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  • by George Vosselman & Hans-Gerd Maas

    Major new text which provides the state-of-the-art on laser scanning technology. Includes a wide range of applications.

  • by Rory Putman & Marco Apollonio

    Considers a number of issues affecting ungulates and their management in different parts of Europe and evaluates effective management solutions. Draws on expertise from across Europe with a truly multi-national list of international experts in the field. Provides an up-to-date synthesis of topics and an authoritative review of literature.

  • - Pre-fabrication, Pre-assembly and Modularisation
    by Alistair G.F. Gibb

    Off-site fabrication is adopted worldwide as the ideal means of producing an array of elements from structural members, cladding units and bathrooms to fully finished modular buildings. This guide considers the principles, context, applications and implications of off-site fabrication.

  • by Ray Solly

  • by John Lawton

  • by K. H. Head & Peter Keeton
    £109.99 - 114.99

    Presents a comprehensive working manual for the laboratory testing of soils for civil engineering purposes. This handbook is suitable for those who are engaged in laboratory testing of soils as well as to professional engineers, consultants, academics and students in geotechnical engineering.

  • by Rod Macdonald
    £15.49 - 19.49

    * Reissued as Volume I of The Diving Trilogy* Chronicles Rod's diving adventures from around the world * A spellbinding journey of danger and excitement beneath the waves

  • by Bo Beolens
    £40.99 - 44.99

    Provides a listing of all those after whom damselflies and dragonflies have been named. Each entry is cross-referenced so the relationships between scientific authors, entomologists and others can be followed and many entries have been contributed by the people honoured.

  • by R O Neish

  • by Mark Bridgeman

    The true story of one man's incredible journey through some of the most traumatic, yet largely forgotten, events of the 20th century. Hero or villain? The ultimate con man or the flawed genius?

  • - Landscape, Language & Invention
    by Jacob King

    An essential aide-memoire for those with an interest in all aspects of whisky. It is an invaluable guide for anyone wondering about the place-name on the label of a bottle of Scotch. It provides information on the meaning of the name, the language it is from, or if it is even real.

  • - An Ecology of an Enigma
    by Frank Rennie

    The first comprehensive and accessible account of the lifecycle and ecology of this fascinating bird. It provides up-to-date information on the geographical status and habitat requirements for the continued survival of this iconic bird species.

  • by Phillip Edwards

    A deep and carefully crafted book of place that explores intimate moments with the birds, the landscape and the weather, and the sounds and smells and the passing seasons of a dozen fields. Eight vignettes and a poem in each of 12 calendrical chapters render events as purely as possible.

  • - The story of a Caithness family based on the Dunbar family papers
    by James Miller

    Presents a detailed picture of social and economic life in Caithness spanning some 300 years and provides the reader with vivid eye-witness quotations from personal letters, accounts and legal documents from the papers of a prominent, land-owning family

  • - a personal perspective
    by George G. Brownlee

    The author's passion for snowdrops shines through in this lavishly illustrated book for novice snowdrop gardeners and galanthophiles alike

  • by Michael Watkins, Bo Beolens & Michael Grayson

    This is the definitive reference on the subject with almost 6500 entries presented as an impressive two-volume work. It is a fascinating accumulation of knowledge gleaned from experts around the world.

  • by Yessengali Raushanov

    This is an unusual and lyrical account of birds that stresses their importance to people, resulting in more attention and kindness to birds. It includes an interesting selection of myths and facts for bird-lovers.

  • by Bruce Kendrick

    A celebration of nature and its power to humble and heal. The author's reflections on revisiting his teenage wildlife haunts

  • - William Balfour Baikie the Forgotten Man of Africa
    by Wendell McConnaha

    Reveals the amazing story of a largely forgotten explorer and naturalist who forged his way into West Africa and its history. From his early life in the Orkney Islands, through his medical education at the University of Edinburgh and his naval career - all key influences on his life are included.

  • by FRIBA Stewart

    A fascinating biography of two of Scotland's greatest architects, Burnet and Miller, and the first biography which considers their work as a whole. It is a memoir to Glasgow at its zenith and provides an insight into the wealth and success of Glasgow in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • - The Life of a Marine Engineer
    by J W Richardson

    This is the life of a Marine Engineer in the Merchant Navy during the final years of steam propulsion and the transition to diesel power. It includes information for enthusiasts about the machinery and how it worked as well as interesting anecdotes about incidents that occurred during the author's career.

  • by Anthony Poulton-Smith

    An in-depth look at the piers and pier railways which focuses on those who worked and walked on the pier. Features the whole history of the pier: planning, funding, design, building, railways, ships, modifications, problems, solutions, but most of all the people who ran it and worked on it

  • by John F. Messner

    The untold story of Joannes Wyllie, one of the most successful blockade runners of the American Civil War. Features his life of adventure and action; he was once declared dead, survived shipwrecks and shark attack, and successfully commanded ships across the globe

  • by Martin Painter

    Features encounters with spectacular birds all over the world and birding adventures to remote, magical locations. About birding and birders, particularly those who travel extensively and try to see all the new birds they can in a lifetime.

  • - Travels with Thomas Telford in the Highlands and Islands
    by Paul A Lynn

    A modern travelogue describing and revisiting Telford's work in Scotland during the early 19th century. Shows how Telford's engineering had a profound influence on the social history of the Highlands and Islands.


    The life of an eminent, but largely unknown man, who left an indelible mark on the life of this country. Includes his wide range of experience from a cadet in the Victorian Royal Navy to Admiral of the Fleet at the end of World War One through service on the Royal Yacht.

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