater understanding of God, Providence, and eternal destiny.

  • - A Foundation for Speaking Reading and Writing
    by Thomas J. Hinnebusch & Sarah M. Mirza

    This is a comprehensive manual intended to teach students the basics of communicating in Swahili at an elementary level. It is designed to teach major communicative skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Moreover, the text strives to impart fundamental knowledge about East African and Swahili culture.

  • - Taboo and Transgression
    by Allan Havis

    Cult Films: Taboo and Transgression looks at nine decades of cult films history within American culture. By highlighting three films per decade including a brief summary of the decades identity and sensibility, the book investigates the quality, ironies, and spirit of cult film evolution. The twenty-seven films selected for this study are analyzed for story content and in their respective transgressions regarding social, aesthetic, and political codes. Characteristic of this book is the notion that many exciting genres make up cult films-including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, film noir, and black comedy. Further, the book reaches out to several foreign film directors over the decades in order to view cult films as an intentional art form. Political and ideological controversies are covered; arresting back-story details that lend perspective on a film fill out the analysis and the historic framework for many film titles. The book, by emphasizing the condensed survey over decades and by choosing outstanding titles, differs from other general studies on cult films.

  • - Traditional and Expanded Approaches

    Behavior Management: Traditional and Expanded Approaches serves as a reference guide on the implementation of basic and more advanced behavior management strategies. It covers the principles and application of basic learning theories as well as those that integrate cognitions and emotions in treatment frameworks. It takes the reader through the essential steps in developing behavior management plans, including conducting functional behavior analyses and curriculum-based assessments. The contributors describe and share examples of various behavioral intervention techniques that address behavioral challenges in a variety of settings. These methods include more traditional approaches, such as classical and instrumental learning strategies and cognitive behavior management techniques. They also discuss less traditional and alternative approaches, including social and emotional learning, character development, and yoga. The book is appropriate for professionals in various specialty areas, including classroom teachers, college professors, and undergraduate and graduate students majoring in general education, special education, school psychology, psychology, educational leadership, school counseling, and social work. It is also appropriate for professionals who work with children on the autism spectrum and for board certified behavioral analysts.

  • - Red China, The Next Generation
    by Agnes Andresy

    With the rise to power of the fifth generation in 2012, Xi Jinping became the undisputed leader of China. For the first time, the descendant of a Communist hero, a ';red princeling,' has reached the highest rungs of power in the Middle Kingdom. His personality a study in contrasts, Xi is the archetypal ';son of' the lost generation. A chaotic path has led him from the sweetness of Zhongnanhai, the seat of Chinese political power, to the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. He experienced both honors and disgraces in his succession to the head of the Party. Xi's return to Zhongnanhai raises many questions. Will he be an ';ephemeral' president? Will he give priority to Reform, turn toward a Western form of government or fall in line with the approach of his elders? As he begins his first term, Xi Jinping knows that many challenges lie ahead, with the absolute imperative to keep China ';as stable as Mount Taishan.'

  • - Vision and Strategies for the Revitalization of Jewish Life
    by Jack Shechter

    This two-volume Journey of a Rabbi consists of essays describing ventures undertaken, events experienced, and ideas articulated that reflect the life work of a rabbi and Jewish educator. What threads its way throughout these writings is a persistent search for ways and means to revitalize Jewish life in our time.Written in lucid and compelling fashion, the story portrays early family influences and mentoring of a searching youth, experiences of a rabbinical student, army chaplain, and pulpit rabbi that brought into focus the tasks ahead. The story proceeds to detail the work as a denominational executive, which broadened concern for the larger community and return to pulpit work devoted to fashioning a ';Synagogue-Center.' It then segues into depiction of the comprehensive initiatives in education, the arts and community outreach as Dean at the University of Judaism. Interspersed throughout are ';thought' essays about religious phenomena, faith, the personal life, the land of Israel, and ';lessons learned' from a lifetime of experiences.

  • - A Narrative of Therapy with Psychotic and Sexual Offenders
    by Joseph Isaac Abrahams
    £50.49 - 52.49

    This Way Out, a report of work done six decades ago in Howard Hall, the maximum security section of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., is immediately pertinent to today's forensic and mental health crises. The two volumes of this work help fill a need for specific data on what transpires in psychotherapy, especially that of sexual and psychotic offenders. In an era prior to medication, the therapist employs a version of Freudian analysis and adapts it to groups, both large and small. A sophisticated program resulted, in which a spiritual component, messianism, is pivotal. The author relates this dramatic story through his narrative accounts of 629 sessions. Early in the work, he presents the microanalysis of a session, to make explicit what he and the members said and did to alter their severe personal and social alienation. An informal running commentary, journalist headlines, and annotated bibliography assist the reader in the exploration and comprehension of this extensive work.

