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  • - Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA
    by Richard Rudd
    £17.99 - 24.99

    The book begins by introducing the reader to a fantastic possibility - that humanity may be on the verge of a major shift in consciousness rooted in a new understanding of how our DNA operates - namely that it is programmed directly by the way we think and feel. This is a highly ambitious and sophisticated system for shaping one's destiny. Based around 64 archetypes, it resembles the I Ching in its vast scope and profound importance, and in the resonant character of its symbolism. The author shows how there are two ways to approach the Gene Keys - the analogue (holistic) way and the digital (detailed) way. It is the combining of both analogue and digital that results in contemplation - the primary pathway into the Gene Keys. Since our beliefs shape our genes, when we change our beliefs, we change the chemistry of our body. The Gene Keys are an inner language whose central purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives onto a new level of awareness. The book works alongside state-of-the-art online profiling software.This software will provide instantaneous free profiles known as 'Hologenetic Profiles', which uses astrological data (time, date and place of birth) to generate a unique sequence of Gene Keys that relate to many aspects of your life, including the underlying genetic patterns governing your relationships, your finances, your health and your life purpose. As the reader contemplates the 64 Gene Keys over time and applies their insights in his or her own life, so one's belief system will begin to change and our DNA will actually start to transform the way we think and feel.

  • - Firming facial exercises & inspiring tips to glow, inside and out
    by Danielle Collins
    £8.43 - 11.49

    Discover the power of these innovative face exercises to improve wellbeing in body and mind, give you younger-looking skin and feel glowing and gorgeous, whatever your age.

  • - The Supreme Understanding
    by Osho
    £10.49 - 12.99

    The tradition of Tantra or Tantric Buddhism is known to have existed in India as early as the 5th century AD. Using his own unique blend of wisdom and humour, Osho talks about the mystical insight of Tantra that is to be found in these ancient writings. It is a refreshing perspective from one of the most provocative spiritual teachers of our time and introduces some difficult concepts to the widest possible audience.

  • - The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life
    by Tori Hartman

    A simple, easy-to-use chakra based divination card deck and booklet. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards will help you to see where you are more clearly, heal any resistance or blocks in the past and help set your future intentions.

  • - Carve the Craft that's Yours Alone
    by Kelly-Ann Maddox
    £12.49 - 18.99

    A truly contemporary take on how to be a witch, Rebel Witch is an antidote to the cookie-cutter witchcraft agenda that gives a new perspective on the craft, asking each reader to create a powerful, personalized practice that taps into the current mood of female empowerment and spiritual rebellion.

  • - How to Find Your Way Back to Connection
    by Teal Swan
    £11.49 - 13.99

    Following in the footsteps of the success of The Completion Process, bestselling author and modern spiritual leader, Teal Swan offers an in-depth exploration and understanding of loneliness. Drawing on her extraordinary healing technique; the Connection Process Teal offers a way to experience connection once again.

  • - Follow your Northstar to Find your True Values
    by Teal Swan

    A unique deck by social influencer and modern spiritual leader Teal Swan which encourages the user to explore their personal values, improving self-awareness, self-esteem and authenticity.

  • by Ana Leo

    Following on from the success of The Astrology Diary 2021, this beautiful diary is back for 2022 with new astrological guidance and cosmic insight. Utilize the ancient wisdom of astrology to help empower decision-making, nourish relationships and make the most of all opportunities that come your way.

  • - The Final Lectures
    by Mark Fisher
    £12.49 - 21.49

    A collection of transcripts from Mark Fisher's final series of lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London, in late 2016.

  • - The Complete Edition of the World' Most Mysterious and Esoteric Codex
    by Dr. Stephen Skinner

    Stunning reproduction of the beautifully illustrated and profoundly mysterious Voynich Manuscript. The three authors offer an enlightening interpretation of this unique text that draws on their deep knowledge of late medieval manuscripts, astrology, alchemy, cryptography and herbal and magical practitioners' handbooks.

  • - Nietzsche and Marx for the Twenty-First Century
    by Jonas Ceika
    £10.49 - 11.49

    From the creator of the CCK Philosophy YouTube channel comes this timely and explosive re-evaluation of Marx and Nietzsche for the 21st-century left.

  • by Nisha Katona
    £18.99 - 19.99

  • - The Strange Story of a Monastery which was Once Called The Ark
    by Mikhail Naimy
    £7.49 - 11.99

    A classic of spiritual literature - Mikhail Naimy, a contemporary of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet, has woven legend, mysticism, philosophy and poetry into a powerful allegorical story that has touched the hearts of millions of readers.

