How do I print my ebook?

How do I print my ebook?

There are different rules when it comes to printing an ebook, which is depending on the type of protection your e-book has.

Therefore, we have explained the two different types of protection your e-book can have and how you can print your e-book.


How do I see which format and protection my ebook has? 

You will be able to see the format of the ebook by clicking in on the ebooks page on our website. The information will be able to read under the description of the product. 


DRM protected ebooks

  •  You can read all about what DRM protected ebook’s mean here


Digital Watermarked ebooks 

  •  You can read all about what Digital watermarked protected ebook’s mean here


How to print a digitally watermarked ebook (ePub/PDF)

If your ebook is protected with a digital watermark then you can print the ebook through multiple different reading programs. 


Print by Calibre 


1. Install the free program Caliber ebook-reader (Windows / Mac / Linux). Download Calibre


2. Click on “Add books” and chose an ePub ebook that you wish to be added to your library in Calibre.


3. Then click on “…”


4. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader and click “Ctrl + P” to print the ebook.

Print by Adobe Digital Editions. 

1. Open your ebook in Adobe Digital Editions 

2. In the left corner of your screen, you will see the menu with multiple options you can choose between. 

3. Click on the option “File” 

4. Then chose the option “Print” in the bottom of the category’s options. 

5. Now you can print your ebook. 

How to print DRM protected ebooks

Please notice that most of the publishers prohibit printing or copying these kinds of ebooks. It is only a small percentage of the text in the ebook that can be allowed to be printed because of the rights. 

Please be advised that most of the publishers prohibit printing and copying or allows only for some percentage of the text to be printed of the eBook content due to cope rights. 

1. To check the permissions please select the eBook within Adobe Digital Editions library and hit the Menu key on PC (the key that looks like a cursor pointing to the menu) or Command on Mac and select info.

2. To print the eBook you will need to open the eBook in Adobe Digital Editions and select Ctrl+P if that option will not appear it is not allowed to print the ebook.

If that is the case your screen would show this: 


Published: 14. August 2020 Updated: 14. August 2020
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