  • - Certification Prep and Refresher
    by Gundars Kaupins

    Human Resource Management Study Games offers a variety of short games to help human resource practitioners and students study for human resource-related certifications and learn new aspects of human resource management. The games focus on learning terms and laws, brainstorming human resource concepts, understanding human resource laws in a consistent and organized way, and experiencing a sample of multiple choice questions in the major areas of human resources. With the help of this book, human resource instructors can develop game-oriented ways to teach for-credit university human resource classes and noncredit certification courses.

  • - A Journey Through Philosophy, the Arts, and Creative Genius
    by William Cooney

    The Quest for Meaning explores the deep-seated human need to create a life that is meaningful. In an effort to understand this need, author William Cooney examines the works of philosophers from Plato to Sartre as well as the insights of artists, poets, writers, psychologists, and film-makers. He discusses the nature of humanness, creation, freedom, and choice, all of which are facets of a meaningful life. Cooney also addresses postmodernism, arguing that it does not offer real guidance for those seeking a life of significance. Maintaining that some ways of creating meaning are preferable to others, he concludes that it is up to each individual to craft a meaningful life and that this process must take place within a context of giving and receiving.

  • - A Micro Approach to Studying the Effect of Globalization on Shanghai
    by Jiaming Sun

    Increasing overseas traveling, booming Internet and electronic communication, and expanding global social ties are primary features of intensifying global connectivity and integration. Global Connectivity and Local Transformation conceptualizes global connectivity as a powerful but varied mechanism that links local people to the global society. Professor Jiaming Sun explores the massive global connectivity that has been woven in two decades in Shanghai. People with stronger and more extensive global connectivity with a net of other social economic characteristics make significant differences in terms of cultural adaptation in local society. By employing the empirical study method, this study features detailed quantitative analyses to measure global connectivity in an innovative and compelling way.

  • - Dynamics of Paradigm Shifts
    by Gerald Chan, Daojiong Zha & Weixing R. Hu

    Most people believe China's foreign behavior is driven by its growing power status in world politics. Chinese leaders still firmly uphold some traditional values in foreign policy such as sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national unification. However, it is often neglected that China's behavior is also shaped by its changing perception of the globalizing world and, to a large extent, is a result of external pressure on China. By examining the dynamics of paradigm shifts in China's foreign policy thinking, this book explores the ideological sources of China's international relations in the new century. With growing economic interdependence with the outside world, which creates both constraints as well as incentives to adapt to the prevailing norms in contemporary international relations, authors of this volume analyze indigenous Chinese sources of intellect on the paradigm shifts. The concepts studied in this volume include national identity, nationalism, globalism, multilateralism, sovereignty, and the role of international law in Chinese foreign policy. This volume helps to shed new light on how the dynamics of paradigm shifts affect China's behavior in international affairs.

  • - Questions and Arguments
    by Edo Pivcevic

    We share the capacity for knowledge with animals, but it is the nature and the scope of what we may rationally believe that makes us human. Yet what kind of beliefs do qualify as ';rational'? This challenging and refreshingly innovative book addresses certain fundamental questions concerning rational legitimacy of some widely held beliefs and provides argument-based answers to such questions, while at the same time encouraging the reader to actively engage with the views put forward and form his/her own judgement. The book is typically discursive rather than simply informative, and introduces philosophy by doing it.


    The purpose of this book is to describe critical success factors impacting students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at historically Black colleges and universities. The information in this book is designed to enhance strategies and research to improve students' engagement experiences, graduation rates, and career development outcomes.

  • - Conflict, Power, and Collective Action

    Studying Charles Tilly (19292008), American sociologist, historian and political scientist, is essential for understanding political change and social conflict. His research focuses on how grassroots populations, through different forms of collective action, influence historical events by trying to improve the conditions of peoples lives. This book is not only an homage to Tilly, but is also aimed at understanding and applying his thought. In each chapter, the authors, experts on Tillys work, examine his concepts, theories, and methodological contributions, providing a richer understanding of them. In addition, this book is very contemporary. From the beginning of this century, mainly from 2011, important popular mobilizations, such as the Arab Spring and 15-M or ';los indignados' (the indignant movement in Spain), gradually spread to other countries (the US, Yemen, Israel, etc.) in successive ';Occupy' movements. The political mobilization of the grassroots movements are undergoing a resurgence, a process that Tilly would have wanted to study. This book can be a good guide for analyzing and understanding these movements.

  • by Irene S. Switankowsky

    A Patient-Centered Approach to the Chronically-Ill addresses the unique needs of chronically-ill patients and the challenges they present for medical doctors. This book features four principles of the patient-centered approach that can be used by physicians in treating chronically-ill patients. By adhering to these four principles, physicians will be able to humanely treat chronically-ill patients with the care and attention that they need in order to encourage them to manage their symptoms in the best possible way.