  • - 78 Cards with Illustrated Guidebook
    by Tori Hartman

    The long awaited brand-new card deck from the bestselling creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle, Tori Hartman. This is the deck Tori's fans have been asking for, combining her expertise as a tarot reader with her unique insight into the chakra, this new tarot deck will be a powerful life transforming divination tool.

  • - Volume II of the O Manucript
    by Lars Muhl
    £8.99 - 9.99

    ';A story that, for too long, has been crying out to be told' Henry Lincoln, author ofHoly Blood, Holy Grail';The heights that the climb may lead you to are in proportion to the depths to which you are willing to delve' Mary Magdalene is arguably one of Jesus' best-known disciples and yet we know very little about her. From the writing of the New Testament to the filming ofThe Da Vinci Code, her image has been repeatedly conscripted, contorted and contradicted. Mary is considered by many as an outcast, underserving of Jesus's love. In this follow up book toThe Seer,we join Lars Muhl as he seeks to find out more about the intimate relationship between Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene. This is the story of a forgotten feminine power recounted in parallel to the author's journey.The Magdaleneis the second book in the Grail Trilogy, otherwise known asThe O Manuscript

  • - The Secret of the Golden Flower
    by Osho
    £19.99 - 22.49

    This book is one of the most esoteric treatises in the world. It will show you the way to become more than the body and the way to bloom - how not to remain a seed but to become a golden flower. What, in India, they call the one thousand-petalled lotus, in China they call the golden flower. It is a symbol that represents perfection, totality. Moreover, the flower represents the actualisation of the potential - the beauty, the grandeur, the splendour of being.This treatise,The Secret of Secrets, is very ancient - possibly one of the most ancient treatises in the world - at least twenty-five centuries old. But twenty-five centuries can be traced back very easily. And this treatise is also, uniquely, a great synthesis of all the great religions. The Bible belongs to the Christians, the Talmud belongs to the Jews, the Vedas belong to the Hindus, the Dhammapada to the Buddhists, the Tao Te Ching to the Taoists. But this small book,The Secret of Secrets, belongs to no one in particular, or it belongs to all.It is heavily based on Taoist teachings, a flowering of the Taoist approach to life and existence. But it is not only that - Zarathustra has played a role; his teachings are incorporated within it. Buddhist teachings have also been integrated, and a certain esoteric school of Christians, the Nestorians, have played their part. It is one of the most synthetical approaches.

  • - Life Beyond Suburbia, Monogamy and Stretch Marks
    by Tova Leigh
    £8.99 - 12.99

    For every woman that has ever felt trapped. A funny, raw and empowering mid-life-crisis-with-a-difference, vlogger, mother, lover businesswoman and social media phenomenon Tova Leigh explores what the hell you are supposed to do when you find yourself living a life you don't remember signing up for.

  • - How to Save the World from Financialisation
    by Grace Blakeley
    £9.24 - 11.49

    A readable polemic on the growing dominance of the finance industry over the UK economy, and what the left can do to challenge it.

  • - The #1 System for Recovering from Toxic Relationships
    by Melanie Tonia Evans
    £10.49 - 10.98

    A unique recovery programme created by one of the worlds leading on-line authorities on Narcissistic Abuse.

  • - Including the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene
    by Alan Jacobs
    £7.49 - 9.99

    The selections made in this volume shed light on these esoteric doctrines revealing intimate conversations between Jesus and his Disciples. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene throws new light on his relationship with this favourite disciple. The Gospel of Thomas contains concentrated mini-parables, containing deep inward and symbolic meaning, many of which are not found in the New Testament. The texts chosen are relevant to many of the perplexities of contemporary life and deal with the questions of good and evil, sin and suffering and the path to salvation.

  • - The Secret Teachings of Jesus
    by Lars Muhl
    £11.49 - 15.49

    Lars Muhl has had a lifelong burning interest in Jesus, not only as an archetype, savior, boddhisatava and elder brother, but also in relation to the Essenes from the Dead Sea. The Law of Light is the result of his many years spent studying Aramaic and the techniques of Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua spoke Aramaic. Through the Aramaic language, his teachings offer not just another interpretation of the New Testament, but the unveiling of a secret message that attempts, once and for all, to settle centuries-old conceptions of sin, and to once again connect man with the heavenly spiritual source. The core of Yeshua's Aramaic message is intimacy, freedom, selfless awareness, unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. In all he says, there exists a hidden invitation to us to be present in, and dedicated to, everything with which we engage. Five minutes of total devotion is worth more than hours of hectic exertion. The aim is to set mankind free and to dismiss everything that is bound up in false notions.

