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New books released 2022

Are you looking for books to read in 2022? Here you will find the latest books and bestsellers released in 2022 so you always can be up to date. Books are here to stay and new ones are coming all the time. Therefore we have made a list of the newest released books that we of course recommend to read. So if you are missing exciting books to dive into then this page is the perfect place for you. The page will be updated regularly with new titles throughout the year so you just can sit back, get inspired and browse all the new trending books in 2022. There were a lot of great books that caught the eyes of readers last year, but 2022 is shaping up as another great year for reading. Dive into the exciting selections below and get an overview of the best books released in 2022.
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New books released in 2022

We have a huge selection of books, ebooks and audiobooks and you can find many of the books released in 2022 above. We are always keeping up with the best new books so if you love reading and would like to follow all the new releases in 2022 then this page can be your new best friend. Whether you like new crime stories, new fiction books or new biographies from 2022, there should be something that will attract your attention. We have collected the latest books of 2022 in different genres, so you can easily get an overview and find your next reading experience from our newly released books. Whether it's a good book for children, a good Young Adult book or a good book for the elderly - and if you currently have a particular genre that arouses your interest, you can on the top of the page click on ‘Book’ and find all the categories. The new books coming out in 2022 can be interesting for you who love to read all the latest titles, but also for you who just need a breath of fresh air. If you are new in the book universe then the new books can also be something for you as they are often trending and are some great topics of conversation. We always follow when new titles are talked about and look forward to talking with you about the new releases. So if you’re looking for the most popular books published in 2022 you are good to go.

Upcoming books

The book universe never stops, as books are an absolutely fantastic tool for conveying a message or sharing an exciting story. The books are therefore constantly increasing as new publishers, authors and books are constantly being added. We love to offer the very latest to you, and we are therefore looking forward to showing you the new books 2022 for you in the future. The page is therefore updated with new upcoming bestsellers so 2022 can be another year of wonderful stories. Our upcoming books and bestsellers have a release date soon, and have therefore not been published yet but you already have the option to pre-order them so you can have them on your bookshelf as soon as the new books are out and to be the first to read them. Find the best upcoming books from the selection above.

A great 2022 book year

There are lots of good books to look forward to in 2022. We’re dreaming for a great 2022 book year. There are already many new published books, but there are many more in the coming time. The new books 2022 are packed with many different genres and styles. You can choose your own universe you want to dive into and find your personal favorite book of the year. If you love books as much like we do, the new books in 2022 may be good for you. We guarantee that there will be something to look forward to for both new readers who never have had a book in their hands before and for the experienced bookworms too. New books have already been released in 2022 which have been received with incredibly positive feedback and we see a super high level from start. We expect this level to continue for the rest of the year so we can have an even better book year in 2022. We look forward to being enriched with even more exciting titles from authors worldwide. We are looking forward to the new books in 2022, as we can’t get enough at all. Let it be a great 2022 book year!

FAQ - frequently asked questions about the new books released

What are the 10 most popular books?

Here on the page you’ll find the most popular books released in 2022. If you’re looking for the most popular books we recommend to see our bestseller list above. The bestselling books 2022 can give you inspiration on what to read next time and will be updated regularly so you can keep coming back and be inspired.

What should I read in 2022?

At Tales.as have we made a list of huge selections with all the new best books to read in 2022. Whether you would like an exciting crime story, a cookbook with a lot of inspiration or a new perfect young adult book. Take a look at the new thriller books or find the upcoming bestsellers you can look forward to reading.

What books are trending right now?

Books in the genres young adult, fiction and thriller are all some books that are trending right now in 2022. Here you will find books like ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’, ‘Power Of Hope’ and ‘Midnight Library’ which are currently trending. Find more of the upcoming bestselling books on this page.

What books were released today?

The latest released books can be found here. The page will often be updated so you always can explore the new book releases in 2022. So if you’re looking for new thriller books, romantic non-fiction books or a popular biography that are released today feel free to explore them all here.

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