  • - A Case Study in the Anthropology of Religion, State, and Society
    by Sunday A. Aigbe

    Theory of Social Involvement examines the dynamic interplay between church, state, and society. Sunday A. Aigbe considers the Christian factor as it relates to the sociopolitical responsibility and development in Nigeria. The study assesses the role of the church as well as identifies and develops ways in which Christianity can serve as an agent of change and promote unity within Nigeria.


    Spirituality Research Studies in Higher Education offers two uniquely designed sections that showcase a group of talented scholars from major research institutions. This edited volume by Terence Hicks provides the reader with topics such as spiritual aspects of the grieving college students, spirituality and sexual identity among Lesbian and Gay students, spirituality driven strategies among first-generation students, the role of spirituality in home-based education, and counseling and spiritual support among women.

  • - Evaluating Security Communication Failures at a United States Commercial Airport
    by Stacey L. Tyler

    Organizational communication impacts service efficiency and productivity. An increase in federal funding to strengthen communication within the airport stakeholders has failed to deliver expected results. The purpose of this qualitative case study is to explore whether miscommunication among the TSA agents and airport employees relates to effective implementation of airport security policies. The central research question focuses on the degree to which miscommunication between the TSA and airlines regarding prohibited items at security checkpoints impeded the effective execution of federal law regarding carry on luggage on commercial aircraft. Using Weick's organizational information theory, this study examines the implementation of airport security policy focusing on communication between government and industry organizations. A sample of 13 private airline employees and 7 airport employees at a large U.S. commercial airport participated in the study. Data was collected via semi structured interview questions. Data was coded and analyzed following an inductive coding strategy. According to study results, there is very little evidence of miscommunications between government and airline stakeholders regarding policy changes and expectations related to security procedures. However, miscommunication about the same policy changes to consumers confuses travelers, which may explain incidences of prohibited items at the security checkpoints. Implications for positive social change related to this study may assist policy makers in clarifying language to better inform travelers about security changes and prohibited items, the objective of which will promote safer flying experiences, reduce the potential for harm, and result in more expedient traveling.

  • by Gerhard Falk

    This book reviews the achievements of American women in the American economy; in education; in government; in religion; in the military; in law enforcement and in communications. The author predicts the feminization of American life with particular reference to changes in the American family and the ever increasing dominance of women in all American institutions.

  • - Explanation and Policy Options
    by Philip S. Salisbury

    This book examines the U.S economy from 1967 to 2011 and utilizes a new method to predict the future of the economy as far ahead as 2030. This new method uses population subgroup data. Variables used in the cross-sectional matrix include ethnicity, sex, age, and average personal income of those having personal income. The mathematical basis, the data used, and the results are all presented in graphic form. The estimates are compared to National Bureau of Economic Research Dating Committee data. Projections using estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Census are used to further project personal income, personal income annual change, and disposable personal income to 2030. The book concludes that the New Energy Movement and their development of non-polluting energy and electricity production methods that do not consume uranium, radioactive material, or fossil fuels. Therefore, large amounts of money should be invested in these devices, their development, and implementation.

  • by Jonathan Finch

    A Crisis of Belief, Ethics and Faith presents a self-corrective and contemporary system of philosophy in a very readable format. The current rate of technological, scientific and social change is such that being ready and able to change with the evidence is needed in any attempt to render an intelligible account of our experiences. This work attempts to explain how we might go about forming our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, our world and how we should properly conduct ourselves in a justifiable and non-arbitrary fashion.

  • - A Study of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan
    by Safeer Tariq Bhatti

    International Conflict Analysis in South Asia: A Study of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan analyzes the ideological relationship of the Muslim identity to its perceived practice of Islam among the Shia and Deobandi sects. A Muslim identity, defined as the parameters of who is and who isn't a Muslim has led to the political conundrum of Pakistan to an anticipated single interpretation of Islam causing severe sectarian violence across the country. Sectarianism has been rooted in Pakistan's affairs since 1953, but most recently the country has been victimized by political and sectarian Islamic movements. The collective mobilization and propaganda campaigns of these movements have led exclusion of certain religious minorities and their practices. The study takes root in Punjab Pakistan among twenty seven interviews where the Deobandi sect and the Shia sect face severe fatalities and undefined conflict.