  • - A 33 Card Deck & Guidebook
    by Caroline Mitchell

    A unique oracle deck to channel the energy and insight of the 33 powerful dragon guides revealed over two decades to the original Dragon Lady Caroline Mitchell. The dragons urge us to become the best possible version of ourselves, to release fears and pain, to accept and nurture ourselves and embrace our spiritual awakening.

  • by Ana Leo

    The Astrology Diary 2021 is a beautiful daily planner, utilizing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help empower decision-making, nourish relationships and make the most of all opportunities.

  • - A 78 Card Deck & Guidebook
    by Teal Swan

    A unique oracle deck by social influencer and modern spiritual leader Teal Swan, which makes the user aware of their blind spots associated with any question.

  • - Awaken the Species, A New and Unexpected Dialogue
    by Neale Donald Walsch

    Continuing his bestselling Conversations with God series, this new volume presents the full account of Neale Donald Walsch's latest dialogue. In it is a striking invitation to every reader to help awaken the species on earth, as well as startling revelations that will expand humanity's view of our personal and collective future.

  • by Teal Swan
    £8.49 - 12.99

    The first novel by international best-selling author and spiritual teacher Teal Swan, Hunger of the Pine is a compelling exploration of one young woman's struggle with homelessness.

  • by Sun Tzu
    £12.99 - 14.49

    Practical ancient wisdom on how to beat aggression by non-aggression, with key lessons for business - beautifully presented in a deluxe new paperback edition

  • - The Seer, The Magdalene, The Grail
    by Lars Muhl
    £16.49 - 20.49

    The O Manuscript,areal-life Gnostic thriller, has sold over 60,000 copies in Denmark, the equivalent of 3 million in the United States, since it was first published in 2000. Lars Muhl was for many years a successful pop star who studied the world's religions and esoteric knowledge between gigs and recording sessions. When a nervous-system illness sidelined him in the mid-1990s, he turned in desperation to a spiritual healer who was able to get him back on his feet after a single phone call. Intrigued by this mysterious man, Muhl traveled to southern France to become his apprentice. Together, Muhl and the healer, who is known in the book simply as ';The Seer,' embark on an adventure that is part history lesson, part Jedi-style initiation.';My work with The Seer began on Montsegur, the holiest site of the Cathars, the medieval French religious sect that was persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church,' notes Muhl.' It was the middle of summer and the hike up the mountain is pretty strenuous. At the same time that The Seer was testing my physical endurance, he was breaking down my emotional resistance. He taught me how to let go of the burdens from my past.' Towards the end of his apprenticeship, after years of searching for Montsegur's secret cave, Muhl finally stumbles upon it. Inside he finds himself in the presence of ';O,' the Messenger of Light; the source of all things; the symbol of ecstatic union. O tells Muhl, ';Everything mankind longs for is, and has always been, within his reach. If he would only acknowledge this there wouldn't be anything else to look for. When this happens mankind will step out of his self-made prison and into reality.' The O Manuscript is not another book about positive thinking. Throughout his initiation, Muhl was forced to confront his dark side, the shadows that kept him from true health and wellness. ';This is my journey,' says Muhl. ';Every word of it is true and really happened to me, but it is also meant to be a kind of allegory. The lessons I learned are universal.'Praise for The O Manuscript:';I recommend this amazing story to anyone seeking the path to enlightenment.' Al Jardine, The Beach Boys ';Lars Muhl tells an extraordinary tale in an extraordinary wayIt is a story that, for too long, has been cyring out to be told.' Henry Lincoln, co-author of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

  • - The Collected Scrolls of Natori-Ryu
    by Antony Cummins

    This new volume in the prestigious, beautifully presented Book of Samurai series offers an unparalleled understanding of a historical samurai's armour, weaponry and military tactics.

  • - Surfing, Natural Cycles and the Sea's Power to Heal
    by Easkey Britton
    £11.49 - 18.49

    Powerful feminist nature writing by the pioneer of women's big-wave surfing in Ireland. Easkey Britton provides a rare female perspective on surfing, exploring the mental skills it fosters, and the need to recognize the value of the ocean and of nature's cycles in our lives.

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