  • - With Exercises and a Glossary of Grammatical Terms
    by Sam Hill, Maria Mayberry & Edward Baranowski

    This third edition of this text presents the major grammatical contrasts between English and Spanish in a simple and direct manner that is ideal for teachers of either language. This book addresses difficult grammatical topics for the English speaker, such as the question of aspect (preterit/imperfect) and the Spanish rorindicative/subjunctive; the English modal auxiliary system; and other challenging topics for the Spanish speaker. This reworked and expanded edition presents a complete inventory of all the major inter-lingual contrasts, emphasizing those contrasts that pose difficulties for teachers and students alike. The text features numerous exercises and, new with this edition, an extensive glossary of grammatical terms.Answer key available for download from the features tab on the publishers website: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780761863755/Bilingual-Grammar-of-English-Spanish-Syntax-With-Exercises-and-a-Glossary-of-Grammatical-Terms-3rd-Edition

  • - Intellectuals and Faith in Contemporary China
    by Fredrik Fallman

    Salvation and Modernity presents an interpretation of the phenomenon of intellectual Christians in contemporary Chinese society, with special focus paid to Liu Xiaofeng, by exploring the main issues of faith, salvation, and the quest for a modern China. Author Fredrik FSllman investigates similar developments in earlier centuries by linking past and present forms of cultural Christian phenomenon, and the beliefs and ideas of Liu Xiaofeng and other scholars. Their focus on Christianity implies a criticism of traditional Chinese value systems, in particular Confucianism and Daoism. The introduction of Christian theology and values into Chinese academia is a way of creating greater understanding for Western culture. Many cultural Christians argue that this advanced understanding is a prerequisite for establishing a modern China. Issues of personal faith and identity are also central in respect to modernity as well as to individual and national salvation.


    This volume is a collection of papers originally delivered by an international group of researchers at a conference organized in April 2000 by Dr. F. J. Bruggemeier and Dr. Wolfgang Schenkluhn. The World in the Year 1000 is organized in four thematic sections covering five world regions: Europe, the Islamic world, India, China, and Mesoamerica. All contributions in this volume are original works by many of today's leading scholars. Unlike most works on pre-modern world history, which follow a thesis over time, this approach suggests that fruitful avenues for comparative work become possible by focusing on a single point in time.

  • by Hongshan Li

    Image, Perception, and the Making of U.S.-China Relations examines major events in the history of the relationship between the U.S. and China to show the development and effects of national images and perceptions. These essays expose the effects of ideology as represented through foreign policy and the actions of leaders, as well as the role of the media and governments in shaping public opinion and attitudes. They show the evolution of the influential forces from the nineteenth century through the twentieth century. In each country, a small group of people has always controlled these forces by manipulating the power of the media and governments. The nature of this situation changed national perceptions as power often moved from one small group to another. As a result of manipulating the images and perceptions of each country, these biased and untrue views have inevitably led to conflict between the two countries.

  • - Illustrations of the Life of the Buddha from Central Asia to China, Korea and Japan
    by Patricia E. Karetzky

    Early Buddhist Narrative Art is a pictorial journey through the transmission of the narrative cycle based on the life of the historical Buddha. Karetzky, while demonstrating the various evolutions that the image of the Buddha underwent, maintains that there is an underlying homogeneity of the tradition in the cultures of India, Central Asia, China and Japan. The author, while focusing on the visual representation of the Buddhist narrative, goes into some detail regarding the importance of scriptures in each society, and how the written tradition informed the pictorial. Over seventy photos fill this book, which will be of interest to scholars of art history, Eastern religion and Buddhism in particular.

  • - A New Cold War History
    by Xiaobing Li & Hongshan Li

    This essay collection presents a new examination and fresh insight into Sino-American relations from the end of World War II to the 1960s. The compilation breaks new ground by exploring some of the untouched Chinese and Soviet Communist sources to document the major events and crises in East Asia. It also identifies a new pattern of confrontations between China and America during the Cold War. Based on extensive multi-archival research utilizing recently-released records, the authors move the study away from the usual Soviet-American rivalry and instead focus on the relatively unknown area of communists' interactions and conflicts in order to answer questions such as why Beijing sent troops to Korea, what role China played in the Vietnam War, and why Mao caused crises in the Taiwan Straits. The articles in the book examine Chinese perceptions and positions, and discuss the nature and goals of China's foreign policy and its impact on Sino-American relations during this crucial period.

  • - The Heroine's Play
    by Qian Ma

    Women in Traditional Chinese Theatre seeks to introduce Western readers to Chinese classical drama as well as investigate how women have traditionally been portrayed on stage by presenting original translations of six plays from the fourteenth to twentieth centuries. Framed with a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese theatre and its representation of women, each play is preceded by an interpretative summary of the plot, and an analysis of each play's theme and significance. The selections in this volume feature women representing the most popular female archetypes in Chinese literature: the paragon of virtue, the stoic sufferer, the faithful wife, the femme fatal, and others. Appealing to both scholars and general enthusiasts of theatre, literature, and women's studies, this book reveals how the cultural constructs of Chinese women are represented in dramatic literature, and how the theatre, in turn, shapes this representation into the cultural perception of women.

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